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The following letter-form was brought about as a means of teaching my children the Word of God through the mail. And of course, quite naturally so, thatís the reason I begin these letters with "Dear Children" and end them with "Love Dad". So for the rest of you who participate in these weekly messages, please keep their original intended purpose in mind.


11 November, 2001


Dear Children,


Well this sermonet's been a long time coming, and what we'll accomplish through it is a neat little self-contained package of the FMHCCI's "Mission For God" with Pat Robertson. However, before we get into all the nitty gritty details, it's very important that you understand the fact that God Almighty does not give me a full briefing at the beginning of these missions. I mean when you get right down to it, most of the time I go into these things not even knowing who the enemy actually is. So please believe me when I say that if God doesn't point out the "snakes" then I really don't see any snakes. It's sorta like being completely blind until given the eyes to see.


So getting back to this particular mission with Pat Robertson and his Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), it was back in 1997 that the Good Lord told me to watch The 700 Club nightly ó which I did ó and then at the beginning of 1998 He instructed me to become a member through my regular monthly cash ($) donations. Now looking back at this mission five (5) years later, it makes perfectly good sense that Father God instructed me to support a ministry that's supporting the work of Satan. Because you see one of the things I've learned about Pat Robertson is that "money talks"Ö and of course in order for God's mission to be accomplished it was absolutely necessary that him and I do a whole lotta talking.


And seeing how we're on the subject of talking, that's what we did in our very first letter to Pat Robertson:


8 February, 1998

Dear Brother Robertson,

I am presently supporting your work with the 700 Club but I have a nagging question that I feel needs to be answered. Can you help me?

The first question that I have concerns your association with the Baptist Church. I feel the Baptist profession of faith is one of the strongest in the world of religious denominations, with the exception of the "once saved always saved" statement. Seeing how you are a man of much knowledge when it comes to the Word of God, my question to you is do you really believe it? And if your answer is no, then it would only seem logical that you let your television audience know it so that they wonít assume anything. In other words if you claim to be Baptist but donít agree totally with their doctrines then why not say so. There are many people who look up to you for guidance.

And secondly, continuing on with the subject of your influence on the people of the world, I recently viewed your show as it aired a spot with Amway. You see it was about a year ago that I joined this same organization in hopes of making money to further our efforts with the FMH Childrenís Club. But what I found was an organization that talked Jesus but didnít live up to it with their business ethics. What I found was people talking "Jesus" one minute and "give your soul for the money" the next. Once again you are influencing the people of the world through your standing and they are trusting in you for guidance. Do you really think Amway is a good way to make money for a Christian? Have you investigated it fully?

I will appreciate your time in answering these very short questions.

A brother in Christ,

Bruce Hallman


Now it was about three weeks later (1st of March, 1998), after having received no reply from my initial letter, that the Lord had me write the sermonet entitled Pat Robertson's Backslidding! (3/1/98). Then it was on the 23rd of March, 1998, that I received a letter from Pat Robertson in response to our sermonet on Amway (7/6/97). This was our first sermonet series on Amway, and, as instructed by the Lord, I had sent him a copy by priority mail on the 6th of July, 1997:


March 23, 1998

Dear Bruce,

Thank you for contacting CBN. We are always pleased to serve you in any way we can.

You inquired about the Amway organization. We can tell you that almost all of the people involved with Amway are strong Christians, strong family people, and strong political conservatives.

Amway does set extremely high financial goals for its people. The organization is sales oriented and believes in fervent motivation. Christian worship services are frequently held at Amway meetings, and an invitation to receive Jesus Christ as Savior is extended to all those in attendance.

We hope this information is helpful to you. May God bless you today with the hope, peace, and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ,

Pat Robertson


...Which was followed up with his second letter, but in response to my first:


May 6, 1998

Dear Mr. Hallman:

Thank you for your letter of February 8th which reached my office on March 20th. Please forgive my delay in responding to you.

Mr. Hallman, I have been a Southern Baptist all my life, and, in fact, attend a local Baptist church. We donít talk about different denominational beliefs because a personís relationship with Jesus is what mattersónot the particular denomination to which he may belong.

Nevertheless, in response to your first question concerning the "once saved, always saved" doctrine, please read the enclosed answer from my book Answers To 200 Of Lifeís Most Probing Questions.

Secondly, in regard to your questions concerning Amway, Dick DeVos, President of Amway, was a guest on our program. However, we have not aired an Amway "spot." In fact, we do not air any commercials on The 700 Club.

I am personally acquainted with Richard DeVos, the Founder of Amway, and I have spoken at several of their Sunday morning worship services during their conventions. Amway is a splendid organization and almost all of the people in Amway are strong Christians, strong family people, and strong political conservatives.

There is no doubt that Amway sets extremely high financial goals for its people. It is sales oriented and believes in strong motivation.

I just canít say whether individual members of Amway put mammon ahead of God, or God ahead of mammon. I do know there are strong worship services at the Amway meetings and invitations to receive Jesus as Savior. Beyond that, I am unable to comment.

Again, thank you for writing and making these inquiries, and for allowing me the opportunity to respond. May the Lord continue to bless you as you seek to serve Him. I am...


Pat Robertson

Chairman of the Board and

Chief Executive Officer


Does the Bible teach that once I am saved, I am always saved?

Excerpt from Answers To 200 Of Lifeís Most Probing Questions

by Pat Robertson

The phrase "once saved, always saved" is not found in the Bible. Our salvation is past, present, and future. That implies a continuous relationship and an unfolding process rather than a fixed state. The person who has given himself or herself to Jesus Christ and has truly repented from sin can find repeated assurances of the eternal covenant given to His people by a God who cannot lie. The Bible tells us that the gifts and calling of God are without repentance (see Romans 11:29). The work of Jesus Christ is eternal. It will never be revoked. Apart from the Bible, the greatest assurance any Christian has of eternal security is the day-by-day witness of the Holy Spirit in his life that he is a child of God and the fact that day-by-day he is becoming more like Jesus.

The Bible teaches security in the Holy Spirit and in the things of God. Jesus said, "My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of my Fatherís hand" (John 10:29). So we are secure in the hand of God, and we are to rest secure in the Lord. God has put His Spirit within us; He has given His Word to us. Jesus Christ is at the right hand of God, constantly making intercession on our behalf; (see Hebrews 7:25) and God has sent angels to watch over us (see Hebrews 1:14). In other words, we are surrounded by tremendous helps. We should constantly remind ourselves that we are secure, that God loves us, and that we belong to Him.

The reason we are saved is not because we are holy or do good works, but because of the blood of Jesus. Salvation comes through faith, and it stays because of faith. So we should have a feeling of security. But, at the same time, there should be a healthy fear of falling. We should not presume on God and say, "I am saved, so I can do anything I want to." Paul condemned people who were teaching that a person could sin boldly so that Godís grace could abound (see Romans 6:1-2). If we truly are dead to sin, then we are not going to live in sin any longer, but we will aim to serve God.

We should walk with reverence, because God is a consuming fire, a very awesome Being (see Hebrews 12:29). I would not counsel anybody to presume on God because of a doctrine of eternal security. Anybody who says, "I believe that once I am saved, I am always saved, so I am going to go out and commit adultery and steal and lie and cheat and rob," is being very foolish. If somebody really loves God, those things would not be present in his life.

I have walked with God for nearly thirty years, and for the last twenty-five years or so, I have never even thought about the possibility of losing my salvation. It just is not a reality for me at all. The reason is that I live for the Lord. The thought of doing otherwise just does not occur to me. Do I commit acts of sin?... Yes. Do I fail God?... Yes. Are there things I should do that I do not do?... Yes. I need the cleansing forgiveness of the Lord constantly. My concern is that I realize Godís purpose for my life and that I do not fall short of what He intends for me. But as far as losing my salvation, it just does not come up for me, nor should it for any sincere Christian.


So, even though I didn't know it at the time, what Pat Robertson "confessed to" in that letter ó I have walked with God for nearly thirty years, and for the last twenty-five years or so, I have never even thought about the possibility of losing my salvation ó was really the root cause of what I would soon discover; he is not presently saved by the Blood of Jesus. It's called the damnable doctrine of "once saved always saved", and Pat Robertson just so happens to be another one of it's victims. But continuing on with our mission, it was a few months later that the Lord had me reply with the following letter: 


26 October, 1998

Dear Brother Robertson,

It has been several months since our last correspondence, and I would like to take this time to thank you for your book Answers To 200 Of Lifeís Most Probing Questions. I have thoroughly read it with prayerful consideration, but Iíll have to admit that I still canít see eye to eye with you on various biblical principles.

And that brings us to the subject of this letter. Now Iím sure you get many letters from all sorts of people... and Iím sure a few actually need to be locked away, just so they wonít hurt anyone. So the question that I have for you (after youíve read my message) is what do you think about me?

You see the Lord has put it in my heart to write this message on you... and it all started off with President Bill Clinton. So how do the two fit together? Well youíll just have to read the sermonets for yourself and see.

Now as you read these letters please keep it in mind that I believe what I have written has come straight from God; He gave it to me and all I did was put it on paper. And the three messages Iím sending you are only the beginning of at least a few more. But these three will get you started and hopefully show you at least the beginning of Godís message to you and your ministry. (See the three sermonets Should President Clinton Resign From Office? (9/20/98), Why Does God Want President Clinton To Remain In Office? (9/27/98), and The President, The Pope, The 700 Club, And Amway! (10/18/98))

Now I know itís going to be hard for you to believe these sermonets are from God, but please pray and open up your heart to the truth. Iím only doing what Iím doing because Iíve been called to do it. And on a positive note, the Lord continues to encourage me to support The 700 Club with my financial gifts.

Your brother in Christ,

Bruce Hallman


Now notice how the Lord once again kinda like used this thing about "financial gifts" to keep the communications going. Because it was after having sent out three sermonets for Pat Robertson's reading enjoyment that the Lord had us follow it up with a fourth:


2 November, 1998

Dear Brother Robertson,

I hope you have had an opportunity by now to read the first sermonets I sent you. I realize that you are a very busy man but the message the Lord has given us is very important for you to understand. Please pray for Godís leading in this matter.

And also enclosed with this letter is part IV of this series on The President. So if you donít mind, please try once again to find the time to read what the Lord has given us to write. (See sermonet The Sin Of Milk And Cookies! (10/25/98))

Your brother in Christ,

Bruce Hallman


And then came the last letter that we would personally receive from him:


November 10, 1998

Dear Mr. Hallman:

I am in receipt of your letters of October 26th and November 2nd and the accompanying sermonets.

While Iím very appreciative that you would think of me and make your writings available to me, I apologize that my current schedule wonít permit me the opportunity to thoroughly review them. At this time, Iím preparing to leave tomorrow morning for a Flying Hospital Medical Mission to India, followed by a back-to-back schedule through the end of the year.

Please be assured that I donít take pleasure in having to turn down such opportunities as the one you have placed before me, but there is Kingdom work at hand, and itís imperative that I take up the challenges which the Lord has laid out before me.

Again, thank you for writing and for allowing me this opportunity to respond. Your partnership with this ministry is most appreciated. May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly as you seek to glorify Him. With best wishes, I am...


Pat Robertson

Chairman of the Board and

Chief Executive Officer


So what did you think about that one? Well it's kinda like what you call a nice way of saying "I don't want to hear what you've got to say!" However, even though Mr. CEO Pat Robertson didn't want to hear what God had to say, God cared enough for his everlasting soul to try and get through once again:


27 December, 1998

Dear Brother Robertson,

I hope you have had an opportunity by now to read the second set of sermonets that I recently sent you. I realize that you are a very busy man but these messages the Lord has given us is very important for you and your ministry. Please pray for Godís leading in this matter.

And also included in this letter is just one more message which you need so desperately to understand and believe. (See sermonet Judas Iscariot, Religion, And The President! (12/13/98)) It is the truth! Ask Him for yourself.

Your brother in Christ,

Bruce Hallman


...And I guess you might say that our communications line kinda like got severed after that last letter. Because the next one I received from Pat Robertson actually wasnít from him:


January 5, 1999

Dear Mr. Hallman:

Thank you for your recent letter to Dr. Robertson, and the message concerning "Judas Iscariot."

We appreciate you sharing this message with Dr. Robertson.

May God bless you.


Barbara A. Johnson

Executive Assistant


Well it sure didn't look to good for the home team, but what the heck... as long as the Lord said "keep on writing" that's exactly what we did:


10 January, 1999

Dear Brother Robertson,

Iím beginning to understand just how difficult it must be for you to see the truth. Having been taught a doctrine all your life it only seems logical that this change wonít be easy. But, if you will only ask the Holy Spirit to open up your heart to the truth, and then believe Heís telling you the truth, you will find that this message Iíve given you is straight from the Lord. Ask Him for yourself and I guarantee you that He will verify it to be the gospel.

And also in the message this week you will find an apology for my lack of understanding on your behalf. Please pray that the Spirit of the Lord will open your heart to receive what thus saith the Lord. I just canít say it enough, it is very important that you read this message. (See sermonet Hell Bent On Destroying The Word Of God! (1/10/99))

Your brother in Christ,

Bruce Hallman


Now you'll have to admit that the Lord wasn't pulling any punches in His effort to save Pat Robertson's everlasting life! I mean just read Hell Bent On Destroying The Word Of God! for yourself! What needed to be said was said, but the question still remains as to whether Pat Robertson actually ever got the message. Because it's right about here that Ms. Kastberg enters the picture:


February 11, 1999

Dear Bruce,

Warm Christian greetings to you today. May the Lord bless your heart as we share together.

It is always good to fellowship with other Christians and to share those things that are on our hearts, just as you have. God intends for us to join with one another in prayer, as well as in encouragement and support.

We are also greatly blessed as we join together in praising the Lord. This is especially true when we offer up a "sacrifice of praise" to the Lord. That means we thank God and praise Him even when things look gloomy, because by our faith we are believing He will help us. The Bible says that God inhabits our praises. In those precious moments of praise, we find divine shelter from the storms of life, and we can rest in the loving presence of our Lord.

May God be with you, guiding you, healing you, holding you up in His love by the power of His Spirit. And may the precious name of Jesus be glorified in your life.

Yours in Christ,

Ruth Kastberg

CBN Partner Correspondence


Boy oh boy, does this job ever get frustrating! I mean for some strange reason it almost seemed as though nobody was tuned-in to what was being said... especially Ms. Kastberg:


February 23, 1999

Dear Mr. Hallman:

We are in receipt of your February 14th mailing to Dr. Robertson. (See sermonet The Sin Of Amway! (2/14/99))

While we are certainly appreciative of your thinking of Dr. Robertson, and including him in your mailings, we thought it only appropriate to let you know that he receives voluminous amounts of mail daily. His current schedule will not permit him the opportunity to personally review each piece of correspondence.

In this light, we wanted to notify you so that you may wish to defer mailings to his attention to ensure that your postage, as expensive as it is these days, is not wasted.

Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness. With best wishes, I am...


G. G. Conklin (Mrs.)

Executive Secretary


Well thanks to Mrs. Conklin we were finally able to realize that nobody was listening to what the Lord was having us to say... but that didn't stop Almighty God. He kept right on trying to expose the very obvious fact that "once saved does not mean always saved", and He even did it through a remarkable story of a homosexual pastor:


10 December, 1999

Dear Brother Robertson,

I just wanted to let you know that Iím using the book you gave me (Answers To 200 Of Lifeís Most Probing Questions). So please allow me to say thank you for being so kind.

Now even though weíve had our differences in beliefs, Iíve got one for you thatís got your name on it. You see Iíve come across a man through our ministry who was saved as a result of your 700 Club Ministry. In fact Iíve included just a part of his testimony for your reading, and if you would like the full length version it can be find it in itís entirety at

But giving you the story in a nutshell, this man accepted Jesus through your witness and later on received the baptism in the Holy Spirit through your leading. However some years later he made a turn for the worse by giving in to his desires for men. He became a homosexual, found a church that accepts homosexuals, and then went on to become a full fledged preacher of the gospel. So the gospel that he now preaches includes the belief that a Christian can be both homosexual and a follower of Christ... living in the sin of homosexuality (which he doesnít consider a sin) but destined to be with Jesus in Heaven.

Now reading from your book Answers To 200 Of Lifeís Most Probing Questions, your answer to the question "What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality?" comes from I Corinthians 6:9-10 and Romans 1:22-27: "...those who practice homosexuality will not enter the Kingdom of God... they will receive in their own bodies the punishment for their actions." So my question to you is does this mean that the person who might say they are saved but yet continue in the sin of homosexuality are not really saved in the eyes of God... but headed for eternal separation from God in the Lake of Fire?

This man who was saved through your ministries needs your help. You just might be the only one who can help him understand the truth. His life hangs in the balance. Can you and will you make the statement that he is lost in his sin?

So once again my question to you is: "Can a Christian practice the sin of homosexuality and still maintain his salvation? If he dies while committing the sin of homosexuality, and never repents of his sin, will he get into Heaven?"

Your answer is very important to both me and my friend.

In the Lord,

Bruce Hallman


Excerpt from testimony at

...By the following year, I was pretty well settled in my new home and school. I was even starting to make a few friends. One night, in December 1976, I was home watching my nephew Peter. It was after 9:00 I guess, and I had already won the battle of getting him to go to bed. I was turning the channels on the television and found myself stopping at the 700 Club -- Pat Robertsonís religious talkshow. Iíd never seen it before and I always liked talkshows, so I sat and watched it. Toward the end of the program, I knelt near the television set and prayed with Pat Robertson to receive salvation. It was the first time I had cried since before my mom died. It felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. All of a sudden, I felt what many describe as a peace. All I knew was that it was a whole lot different than what I was used to feeling. It was like I had been dead and was now alive.

At school the next day, Mr. Wilson noticed the difference in me immediately. We talked about what happened and he explained it in a little more detail. I read the literature I received from The 700 Club and started reading the Bible (there was one lying around the house somewhere). As I read the Bible, it was as if I was starving. I just couldnít get enough. Soon I was reading it nearly every spare moment I had. I started going back to church. Now that I knew the God they were talking about, I got more out of the Sunday school and service, and got involved with the youth group. Less than a year later -- just before Thanksgiving -- I was watching the 700 Club one night. They were talking about something Iíd heard Mr. Wilson talk about before: the baptism of the Holy Spirit. When the time came, I prayed with Pat Robertson and, right there by the television, I received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. When I walked into Mr. Wilsonís class the next day, he looked at me and said "You got it!" I shared with him what had happened. Not long afterward, I started feeling dissatisfied with the Presbyterian church I was attending. I didnít feel like I was being spiritually fed anymore. As the Lord would have it, however, there was an Assemblies of God church in walking distance from the house, so I started going there. They welcomed me with such love, and even welcomed my nephew (the Presbyterian church I attended had asked me not to bring him back there). I knew this was where I needed to be.

I continued to grow in my faith and, became quite the fanatic (in every negative sense of the word). Instead of attending Sunday School with the other teens, I attended the adult Sunday School class, where I felt I was actually being spiritually fed. I fully participated in the worship on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings and Wednesday nights. A couple of years later, I became the youngest member of an evangelistic team that traveled to Quebec and New Brunswick to spread the gospel, I also went the following summer.

Yet, throughout all this, there was still one thing that continually haunted me. I always knew I was different. And when I was about seven or eight, I started to figure out why. I had my first crush back then, and it was on this angelic-looking, blond-haired boy with the most gorgeous blue eyes; he was born missing the upper half of all the fingers on his right hand, but we never payed any attention to it. His name was Tim. And when my older brothers and I stayed up late on Friday nights to watch the "Baby Blue Movies" on Canadian television -- x-rated movies available in any porno shop -- I was always focusing on the naked men and their penises. Of course, knowing how people felt about "faggots" and "queers", I kept it to myself. Puberty had started kicking in the year my mom died, which didnít help matters any. Anyway, I routinely had what I called "homosexual thoughts". I couldnít admit to myself that I was actually homosexual but I had homosexual thoughts. When I saw certain boys in the shower after gym, I was fixated on the beauty of their nakedness. Knowing that lust was sinful, and having been told over and over that homosexuality was an abomination, I prayed to the Lord to have Him remove those thoughts from me. Of course, despite the many tears, the Lord never did remove those thoughts...

In early 1993, while laying on my bed in my apartment one evening, I finally said those three little words: "I am gay". I said it very quietly but still looked around hoping no one in the other apartments heard me. I still told no one but, after a few weeks, I started trying to find other gays. Months later, I found the name of a support group in the phone book and called them. I then went on to one of their meetings and met other gay folk. They told me about the bars in Buffalo (Niagara Falls didnít have any then). I soon found myself going down to this place called Buddies; which is rather interesting because the nickname by which my family calls me is Buddy. I went in, ordered a beer and observed the environment. I started feeling comfortable -- like I belonged there. I then started talking to this guy named Jerry. We ended up going back to my apartment. I was soon into the bar scene and one-night stands. I even got into a couple of brief relationships. I began coming out of the closet little by little. By the beginning of 1995, I was out to my family, co-workers, Niagara Gazette (the local newspaper) readers, and my church. Which brings me back to another issue: my spiritually.

During the last couple of years in the navy, I became a Roman Catholic, having studied by correspondence under a Jesuit monk during the Gulf War. I soon abandoned that faith after leaving my marriage because I respected their view on divorce. Remembering having liked my visit to a Unitarian Universalist Church in San Diego, I went to the one in Niagara Falls, became a member and was a frequent speaker there. I started getting into Taoism and actively supporting human rights issues. That church encouraged me to explore my own spirituality, so I did. Yet, something was missing -- like the puzzle was not yet complete. Later, I realized that what I missed was Godís Spirit dwelling inside me like when I was a Christian. But how could I go back to God as an admitted homosexual (I wasnít willing to admit to it when I was a Christian before)? Iíd heard the rhetoric from the Christian Coalition and that bunch, and I didnít like what they were saying. I read this book by a secular psychologist and there was a chapter on spirituality. At the end of the chapter there was a list of gay and gay-friendly ministries. Then I saw it: the National Gay Pentecostal Alliance (NGPA). Could it be? Pentecostals who were gay?" I had to find out.

After the Presbyter of NGPA and I corresponded back and forth for a few months, I sought the Lordís forgiveness for my abandoning Him and surrendered myself to Him, returning to the salvation that is only found in Jesus. Since the only apostolic church in town refused to baptize me in Jesusí name because of my being gay, I went to the NGPA conference in Little Rock, Arkansas. I later became licensed as a minister by NGPA, and started a Bible Study group that later became a church called Rainbow Community Apostolic Fellowship. I soon left the Unitarian Universalist Church, though always appreciating their role in my spiritual journey back to Christ. After completing NGPAís Bible School, I was ordained. In order to focus more on what we were as a church, the Lord led me to change the church name to Oneness Apostolic Gospel Church, as it is today.

Since coming back to Christ, which I believe was only possible after I came out of the closet as a homosexual so that I could truly surrender EVERY part of me to Him, I have grown in Him and have been used by Him to reach others for Christ. He has also resumed using me in a way He had started using me when I was in high school: in the ministry of prophet (see Ephesians 4:11). I praise the Lord for bringing me back to Himself, but regret that it had to take such a long, tumultuous journey to do so.

With Jesusí help, I found my place.


Now at the time of my letter to Pat Robinson the homosexual pastor actually believed that he could be a homosexual and a follower of Jesus Christ at the same time (see sermomet Homosexuals In The Church: Fact Or Fiction? (12/14/97)). However, I'm happy to announce that since that time the homosexual preacher has seen the light and likewise turned away from his sin of homosexuality. That's the good news, but the bad news is that Pat Robinson did not catch hold of God's intended purpose for this real life story. Because you see the truth of this story was that a man received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour through Pat Robertson's ministry, and then received the baptism of the Holy Spirit through Pat Robertsonís ministry, only to get caught-up in the sin of homosexuality later on and lose his salvation. The man was gloriously saved through Pat Robinson's ministry but then he lost it. This was positive proof from God Almighty that salvation can very easily slip away from a Christian (without being plucked), but poor old Pat Robinson was never able to make the connection. Because you see the following letter is what I received back from his office shortly thereafter:


January 12, 2000

Dear Bruce,

Because of his very busy schedule, Pat is unable to respond to you personally. However, he takes care to ensure all letters and calls receive a response. We welcome the opportunity to serve you on his behalf.

There is a great need for people to be informed concerning the very sensitive subject of sexual fragmentation. Greater still is the need to be compassionate and loving in our outreach to those who struggle to deal with its inevitable consequences.

We hope the following information will be helpful to you.

* For information about "Living Waters: Sexual Redemption in Christ," a healing/discipleship program developed by Andrew Comiskey, contact Desert Stream Ministries, PO Box 17635 Anaheim, CA 92817-7635, (714) 779-6899.

* For referrals to local ministries serving those who struggle with homosexuality, contact: Exodus International North America, PO Box 77652, Seattle, WA 98177, (206) 784-7799.

* Recommended books are Andrew Comiskeyís PURSUING SEXUAL WHOLENESS and PURSUING SEXUAL WHOLENESS GUIDEBOOK (Creation House, 1990); and Leanne Payneís, THE BROKEN IMAGE (1981), CRISES IN MASCULINITY (1985), and THE HEALING PRESENCE (1989); (Crossway Books).

A brochure has been sent to you under a separate cover. Feel free to forward it if you feel it could minister to the young man whose story you sent. Thank you for this opportunity to serve you. May God bless you with the hope and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ,

Ruth Kastberg


So what do you think about that? Well I call it another missed opportunity for Pat Robertson to receive God's Life-saving Truth. In fact to tell you the truth, I was really starting to feel pretty hopeless about God's "mission for Pat" when the Almighty gave me a shot at getting through to his son Gordon:


21 March, 2000

Dear Brother Gordon,

I religiously watch the 700 Club each and every day. And likewise it was only a few days ago that you answered an e-mail question concerning "saints". Now to tell you the truth, I really donít remember the exact question, but I do remember your answer. And it was in your answer that you even went so far as to admit your mother is (was?) Irish Catholic.

But before getting to your answer, please allow me to invite you to our Web Site at Because you see the information Iíll be sharing with you in this letter today can be found on our FMH Childrenís Club Web Page by clicking on the mini icon labeled "Catholicism". What youíll find is on-line reading of the book entitled Understanding Roman Catholicism.

Now getting back to your e-mail question, I believe you correctly addressed the biblical definition of saint but then went on to make an incorrect comment concerning the Catholic Churchís definition. You see what the Word of God calls a saint and what the Catholic Church calls a saint are two entirely different things. They are not the same! And likewise, itís because of what the Catholic religious system teaches that many poor old unsuspecting (deceived) folks have been led right on down the very wide road to Hell.

You see even though the Holy Bible teaches that a saint is anyone "born again" by faith in Jesus Christ, the Roman Catholic Catechism teaches something quite different. They say that a saint is one of a very select few who through their life-long dedication to the Catholic Church (good works) have been made a saint after death. In fact reading it from the 1994 Catechism of the Catholic Church (Pg. 219, #828), "By canonizing some of the faithful... by solemnly proclaiming that they practiced heroic virtue and lived in fidelity to God's grace, the Church recognizes the power of the Spirit of holiness within her and sustains the hope of believers by proposing the saints to them as models and intercessors."

So do you really think the Catholic Church has the power of God to pick and choose whoís a saint and whoís not? And does the Catholic Church have the power of God to distort the Word of God by saying that their "chosen" saints can not only be prayed to but can likewise intercede for us in Heaven? Because once again reading from the 1994 Catechism of the Catholic Church (Pg. 645, #2683), "The witnesses who have preceded us into the kingdom, especially those whom the Church recognizes as saints, share in the living tradition of prayer by the example of their lives... Their intercession is their most exalted service to God's plan. We can and should ask them to intercede for us and for the whole world."

Brother Gordon, canít you see that this Roman Catholic Church is an apostate religion at best, that only corrupts her followers by leading them into many ungodly pagan religious practices? In fact itís the following words of Jesus that come to mind so often as I think on their most unholy religious practices: "Woe unto you...for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves."

And seeing how weíre already on the subject of unholy religious practices of the Catholic Church, why donít we just go ahead and cover one more . Because you see it wasnít too awful long ago that your father actually said that he thought the Roman Catholic Church had a pretty good thing going when it came to confession.

Now for the most part, to the most innocent mind of the average religious person, this might sound harmless enough. But, Brother Gordon, itís only when one gets down into the nitty gritty details of what the 1994 Catechism of the Catholic Church considers the word "confession" to mean that one can truly understand itís demonic overtones. Because once again reading from this most unholy Catholic "bible" (Pg. 374, #1495) we find that "Only priests who have received the faculty of absolving from the authority of the Church can forgive sins in the name of Christ."

So you tell me, Brother Gordon, is that what you and your father actually believe in? Are the Roman Catholic priest the only ones who can forgive us of our sins? In fact why donít we take that one just one step further. Can a Roman Catholic priest forgive any one their sins? Well thatís what Roman Catholic confession is all about because thatís whatís written on Pg. 374 (#1493) of the 1994 Catechism: "One who desires to obtain reconciliation with God and with the Church, must confess to a priest all the unconfessed grave sins he remembers after having carefully examined his conscience."

I beg you to not only open up your mind, but also receive His truth and tell it to the world. And since weíre talking about The Truth, that takes us on in to the subject of The Book. Did you know, Brother Gordon, that dear old Westcott and Hortís Greek New Testament has done more for the work of Satan than most of the Christian world will ever be able to imagine. And then, adding insult to injury, the 700 Club comes up with this New Living Translation called The Book which takes Satanís process one step further. The Book now takes the most precious Words of God and presents them as the thoughts of ordinary people.

What a novel thing to do! Take the life giving Wordís of our precious Lord and transform them into the lifeless dead words of man. Corrupt the most holy Words of God, give it an acceptable name like The Book, mass produce it like crazy, advertise it to the hilt, and then vigorously encouraging the population to read it. Oh how happy Satan must be.

Now I realize these words are probably going to be pretty hard to digest, but I pray that youíll at least sincerely pray about whatís been said. And bringing this letter to a close, please accept my humble invitation for you to read our most recent sermonet entitled Benny Hinn And The Pope! (2/20/00). You can find it on our Web Site under the heading of "Sermonet Of The Week".

May God not only give you the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom of His Word, but also a boldness to stand up, speak out, and proclaim The Truth before the entire world.

In the Lord,

Bruce Hallman


Now do you think that just maybe that letter got a response from Gordon Robertson? Well have you ever heard the expression "not a snowball's chance in Hell"? I really wasn't making much headway with my God-appointed mission, and I was about to give up, until that night when the Lord told me flat-out that Pat Robertson was no longer saved. I mean the Lord not only informed me that Pat Robertson had sins not covered by the Blood of Jesus, but He also let me in on what the big one was. And it was through the new revelation concerning Pat Robertson that I wrote my next letter:


19 October, 2000

Dear Brother Robertson,

The Lord has had me watch the 700 Club for many years now, and I must say Iíve grown to love you like a brother. You have so many very positive characteristics about your nature. However the Lordís also been showing me some things in the spirit world, and it was after having watched the Tuesday night edition of your show that I knew this was the time to write. Because you see on that show you made the comment that you no longer questioned the Lord about your salvation. And thatís why I beg of you Brother Robertson, please go before God the Father in prayer and ask Him, with all sincerity, if all your sins have been covered by the Blood of Jesus. I beg of you, please donít hesitate to do this.

In the Lord,

Bruce Hallman


OK, so the sixty-four (64) million dollar question is "did Pat Robertson get my very important message from God?" Well, just read on for the answer:


October 31, 2000

Dear Bruce,

We appreciate this opportunity to serve you on behalf of Pat Robertson. Your kind remarks for Patís work, and the ministry of CBN, are very encouraging to us. It is always a great blessing to hear that we are truly helping in the lives of those we serve.

We know that you are concerned about Patís statement concerning the assurance of his salvation. We are sending you his book on Answers that will help you to understand his position.

Bruce, we appreciate your sincere heart and your love for Pat. We pray that you will continue to watch the 700 Club and pray for us as we reach out in His name and in His Love.

Yours in Christ,

Ruth Kastberg

CBN Partner Correspondence


Now you'll just have to understand that at this point in time I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that Pat Robertson's belief in the "once saved always saved" doctrine had earned him reservations in the everlasting fires of Hell. I knew it, and likewise didn't want to see Pat burn, but it didn't seem as though anyone else (who's name was Ruth Kastberg) shared my concerns. And it was because of my distress over her lack of concern for Pat's upcoming everlasting pain that I fired off just one more letter directly to her:


14 November, 2000

Dear Ms. Kastberg,

I appreciate you taking the time to reply, but Iím afraid you missed the purpose of my letter to Pat. I did not write because I felt like doing so, I wrote because I was instructed to do so by the Lord. And you see if Pat doesnít get my letter, and the unforgiven sin (sins) he has in his life donít get forgiven and covered by the Blood of Jesus, then the problem is no longer mine but the person who didnít see to it that Pat got the letter. Iím just a messenger from the Lord delivering what could be a life saving message to Pat. And the reason he needs the letter is because heís gotten caught-up in a demonic doctrine that teaches once you accept Jesusí Blood as payment of your sins your salvation is guaranteed from there on out. Well Iím here to tell him that it just ainít so. In fact for the past year the Lord has been showing me how His True Baptism works inside the human body to wash away our sins... and believe you me itís not a snap of the finger type of deal.

So the ballís back in your court. Iíve done what the Lord asked me to do and I hope you will seriously pray about what the Lord would have you to do. God is not going to change His "rules of the game" just for Pat. If Pat doesnít understand the Truth, and likewise live his life by the Truth, then Hell is a very real possibility for the rest of his everlasting life.

To help you understand what Iím trying to say I invite you to read what the Lordís given us on the "human body and sin" at our Web Site You can find it in the series entitled How Do You Want Your Fire... Now Or Later? (6/25/00) under the heading of Classic Sermonets.

Please pray about what Iíve just said and then by all means do what the Lord tells you to do.

In the Lord,

Bruce Hallman


Needless to say there was no reply to that one from my friend Ruth Kastberg, however, I did get a powerful Word from the Lord through Pat Robertson. I mean it never ceases to amaze me how God often speaks His Message through the same person He's trying to get His Message to, and that's exactly what happened to Pat Robertson. Because it was in my final letter to Pat Robertson that I reflected on what God had said through his very own lips:


3 January, 2001

Dear Brother Robertson,

Under the leading of the Holy Spirit I wrote you the enclosed letter on 19 October, 2000, only to receive a reply from one of your helpers and not from you. Whether you were able to read it or not I do not know. However it was after yesterdayís edition of The 700 Club that I felt the need to try once again. Because it was during the segment on the CBN prayer service that the Lord verified what He had given me through what He told you. I believe your words were that "the Lord had told you that He wanted to bless you (CBN) but when He looked at you (CBN) He saw sin."

This was what God Almighty gave to me to give to you back in October. Please heed His warning. Iíll be glad to further expand on "the sin" that He showed me if you care to listen.

In the Lord,

Bruce Hallman


Well our final letter to Pat Robertson was written on the 3rd of January, 2001, and now it's almost a year later that God Almighty has commanded us to make it available for the world to see. It's not too late for Pat Robertson to get right with God and of course that's God's intended purpose for this sermonet. Please pray that this very dear man will somehow wake-up to God's Truth and confess his unforgiven sins so that Heaven will be his everlasting home.


The church world of today has bought-in to the lies of Satan, and that's why it's so very important that we Keep on keeping The Faith In Jesus!!!


(The following information was sent out to my Friend in a post card after the writing of this sermonet. The Lord instructed me to include it for all to see.)


Pat Robertson
The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.
977 Centerville Turnpike
Virginia Beach, VA 23465-9989


28 November, 1998

Dear Dr. Robertson,

I have tried unsuccessfully to get an urgent Word from God through to you. As requested by the Father, I have put these letters in one of our FMH Childrenís Club sermonets and posted it on the Internet. The title of the message is ďCBNís Pat Robertson Is Not Saved!Ē It can be found at I hope you have the time to read it.

In the Lord Jesus Christ,

Bruce Hallman


Please pray that this Word from God will get through to Pat Robertson... his everlasting life depends on it!




Dad (Bruce Hallman)



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