A New Move by Lanna Perry




Prophets! Evangelists! Teachers! Apostles! Pastors! Children Of Mine! Rise Up!

The time has come! The time has come where I am stationing My five-fold ministry in greater ways than ever before. Many of you are in the marketplace, many of you have been placed in places that you would not choose. Remain there until I say, for in this place, I am bringing forth My Kingdom. It may not be visible to your eyes, but know that I am performing the supernatural in these places. I am doing a new work through the five- fold ministry, a greater unity is taking place.

I am releasing forth My Spirit in greater ways to those who are willing to receive. I am calling My church to rise up and receive. I am longing to perform signs and wonders so many may see My Glory. For many say that signs and wonders are not for today, I am the God of miracles, and where My Spirit resides there will the impossible become possible.

America, Australia, Asia you will see an outpouring of My Spirit through the five fold ministry that are willing to receive it. Many are not willing. For this anointing and outpouring comes with a cost. I am asking each of you to count the cost. No more game playing, but be serious for the Kingdom, for My Kingdom, for time to waste, I have not!

I see many of you look with unbelief at signs and wonders in your lives. Raising the dead, healing the sick, casting out demons, miracles come from My heart. It is MY HEART to perform the miraculous in everyone's life, to bring about MY Glory. Rid your hearts of unbelief and be prepared to receive the outpouring.

For those with a humble spirit, a contrite heart, and walk in holiness, you will inherit the Kingdom. You will see Me move in great and mighty ways. I am the God of grace, no greater grace exists but that which comes from My heart. I am not calling you to perfection, for in your own strength you cannot attain this. I am calling for obedience. I am calling My prophets, My teachers, My pastors, My evangelists, My apostles, My children to Obedience like never before.

Be willing to see miracles in your workplace. Be willing to see the Lord your God invade your ministry, your work. Put aside your selfish nature, of being ashamed or legalistic mindsets and allow Me to do the work I am longing to do.

My heart is grieved, for I have a great outpouring of My Spirit waiting to be released but FEW are willing to pay the price and receive.

Many of you are holding to fear of being too heavenly minded to be earthly good. My precious children, I tell you, as you listen to My Spirit, I will bring balance to your life.

I am going to pour out My Spirit in greater ways, and I will pour it out on individuals who are hungry and desperate for Me, and on churches who are willing to receive. The cost is high, but I give you the grace to receive.

Examine your hearts. What do you truly want My children? For I am willing, and ready to pour out greater measures of My Spirit and perform great miracles, but you must be willing.

My Spirit is wanting to minister in all places. The marketplace. Your work, your home, your schools. The time has come for a greater supernatural outpouring of My Spirit, which will break strongholds, and tear down legalism, I am going to break that which man thinks they have established in the physical and in their minds.

I the Lord your God, am doing a new work. Cast out all unbelief, and allow Me to perform greater things than you have ever dreamed.

Rid your lives of disobedience, rid your lives of indulgences not of Me, and commit to seeking Me in ways you never have. For I am looking for those who will truly follow Me, and truly want to carry My anointing. I am willing, but are you My children?

Lanna Perry (17th July, 2005)



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