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Medical Bed/Air Mattress And Therapy Unit
(In memory of Alan Richardson)



Hill-Rom Flexicair Eclipse® Low Air Loss Mattress and Therapy Unit with HR70 Semi-Electric Bed (bed height adjustment via hand crank - head, mid-section, and foot adjustment via electronic hand control). This medical bed is used but in good condition. All the air valves in the therapy unit have been replaced with new valves.


Asking $6000 but will take best offer (financing available).


Medical Bed


The mobile Flexicair Eclipse® Low Air Loss Mattress and Therapy unit provides pressure relief for patients up to 300 lbs. This five-zoned low air loss mattress enhances patient comfort and is appropriate for use with patients experiencing a variety of conditions such as immobility, malnutrition, incontinence, contractures, fractures or amputations. This unit, which is targeted for patients with limited mobility, assists with decubitus ulcer treatment as well as the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to uncomplicated Stage IV.


For more details see the following:
http://www.hill-rom.com/usa/HomeCareBuy.htm (80 Bed very similar to 70 Bed)


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