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The following letter-form was brought about as a means of teaching my children the Word of God through the mail. And of course, quite naturally so, that’s the reason I begin these letters with "Dear Children" and end them with "Love Dad". So for the rest of you who participate in these weekly messages, please keep their original intended purpose in mind.


4 September, 2005


Dear Children,


So who ever said this was going to be easy? I mean seeing how the title of this week’s sermonet is “The Shepherd Who Scattered The Flock (Part II)!”, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out that it ain’t over yet! I mean Part I did not (by any stretch of the imagination) accomplish all that I had hoped it would. But then again, God Almighty knew that it wouldn’t…He just didn’t tell me.


In other words Brother and Sister Aguilera (Jose and Delores) just flat-out rejected the very “tough” but “life-saving” Words that God Almighty had given us to write about them…and of course that’s the very good reason (God’s reason) for Part II. I mean in today’s message we’re going to show you just how stiff-necked and hard-hearted some Jesus-professing folks can be when it comes to accepting God’s prophetic calling for their life. In fact it was towards the end of our most recent week-long “encounter with Brother Jose” (with no real positive results) that I let him know exactly how I felt about his stubborn ways. You see what I told him, in no uncertain terms, was “Thank God that He’s God and not me!” And the reason I said it was because I felt like doing one of those ‘sons of thunder’ numbers on him.”


And James the son of Zebedee, and John the brother of James; and he [Jesus] surnamed them Boanerges, which is, The sons of thunder:” (Mark 3:17 KJV)


And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did?…


But he [Jesus] turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them. And they went to another village.” (Luke 9:54-56 KJV)


So did that one help you feel the level of frustration that I was experiencing with Brother Jose? Well now that I’ve given out that “true confession” about myself, I need to follow it up by saying that I continuously pray for God’s patience in working with the prophets! Because you see the FMHCCI Ministry is all about raising up the “end-time prophets” for this great end-time “harvest of souls”…but yet far too many of them do not want to accept their very “undesirable” calling. (Lord give me patience!) In fact one of the toughest aspects of my prophetic job is to first convince the prophets to accept their calling…and then help them to just walk out in it. And when it comes to Brother Jose and Sister Delores, well, they’re probably my best “worst case example” of what takes place once the God-directed “prophetic hair-pulling contest” begins. And, without further ado, let me show you exactly what I mean.


You see it was the day after having posted The Shepherd Who Scattered The Flock! (7/24/05) that the Lord directed me to send Brother Angel an e-mail requesting his help. And the help that I requested was for him to extend a personal invitation to Brother Jose to read “his” sermonet on the FMHCCI Website. Then it was about six weeks later, during my week-long trip to Baton Rouge, LA, that Brother Jose and Sister Delores showed up at our apartment door wanting to speak with me. And just as I had instructed him to do, Brother Alan informed this couple (whom he did not know) that I would be out of town for the next few days.


Meeting #1 – Day #1


Well before I was able to return from my journey, Brother Jose and Sister Delores came by to see me twice. They really wanted to see me! And then, as the Lord would have it, on Saturday (9/13/05), only a few hours after my return to El Paso, TX, they rang our doorbell once again. Bone weary, after seven long days of very intense spiritual warfare in Baton Rouge, I began yet another spiritual battle for the Lord in El Paso. Because you see what took place during our little hour-long “get-together” was some pretty intense criticism directed straight at me! I mean first of all they said “’The Shepherd Who Scattered The Flock’ is ALL LIES; there is absolutely no Truth in it!” And furthermore, they went on to say, “What was written was not done so in the Love of Jesus…you should have talked to us about the problem before putting it on the Internet for the whole wide world to see.”


Now one of the challenging aspects of dealing with rebellious prophets such as Brother Jose and Sister Delores, is that they can, at any moment in time, speak enormous lies from the Devil…but yet immediately thereafter speak great prophetic Words from God! I mean please believe me when I say that dealing with “false prophets” can become overwhelmingly complicated and confusing at times! In fact the Lord saw to it that I Kings 13 was constantly on my mind during our most recent “talks” with Brother Jose and Sister Delores. Because you see the way the story goes, there was a “good” prophet of God and there was a “false” prophet of God. The “good” prophet knew the Truth and was walking in obedience to it…that is until he met the “false” prophet who turned him away from God through a few of his very convincing lies. And then shortly after having believed the lies, the “good” prophet died…as in smitten by God for believing the lies!!! So with that story in mind, it goes without saying that I fought extremely hard to discern God’s Truth from their lies!


But getting back to our very first meeting and the Truth thereof, it was during the Saturday’s session that Brother Jose actually spoke two separate “Words” from the Lord. One of them was “set me free”, and the second was “God gave me Isaiah 51:14-23 for you”. And starting off with the Scripture first, let’s see what the Good Lord had to say:


The captive exile hasteneth that he may be loosed, and that he should not die in the pit, nor that his bread should fail. But I am the LORD thy God, that divided the sea, whose waves roared: The LORD of hosts is his name. And I have put my words in thy mouth, and I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand, that I may plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and say unto Zion, Thou art my people. Awake, awake, stand up, O Jerusalem, which hast drunk at the hand of the LORD the cup of his fury; thou hast drunken the dregs of the cup of trembling, and wrung them out. There is none to guide her among all the sons whom she hath brought forth; neither is there any that taketh her by the hand of all the sons that she hath brought up. These two things are come unto thee; who shall be sorry for thee? desolation, and destruction, and the famine, and the sword: by whom shall I comfort thee? Thy sons have fainted, they lie at the head of all the streets, as a wild bull in a net: they are full of the fury of the LORD, the rebuke of thy God. Therefore hear now this, thou afflicted, and drunken, but not with wine: Thus saith thy Lord the LORD, and thy God that pleadeth the cause of his people, Behold, I have taken out of thine hand the cup of trembling, even the dregs of the cup of my fury; thou shalt no more drink it again: But I will put it into the hand of them that afflict thee; which have said to thy soul, Bow down, that we may go over: and thou hast laid thy body as the ground, and as the street, to them that went over.” (Isaiah 51:14-23 KJV)


Now, as it concerns the Truth of Brother Jose being “set free” from the sins that so easily overcometh him (adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, and revellings), it’s God’s chosen Scripture of “Isaiah 51:14-23” that describes how it’s going to be accomplished. Because you see it was only after having prayed about God’s intended meaning of that particular Scripture that the Lord gave me the following spiritual understanding of it:


You see Brother Jose is the “captive exile” being held prisoner by “the enemy” – “The captive exile hasteneth that he may be loosed, and that he should not die in the pit, nor that his bread should fail.” He’s become powerless over the temptations that continually trap him in sin, and, most certainly, he doesn’t want to die in such an abominable and wretched condition! No way Jose!!! In fact Brother Jose knows that God desires for him to be “set free” from the grip of Satan, but he wants it “now”, and he wants it “without having to suffer”! That’s the way Brother Jose wants it…however God’s got another plan!


In fact going on into this same Scripture a little bit deeper, in the first verse (14) God describes Brother Jose “the captive”, but in the next two verses (15-16) He talks about the “prophet” who will “set him free” by speaking the “All Powerful Word’s of God”: “But I am the LORD thy God, that divided the sea, whose waves roared: The LORD of hosts is his name. And I have put my words in thy mouth.”


Now it’s the “All Powerful Word’s of God”, as written in “The Shepherd Who Scattered The Flock”, that have successfully gotten Brother Jose’s attention: “Awake, awake, stand up, O Jerusalem, which hast drunk at the hand of the LORD the cup of his fury”. And as a result of this “Truth about Jose” that’s been posted on the Internet for the whole wide world to see, there will be many to come against him in a very hateful and unmerciful way: “These two things are come unto thee; who shall be sorry for thee? desolation, and destruction, and the famine, and the sword”. But of course this is God’s plan for Brother Jose’s deliverance!


Because you see once Brother Jose has finally humbled himself before the Almighty, in complete submission to His plan by willingly suffering the persecution for the error of his ways, things will start to change: “Thus saith thy Lord the LORD, and thy God that pleadeth the cause of his people”.


In fact after Brother Jose’s persecution is “complete”, all those who were used by God to humble Brother Jose through their unjust behavior (those who would not forgive Brother Jose for all the sins of his past) will be dealt with in a very harsh manner: “Behold, I have taken out of thine hand the cup of trembling, even the dregs of the cup of my fury; thou shalt no more drink it again: But I will put it into the hand of them that afflict thee; which have said to thy soul, Bow down, that we may go over: and thou hast laid thy body as the ground, and as the street, to them that went over.”


So you see that’s the way God’s planned it, and there must not be any shortcuts in the process! In other words Brother Jose must be persecuted in a most unmerciful way (desolation, and destruction, and the famine, and the sword), and he must be willing to go through it – in it’s entirety – in order to be “set free” from the sins of his past.


That’s the BIG picture, as shown through the Isaiah Scripture, but that’s not the picture that Brother Jose wants to see! You see Brother Jose wants to be “set free” from the sins of his past by getting rid of the Truth that’s contained in “his” sermonet on the FMHCCI Website…but it just ain’t a gonna happen! I mean “no way Jose”!!!


Meeting #2 – Day #3


But anyway, moving right on along with the process, that was our first meeting…and now for the second. Because it was Monday morning, the 15th of August, that Brother Jose showed up at our door…two days ahead of our next scheduled meeting. Because you see it was during our closing prayer on Saturday that I had asked the Lord for instructions on how to deal with these stiff-necked people who were rejecting His Word: “What do we do next?” And before the prayer was even finished, I received His Word for the four (4) of us (which included Brother Alan) to come back together on Wednesday for further discussion.


That’s what God wanted! However Brother Jose showed up on Monday, alone and ahead of schedule, with the following Scripture from the Lord:


He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him. Judas saith unto him, not Iscariot, Lord, how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us, and not unto the world? Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.” (John 14:21-23 KJV)


Now when Brother Jose gave me that Scripture, I received the understanding instantly! I didn’t even have to “study and pray” over it. I knew without a doubt what God was saying: “If Brother Jose loves Me, he will obey My commands, walk in his calling of prophet, and be ‘set free’ from the lust of his flesh as I become one with him!”


In fact breaking all that down into one simple little verse, we have “This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.” (Galatians 5:16 KJV)


So you see I first presented that basic Truth to Brother Jose, and how it applies to his sin-infested life, then the three of us prayed. However, before that prayer had ended, Brother Jose got down on his knees and asked the Lord to forgive him for his sins. And, as positive as all that might seem, it really wasn’t at all what I had hoped it would be. Because you see as Brother Jose was walking out the door to leave, he asked me to “set him free” by removing his sermonet from the FMHCCI Website.


Well after that last request to be “set free”, it became blatantly obvious (in my face) that Brother Jose wasn’t getting the message that God had intended. He just didn’t want to grab hold of the idea that he would be “set free” by first confessing his sins before the whole wide world, and then suffering through the rebuke and scorn that would follow. And knowing full well that our upcoming Wednesday meeting would be extremely critical for Brother Jose and Sister Delores, I earnestly sought the Lord for His direction. And what I received from Him was the directive to send out the following e-mail to seven (7) special prayer warriors…which I did that very same Monday afternoon:




Greetings in the Name of Jesus! The Lord has asked that I request your help in "hearing from God" on the following issue:


The most recent sermonet The Shepherd Who Scattered The Flock! has served it's purpose by bringing in Brother Jose and Sister Delores to talk. I met with them Saturday night (the 13th) and as the Lord requested invited them back for another meeting Wednesday. They are adamant that the sermonet is nothing but lies. If you would please seek the Lord for the validity of it's contents. I need your help. The foremost question that you need to ask is "Is it all Truth?" If you hear that it's not then further prayer will identify the problem.


Brother and Sister Aguilera are extremely important for the work of God during this end-time harvest. Satan presently has them in his power. The battle will be intense! Thank you for your prayerful help.


In the Lord Jesus Christ,






That was the e-mail I sent out on Monday the 15th of August, and the following response is what I received the very next day (emphasis mine):


From: "William Cook" (
To: (
Sent: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 16:00:20 +0100
Subject: Re: The Pastor And Prayer


Bro' Bruce,


Thank you for allowing the Spirit of God to direct you. And yes the battle is and will be intense concerning this situation. But after I read your letter late yesterday, the Holy Spirit dropped a thought of scripture in to my soul. The Lord directed me to the situation in Acts 5. At first I was'nt sure what this portion of scripture has to do with this situation concerning Bro' Josè and his wife Delores. But I was busy reading the sermon again a short while ago, and I believe the SPIRIT has made it clear to me. When this bro' and sister come on Wednesday for their appointment, ask them this question; Why have you lied and conspired together, to try to deceive the HOLY SPIRIT. Although the main character in this situation is 'Pastor Josè', I believe you must focus on sister Dolores also. If you read verse 2 of Acts5 [KJV, says it like this;' his wife being privy to this'], But the AMPLIFIED BIBLE expounds it a bit better by saying it like this; [AB says, 'And with his wife's knowledge and connivance'] As in the case of Ananias and Sapphira, the main character was the husband[the driving force here], but his wife knew [had knowledge of] what he was planning on doing or was doing. In all probability sister Delores is very much aware of her husbands doings [speaking of his sexual exploits], but will not speak out against him [probably won't speak against him concerning the scattering of the sheep] There are situations in marriages where although the husband is doing things that makes the wife unhappy, she is either powerless, or to afraid to speak out against the husband. He may have a hold over his wife that is overpowering. Satan has blinded bro' Josè to the things he is doing, and this brother believes he can continue this way, probably not realising the disastrous consequences of his actions. Verse 9 says, 'how is it that you have agreed together to tempt [decieve] the Spirit of the Lord? One can almost suggest that a certain degree of blasphemy [against the Spirit] has entered this scenario. And of course the Word of God says that any such sin of blasphemy shall not be forgiven. Ananias and Sapphira had both experienced forgiveness and salvation's blessing by the Holy Ghost.Yet they chose to lie and decieve the SPIRIT OF GOD, and the result was instant death, physical and spiritual. I am trying to soften the suggestion of the word blaspheme, as the Lord is very serious concerning matters of this nature. And my prayer and hope for this couple is that they have not gone to far down the path of 'shall not be forgiven'. Bro' Bruce, while it is always appropriate to show love and compassion to folks who have gone astray, in trying to bring them into the fold; I believe one must address this matter very direct and to the point. There is a time to love people into the Kingdom, and there is a time to put the fear of God and His just punishment into peoples hearts. I can with conviction [By the Holy Spirit] say that the contents of the message is yea and amen!! And I pray and believe that the Lord will lead you to have a victorious meeting, with Bro' Josè and sister Delores restored to the calling on their lives.


In Christ alone.




Now, the question is, “Was that one strong or what?” I mean when I read what the Lord gave Brother William I felt the Power of the Holy Spirit “run all through me”. Because when it comes to this thing about “Ananias and Sapphira” and “Acts chapter 5”, well, I’ve kinda like been there and done that! In fact please allow me to explain.


You see it was back on the 17th of September 2002, that I had a very pleasant conversation with a man by the name of Frank. At that time I was living at the Rescue Mission of El Paso and working as assistant chaplain. In fact I was sitting in the chapel when Frank walked in and asked to talk. Well, for the next two hours I listened to Frank. He not only confessed his love for Jesus but also explained his calling to “bring together the churches in one Spirit”. He told me all about his dedication to the Lord, wanting nothing more than to serve Him with his life. And, by the time our little “session” was over and done with, I was thoroughly convinced that this man “knew Jesus”!


However, it was only a few days later (the 23rd) that I received an early morning phone call from Frank. He was desperate; he needed to talk with me! It was urgent that I meet him in front of the El Paso Coliseum.


So, I sought the Lord for His will, and then, after having first received His approval, let Frank know that I would be there shortly. However, when I got in my truck I felt a very heavy spirit come all over me. You see I would normally put my wallet on the seat or dashboard, but this time I felt an overwhelming urge to hide it under the seat. And it was because of this uneasy feeling that I prayed once again for God’s direction in my meeting with Frank.


Well, once again, the Lord confirmed what He wanted me to do. And it wasn’t but a few miles later that I pulled over in front of the coliseum and let Frank in. However, seeing how the building and parking lot were all fenced in, I just pulled back out into the traffic and continued driving in an eastward direction.


Now for the next four blocks Frank gave me a few more of the details of his life. He shared with me how he had recently gotten out of prison, and was trying to “get established” with a part-time job and apartment in order to do God’s work in the churches. But, it was right about then that Frank abruptly changed the conversation by asking “Would you drive me to Wal-Mart to buy some toilet paper?”


Now being perfectly honest with you, that question about the toilet paper caught me completely off guard! I mean, go figure! But seeing how it was my desire to help Frank in any way possible, I told him that I would take him. However, seeing how my truck was running on fumes, I pulled over at the Chevron station to get some gas. I stopped the truck at the pumps, got out and walked around to the gas cap behind the passenger’s door, and proceeded to pump the gas when I noticed Frank. He was no longer sitting upright! His head had fallen forward and enormous drops of sweat were falling from his face.


I immediately tried to shake him and wake him through the open window, but my efforts were futile. I ran over to the attendant’s station, borrowed his phone, and proceeded to call 911. As the time continued to tick by I suddenly realized that the hospital was only one block away. So I informed the operator of my decision to drive Frank to the hospital, and then quickly proceeded back to my truck.


When I opened the door on the driver’s side, I found that I couldn’t get in because of Frank. He had fallen over into my seat and was moaning weakly as thick mucus dribbled out from his mouth and nose. Not a pretty sight! I then pushed on his shoulder to sit him upright, only to realize his shirt was soaked with cold sweat. I can still remember exactly how ugly it felt.


Once in the driver’s seat, I found it necessary to continue pushing on Frank’s shoulder in order to keep him from falling back on me. So with my right hand holding Frank upright, I used my left to steer and shift my five-speed truck to the hospital… burning rubber and begging Frank not to die along the way!


At the emergency room entrance I jumped out and ran inside to get help. As the Lord would have it, there were two of my backslidden “Christian” Brothers at the door, who just so happened to be at the right place at the right time to witness the very gruesome details of what was about to take place to another backslidden Brother. I returned to the truck with the both of them following, where we prayed for Frank while awaiting the emergency crew. The team finally arrived, but as they were lifting Frank out of the truck and onto the gurney they dropped him! I can still remember the sight of his limp body falling to the ground and shaking. It was all very graphic and ugly to say the least!


So it was probably about an hour later (as the three of us anxiously awaited an update on Frank) that a nurse came out and gave us the very bad news: He’s dead!!!


Wow!!! What a trip!!! And all because I obeyed God by meeting with Frank. So right then and there I asked God “WHY???” Why did Frank have to die…and why did I have to be the one to experience his death?


That was my prayer, and it didn’t take too awful long to get His answer. Because the following paragraph is pretty much what the Lord had to say to me:


“For the past few weeks I’ve not only been giving you Acts chapter 5 as a reading assignment, but I’ve also been telling you that you will personally see professing ‘Christians’ drop dead like ‘Ananias and Sapphira’…and all because they have lied to the Holy Spirit. Well Frank was only the first of many! Frank was a “con artist” who accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour while in prison, but then went on to use God in his “con game” once he got out. You were Frank’s next victim! And what you’ve just witnessed, with your own two eyes, was Frank’s ‘body’ reacting to his ‘soul and spirit’ dropping on into Hell. The sweat pouring from Frank’s body was the results of him entering the everlasting fires of Hell after being smitten by the Holy Spirit! You must use Frank’s testimony to warn other ‘Christians’ not to play around with God…because He ain’t nothing to play with!”


So that’s what He told me. And even though there was much more to this story, I’ll cut it short by saying that, after having left the hospital, the Lord had me to share “Frank’s testimony” with yet another Brother in the Lord. And much to my amazement, it was that same Brother who went on to tell me about a similar situation in his life. You see one day, several years earlier and before he became a Christian, he was tripping on hallucinogenic “psilocybin mushrooms”…but it was a bad trip and he was dying. He said it felt as though two invisible hands grabbed him by the wrist and were slowly pulling him into Hell. And as all of this was taking place, his body broke out in a sweat just like Frank’s. However, before he became fully unconscious, he cried out for God to save him. Immediately, he said, the two hands let go and he returned back to “life in this world”. And as an added note to this real-life horror story, he said that for several days after the incident he had bruise marks on his wrist where the two demonic hands had grabbed him.


Now is that scary or what? Well, can you imagine what was going through my little old mind as I read through Brother William’s “Word” concerning “Jose and Delores”? It was not a pretty picture!!!


And continuing right on along, it was the very next day that I received another e-mail in response to my request for prayer. In fact it went something like this (emphasis added):


From: "cperez91" (
Sent: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 14:56:47 -0500
Subject: About Jose and Dolores




Just a quick note. I reread your newsletter…


Dolores needs to realize what she´s going to do with her husband unfaithfulness. She can't be in position Zero! Or probably she thinks that spirituality and sex in the couple are not equally holy. The Roman Catholic idea of having sex only for children in marriage is very prevalent among protestants and evangelicals. (more it they come from Latinamerica)…


Shalom Aleichem}


Carlos Perez


OK, so that’s what two out of the seven “praying prophets” had to say about “Jose and Delores” (the rest didn’t reply)…and then came our Wednesday afternoon session.


Meeting #3 – Day #5


The Lord directed me to start off the meeting with the same Scripture that He gave Brother Jose on Monday (John 14:21-23): “If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.” However, before I could “bog it on down” with God’s Word for them, Brother Jose interjected with “The Lord says we need to first pray”…so we did! And as the Good Lord would have it, what proceeded from that point on was a message directed “at” and “to” Sister Delores. It was all about the “prophet”, and the “sanctification process” that takes place through the “grace” of God as the Believer lives out his or her life in obedience to God. I talked about the obedient Believer being changed into the image of Jesus through a walk of obedience to His Word…which even includes God’s “gifts and calling” of prophet.


Then, partway through our little discussion Sister Delores asked a question concerning what the Word of God has to say about “Believers being dead to sin”. Now I don’t know about you, but I found that one to be of great interest! After all, it is her “Christ-professing” husband who continues on along “in his sin”. I mean “no way Jose” is he “dead to sin”! In fact what really caught my attention was that Brother Jose immediately interrupted Sister Delores with “You really don’t want to go there” when she asked her very thought provoking question.


But anyway, I ignored Brother Jose’s interjection and answered her question. In fact I gave Sister Delores quite a few “Scriptural examples” of Biblical Believers who became “dead to sin” as they walked in obedience to God’s Will for their lives. And then, as directed by the Lord, my final question to her was: “Are you called to be a prophet?…You need to hear it directly from the Lord.”


Then, as we were about to end our meeting, after having first closed in prayer, Sister Delores turned to Brother Alan and said, “The Lord has told me that you have a word for me.” And the following, in Brother Alan’s own words, is basically what the Lord gave to him to give to her during that fateful afternoon session (emphasis mine):




I spoke to Brother Jose's wife, after we had a discussion and prayed as a group. I sensed an urgency to share something with her that the LORD had spoken to me one afternoon. This was the word that I spoke at the close of the discussion that evening:


On a certain afternoon in the Summer of 2003, I was prepared to send a birthday card with a short letter of greeting to a beautiful Sister in the LORD of mine, who is of Spanish decent. [who attends a large Pentecostal church that at that time was located in Northeast Houston.] The LORD spoke a word to my heart after the card and letter were picked up by the postman. And then He spoke the same word to me through my pastor - one year later, on the same day of the year - which was on 6/27, 2004, during the regularly scheduled Sunday morning church service.


The first of the two times the LORD spoke to me was after I had sealed the birthday card and the letter into its envelope, at which time I began to feel uncomfortable with the letter that I had added, because I felt that I was being convicted that I had shared too much information with my Sister - saying that she would be "a teacher of young prophets" (the LORD had only spoken to me that she would "teach kids"). But I added an interpretation of that word that the LORD gave me, concerning the kids. What the LORD shared with me that afternoon - through the sending of the card and letter to my Sister - was that whatever happens even as a result of saying too much before it was time to speak, was that doing His will and following His plan for my life is the most important thing for me to be conscious and aware of. Circumstances and outcomes may be favorable or unfavorable according to our own carnal expectations – but "...The word of the LORD endureth forever" - 1 PE 1:24-25 (KJV)


This message was repeated when the man that was my pastor at the time spoke during the regular Sunday morning church service and became "transparent" with the congregation when he offered his confession that he had to make a decision concerning his disappointment in the lack of growth in our church, that had been prophesied about from years past. The decision that he was face with - he said - was that he must choose between staying the course and following the Master and His will for his life and the church he was called to pastor, or to deviate from the path of God, and do things in a manner that he could see results that were favorable to his desires. This reminds me of the truth that was written in the Book Of Romans, "To be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace..." - ROM 8:6 (KJV)




So what do you think about that? What a powerful Word from God…and Sister Delores even asked for it!! I mean after all, it was God who told her to ask Brother Alan to give her whatever God was giving him for her!!! It was a set up!!!! But the question is, did she finally “get it” by “receiving it” as “God’s Truth” concerning her “life as a prophet”? Because you see it was in “Part I” of this message that the Lord gave me the following to say “about” her…and it fell right in line with what the Lord gave Brother Alan to say “to” her:


“And just to show you how far-reaching “Pastor” Jose’s “sinful lust” has been, let’s talk about his wife Delores. You see Sister Delores is also called of God to be a prophet, but the “rebuke and scorn” she receives from her husband each and every time she “performs” in her prophetic calling has held her back in her walk. And likewise, it’s the “lack of obedience” in her walk in combination with her “sexual involvement” with the “Pastor” that has brought about some very serious health issues. Because you see it’s only by the grace of God that her “high blood pressure” (200+) hasn’t killed her yet.”


So do you see what I mean? Sister Delores desperately needs to receive those words from Brother Alan and make them her own: “…doing His will and following His plan for my life is the most important thing for me to be conscious and aware of…following the Master and His will…”


Meeting #4 and #5 – Day #6


Well Thursday morning (the 18th) came around pretty quick, and so did Brother Jose. I mean it was something like 2:00 PM when he came by “once again” asking that I “set him free” by taking “his” sermonet off the Internet. He was almost in tears! I then tried to explain that we hadn’t covered everything that the Lord wanted us to discuss, but today was the day for the four of us to get together once again. And that’s right about the time he “whupped out” the 3rd installment of “God’s Scripture” for me:


I sat not in the assembly of the mockers, nor rejoiced; I sat alone because of thy hand: for thou hast filled me with indignation. Why is my pain perpetual, and my wound incurable, which refuseth to be healed? wilt thou be altogether unto me as a liar, and as waters that fail? Therefore thus saith the LORD, If thou return, then will I bring thee again, and thou shalt stand before me: and if thou take forth the precious from the vile, thou shalt be as my mouth: let them return unto thee; but return not thou unto them. And I will make thee unto this people a fenced brasen wall: and they shall fight against thee, but they shall not prevail against thee: for I am with thee to save thee and to deliver thee, saith the LORD. And I will deliver thee out of the hand of the wicked, and I will redeem thee out of the hand of the terrible.” (Jeremiah 15:17-21 KJV)


Now the sad thing about Brother Jose and his “Scriptural Words from God” was that he tried to use them to justify the removal of “his” sermonet from the Website. In other words he took what God had intended to be “spiritual correction” for “Brother Jose” and used it to come against me in a very evil way! Witchcraft! In fact Brother Jose saw the “hand of the wicked and terrible” (in verse 21) as being attached to me. But, let’s see what God really intended for it to mean. Because it was only after much prayer and study of His Word that the Lord gave me His understanding of Jeremiah 15:17-21.


You see it all goes back to the fact that Brother Jose is called of God to be a prophet…but he’s not willing to suffer as a prophet. In fact the “pastor” position is much more suitable for his delicate taste. However, it’s because of his continued rebellion against God’s Word that his “unchecked” sin nature (the monster within) has spun him completely out of control. It’s called lust, lust, and more lust!!!


So even though Brother Jose claims “Christ and His cleansing Power over sin” through “the washing of water by the word”, he just ain’t getting clean: “Why is my pain perpetual, and my wound incurable, which refuseth to be healed? wilt thou be altogether unto me as a liar, and as waters that fail?


That’s Brother Jose’s problem and complaint…and the following is God’s very simple remedy: “If thou return, then will I bring thee again, and thou shalt stand before me: and if thou take forth the precious from the vile, thou shalt be as my mouth.


You see God wants to use Brother Jose as a prophet (my mouth), but Brother Jose’s got to be willing to go there (If thou return). And “if” Brother Jose can get through those two great big “IFS” in verse 19 by walking in obedience to his calling, then God will allow much opposition to come against him in his prophetic calling which will eventually set him free from the “wicked and terrible” sin that so easily besets him: “And I will make thee unto this people a fenced brasen wall: and they shall fight against thee, but they shall not prevail against thee: for I am with thee to save thee and to deliver thee, saith the LORD. And I will deliver thee out of the hand of the wicked, and I will redeem thee out of the hand of the terrible.”


But anyway, after yet another failed attempt to confuse the “good prophet”, Brother Jose left the apartment and returned somewhere around 5:30 that afternoon with Sister Delores. Well, it was only after a short prayer that I launched right on into a full-length dissertation that included “three hard-hitting messages” all rolled into one. Because, as the Lord had directed, I started out with the testimony of “Frank” lying to the Holy Spirit and promptly dropping on into Hell. From there we proceeded on into Brother Carlos’ e-mail to Sister Delores concerning her “unfaithful husband”. And last but not least, we finalized the gruesome process with Brother William’s “bone rattling” e-mail account of “the Aguileras” and “Acts chapter 5”.


Then, as the Lord had directed, I asked Sister Delores “Why have you lied and conspired together, to try to deceive the HOLY SPIRIT?


Now that one should have set off an explosion in someone’s conscience…and I do mean Brother Jose and Sister Delores. A true confession of their sinful past should have flowed like water…but it didn’t! In fact their only response was “We can’t lie to the Holy Spirit!”


So, I then turned to Brother Jose and asked him point blank, “Is there any Truth in what I’ve written?” Now that was a tough one! I mean you could see him struggling with the truth of his lie, but his final resounding answer was “NO!!!


And with all that in mind, I praise God that the two of them walked out of our apartment on their own two feet! Thank you Jesus that we didn’t have to call the undertaker for the both of them too!!!


Meeting #6 – Day #7


And then came Friday morning, the 19th of August. Brother Jose arrived “bright and early” and was “chomping at the bit” to get it on down with the business at hand. So I pulled him up a chair and we sat down in the living room to begin our talk. However, immediately thereafter he directed his attention to Brother Alan by saying, “The Lord has told me that you have a word for me.” And the following, in Brother Alan’s own words, is what took place next (emphasis mine):




The words that the prophets had been given and spoken seemed to have little effect on our Brother and Sister. Having seen what I perceived as being this desperate situation with Brother Jose' and his wife, I began to write what was on my heart, after rising the following morning (August 19). Brother Jose' arrived at our doorstep about 10 a.m., and after Bruce and I and he greeted each other, he (Brother Jose') asked me what the LORD had me for him, that day. I had written 3 short paragraphs on the experience from the night, previous. I read them to Brother Bruce shortly before Jose' arrived, so Bruce requested that I read to Jose' what I had read to him (as the LORD was working in this way). And this is what I was given to write, and shared with Brother Jose':


"Jose' is only concerned with holding on to the things (possessions) that he has (his comfortable lifestyle ministry and reputation). The strongest evidence that I have seen of this is in his constant insistence that the sermonet that his ministry exploits are the subject of, be removed from the internet website. And to continue in the lust of the (his) flesh - which is not freedom as he is thinking it is - but bondage. Jesus said, "He that commits sin is a servant of sin." Brother (I perceive that) Jose' is feigning repentance and Godly sorrow in order to return to the 'status quo' (of the fleshly and destructive habits that have been formed in his life)."


In the third and final paragraph - which I did not read to our Brother, I wrote:


"Jose' lied to God (The Holy Spirit) when he gave his answer to the question, "Is there any truth to what I (Brother Bruce) have written?" Jose's answer was "No" [I reminded Brother Jose' of this fact the following morning and when he shrugged it off as a "language problem", and had Bruce to verify the answer that Jose' had given to him the night before, when Jose's wife was also meeting with us]. Those in the presence of Ananias and Sapphira and Peter were witnesses to what can happen when one lies to the Holy Spirit: Instant judgment and damnation with no opportunity for repentance. Ananias and Sapphira had conspired, lied, and arrived at the point of not return. Their sentence was to continue to die - being separated from God - for all of eternity...


Brother Jose' offered accusations, threats, and "evil" speaking. He told me that I was in the midst of evil, but God's protection was upon me - Brother Bruce addressed this as witchcraft. Jose' says the LORD is having him to visit us 10 time - as the Prophet Moses visited Pharoah - to see the release of the Hebrew people, in order to complete the process (in his mind) of having the sermonet that Bruce was commanded to write off the internet. This could shame Brother Jose'. It is not meant to destroy, but to bring conviction, confessing, and genuine repentance to his heart and life.


Jose' said "No" when the LORD had Brother Bruce ask him if anything he had written in the sermonet The Shepherd Who Scattered The Flock! was true. Brother Jose' had to quench the Holy Spirit to do so, for it looked as if he was choking on his heart that had entered his throat as he was struggling to utter the false testimony. He did not lie to man. He lied to God. He lied to the Holy Spirit.




So what did you think about that? Well Brother Jose didn’t think too highly of it, because his “immediate and instantaneous” command to Brother Alan was “Don’t take any more notes!


Now did you pick-up on that one? In so many words, Brother Jose told Brother Alan to stop receiving what God was giving him concerning the “truth about Jose”! I mean first of all he asked for it, and then he said he didn’t want it! Is Brother Jose a trip or what? Will he ever come to grips with the Truth???


Well what transpired next was the 4th installment of “God’s Scripture to me” as received through Brother Jose…and here it is:


For the LORD spake thus to me with a strong hand, and instructed me that I should not walk in the way of this people, saying, Say ye not, A confederacy, to all them to whom this people shall say, A confederacy; neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid. Sanctify the LORD of hosts himself; and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread. And he shall be for a sanctuary; but for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offence to both the houses of Israel, for a gin and for a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. And many among them shall stumble, and fall, and be broken, and be snared, and be taken. Bind up the testimony, seal the law among my disciples. And I will wait upon the LORD, that hideth his face from the house of Jacob, and I will look for him. Behold, I and the children whom the LORD hath given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the LORD of hosts, which dwelleth in mount Zion. And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead? To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. And they shall pass through it, hardly bestead and hungry: and it shall come to pass, that when they shall be hungry, they shall fret themselves, and curse their king and their God, and look upward. And they shall look unto the earth; and behold trouble and darkness, dimness of anguish; and they shall be driven to darkness.” (Isaiah 8:11-22 KJV)


Now after having read that one, would anybody care to guess how Brother Jose took it? I mean what do you think was running through Brother Jose’s little old mind by the time he gave that Scripture to me? Well it certainly wasn’t what God had intended! I mean that particular Scripture was pointed directly at Brother Jose, but he tried to turn it back around at me. Because you see it was right about the time he gave it to me that he demanded (once again) that I “set him free” by removing “his” sermonet from the FMHCCI Website.


But getting back to Isaiah 8, what was God’s intended message for Brother Jose? Well it all goes back to his fear of “what will happen if he obeys the Word of God” (neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid). I mean this has been his problem since the day I met him. He would much rather be at “peace with the world” than at “peace with God”. In other words, Brother Jose wants to continue “walking in the way of the world” in the “lust of his flesh”…and he wants to do it without it being considered as “sin” (and instructed me that I should not walk in the way of this people). In fact it’s because of the “Word of God” that most often offends him, that he all too often goes to “other sources” for his advice (…Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter). I mean Brother Jose has an unnatural and uncanny psychic ability that’s downright freaky (if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them). So do you think that just maybe God’s trying to tell Brother Jose to turn back before it’s too late (and they shall be driven to darkness)?


Meeting #7 – Day #8


Well it should be abundantly clear by now that Brother Jose has a GREAT BIG problem! And then came our “final” meeting…which was really no meeting at all. Because early on that Saturday morning, the 20th of August, Father God let me know that Brother Jose was no longer welcomed in our apartment. You see for the past six (6) meetings Brother Jose had pretended to seek God’s Truth while yet rejecting God’s Truth in favor of Satan’s lies…and Father God said “Enough is enough!”


So that’s what I was instructed to do, and that’s exactly what I did! I opened the door when the doorbell rang, and I even spoke kind words to Brother Jose while standing in the doorway, but I did not let him pass through the door into the apartment. And even though he must have known that “the gig was up”, he didn’t give up. He just kept right on talking! In fact his words were very convincing to say the least; silky smooth and sweet as honey. He promised that his life was going to change, but yet he would not, could not, admit that “The Shepherd Who Scattered The Flock!” was God’s Truth. He went on to say that he was very hurt that I wouldn’t let him in the apartment, and likewise made the comment that I didn’t love him.


Well what followed was not at all what Brother Jose had expected. Because you see what I had to tell him was that if he wanted to fellowship with us he must first admit that “his” sermonet is “God’s Truth”. And furthermore, I went on to say that he needed to get back in his “prayer closet” and down on his knees in search of two very important questions. First of all, he needed to hear it from God how much I love him. And secondly, he needed to seek God concerning his calling of “prophet”.


That was the way our conversation ended, but it was only shortly thereafter that the Lord gave me His “Truth” concerning Brother Jose “the prophet”. Because you see what God told me was that He’s informed Brother Jose that he’s a prophet…but he’s just not willing to walk in obedience to it!


Wow! What a trip this has been…but it’s not even over yet!!!


In fact seeing how we’ve covered so much information in this message, let me give you just one more Scripture that will kinda like sum it all up. Because you see it was in our second meeting with Brother and Sister Aguilera (meeting #5 – day #6) that the Lord gave me the word “evil” during our ending prayer…that is after Brother Jose had lied to the Holy Spirit once again. And after having sought God for His desired understanding of that Word, I was directed to the following Scripture that describes this “evil” in Brother Jose to a “T”:


From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not. Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts. Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy? But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. ye double minded. Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up. Speak not evil (G2635) one of another, brethren. He that speaketh evil (G2635) of his brother, and judgeth his brother, speaketh evil (G2635) of the law, and judgeth the law: but if thou judge the law, thou art not a doer of the law, but a judge.” (James 4:1-11 KJV)


Speak Evil (G2635) [kat-al-al-eh'-o] - From G2637; to be a traducer, that is, to slander: - speak against (evil of).


You see we are the prophets (Alan, Carlos, William, and myself) who have been called of God to help Jose – the “non-prophet prophet” – to get back on track with God. We have given him the Word of God that will change his life (he even asked for it)…however, he’s chosen to reject it! We have now become Brother Jose’s “worst nightmare” because he made the very bad choice to continue “pleasing his flesh” through the “lust of the world” instead of “crucifying his flesh” through a “walk of obedience to God’s Word”! And seeing how the “Truth” that we have spoken will now “tarnish his name and cramp his lifestyle in the world”, it has become an utmost necessity that Brother Jose discredit us (his enemies) in order to “survive”. And of course that’s where this thing about “evil” comes into the picture. Because seeing how we ain’t a gonna back down on the “Word of judgment” that God has given us to speak about Brother Jose, he will have to “speak evil” about us in order to keep the people from believing the Word that we have given.


So, it goes without saying that the battle is heating up…and it’s going to be rough…and it’s even going to be fought against those who call themselves “Christians”. What’s the world going to think? Christians warring against “Christians”! It’s absolutely crazy, but that’s the way it’s going to be! In fact the only way that any of us are going to survive these upcoming battles is through our faith in God.


And, after having said all of that, we’ll end this by simply saying “Keep On Keeping The Faith In Jesus!!!




Dad (Bruce Hallman)



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