The Prophet's Call!



June 21, 2004


It's not a season, and it's not a day, but it is an hour, saith the Lord. It's an hour when those who are Mine are going to have to know how to clearly hear and discern My voice so they can be led in detail by the word of the Lord. I will take it as personal affront to My relationship between Myself and the souls of My redeemed if you prophesy indiscriminately and flippantly and without having waited on a true word from Me because now is the hour when My sheep MUST know My voice, and I will consider it an affront to My authority in the lives of My people.


It is an hour when the very safety and well-being of My people, and My servants is going to wholly depend on their ability to recognize My voice, and wholly depend on their ability to obey Me. If the word you bring puts My people into a state of confusion or question, I will hold you accountable. I want My people walking in a sure place. I want the decisions of My people founded and grounded upon a sure foundation of a true word that I have spoken.


Even at this time, many are making decisions based on fear, and driven by fear. This is going to yield serious spiritual repercussions because the prophets who spoke the words of fear are going to reap a harvest of distrust and hatred because they went when I did not send them, either in speaking judgment OR peace, I did not send them because they did not wait on Me. They did not weep before me for a pure word. They just presumed to go. They made up something in their heads based on news, based on circumstances, based on their own evaluations of the times, and they thought they could bypass the place of deep prayer and waiting in My presence. They thought they could speak a word without truly being in a place to hear from Me, and they will reap a harvest of doubt and confusion and distrust because when My people see the fruits of wrong decisions based on wrong words and false prophecies, they will wail and cry against the prophets who spoke falsely to them. How presumptuous of the prophets to think they know what I am saying when they have not even spent time in My presence where they could truly hear from Me!


Yes, I will most certainly convict My people through the spirit of fear and trembling so they can get their lives right. But then I will lead My people in a plain path by the light of My word. I am the light and the salvation of My people, and it is a time when I am constraining my beloved to the sounds of My own voice, and it is a time of training to understand and hear even the slightest whisper of the Spirit because the spiritual ragings from many realms is going to intensify, and if My people do not know how to discern My voice in the midst of the clamor even in the heavenlies, they will be led astray by foreign spirits, by counterfeit spirits, by religious spirits, by all manner of evil spirits unleashed to seduce My servants in this very hour, and to take captive a people that I desire to bring into a fullness of understanding My covering and provision in a very perilous time.


I do not want My prophets adding to the confusion! Hear the word of the Lord, I do NOT want MY prophets adding to the confusion. Be still. Be still. Be still. Be still, and know that I am God, and I can break through the floods of false words and false doctrines with a pure stream of My spirit, but I am challenging My true prophets in this hour to NOT FEAR to allow My people to LEARN MY VOICE FOR THEMSELVES!!


An hour is upon you that My people are going to have to function without always having the ability to call up a prophet on the phone, or run to a church service, or go to a home meeting to get a word. My people will need to know how to discern My mind, and hear My voice in the time of tribulation, or they will become prey to every beast of the field and every wolf in sheep's clothing out to devour the flock.


You must understand that in this hour I am far more interested in training My sheep to KNOW MY VOICE, than I am in validating and confirming your prophetic gifts and ministries!! If you are a true prophet, you will give yourself diligently to the pursuit of helping My people to understand that in the place of communion and intimacy with Me, I will speak to My own, to My beloved, and you will be content to be the confirming voice to the word of the Lord. You will not have to be constantly lauded and confirmed as a "prophet" or an "apostle." You will be very content to step aside, allowing Me to take My rightful place as the Head of MY body that I might impart My thoughts, and My mind to My people. You will begin to accept the responsibility, and understand the mandate of the Spirit is not to gather a following of those who delight in your anointings, but to be an instrument to bring My people to maturity so as fully mature sheep, not gullible little lambs, they indeed know My voice.


If you understand My dealings, and if you understand the present cry of the Spirit, you are going to be very slow to speak, and very quick to pray, and very quick to recognize when I am sending you forth with a confirming word to My servants. You will not usurp my place of covenant relationship with My people which I wrought in My son when I declared out of glory that it would be through Him that I would now speak to My people rather than through the prophets as I did in times past. (Hebrews 1)


That prophet that speaks for Me, and that prophet that I am sending in this hour with a word spanning the nations of this world down to the very heart and soul of a troubled man or woman of God is that one who has learned to decrease that I might increase so that indeed it IS the voice of My Son speaking through that prophetic vessel a pure word, and a sure word. Even as it was with John the Baptist, that one I am sending shall be as the voice of another, and the voice of another shall truly be the spirit and presence of Jesus, the testimony of Jesus coming forth from that vessel completely sold out to My purposes.


Beware of companies of prophets who love to spend more time with each other than they do with Me. Mark these ones, and beware.





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