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The following letter-form was brought about as a means of teaching my children the Word of God through the mail. And of course, quite naturally so, that’s the reason I begin these letters with "Dear Children" and end them with "Love Dad". So for the rest of you who participate in these weekly messages, please keep their original intended purpose in mind.


20 March, 2011


Dear Children,


So what did you think about our last sermonet – “Chuck And Nancy Missler: What Un-Confessed Sin Do You Have In Your Life?” Talk about a bust! It’s been a long time coming… but we finally put it in print. God’s Truth about the Missler’s “eternal security” and ”once saved, always saved” lie from the Devil! Take that Satan!


And while we’re on the subject of the Devil’s lies, this week’s sermonet is going to pretty much focus on the same topic… but with the help of a real-life testimony. Because you see it was only a few days ago that the Lord directed Sister Iris to read our sermonet “Guidepost Magazine: Directing Christians Down the Dark Road To Hell!” And as you will see through the following email correspondence, Sister Iris has already been there and done that, and she certainly doesn’t want to go there again! In fact that’s the exact same reason we’ve entitled today’s message “The Witch, The Lutheran Church, And Guidepost Magazine!


So without further ado, here is Sister Iris with her “to Hell and back” testimony:



Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 07:19:46 -0400
From: Iris
Subject: thank you so much

I just found your site this morning and read about ETERNAL SECuRITY and GUIDEPOSTS and I wanted to thank you! Obviously God is getting me back on track -- my mom sends me GUIDEPOSTS every year! God forbid!!! I've known that Peale was not a believer and I've seen the worldiness and new age content and somehow I've been duped anyway!! Why does this happen when I know better???! God is so kind to redirect me -- OUT WITH YOU, GUIDEPOSTS!!!

Eternal Security has bothered my husband and I since our dramatic conversion (I was literally in hell when I called upon the LORD) --

I just listened to a college student explain to me that she was a Christian because 1. her parents were both Catholic; 2. she confessed Christ herself at Bible came as a youth; and 3. she goes to church. Then she told me how she got involved with a young man over a full bottle of wine on a blanket; how they often shared a bed of necessity (with clothes on!) and stayed up with a "christian" couple playing cards until 4am (!) and another time met at a bar!

The story went on to the manifestation of demons and uh... they broke up and I told her she wasn't really a Christian afterall and she might want to examine herself and get right with God!

This false conversion/ and then an unholy, unconverted, with no works of repentance to show for it religion is rampant and is called Christianity! THank you so much! This has been a real shot in the arm for my day!



Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 23:44:18 -0400
To: Iris
Subject: Re: thank you so much

Thank you my Sister for the praise report. It's great to know that you've seen the Light concerning the deadly deceptions of Guidepost. Please warn others about this abominable trap that's been set in the Christian community. So many have been conditioned to accepting it as a Christian publication... but we know the truth about the spirit behind it.

I did not respond to your email yesterday as I was finishing up the latest sermonet on "eternal security". You might want to check it out:

I am impressed with your bold and direct approach in dealing with the wayward "Christian" college student. God has some pretty big plans for your life. Please make sure you answer His call.

I would love to hear more of your "Hell" experience if you care to share. If you and your husband would like to fellowship by phone please give me a day and time when we can make it possible. I'll be glad to give you a call. It will truly be a blessing.

In Christ,



Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 14:04:31 -0400
From: Iris
Subject: RE: thank you so much - a long answer!

Thank you Bruce for your kindness.

I will share your thoughts with David and see what he thinks about fellowshipping. We're unusual and God has dealt with us at times severely and we walk before Him ... you might say we had revival in our apartment and we try to keep it that way!

Thanks again. I see a spirit of "compromise" has walked into our home in the guise of GUIDEPOSTS for a long, long time and I couldn't figure it out -- but the Lord directed me to you! No compromise here!

Just yesterday at FAMILY CHRISTIAN chain store I noticed for the first time one issue of - guess what -- GUIDEPOSTS -- sitting on their magazine rack. They've already brought in the Catholic stuff and the rock music so I guess this is one more nail in the coffin! My eyes are now open!

Regarding hell, the Lord wants me to testify to any and all -- so very briefly --

I was a witch -- as in a nice 50's gal in a strict middle class family and my mom and dad took us to church (Lutheran) and so forth, but we had a stream of witchcraft in the family tree -- also Masons on my mother's side and Catholic .. what a brew! -- and of all the children it seemed to land on me! My parents gave me witchcraft toys for Christmas presents starting with a Ouija board and magic 8 ball ... also rock albums and then tarot cards. BY 12 years old I was reading palms and learning yoga, too in my living room -- with my mom, who through lack of education and lack of Bible power seemed ignorant of the danger. The Lutherans then taught basically that the Old Testament was for the Jews and we were lucky and got the New Testament. Unfortunately how God feels about witchcraft is back in Leviticus and I had never read about it!!! In fact, God had me sit down and read the WHOLE Bible from PAGE 1 after I was saved so I would understand how he feels about sin! Wow! What a holy God!!! (King James, of course!)

My life quickly escalated into full blown rebellion, sin and new age type witchcrafts such that I was making money from it and leading others down the primrose path! For reasons unknown - -maybe a neighbor was praying for me? -- about 12 or 13 years ago --this is after over 35 years of getting away with it -- I began to SMELL SULPHURIC smells when tuning in to some of my friends and I even blurted out to one -- "Hey, you're talking to Lucifer!" -- but it was too late for me -- Satan came calling one night in my own living room. I didn't do drugs or drink. I was in my right mind and used to spiritual events but this rocked my world. IT WAS EVIL!

Anyway -- the demons came calling and I was so stupid I didn't realize what or who they were. That's because in new age witchcraft you deal with spirit guides and devas and all sorts of friendly ghosts so the evil is always masked behind pleasant forms. But this stuff was disgusting, fully intent on murder, and full of hate. Just pure hatred.

When real evil came from the pit of hell I was like, "What's this?" The demon actually told me his name was "Beezelbub" (Sounded familiar from my lutheran upbringing but ever so vague.) and then He and his cohorts began to throttle me. They choked me and and choked me and as I gagged for air I realized they were dragging me down, down, down. Why? Satan said I belonged to him and my time was up! I would pass out, wake up, freak out, gag for air and they would choke me and drag me -- for 12 hours -- all night. Long story. I'm an asthmatic and I took an entire "inhaler" of albuterol that night and I still couldn't breathe!

Later I realized that I went into a cessation of breath and heartbeat at least 4 times because my eternal destination was clear: Hell. It was downward, like falling endlessly down and it got grosser by the inch -- all around me were beings who not only sucked the air out me, but they were like the absence of good -- they were without mercy, without decency -- they were horrifying and, it was suffocating. There was no air and evil beasts were tearing at me and the pure malevolence of the atmosphere - -and worse, the FINALITY of it -- it was forever and ever and ever and there was no escape, no way out. I came to one last time and croaked out the name "Jesus, ... help me!" as I seemed to hear a sunday school song in my head and I had nothing to lose. He came suddenly like flash of light that sent the creatures of the pit scurrying away-- it seemed it was the Angel of the Lord, but I was no Bible scholar. He often spoke complete verses to me but i had no reference until much later. He said one sentence, "I will teach you to walk in my Ways." And I was like, "Yes sir!"

I didn't understand what it all meant, but I knew that I was under a new commander and he said he was taking our home -- all of it (we'd used it for witchcraft circles, etc -- we rented, actually) -- and within 24 hours, I had woken up my husband -- who was absolutely shell shocked by my story, my countenance --- and I said -- "God says all this stuff has got to go and we've got to get out!" IT was like sodom and gomorrah and the "mercy of God" took us by the hand and led us out to a high place. The Lord opened my eyes to the disgusting "uncleanness" of all our books and junk and so we literally threw it all out the windows, held a big yard sale, scrubbed the place clean and told the landlord we had to leave -- fast! We had no where to go and most of my witchcraft friends were suddenly repulsed by me! The one or two who let us stay with them -- it never worked because their homes gave me the creeps. I lost all my friends rather quickly.

We left everything except the clothes on our back. It's a long story. We slept in our car and in an abandon building, and Jesus never left my side. We had nothing. I couldn't sleep, and could often not breathe. My heart rate was 120 bpm all the time. I was in a post traumatic shock state for many, many months.

And demons came back and I would say it took another 2 years before every last item, relationship, and spirit was out of my life. (Since I was uneducated and couldn't find a church or pastor who believed me, it took a really long time to put the pieces together!)

We're still working on David! I don't think many people get set free from over 40 years of bondage by the sovereign God, but he has a plan. He gave me spiritual gifts, especially of discernment and I do get calls to help christians who are struggling, but not much.

Could say more, but that's the basic idea. Reading BIll Weise's 23 MINUTES IN HELL was very helpful because it helped me understand the lack of oxygen and other things .... I see in the spirit but not with my eyes -- so my experience is not as graphic as his, but it radically changed my life. After a year literally on a local mountain in a shack reading the Bible day and night, the Lord brought us down "to a place prepared for you" underneath a mature Christian couple. They took us to the local Baptist church where we were immersed ...

Yes, there is call on my life but I am still digging out from that seminal event -- do pray if you feel led that I would be faithful.

In Him,




23 Minutes In Hell


Now was that a testimony or was that a testimony?


Wow, what a testimony!!!


If it wasn’t for God’s mercy and grace, Sister Iris would now be doing “life in Hell without parole”. In fact the most amazing thing about her story is that after her conversion, Beelzebub was able to influence her once again through the un-godly publication called Guidepost Magazine. I mean, Sister Iris knew who he was – had already experienced his dark and deadly attraction years before – but yet it was through this so-called “Christian” publication that he was able to come in under her spiritual radar. What a powerful illustration of the demonic seduction found in Guidepost Magazine!


Please take Sister Iris’ testimony seriously. Fooling around with witchcraft and the occult – whether through Guidepost Magazine, the Lutheran Church, or some other satanic source – can most certainly be fatal! Avoid the everlasting torments of Hell… and keep on keeping the faith in Jesus!!!




Dad (Bruce Hallman)





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