The Little Girl Who Cried Wolf!



Once upon a time, in the far-away land of Australia, , there was a young girl named Lanna.




She lived in a lovely city called Sydney, but yet she longed to be loved. Lanna was abused by her father, and then she was abused by others. It seemed as though nobody would give Lanna the love that she so desperately needed. And that’s the way it was until the day she met Jesus…because that’s when everything changed. You see her earthly father made her feel like a “pauper”, but her Heavenly Father made her feel like a “Princess”. In fact not only did Father God call Lanna a “Princess”, but He called her a “Warrior Princess”. Because Lanna was a very special girl who God Almighty was going to use to fight the big, bad, ugly demons.




In preparation for her upcoming battles, the Heavenly Father started building her spiritual muscles by giving her many powerful Words of the Spirit. In fact all that Lanna had to do was “believe” in what the Father was telling her by speaking it in faith! But that’s where the problem came about. You see it was hard for Lanna to put her “faith” in some of the things that Father God was telling her. She wanted to be loved by everyone and accepted by all. She wanted to be a famous prophetess!




So instead of using her “shield of faith” against the big, bad, ugly demons...


The Shield


...the “Warrior Princess” decided to play the “victim of abuse” once again. When the demons attacked she cried out for help...but this time there was no one to help...because she had rejected the help from the One who truly loved her!




Now this is not the sad ending to Lanna’s story but only the beginning. Because you see Lanna still has her head, and this is “The Rest Of Her Story”.



FMH Children’s Club International