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Redemption Ground Bible Church
Bishop Moses O. Adesina

               27 August, 2011               



Testimony of Deliverance from WOF, (Word of Faith Doctrine)


     After a Pentecostal encounter with God complete with The Baptism of The Holy Spirit and tongues of fire on my head, The Holy Spirit directed me to go to a certain church in Alexandria, Louisiana to “train to be a Soldier.” I obeyed. The non-denominational church that I started attending had just recently broken away from AOG (Assemblies of God), before I arrived there. I believe their claim and grievance was that the district AOG they were affiliated with was departing from The Word. The pastor’s main message was who we are IN Christ through identification with His death. He was on the right track when I first started attending (to train to be a Soldier). But during my tenure there, he started drifting astray from that message (the message of the cross) when he started getting hooked up with the “Word of Faith” crowd and “mixing” their message with the “true” message which God had given him to preach, Lev. 19:19; Deut. 22:9; Isa. 1:22-23; Dan. 2:43; Hos. 7:8-9; Pvb. 23:30-31. (If you “mix” manure with milk, it won’t hurt the manure; but it sure messes up the milk). After some time of “mixing” with WOF the pastor completely abandoned the Gospel he had been given in its original context. After completing their 2 yr. Bible School, The Holy Spirit was trying to move me out of the church (because of the “mixed” message becoming totally corrupted with WOF). But I was young in The Lord and dumb and not knowing about the unction of The Holy Spirit, I stayed. The Lord even gave me several Words of reproof for the pastor to turn him from this error, but he ignored them. And as I was called by God to go to this church and He had not spoken to me to depart from it, I stuck it out – praying for the man; but at the same time being corrupted by the man’s new messages (or old messages) tainted with the spirit of antichrist.
     I had another encounter with God like a road to Emmaus experience. I had been doing volunteer work for the WOF church cataloging and filing tape messages and I took some with me in a big box to work on at home. The next day when I arrived at the church early in the morning I was getting the box out of the car to go into the church when I noticed a man coming across the parking lot with a long overcoat on. As soon as I saw him The Holy Spirit spoke to me to buy him a cup of coffee. I set the box that I had just picked up back down on the car seat and turned to ask the man if I could buy him a cup of coffee and he was gone. Then I noticed him going in a convenience store across the street some fifty yards away. I took off running toward the man as I was asking myself how he got over there so fast. When I arrived at the convenience store and went in the man was at the counter with a cup of coffee. I ran up to him all out of breath and asked him if I could buy that cup of coffee for him. He looked at me with a smile on his face and he said that would be nice. Then he asked if I would join him. So I got a cup of coffee and sat down with him at a table. I was thinking to myself why did The Holy Spirit have me to meet up with this man? And I started to ask him questions to try to figure it out. I asked him if he knew Jesus as Lord. And he pulled a Bible out of his pocket and said that he used to pray all the time, but now he hardly has time to pray anymore. Then he looked at me with a penetrating looked that bared my soul. (That was me he was talking about- since the church I was attending took a turn toward WOF, I was spending all my time there and did not take the time I used to, to pray). I bowed my head and quickly asked for forgiveness in my heart and vowed to change that and got back to the business at hand. The man had the Bible he had pulled out earlier in his hands and there was a picture of someone stuck behind every other page. He was turning the pages and caressing each picture and mumbling something that sounded like prayers. He pulled out another Bible that was stuffed with pictures and started doing the same. Then I thought that this is why The Holy Spirit had me to meet with this man, to turn him from his Catholicism. Then I said to the man, you’re not praying to Saints are you? Then he said, Oh I have to pray “for” my Saints. I thought he said “to” Saints and said, you know we are not supposed to pray “to” the Saints. We have only One Mediator – Jesus Christ. Then he looked at me again with that soul penetrating look in his eyes again and said, I used to spend a lot of time in intimate praise and worship, but I don’t have time any more. (Again that was me he was talking about- since the church I was attending turned to a WOF church, I was spending all my time there and did not take the time I used to in intimate praise and worship to my Lord). Again I bowed my head and quickly asked for forgiveness in my heart and vowed to change and when I lifted my head back up the man was GONE. Then I said like the two Emmaus disciples, did not my heart burn within me while He talked with me, Lk. 24:32. You see WOF doctrine had blinded my eyes and Jesus was trying to open them again, Lk. 24:31. But I still did not understand the gravity of the situation. I did not realize that I had lost my robe of Righteousness and could no longer “receivespiritual things. I have “experientially” learned that 1 Cor. 2:14 is absolutely TRUE. Without the spiritual LIFE of Jesus abiding IN the believer through “The One Faith” there can be absolutely NO REVELATION of Truth. And without “The One Faith” there can be NO LIFE of Christ IN an individual. I believe this is one of the reasons Jesus came to me physically, because He was no longer Spiritually INSIDE of me. And He was no longer spiritually inside of me because my “faith” had been hijacked by WOF. And I still was not getting the message to “come out from among them”. One can hear from God and even obey what he hears and STILL GO TO HELL, if he is NOT CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST through “The Faith”. This same Truth applies to healing: one can be healed and still go to hell, if he is not “crucified with Christ”. It became a great work for God to get me to “come out from among them”. The Lord continued to work with me EVEN in my state of ignorant apostasy.
     I continued going to this WOF church in spite of this encounter with God and the unction of The Holy Spirit trying to get me out. At that time I was working overseas on a 28 day on, 28 day off work schedule and The Lord called me to quit my job and start preaching. I quit my job and it just so happened that the company I worked for offered a severance package right at the time that I tendered my resignation. And in the severance package was free medical coverage for a year. And as I was signing the paperwork to initiate the coverage The Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me not to get the medical coverage. I asked why, and He said because I want to take care of you. I said cool! And I tore up the paperwork and threw it away. Then The Lord directed me to withdraw my retirement and give it all away and I did. Most of it was given to the WOF church that I was still attending, (which added additional curses on me, 2 Jn. 1:11). Then The Lord directed me to give away all of my “toy” possessions and I did. (I made a lot of money working overseas and had a lot of big boy toys: hunting and fishing gear, diving gear, boats, four wheelers, skidoos, hunting properties, etc., etc.). My family thought I was losing my mind and tried to have me committed to an insane asylum. But the fact is getting rid of all of that “stuff” (dung) was very liberating. I quickly found out that I did not have all of that “stuff”, it had me. Now I was living strictly by “faith” with only three to four months of cash reserves in the bank. The Lord instructed me not to tell anyone of my financial situation and not to make any “professions of faith” before any of the WOF church members, and I didn’t. When the cash in the bank was all expended I was completely broke and in need of food. At that time I began working at the WOF church as a volunteer full time. It took being in these circumstances for God to show me what WOF was all about – self, (= flesh). I had great needs while I was working at this church for FREE and these WOF people could not SEE my needs because WOF is all about SELF. They could not see past their own noses spiritually. I became so desperate for something to eat that I started to sell my plasma in order to get money to get something to eat. I remember that year the WOF church was taking up offerings to make up food packages for the poor to give out at Christmas and I was helping put the packages together – (drooling all over them). Not too many people showed up at the tent meeting and there were packages left over and I got to take one home with me. That was the best meal I had all year. I continued selling my plasma while working at the WOF church for FREE expecting God to open up a door for me to begin preaching. Then one day one of the WOF associate pastors came to my house because he had heard from other workers at the church why I kept coming to the church with bandages on my arms. He actually had the GALL to rebuke me for not having “faith”. The car he was driving was probably paid for or partially paid for from my retirement funds. What does James 2:14-26 say about the Salvation of this man? The Word of God the WOF’s “SAY” they believe tells me this man is a body without The Spirit of Christ in it = dead to Salvation and headed to an eternal hell. After seeing this, I STILL kept going to this apostate WOF church in ignorance. How difficult it is for God to get someone to “come out from among them”. I continued to be in great need, and I continued to sell my plasma to get something to eat until one day I was informed that I could no longer donate my plasma there. They said something was wrong and that I needed to go see their doctor to discuss it with him, and they set me up an appointment. When I went to the doctor he informed me that they found an antigen in my plasma that indicated that I had cancer and they needed to do some blood test, etc., which they did free of charge. The test revealed that I had liver cancer, and I was advised to go see a specialist immediately. The only specialist I knew and could afford was Jesus – He said that He was going to “take care of me”. So I brought the cancer report to Him and asked what to do about this. He said to burn the report, which I did. The liver did not get better, but got worse in spite of all of my WOF confessions of “faith” and prayers. And now I was in greater need than before because I could not sell my plasma any more. My Liver continued to deteriorate giving me jaundice, swelling out of proportion and causing me great pain. And YET the WOF people STILL could not see my needs. And like the blind led by the blind I STILL continued to attend this WOF church. I kept pleading to God for my healing, confessing all of my WOF confessions, and reminding God that He said He was going to “take care of me” to no avail. Then one Sunday in great pain, with a high fever, swollen to the point of popping and an unbearable stench exuding from my pores; I could sense that death would soon come to knock on my door. I was on my face pleading before God to show me what the problem with me was that was preventing Him from keeping His Word to “take care of me”. I finally prayed the right prayer (prayer from the heart and not a WOF confession attempting to force God to do something), and He answered immediately. He said the problem was in Proverbs 7. Basically Proverbs 7 is about a young man that messes around with a whore until a dart strikes him in his LIVER. I protested to God and said that since I was Saved I had never done that. He said that, that whore was RELIGION. The man at the convenience store and His reproofs immediately came to my remembrance and I wept and repented and asked The Lord to help my unbelief. I could not see it yet, but all of these “circumstances” was God’s Way of “taking care of me” to get me out from among the WOF so that He could lead me to “THE FAITH” and once again LIVE IN me. After repenting I got ready to go to the WOF church thinking it might be my last time. About half way to the church I was burning up with fever, sweating buck shots and suddenly I double over in an excruciating pain as if stabbed with a thousand knives and I could go no more. I pulled off on the side of the road barely able to breathe having reached the end of myself, and got angry at God shaking my fist at Him. I said You promised to “take care of me” this is a good time to do it. Then I yielded to God my WHOLE life: You can do with me anything that You want to do with me; You can take me anywhere You want to take me, but either heal me or take me home. It was right at that point (the end of myself) that God spoke inside of me and said: by Jesus’ stripes you are healed; that is The Truth and nothing can stop The Truth from coming True; it always was The Truth; and always will be The Truth. Then those words boiled up from my belly and came out of my mouth as if I was speaking directly to the
devil. And as I was speaking those words fire burned inside of me and my swelling went down and I was healed instantly on the side of the road. When I got to the WOF church I had already been to church (on the side of the road) and was shouting and screaming and running around the church praising God and most everybody probably thought I had lost my mind. Then came another encounter with God in the installments that were necessary for God “to take care of me” and to get me to “come out from among them,” (the WOF), so that God could once again LIVE IN me and work THROUGH me DAILY, Lk. 9:23-24.
     When the WOF church service started I was sitting on the front row right in front of the pastor as he was delivering his sermon. And in the middle of the pastor’s sermon The Lord Jesus appeared to me in a vision, and I was completely naked and ashamed. Jesus came to me and I had to turn my head in shame, and He stooped down and washed my feet with His tears. I was all tore up inside. I did not know how, nor could I comprehend how I could ever have lost my Salvation (robe of righteousness) and become naked. I thought (deceived) that I was “serving” The Lord. I thought (deceived) that all my deeds were pleasing to God. (Only “One Faith” allows us to serve God; only “One Faith” can make us pleasing to God). What a shock to have my eyes opened to the spiritual reality of my nakedness, Rev. 3:17. I left that WOF church that day never to return again, extricated by The Longsuffering Love and Faithfulness of God Almighty “to take care of me”. I left all tore up inside and I went to a Wendy’s restaurant after church and I was crying so much that I was embarrassing everyone in the restaurant. I sat down at a table and was crying out to God inside and asking Him how it could have happened when I loved Him so much. The Holy Spirit stopped me in my sentence and told me “it is impossible to love anyone but “self” without faith in the cross”. It was there at that Wendy’s restaurant in 1997 that The Lord started pouring out to me the revelation knowledge of the cross and the necessity of dying with Jesus. The Holy Spirit gave me about four pages of notes of revelation knowledge on the cross of Jesus Christ that day after my repentance and restoration by The Blood of The Lamb. The Lord has since been continually expounding upon that beginning revelation greatly, (line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little there a little).
     Shortly after that final God encounter to get me out from among the WOF, The Lord orchestrated a divine meeting and relationship with a missionary that He had sent from Nigeria to America and we started a church preaching the message of the cross: Redemption Ground Bible Church. The membership built up quickly, but then dwindled as fast as it built up during the first year when the great battles, trials and tribulations began to be experienced by all, Matt. 13:20-21. The Church did not want to grow up and certainly did not care for the battles, Heb. 5:11-14. We have learned “by experience” that the battles, the trials and tribulations are necessary to ENTER The Kingdom of God, Acts 14:22. And the second year Bishop Moses Adesina (the Nigerian Pastor), got deported due to not properly attending to his visa requirements, and I was on my own with the church. The intensity of the battles increased and our membership continued to dwindle until we had none. It was at this point that The Lord directed me to get a job and continue to preach on the Radio. Within a few days I had a job working offshore in the oil fields where I had worked before and we started preaching on a local AM Radio station where we have been since. We are still preaching the message of the cross, but not many want to hear it, 2 Tim. 4:3-4.
     My dear Beloved Brethren, if you are reading this message, it is not by coincidence. Either God is trying to work with you in His long suffering to get you out from among the apostates so The LIFE of Christ can dwell IN you, or else He desires to use you through this message to draw someone else out from among the apostates. Contrary to all the fake and fraud “deliverance” ministries (that need deliverance themselves), deliverance is PREACHED, Lk. 4:18. And Jesus Christ has ONLY “ONE Gospel” and that Gospel is The Gospel of The Kingdom that ushers in The King to His Kingdom IN the believer of that ONE Gospel. Jesus IS The Deliverer Who delivers ALL from their darkness when they believe His ONE Gospel and He enters into His Kingdom IN the Believer. And if you do not RECEIVE that ONE True Gospel The King CANNOT come inside of you to deliver you from all of your darkness, blindness and ignorance. That ONE True Gospel is that you MUST LOSE your life in DEATH with Christ on His cross by “The Faith”, or else you cannot have Christ’s Eternal Life IN you, that ALONE can Save, Matt. 10:38-39; 16:24-25; Mk. 8:34-35; Lk. 9:23-24; 17:33; Jn. 12:24-25. No other gospel has the power to deliver one from darkness and eternal death. ALL OTHER gospels are heresy, which is a fruit of the flesh, Gal. 5:20. And the preachers of those heresies DO NOT have God IN them, 2 Jn. 1:9. They do not enter The Kingdom themselves and they want to prevent you from entering. You MUST be BORN AGAIN; but you can ONLY be born again by The ONE True Gospel which God has ordained. God has ONLY ONE Gospel which can save the believers of it. God has ordained that men get saved by the foolishness of preaching, 1 Cor. 1:21. But it is only the preaching of the cross that has the power of God for Salvation, 1 Cor. 1:18.
     My Beloved Brothers and Sisters, the WOF doctrine is a heresy that has no power to save or deliver. It has bowed to
satan’s temptation to turn the stone into the bread of satan, Matt. 4:4. The temptation is to use “your” faith to get “things” for yourself, which is supposed to be “denied” and crucified (dead) with Christ. If you have not received The One True Gospel of The Kingdom, you probably cannot see, know or understand what I am saying, 1 Cor. 2:14. You first must accept Jesus “Death” as your own which IS THE FAITH of God. The WOF doctrine is all about focusing “your” faith on self-gratification through mammon. What I am saying is that your focus is WRONG, if it is not on the SACRIFICE of “your” life on the altar of your heart given to Jesus in exchange for His DEATH given for you. And your FOCUS, (if it is wrong), WILL KILL YOU SPIRITUALLY, if you do not understand this, (which I experienced personally). We CANNOT serve Christ as our Lord and mammon, (things, money, etc.). Your FOCUS should not be on “your” need (if you are DEAD). Does a DEAD man have any needs? Our FOCUS should be on “our” DEATH with Christ, and Christ’s needs in our body. If our FOCUS is on OUR NEEDS, that means WE are still alive and NOT Christ. FOCUS on Christ’s needs to DO The Will of The Father through you and seek that in prayer at all times and yield to The Holy Spirit, Matt. 6:33; Rom. 8:14. What does The Father want out of your life? He wants His Son’s image to shine forth through You as He does The Father’s Will by the power of The Holy Spirit. Look at Matt. 4:4, the devil tried to get Jesus to FOCUS on His needs: IF You are The Son of God use Your faith to turn this stone into bread so You can eat. In other words, the temptation is to get us to use our faith to get what WE need, IF you are a son of God. This is spiritually DEADLY, because if you change the focus of your FAITH from your DEATH with Jesus on the cross onto satisfying YOUR NEEDS you WILL DIE SPIRITUALLY. It is your DEATH with Christ that reconciles you to God through the IMPUTATION of Jesus’ Righteousness onto you, Rom. 5:10. There is NO GOOD in us. We are seen as GOOD by The Father ONLY as WE have the IMPUTED Righteousness of Christ on us through our DEATH with Christ (which is credited to us by the ONLY FAITH which God recognizes). This is God’s FAITH IN GOD’s DEATH “FOR” US, Mk. 11:22. It is Christ LIVING through us, doing The Father’s Will that SAVES us, Rom. 5:10; Matt. 7:21; 1 Jn. 2:17. And, IF the FOCUS of our faith is on ANYTHING other than our DEATH with Jesus on His cross, then we WILL LOSE OUR ETERNAL SOUL TO THE FIRES OF HELL FOREVER, because Christ cannot LIVE in anyone that is NOT reconciled to God through His DEATH. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS? God is ALMIGHTY and He is more than able to supply ALL of our needs, IF we seek His Kingdom first and His IMPUTED Righteousness FIRST and ONLY! We should not be focusing on what “we” have or don’t have, or what others have are don’t have. That is a tactic of the enemy to destroy our immortal souls in HELL. Our “faith” and our prayers should be focused on ONE thing – our DEATH with Christ daily and the sacrifice of our body given to Him daily in service to His Lordship over us, Gal. 2:20. We can talk about and confess being “strong in Christ” all we want, but we cannot be “strong IN Christ”, if we are not “CRUCIFIEDWITH Christ, Rom. 6:3, 7. Because if we are not “CRUCIFIEDwith Christ, we are not RECONCILED to God, Rom. 5:10 – and therefore God sees us as His ENEMIES, Rom. 8:7; Eph. 2:15; Col. 1:21. And if we are God’s ENEMIES, we cannot serve Him or please Him. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS? God cannot fellowship with unbelievers. And God has given His Church ONLY ONE Faith, Eph. 4:5: our baptism of DEATH with Christ. Thus says The Lord: come out from among them and be ye separate says The Lord of Host!

     Love IN Christ,

     Rev. Daniel K. Hathorn


(See "Dead Liver-less Frogs And The Word-Faith Movement" for more on the subject.)


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