A Girl In A Tux!



Constance McMillenIt was Thursday, the 11th of March 2010, when the news broke concerning the 18-year old Constance McMillen. She was looking forward to attending her student senior prom at the Itawamba County Agricultural High School in Jackson, Mississippi… however, her school wasn’t looking forward to her attending. Because, you see, Constance was planning to dress in a tuxedo and bring along her girlfriend as her date. Constance is a lesbian, however the established school policy maintained that prom dates must be of the opposite sex. That was the problem! But then the American Civil Liberties Union got involved by protesting the same-sex date ban as a violation of students' rights, which was followed by the Itawamba County School District announcing that it would no longer host the April 2nd prom.


What a mess!!!


2003 MTV Music AwardsAnd with all that in mind, I have a very simple question for Constance:


Did the 2003 MTV Music Awards have any influence on your decision to wear a tux and take a female companion along as your prom date?


That’s my question, and the following Good Fight Ministry video will help you understand my concerns:


- MTV Music Awards (8/28/2003) -
(Download WMV Video)



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