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The following letter-form was brought about as a means of teaching my children the Word of God through the mail. And of course, quite naturally so, that’s the reason I begin these letters with "Dear Children" and end them with "Love Dad". So for the rest of you who participate in these weekly messages, please keep their original intended purpose in mind.


3 January, 2010


Dear Children,


This one has been a looooooong time coming! I mean it was quite a few months back when the Lord directed me to the Jimmy Swaggart Ministry’s Web site in search of a few names and addresses… but once I got there I found lots more than I had anticipated. Because what I saw on their home page ( was quite a few pictures of the “damage” incurred to the Family Worship Center (FWC) by the wrath of their most recent hurricane. In fact the instantaneous thought that came to mind was “Jimmy Swaggart Got His Door(s) Blown Off!” And seeing how that was a Word from the Lord, that’s gonna be the tile of this message for today.


Jimmy Swaggart Doors


So, you might say, what’s so earthshaking about a few doors getting damaged by a hurricane? Just what does it all mean?


Well, in our message “Nation Against Nation, And Earthquakes In Divers Places!” we uncovered the fact that man-made weather is now a reality, and it even includes the monster weather systems called hurricanes. In fact it just so happens that hurricane “Gustav” – the one that blew into Baton Rouge, LA, on the 1st of September 2008, and proceeded to blow the doors off of Jimmy Swaggart’s “Family Worship Center” (FWC) – was made by man… and for a very evil purpose.


You see it was on the 25th of August 2008 that “Gustav” formed in the Atlantic. It was the 7th tropical storm of the season that soon became the 3rd hurricane of the season. In fact the Government labeled it “the storm of the century – the mother of all storms” shortly before putting into play the largest evacuation in the history of the United States of America. Because it was through their combined efforts of 700 commandeered buses and “contraflow lane reversal” on all major highways that the U.S. Government successfully evacuated a total of 3 million people (1.9 million from southern Louisiana alone).


Now wasn’t that a neat trick? The Government was able to take control of a massive group of people through a man-made “weather emergency”. It’s what’s typically called “the fear factor” – terrorism at it’s best! You might even want to think of it as cattle being herded to the slaughter… and the American people are the unsuspecting cattle. Because the truth of the matter is that “Gustav” was only a “relocation training exercise” for the real crisis to come – the one that will permanently collapse our beloved Constitutional America.


What a farce! And we say the United States of America is one nation under God? I don’t think so! In fact why not check out the facts in our expose’ “Vote??? Why Bother!!!” Satan is at work in our Government, and it’s only because he’s been invited to do so. I mean, after all, where else could our Government officials get the power to become “gods”… and why do you think they chose the name “Gustav” for their very special “weather emergency”?


Gustav - a male given name of Old Swedish (Scandinavian) origin which means ‘staff of the gods’.


So, are you starting to get the picture? The “staff” is the “big stick” that the “gods” of our Government used to beat the people into submission. Gustav: the staff of the gods!


Now with that in mind, please allow me to give you the spiritual picture of what took place at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries on that fateful day back in 2008. In fact, as the Lord has directed, we’re going to use evangelist/teacher Perry Stone to kinda like help us out. Because you see it was on 12/9/01 that we published our first sermonet on Perry Stone – “Perry Stone’s Five Tornados!” – which was followed on 12/30/01 with our first sermonet on Jimmy Swaggart – “Jimmy Swaggart And The Accursed!” Two sermonets written eight (8) years ago… and now it’s time to put them together.


So where do we start? Well how about “Perry Stone’s Five Tornados!” Because it was somewhere around 1996 that God gave Perry Stone “a vision” and “a dream” concerning the dark days ahead for the Christian Church. In fact the following is what Perry Stone had to say about his “vision and dream” in the 1999 March/April issue of The Voice Of Evangelism Magazine:



TornadoIn the vision, I saw a straight paved road that led to the top of a hill. On either side of the road were small brick homes. For some reason I felt they were homes of retired ministers. I began walking up the hill, stepping on a sidewalk on the left side of the road. It was then that I noticed I was barefoot. As I continued up the hill, I noticed two strange sights. At the top was a large concrete barrier, like a wall. I knew something was behind this barrier. I also noticed the sky was perfectly blue, except for one dark pillar of black (a cloud) that resembled a black tower reaching from heaven to earth. It was hitting the earth somewhere behind the barrier. I thought, "How strange! Everything looks great, but this one dark cloud is coming from heaven to earth". I decided to go to the top of the hill and investigate the scene. After reaching the top, I climbed up on the concrete wall. To my amazement, a beautiful corn field was behind the barrier. As far as I could see to the left and right, the field stretched, filled with the most beautiful ripe corn I had ever seen. The rows were close together and the corn was ready for harvest. I could see the golden tassels on top of the stalk. In the distance, the scene was much different. At the far edge of the field I saw five large tornados. They each were the same size and seemed to be spaced equally. To me, it seemed they were coming out of this large dark pillar. As I observed the five Tornados, I recall seeing old fashioned power lines directly behind the tornados. Suddenly, the tornado on the left began to spin. I could hear a whooshing sound as it slowly began to gain speed. Then I saw sparks, similar to bits of lightning, coming from the first tornado. That is when I knew what was going to happen. I sensed that soon, the first tornado would rip through the corn field and take out a row of precious grain. By the time this tornado would reach the barrier, the second would rip a row of grain out, followed by a third, a forth, and finally the fifth tornado. I knew that when the fifth tornado hit, it would conclude this strange storm. I recall jumping off the concrete barrier, running down the hill and shouting, "I must get into the cleft of the rock. The storms are coming, and I must get into the cleft of the rock!"

TornadoAbout six months later I had a night dream that I believed to be related to the vision of the five tornados. In the dream, I was standing in the inner city of some great metropolis and heard people saying, "The storm is coming. We must find shelter and protection". I led the people into the basement of a large, old church. The church building was built from the large granite blocks that many of the historic downtown churches are made of. I saw people from various ethnic groups - Black, Hispanic and Asian. People were huddled together with their particular ethnic group. They were all frightened and cold, holding on to each other. Great fear gripped each person. Suddenly, a huge tornado hit the building. The church began to shake, but did not collapse. I noticed there was no doors in the church (because Jesus is the door). I could see these large tornados, five in all, as each one roared by and struck the church. I could hear the pounding of rain and hail as it beat against the outside of the building. After the fifth tornado passed by, there was a calm. Everyone went outside to inspect the damage. As we left the church basement, I saw several piles of different items.Tornado Some piles contained canned food. Others contained clothing. There were even piles of small toys for children. Some of the people began to run for cans of food, while several others rummaged through the clothes and still others were seeking a toy for their small child. It is what I saw at that moment that confounded and amazed me.

As the scene changed, I could clearly see the skyline of a large city, complete with tall skyscrapers. I looked for structural damage and found that the damage was not to the exterior of the buildings, but to the inside of the buildings instead. Still, not every building was affected. Some looked perfectly normal. Others seemed to have taken a harder hit. In one glass building, I noticed that the file cabinets were opened and papers were all over the floor. It seemed confusion had hit this office. Yet, two other buildings across from this damaged building appeared to have come through the storm without any major damage. Afterwards, I distinctly recall standing in front of a church. I looked on the ground and saw where a beautiful string of large gray-black pearls had been broken. Somehow, these storms had affected my pearls and I was now putting them back together again! Then I awoke.



So what did you think about Perry Stone’s vision and dream? I mean, was that a picture or what? In fact if you’d like a full interpretation of it then check out the sermonet “Perry Stone’s Five Tornados!” Otherwise, we’re going to cover the basics in today’s message for the sake of Jimmy Swaggart.


And to start things off, it was on 12/19/01 – ten (10) days after having posted “Perry Stone’s Five Tornados!” – that the Lord gave me Isaiah 13 as confirmation for what He’d given me to write. In fact what He wanted me to see in this Scripture can be summed up in seven (7) little words: “God musters the armies of his wrath.


You see the “five tornados” were all about “God’s wrath” coming against the apostate church. And even though Perry Stone didn’t really pick up on it the way he should have, his vision and dream were pointing to his very own backslidden condition.


(Much more to come… work in progress.)


Jimmy Swaggart


Marvin Clark


Marvin Clark


Roy Pettijohn


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