Once again I apologize for the very poor lighting, but weíll just have to do the best we can under the existing circumstances.

You see this is the way God designed Hell... and you ainít even seen nothing yet!

Ha ha.

Did you get it?

Dark... canít see... ainít seen nothing yet.


Well believe you me, before this little tour is over youíre going to wish you could see everything youíre feeling.

I mean this place is absolutely loaded with nasty ugly demons.

You can smell their grotesque rotting odor, you can hear their sarcastic giggling laughter, and you can even feel their evil wicked presence, but you wonít always be able to see them.


When it comes to the five senses, this is one more crazy mixed-up place to be.

In fact if us demons donít drive you absolutely bonkers this crazy mixed-up climate certainly will.

Down here you get the absolute worst temperature extremes possible, both hot and cold, and you get em all at once.

Itís kinda like being scared spitless.


You know when you get so frightened your blood turns into ice water and your mouth becomes a desert.

Another way to look at it would be one of those cold clammy midnight at the graveyard type of sensations in combination with the heat of a red hot furnace.

Well come to think of it, that ainít even close either.

Probably the closest we can come to understanding what Hellís really like is to imagine yourself being thrown into a lava filled volcano and never dying.

Thatís the way it feels because thatís the way it is.

Fear and fire forever and ever and ever.

So now that you feel the fear, are you ready for the fire?