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Redemption Ground Bible Church
Bishop Moses O. Adesina

               23 September, 2005               



     Dear Brother Loren,
     I pray that the Grace and Peace, Mercy and Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ and Him crucified be multiplied to you exponentially in these end times. This is Rev. Daniel K. Hathorn of Redemption Ground Bible Church and I am directed to write to you today by The Lord. I was in prayer for you this morning, 11:00 AM, and The Lord spoke to me concerning you and instructed me to ask you one question:
     Can a preacher preach the right message and still go to hell?
     You are walking on thin ice! He instructs me to tell you that your pride is getting in the way of some things He wants to do in you and through you, and if you don’t deal with it, He will in a stern way. Millions of souls are at stake.

     Love in Christ,

     Rev. Daniel



               7 April, 2006               



      Dear Brother Loren,
     The Grace and Peace, Mercy and Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ be multiplied to you exponentially in these end times. Brother Loren, I am Rev. Daniel K. Hathorn of Redemption Ground Bible Church and I am writing to you in response to a Word given to me from The Lord concerning you while in prayer for you and JSM on 25th of March. I believe it is no coincidence that this Word comes to me for you exactly one year to the day of another Word The Lord has given me for you. Once again The Holy Spirit is prompting me to write to you concerning The Word He gave me on the 25th of March this year. My prayer is that you would receive it meekly and humbly and not throw it out the window before taking it to The Lord in prayer to have Him search your heart with it (The Word), Jas. 1:19-21; Jer. 17:9. Please pray to restrain the reaction of the flesh to throw out a Word of Chastening and thus allow the flesh to throw out Life Himself, Pvb. 1:25, 30; 5:12; 10:17; 12:1; 15:10, 12; 29:1, 15. We are to submit ourselves one to another (that is The Word, in one another, Who is The Head of The Church, and not the flesh in one another). If you are a child of God and this is a word from flesh, The Holy Spirit will reveal that to you from your heart. The Lord chastens His sons that He loves; otherwise we are bastards, Heb. 12:5-6. The Lord gives a “Word” of chastisement so that we can have faith (Rom. 10:17) for repentance and not be judged with the world, 1 Cor. 11:32; 1 Pet. 14:7. A Word of chastisement comes to prune flesh that we may produce more fruit of The Spirit that gives God glory. Flesh and flesh lifted up steals God’s glory and produces fruits of flesh, which corrupts the soul of man. Repentance is a gift of God and all gifts of God must be received by faith, 2 Tim. 2:25; Rev. 2:21; Rom. 10:17. And we can’t receive faith for repentance until we hear and accept a Word of chastening, (reproof). David, a man after God’s own heart understood this, and prayed for reproof (chastisement) and he taught his son, Solomon, the importance of this, and to do the same, Psa. 141:5; Pvb.1:23; 6:23; 13:8; 15:5, 31, 32; 17:10; 19:25; 25:12, 15; (Isa. 11:1-5).
     My dear Beloved Brother, if we err from The Word and that mistake continues uncorrected it will cause great difficulties for the child of God, up to and including the loss of life and eternal damnation. And if that child of God is a minister of The Gospel, there can be extremely dire and catastrophic consequences for hurting the sheep of The Lord’s Pasture in addition to the great difficulties from erring from The Word: especially when He sends His Word to correct and that Word is cast aside as dung, because the delivery vessel is judged and not The Word, which the vessel delivers; or the flesh is not kept under, (1 Cor. 9:27), and is allowed to rise up and cast The Word out through a knee-jerk flesh reaction, before it is able to be judged, Jas. 1:19-21. I beg of you for your own sake and for those to whom you minister to, to give this Word (and any Word by any Body Member) due diligence in quiet time with The Lord and Scripture study before you cast it out, Acts 17:10-12, 1 Cor. 11:29. If it is from The Lord and you cast “it” out, you will be casting out “The King of Glory,” and the “gift of repentance” that The Word of chastisement gives faith to receive. A Word from a Body Member – Grace to Repent – The Gift of Repentance – The Faith to receive The Gift – and The Commandment to REPENT are all inseparably attached – they are a packaged deal. If you throw away The Word, even from the simplest members of The Body, you throw away The Grace, The Faith, The Gift, and repudiate The Commander-in-Chief Who offers it to you, Pvb. 1:32. Please hear The Word of The Lord spoken to me for you, that you may receive “The Faith” to repent; otherwise your prayers and your search for repentance later when “you” want to repent will be an effort of flesh, will be in vain and even compound the problem increasing the judgment, Heb. 12:17; Rom. 14:23. The Lord can and will use whomever He pleases to use, whenever and wherever He pleases to use them, even the simple and the children so that no flesh will be glorified and no man lifted up, Pvb. 1:32; Jer. 49:20; 1 Cor. 1:26-29.
     My Beloved Brother Loren, please observe the above references and keep them in mind as you hear The Word The Lord has given me for you, that you might receive Him with gladness. Please bear with me at length to make the pathway straight before the coming of The Lord.
     Brother Loren, The Word of The Lord had me send you the question in Sept. 2005: “can a preacher preach the right message and still go to hell?” When God asks a question it is not that He does not know the answer. He is giving us opportunity to discover the error of our ways before He has to chasten us, or judge us. Please observe the question God asks Balaam in Num. 22:9, “what men are these with thee?” In other words, what are you doing hanging around with, fellowshipping with, eating with and sleeping with the unrighteous for? Balaam was hanging out with these instruments of unrighteousness, because his lusts for the things they had with them – rewards of divination - was not crucified with Christ, 1 Cor. 5:11; Jas. 1:13-15. Balaam answers the question like God Almighty does not know the answer showing his lack of intimate fellowship with God, even though he knows how to contact God and get answers. God tells Balaam not to go and he cuts off fellowship with the unrighteous. However, Balaam’s lust is still not crucified and so the
devil seeing this, by what he says and does, sends more and more powerful devils to entice him, Num. 22:15. In unbelief that God knows what is best for him, Balaam asks again the same question he already had an answer to, Num. 22:19. In Psa. 78 we see that Israel does the same thing in taunting God to satisfy their lust, and in Psa. 78:22, God tells us why: because they did not believe God and did not trust in His Salvation, (Jesus Christ- God and Him crucified- His Salvation). In Num. 22:20, it seems that God has changed His Mind, but we see in Num. 22:22-33 that His Mind was not changed; and in vs. 32, He calls Balaam’s way perverse. God will not violate our free will. And if we keep asking for something that is not His Will, (not believing and trusting in Him and His Salvation), He will give it to us even though it may kill us. In Psa. 78:29, The Word declares He gave them “their” own desires. And it killed them: they died while the flesh was in their teeth, Num. 11:33. And they buried them that lusted, Num. 11:34. Brother Loren, we are to be crucified with Christ in a baptism of death with Him at the cross, and buried with Him. If you do not believe this and trust The Salvation that is in it, you will be buried alive with the objects of your lust before you get to enjoy them. Loren a dead man can not lust after anything. We are to have the desires of Jesus and The Father only. Anything else will kill us, but if we keep asking for it, God will give it to us. Loren, Balaam went on in a perverse pathway (flesh), even after chastisement, Num. 22:22-33. He went on in the power of satan to cast the stumblingblocks of idolatry and fornication before the children of God, and he taught others to do the same – practice divination with the devils behind the idols to have their lust satisfied, (Rev. 2:14), because his lust for the rewards of divination were not crucified. Balaam asked forgiveness of his sins, and his ignorance (Num. 22:34), but yet he continued on his perverse pathway, because he threw the gift of repentance and “The Faith” to receive it out the window with The Word of chastisement (Num. 22:22-33). Balaam continued on in his perverse pathway until he ultimately found his place in hell. Brother Loren, you are following in his footsteps. Your covetousness for money (covered by the fraud of “it is for The Gospel”) has crept into your heart and is taking root to defile everything you say and do, Isa. 1:10-25. Because you are not living The Gospel, you have turned all the HOLY OFFERINGS into a sacrifice to the devil behind the idol you have made of the message. Do you know what I see in the spirit Loren? Although I have my doubts at this point that you and the whole JSM even care what I see at this point. I see the resurrected dead nature of Loren with a spirit of slumber sitting on his shoulders holding a stick with a carrot (lust for the things of this world and what BIG ministry offers, etc.) dangling on a string in front of you. You look like a zombie with the uncrucified lust of this world glittering in your eyes, 1 Jn. 2:15-17. Then I see a spirit of deep sleep slip up behind you and club the Risen Lord Jesus Christ on the head and other demons join this evil spirit to drag The Risen Lord out of the temple in order to prepare it for their lord and master satan, who you have demonstrated a desire to serve with your unbelief and lack of trust, Psa. 78:22. They are in preparation right now to turn you into another prosperity pimp along with Donnie, with BIG BOLD GOLDEN CROSSES hanging around your necks. Loren, My Beloved Brother, we have to live a message we can not live. Haven’t you figured that out yet? Jesus Christ, The LIFE, Resurrected in you by “The Faith” is your hope of glory. ONLY HE CAN LIVE THE MESSAGE! What will Loren do with The Word of chastisement given to him? Will he continue on in obstinate stubbornness not believing God (The Risen Lord inside) or trusting in His Salvation (the baptism of death for Loren)? God does not need money to change hearts; He needs The Gospel to be lived in hearts for examples to others. Otherwise your preaching will be turned into a vain work of flesh and pride done out of envy, strife and contention with The Spirit of the message. By the power of the devil turning you into an angel of light, your preaching will begin to turn the people into walking graves full of money and every foul and evil spirit, painted white with a cross on them; defiling everything they come in contact with, carrying their idol of the message around their neck not lived out by “The Faith.” Does Loren believe in a baptism of death? If so, Jesus Christ is alive with The Power of Resurrection, and all things belong to Him and if and when He needs it, He will get it for His Father’s Work. He does not need Loren’s help, Jn. 6:28-29. If you do not believe in a baptism of death, then dead man Loren is alive in unbelief working with devils to get what he wants and temps and taunts God with his unbelief if he does not get it NOW! Loren, just preach The Gospel; Trust in The Lord’s Salvation in His death; And seek ye first (second, third…) The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness in the crucified LIFE daily, hourly, by the minute and second, then you won’t have time for all the foolishness (unbelief). Let this mind be in you: does a dead man need money? A dead man IN Christ needs only one thing to stay dead: “The Faith” in a baptism of death. Keep your body under Loren, under the ground, dead and buried, lest you be cast into hell along with Balaam, 1 Cor. 9:27. There is not much left between you and God’s judgment. You are skating on thin ice and a heat wave is coming. I beg you to read on with a humble heart.
     In answer to the question, “can a man go to hell that preaches the right message?” The answer is yes – if he doesn’t LIVE the message, (i.e. is not fully crucified with Christ)! The only thing is that as hard as we may try, even with the right message, we shall ALL, through the baptism of fire (the cup of The Lord, The Father’s baptism, Matt. 20:23; Mk. 10:39), eventually find out that it is ONLY Christ alive in us, by “The Faith” in the message, Who can live out The Message – for He is The Message, He is The Truth, He is The Way, He is The LIFE, and He is The RESSURECTION. If The Message does not live or abide in us then God is not in us, 2 Jn. 1:9. With man it is IMPOSSIBLE to live the message, but with The Risen Lord Jesus Christ in us The Hope of our Glory all things are possible. If we don’t live the message (or rather let the message live by The Faith), thus accepting The Lord’s cup of suffering, then sinful flesh and the deceitful heart of man will make the message of the cross into an idol; and we will deceive ourselves, and begin to worship and serve the
devils behind the idol, drinking of the cup of devils, 1 Cor. 10:19-21; Jas. 1:22-24. Brother Loren, behind every idol is a devil and to worship that idol is to worship the devil behind the idol. And to worship the devil is to partake of its altar, eating its sacrifice and drinking its cup (blood of all Apostles, Prophets, Saints and slain of the earth), and eventually lose our Salvation becoming one with the devil = demon possessed, 1 Cor. 10:21; Eph. 2:2. My Beloved Brother, I am not against you. I am for you, but if you do not heed this warning and crucify that desire to lift Jimmy Swaggart up, you along with him and the whole JSM will eventually fall and be demon possessed. You are dealing with spiritual laws that can not be broken or bent or circumvented. They are no respecters of persons. If you transgress them, you will eventually suffer the consequences. Not even God Himself can transgress them with impunity. Are you stronger than God, 1 Cor. 10:22? If Christ does not come soon, even the very elect will be deceived – that means you and me. Let us endeavor to keep the unity of The Spirit in the bond of peace with God The Father, by discerning The Word in one another that we must submit too – He is The Head and He is ALL in ALL. Please bear with me as I present to you what The Word of The Lord has given me for you.
     My dear Beloved Brother, I perceive by The Word of The Lord that while preaching the message of the cross, you have become an enemy of the cross. God has given us the wedding garment in the message of the cross. But to put it on by “The Faith” is to LIVE it. You can preach the message of the cross, sleep with the message of the cross, carry the message of the cross around to all kinds of meetings all over the world, and display it in windows, put it in books and on tapes, on TV and radio, etc., etc., and many will be saved by it because it is the right message, but if you don’t LIVE it, I am here to tell you by The Word of The Lord that you will find your place in hell when you leave this world. To preach the message of the cross causes relatively little suffering and pain as compared to living the message. To live the message of the cross is to drink of The Lord’s cup, Matt. 20:23; Mk. 10:39. This is a cup of suffering, and we shall drink of this cup. It is The Resurrected Christ inside of us Who is doing the suffering, Acts 9:4, (we are dead, Rom. 6:7). Like as we are immersed into Christ’s death for our Salvation, so likewise must we be immersed into His suffering (fire) as a part of our Sanctification, Matt. 3:11. The Fire of Rev. 3:18 is suffering. And we learn through this immersion of suffering with Christ that it is ALL The Risen Lord (Gold in Rev. 3:18) doing The Father’s Will through us and none of us (we are dead by “The Faith,” Rom. 6:7). This is the baptism of The Father, or baptism of suffering (fire) that we all shall partake of. As we account ourselves dead with Christ on the cross by “The Faith,” so likewise by the same faith are we to account the sufferings as His. We can not be formed into the image of Christ or share in His Glory if we do not share in His pain as He does The Works of The Father. And we can not know The Father intimately until we know His pain. We can not put on The Christ of the message of the cross – the wedding garment, until we live out the message by “The Faith” enduring the pain. Dear Brother Loren, The Gold of Rev. 3:18 represents The Risen Lord Jesus Christ. Please notice that there is no silver (representing redeemed man). This is telling us that it is ALL of The Risen Lord in Brother Loren doing ALL the works, and NONE of Loren with Jesus, or Loren with the message of the cross and Jesus. It is ONLY The Risen Lord that is in a man put to death by “The Faith” in the message (which puts him IN Christ), that does ALL of the works of The Father through that man. We learn obedience (submission of will to The Holy Spirit), by the things Jesus suffers in us as we yield to The Holy Spirit our will. It is only The Risen Lord doing all the work and enduring all of the suffering, thus Jesus, The King of Glory, gets ALL of The Glory, none going to man, Jn. 4:34; 6:28-29; Heb. 5:8. Jesus is ALL in ALL. If you lift up a man and that man accepts any of that lifting up without rebuking the one lifting up, then by definition that man lifted up is not IN Christ.
     Loren, do not turn the wedding dress into an object of worship and thereby not put it on and thus defile your garment of Salvation, Matt. 22:11-13. My Beloved Brother, you can not do well worshipping the message of the cross – the wedding garment. You will be deceived- deceiving yourself and forgetting the total and complete wickedness of the sin nature. You must lay down and die on the altar by applying proper principles of faith. Confession and believing, accounting that it is Christ in me that does all the work. Loren, you have to put on the garment- put on Christ. The Sin Offering – Christ The Risen Lord, lies at the door waiting to do the works through you, but He will not give you credit for any of it until your race is over. To do so would be to strive unlawfully. No flesh will glory in His presence. Put on Christ by The Faith in a baptism of death. It is not you that does the work, but The Risen Lord in you, if so be that The Spirit of God dwells in you – Repent and come back to The Father. Faith must have a confession and an accounting, a reckoning, that it is not I, otherwise we will deceive ourselves that we have a part in the doing of the works of God other than simply believing, and then flesh will seek the credit (glory). The only part we have is in the believing and yielding our will, Gal. 2:20; Jn. 6:28-29. It is only The Risen Lord Who will please The Father; it is only The Risen Lord Who can do The Father’s Will; it is only The Risen Lord Who will receive the accolade “well done Thy Good and Faithful Servant”; for only He can do The Father’s Will. My Beloved Brother Loren, The Sin Offering is at the door of your heart and is waiting for you to believe the message you preach so that He can do the works of The Father (suffering) in you and through you, (Jn. 4:34; Jn. 14:12), and if you don’t let Him, your sin nature is waiting to revive and deceive you, and rule over you again, because you aren’t doing the works, Jas. 1:22. Behind every idol is a
devil and you will eventually eat and drink at the altar of the devil, becoming one with them. The heart of man is deceitful above all else. I have already had to throw away one praise and worship CD because the thing you don’t want to do – glorify flesh – you have done on that CD turning an otherwise anointed praise and worship CD into puke.
     I once knew a preacher from New Zealand. I used to listen to him until he fell from the grace that is in Christ. Now this preacher’s brains have fallen out and he has been made into a fool to all the world and all of Christianity through his unbelief in the message of the cross, and his confession and belief that God is not Omniscient because He asks questions, (Rom. 1:22). I used to listen to his preaching and had many of his tapes. The Holy Spirit used them to teach me some principles of living the message through them. But after his fall, I threw all of the tapes away for fear of the unbelief hidden among the principles. This preacher taught the principles of living for Christ, but had no power to live for Christ, because his faith was not in a baptism of death, (One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, Eph. 4:5), thereby cutting off the power of The Holy Spirit by unlawfully striving, Rom. 8:2. He cut off the power of The Holy Spirit, because he broke the law of The Spirit of Life IN Christ Jesus. But our gracious Heavenly Father, in His abundant Mercy and Goodness covered this preacher’s ignorance and wickedness of unbelief both to the world and to himself with His Grace until the revelation of the cross came to him. And with it came the commandment to REPENT, Acts 17:30. When the commandment came with the revelation, the preacher bowed up in stubbornness (idolatry, 1 Sam. 15:23) and rejected The Faith in The Baptism of death. Thus his sin nature revived and he died to Christ, (lost his Salvation), and he became a fool (Rom. 1:22) to all the world and all of Christianity by teaching that God is not Omniscient.
     I once knew a preacher named Kenneth Hagin. I used to listen to him until he fell from the grace that is in Christ. This preacher’s brains fell out too and he has been made into a fool to all the world and to all of Christianity through his unbelief in the message of the cross, and his confession and belief that Jesus died spiritually and was born again in hell. I used to listen to his preaching and had many of his tapes. The Holy Spirit used them to teach me some principles of applying faith through them. This preacher taught the proper principles of faith, but could not live for Christ because the object of his faith was incorrect – not in a baptism of death with Christ on the cross, (One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, Eph. 4:5). This man broke the law of The Spirit of Life IN Christ. He was striving unlawfully. This man was baptized in The Holy Spirit, had mighty visitations from God, and had legitimate miracles demonstrating the power of God in his ministry, because in his ignorance God covered him with His Grace, and hid his ignorance and his wickedness in unbelief from himself and the world. But the revelation of the cross came to him in a Word of reproof and with it came the commandment to REPENT, Acts 17:30. He rejected The Word of reproof and thus The Faith in The Word to receive the gift of repentance. He bowed up in fleshly stubbornness (idolatry, 1 Sam. 15:23) against The Word of reproof and the commandment to REPENT that came with The Word. And thus his sin nature revived and he died to Christ. He then became a slave to the
devil behind the idol of his false doctrine. He eventually was possessed by that devil having rejected other Words of reproof from other sources. He was made into a fool to all of Christianity and the world teaching that Jesus died spiritually, Rom. 1:22. And when the revived sin nature empowered by demon possession finished corrupting the major part of The Body of Christ, it brought forth eternal death, Jas. 1:15. Mr. Hagin died in his sin nature and is now eternally burning in hell, because he divorced the principles of faith from the object of faith. I threw this man’s tapes all away for fear of the corruption hidden amongst the proper principles.
     I know of a preacher named Loren Larson – a preacher of righteousness, a man sent by God that had the right message and the right object of faith, but was he applying that faith with the proper principles of faith to LIVE the message, (or rather let “The Life” in the message live through him)? At first he was, but what has happened? Kenneth Hagin is burning in hell right now because he divorced the principles of faith from the object of faith – a baptism of death at the cross. He made faith into an idol and behind every idol is a
devil, 1 Cor. 10:19. The Word of Chastisement came to Brother Hagin so that he would not fellowship with devils and thereby eat and drink damnation unto himself. But he was not swift to hear it, because it came from a brother of “low degree.” He did not discern The Body of Christ and The Word in other Body Members. Neither did he want to hear what the holy Apostle and Prophet had to say to him because he had allowed man to lift him up as an apostle and prophet when God had not called him to those offices. Therefore, the Grace was not available to walk in them. The people did not want a true Apostle or Prophet in their midst because they loved their wickedness and deception so they fashioned their own. This brother was angered by The Word of Chastisement and spoke disparagingly against the message of reproof and the holy messenger of low degree, because by this time Mr. Hagin was walking in the flesh and allowed his flesh to rise up and throw away the message of life in the rebuke before taking it to The Lord in prayer. He could not receive The Word of rebuke from a brother of “low degree,” “of no reputation,” which contained in it “The Faith” to receive the gift of repentance, The Gift of Repentance itself, and the commandment to REPENT-or-else. He did not receive the engrafted Word that was able to save his soul, because he did not practice the receiving of all Words with meekness thanking the delivery vessel and then taking The Word to The Lord of his soul in prayer to let Him decide what was necessary for his heart which is capable of deceiving our own self, Jas. 1:19-22; Jer. 17:9. He did not discern “The Word” in other Body Members (of low degree, Pvb. 1:32), nor did he receive The Word with meekness, therefore he cast out The Word of chastisement along with the commandment to REPENT. And he continued on in his own way not covered in grace, which also covered his ignorance. The revelation of the cross came and with it a commandment to repent from all other ways. And because he rejected The Word of chastisement, he also rejected the command to repent, the Grace to repent, The Faith to repent and the gift of repentance. And since The Spirit of Grace was no longer wanted, needed or desired by Mr. Hagin, He reluctantly took the hint and departed. Because of Mr. Hagin’s idolatry (stubbornness to repent, 1 Sam. 15:23) and resistance to The Spirit of Grace and The Word which He delivered through various vessels (including this one); he marched on in his ignorance not covered in Grace and in full knowledge (willingly ignorant) of what he was doing. Not covered by Grace, Mr. Hagin began to eat and drink damnation unto himself at the altar of devils (his brains fell out), not having discerned The Body of Christ and His Members in particular, and having rejected (without proper examination and prayer) Words delivered by brethren of “low degree,” and of no reputation, 1 Cor. 10:19-21; 11:27-30; Phil. 2:7. Thus, the seducing spirits behind the stubbornness came into the temple voided of The Word and The Holy Spirit to fill the void left by The Holy Spirit’s departure. With the devil as his guides, he loved the preeminence as “Apostle” and “Prophet” (which the people lifted him up to be), and he cast out The Body Members that God, The Holy Spirit, would have placed in the Church, as He Willed, because they were beneath his idolatrous position of Apostle and Prophet, 1 Cor. 12:27-28; 3 Jn. 1:9-10. [Bother Loren, The Holy Spirit is telling me that this has something to do with an answer to a prayer you recently prayed].
     This preacher that I know named Loren Larson is following in this afore mention preacher’s footsteps by not living the cross he preaches. My dear Beloved Brother, if we do not live the message we preach, (by “The Faith”), we will eventually (can not get around, will happen, set in stone) preach the message of the cross out of envy, and strife, and contention, causing much temporary grief, affliction, pain and sorrow to the true Apostles and Prophets and all The Saints living the message of the cross, not being in the Unity of The Spirit of The Gospel of The Kingdom in the bond of peace with The Father that can come to us only by living The Gospel, Phil. 1:15-16; Eph. 4:3. If we don’t live The Gospel of The Kingdom we will come into contention with and persecute those that do, and the
devils power of deception will overcome us. It is inevitable – an eventuality, because of the two spiritual laws in Rom. 8:2, that if we preach the right message with the wrong spirit (by not living the message), many can be saved by the message and we go straight to hell when we die. If we are living IN Christ preaching the same Gospel, then we are of the same Spirit and not in contention with one another. If we are not living IN Christ by “The Faith” in a baptism of death, then we will eventually preach even the right message through envy, strife, contention and selfishness, with unworthy intent in our wicked desperate hearts prompted by evil spirits behind the idol of “the message” in conceit and empty arrogance supposing that we are better than another because we have “the message.” Is a toe better than an eye in the same Body? My Brother, envy, strife and contention are fruits of the flesh. How long can these fruits be displayed before the branch is cut off and burned in the fire, Jn. 15:6? Consider these words of wisdom: Pvb. 13:10, only by pride comes contention, but with the well advised is wisdom; Pvb. 18:18, the lot (the power of The Holy Spirit behind the right gospel), causes contentions to cease and parts between the mighty (who is from God and who is not); Pvb. 17:14; 18:6, 19; 22:10; 23:29. If we are properly crucified with Christ and living “the message,” it is The Risen Lord that should be preaching, (Lk. 4:18-19), in The Spirit of Truth out of humility, lowliness of mind, regarding others as better than and superior to self (which is supposed to be dead), thinking more highly of other than we do of ourselves (that are dead), Phil. 2:3-8.
     At his death and on the way down to hell, I suspect that Mr. Hagin sought for repentance diligently with tears, (Heb. 12:17; Matt. 7:22-23), but could not find it. But what was shown to him was all the souls that would soon be joining him because of the iniquity he spread through his idolatrous stubborn resistance to The Spirit of Grace and The Word He delivered to him, which he cast aside as dung. My Beloved Brother Loren, repentance is a gift of God that comes only by The Faith, after hearing a Word of God, 2 Tim. 2:25; Rev. 2:21; Rom. 10:17. Please, I beg of you, do not make the same mistake and cast this Word out as dung without giving it due diligence in The Word and fasting and prayer before The Lord. Brother Loren, Mr. Hagin divorced the proper principles of faith from the proper message and is burning in hell right now because of it. Now you are divorcing the proper message from the proper principles, and not living the message and you will find your place in hell along side of Mr. Hagin soon if you do not repent and come back to The Father.
     Brother Loren, God does not ask questions because He does not know the answers. He asks questions so that we will have an opportunity to discover our own error and repent before He has to point out our errors, chasten us, and command that we REPENT or else. In the last Word The Lord gave to me for you, He asked you the question, “can a man that preaches the right message (the cross) go to hell?” Can I please share with you the error of Balaam, who taught Balak to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols, and to commit fornication, Rev. 2:14? The error of Balaam was that his desires for the rewards of divination were still alive in him, (i.e. not crucified with Christ). Brother Loren, the desire in you to hold men’s persons in admiration and lift up flesh to make an idol of it is not crucified with Christ and must die in order for you to live. First you lift up his FLESH on a praise and worship CD turning it into puke and dung, Isa. 1:10-16. You say you don’t mean to do it, but do it anyway. Then you lift Brother Jimmy Swaggart up as an Apostle when The Lord has not called him to be an Apostle, being used by a
devil to set him up for a fall. The thing you do not want to do is what you are continually doing. And now because that desire to lift up flesh and hold men’s person’s in admiration has not been crucified and put to death with Christ by The Faith in a baptism of death, you seek to lift him up as a “spiritual father,” contrary to Jesus’ command to call no man your father, Matt. 23:9-12. Please notice in the New Testament that not one son ever called his spiritual teacher a father. Brother Loren, The Holy Spirit lets us know in 1 Jn. 2:23 & Jn. 10:30, that whoever denies The Son, has not The Father. Did you know that The Word of God, The Truth, is Truth frontward’s or backwards, coming or going? That is to say (in ref to 1 Jn. 2:23) that it also says that whoever denies The Father (by confessing a man as spiritual father) has not The Son. Also 2 Jn. 1:9 declares to us that he that does not abide in (or live out) the doctrine of Christ has not God. This is a very very serious matter! Where is this poison coming from? Am I become your enemy because I tell you The Truth? Please discover for yourself what, or who is the source of calling Brother Jimmy Swaggart an Apostle, and a “spiritual father” and I think you will discover the enemy. Dear Beloved Brother, walk circumspectly there is a Jezebel in the camp practicing divination and your destruction is eminent unless you REPENT and come back to “The Father.” Brother Loren, we walk by Faith, “The Faith” in a baptism of death: your continued idolatry of Jimmy Swaggart, the JSM and the “message of the cross” has put you on the precipice of the pit of hell and ushered The King of Glory out of your heart in preparation for the reception of the spirit of antichrist and the antichrist himself to this world. The Holy Spirit is hovering over the temple in a last ditch effort to bring you to repentance, and The King of Glory, The Sin Offering, is knocking on the door of your heart to come in and sup with you. But if you reject The Gift of Repentance He is offering you in this Word, your sin nature desires to rule over you and will have you, putting your eyes out, blinding your mind, and having you serving satan in short order, Jud. 16:20-21. Loren can not live “The Life” of Christ with Christ. Loren has to completely give up (lose) his life and let “The Life” live in Him by “The Faith” that he is baptized into Christ’s death and is no longer alive. Loren is not alive with the message and Jesus with him “because he has the right message.” This constitutes a “Jesus patch” to the old nature that is still alive. The new will shrink and die and the tear will be made worse when the old takes over again having put to death The King of Glory = hypocrisy, Matt. 9:16. It is The Risen Lord Jesus ALONE (with our permissive will by “The Faith”), or it is the old nature of Loren Larson alone, dead in his resurrected sin nature and all of its abominable ignorance, iniquity, idolatry, adultery, witchcraft, fornication with devils, trespass, and sin, etc., etc., Rom. 6:16-18.
     Loren, my friend, you do err greatly, not knowing The Scriptures, nor the power of God in the resurrection of both the living and the dead. Of the dead sin nature resurrected and yielded to the
spirit of antichrist to do the works of the devil and destroy all the works of righteousness so much so that they are remembered no more, Ez. 3:20. And of The Resurrected Christ Jesus (LIFE) in the BELIEVER (with “The One Faith in The One Baptism, Eph. 4:5”) yielded to The Holy Spirit doing works of righteousness (The Father’s Will) and destroying all the works of the enemy so much so that the world and the devils see ONLY Jesus, therefore they call them Christ-like, (i.e. Christians known by their love one toward another), 1 Jn. 3:8-10. Our God is not the God of the dead, but of the living – alive IN Christ, by permitting “The Message” to live in them by “The Faith.” My Dear Brother, won’t you please come back to The Father? He has sent me as His emissary to invite you back. He has sent me with “His” wedding garment that you might clothe your nakedness. Won’t you please put off the Babylonian garment and cast out the covetousness for the silver and gold of this world, which has put to death and buried your righteousness (silver) and your sanctification (gold) in the earth (flesh) that is your tent, Josh. 7:21. My Father is waiting to receive you back and clothe you with His royal robe of many colors and put a ring of authority on the finger on your right hand, that you might overcome the world, the flesh and the devil.
     As many as I LOVE, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and REPENT! Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear My Voice, and open the door (of their heart), I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me. He that has an ear, let him hear what The Spirit says unto the churches.
     Now I speak to you Brother Loren concerning your preaching, not The Lord, but I think I have The Mind of Christ; please stop asking for help from people to preach: “can somebody help me preach.” Every time I hear that it is like sandpaper grating on my spirit and I want to scream out “Yea! I will help you by telling you that if you need help from any man to preach, then SHUT UP and sit down and let someone preach that does not need the help or the money of any man.”

     In the service of The Master,
     Love in Christ,

     Rev. Daniel K. Hathorn
A Soldier of the cross of Christ




From: Matthew Tuttle []
Sent: Monday, May 18, 2009 8:34 PM
Subject: Loren Larson

I saw your disgusting letter to Brother Larson, you ought to be ashamed of yourself!! I have been a follower of JSM for almost 30 years!! The bible says follow me as I follow Christ, Brother Loren is following Christ and is preaching the right message, which is Christ and him Crucified!! You better be careful and leave him alone!!

Touch not mine anointed!!

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Matthew Tuttle
Go Rangers!




Sent: Monday, May 19, 2009, at 5:03 AM
To: Matthew Tuttle []
Subject: RE: Loren Larson

Why should I be ashamed? Jesus took my shame on the cross and I died there with Jesus by "The Faith"! How can a dead man be ashamed? What is disgusting to flesh is pleasing to my Father. What is disgusting to my Father to the point of puking is the way Lauren has been lifting Bro. Jimmy (who is supposed to be dead) up to be some kind of little god and his perversions of my Father's HOLY offerings. What is disgusting to me is that no one there at JSM has the intestinal fortitude to stand up to these perversions. I have been a follower of JSM for many years also and it grieves my heart to see ministers err and no one in the ministry stand up and confronts their errors, being perfectly content to see them go to hell. Lauren may be preaching the right message, but he is not following Christ when he lifts another man up as an idol like he was doing to Bro. Jimmy. If Lauren really believed the message he is preaching and Bro. Jimmy is really living the message, Lauren would know that it has nothing to do with Bro. Jimmy, nor does he have anything to glory in because by "The Faith" Bro. Jimmy is DEAD; but it has ALL to do with Christ and Bro. Jimmy crucified with Christ, Gal. 2:20. In lifting up Bro. Jimmy, Lauren opened up the door for the devil to attack both Bro. Jimmy and himself. The Word says call NO MAN your "father", Matt. 23:9. Is Lauren right or The Word? Who is The Head of The Church anyway? The Living Word, or Bro. Jimmy? Let God be True and every man a liar, Rom. 3:4. In lifting up Bro. Jimmy as a "spiritual father", Bro. Lauren is "DENYING" The Father and opening up the door to the spirit of antichrist stealing "The Son" from him, 1 Jn. 2:22. If Lauren does not have The Son, he can preach the "right" message all he wants and not be able to LIVE the message and end up in hell in the end (and leading all those that blindly "follow" a man and not The Living Word), Matt. 7:21-23. Jesus LIVING IN us IS our LIFE my dear Brother, and if we are not DEAD by "The Faith" then He CAN NOT LIVE His LIFE in us and through us transforming us into His image, by His very LIFE within, Rom. 8:2; 12:2. If one denies The Father they are also denying The Son - They are ONE. How long do you think that Lauren can continue to lift up Bro. Jimmy and have The Son? And while Lauren is lifting Bro. Jimmy up as an idol, he is opening the door for the spirit of antichrist to ENTER Bro. Jimmy because behind EVERY IDOL there is a devil, 1 Cor. 10:19-21. Bro. Jimmy can not have fellowship with God and devils. As long as Bro. Jimmy steals God's Glory as Father, he can not have fellowship with The Father, Who he is in competition with! Lauren's lifting Bro. Jimmy up is GUARANTEEING his fall. Who loves Bro. Jimmy and Bro. Lauren more? The one who has the courage to stand up to them and tell them they are wrong when they have clearly erred from Scriptures, or the one who says nothing and blindly follows them? You had better be careful and open up your spiritual eyes before it is too late. Touch not my anointed does not apply to one that is not following Christ and is stealing God's Glory (not being crucified themselves - how can a dead man steal God's Glory). None of us has our OWN "anointing". ALL the "anointing" belongs to JESUS and ALL Body Members "receive" HIS "anointing" when we get saved, 1 Jn. 2:27. The more we DIE daily, the more "anointing" we have, because more of Jesus is being LIVED out by our faith being in our baptism of death, Eph. 4:5; Rom. 6:3. That is another problem Bro. Jimmy, Bro. Lauren and Bro. Donnie have: they have become too big for their britches and can't receive words of correction from anyone that is "below" them. They do not recognize the "anointing" in mere mortal laity Body members. My dear Brother, we are to be subject one to another, 1 Pet. 5:5. That means I am to be subject to The Word of God in you, just as you are to be subject to The Word of God in me. We do not have to be subject to foolishness - we have to discern The Word and the "anointing". The Word is The Head of The Church. When we are not subject one to another we cut The Head off (and His "anointing" goes with Him) and we end up with men lifted up as heads, man's programs, man's religions, etc. that have NO "anointing" because He (THE Anointed ONE) is not in those things. He (The Anointed ONE) is LIVING IN the hearts of those that have LOST their life by "The Faith" that they DIED on the cross with The Anointed ONE. Bro's Jimmy, Lauren and Donnie say they believe that the Apostle and Prophet offices have not been done away with, but they do not "believe" it. They do not want to hear what the prophet has to say when it comes to "correction", Amos. 2:11-12; Isa. 30:10. They have absolutely no discernment of the "anointing" of the prophet of God that brings them Words of Life in reproofs and they call them of "satan". This is one of the main reasons for the financial woes of the ministry, and it will continue until they humble themselves and they learn to recognize the "anointing" of Jesus, The Head of The Church, in "other" Body Members and "subject" themselves to The Word, Who is The Head of The Church, that is IN "other" Body Members. Brother Matthew, if you care anything about Bro. Jimmy, Donnie and Lauren, and you really love them and are not just a yellow bellied bag of wind you will pass this along to them. I have attached some samples of my (The Lord's in me) sermons on the radio to let you see where my stand of faith is. Be careful how you handle the "anointing" in these sermons. God is not winking at your ignorance any more. He is COMMANDING Repentance. Please pass these along as well. (See “The One True Gospel” Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.)
Love in Christ,
Rev. Daniel


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