You see "Hades" is the present day part of Hell and "Gehennah" is the future part.

And of course as Iíve just explained, itís in "Gehennah" that the human soul will once again be complete with a body that will never die.

Well... it will die, but then again it wonít. I mean it will never again be separated from itís soul but it will continue dying forever, because this is what God calls the "second death" or the "everlasting death".

And probably the best way to understand this final phase of Godís alternative housing project is by visiting an actual trash dump.

You see by going back to the root meaning of the word Gehennah youíll find that it came from two words which were combined to mean "the valley of Hinnom".

And it was in this valley of Hinnom, located just south of the city of Jerusalem, where everyone dumped their trash.

Now in order for me to help you see what trash dumps are all about, please allow me to toss out just a few descriptive words: stinking, filthy, rotting, decaying, maggot infested, heap of discarded unwanted items which even included the bodies of dead animals.

So if youíll take all of that and add some pretty intense fire to it youíll have a fairly good picture of Gehennah.

Because it was Jesusí promise that everyone not making it into Heaven would have their body "...cast into hell (Gehennah), into the fire that never shall be quenched: Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched."(Mark 9:45-46)

Got the picture?

Well let me run through it just one more time to make sure.

You take the everlasting soul of a person, put it into a nondestructable but yet everlasting dying body, cover it with maggots, and throw it onto a burning heap of rubbish.

That's the picture!

And just in case you need to be told... that is not a very pretty picture!!!

So thatís what Gehennah is all about, but the question still remains:

Whoís Gonna Be There?