Prophets In Transition!



March 11, 2002


The Lord is very personally dealing with many of His prophets to be willing to come down from the "mountain top of expression" to dwell for a season in the "valley of intercession". This is not at all a very public place. In fact, it's quite a private place, and quite an intimate place, and quite a lonely place.


If you fear losing any sought-after recognition or status you may have gained while basking in the glow of the glory on the mountain top, then don't yield to this leading of the Lord to follow Him into this call of intercession because you truly WILL lose those things. However in your personal decrease the Lord will greatly INCREASE, and this is just one of the ways in which He is seeking to realize His promised and singular exaltation of Isaiah 2:17.


God is especially sending prophets there at this time, and it's for a definite purpose, and it has much to do with coming into an apostolic level of anointing and authority. But with that authority is coming a great responsibility to not only "give words", but to truly HEAR the word of the Lord as never before so that we are effected by it. We simply are NOT realizing the holiness of the One whom we are called to represent. God is saying that being EFFECTED by His Presence and what He speaks in the place of much prayer and deep communion with God will bring EFFECTIVENESS in the season of His release. EFFECTIVENESS is the identifying feature of true apostolic ministry and anointing.


Why is the Spirit challenging the prophets to go into a "valley of intercession" when the glory of God is seen "in the mount"? It's because the truly holy mountain experiences have foundations.


"My foundation is in the holy mountains." (Psalm 87:1)


It's time that those foundations be laid, and the foundation is laid upon the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief Cornerstone.


"And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone." (Ephesians 2:20)


It's time for prophets who are called to be part of the foundation to go "underground" in the Spirit to allow the Lord to build upon them that which He wishes to establish upon the bedrock reality of their true experiences wrought in God, and in the place of deep prayer. In that place, and only from that place will the birthing of the true apostolic ministry come forth that we so hunger to see. In the realization of restoration of the foundations did not each level have to be birthed in the spirit through MUCH PRAYER. Hasn't every visitation of God been the result of MUCH PRAYER? Even intercessions, groanings, travailing and deep agony of soul and spirit? And why would God's people think that the pattern would change in the coming into being of that which is truly apostolic in purpose, nature, and calling? SEE THAT YE BUILD ACCORDING TO THE PATTERN!!


Apostolic restoration is not going to happen because we have a mental recognition that it's the next ordered event in the restoration of the five- fold ministry to the church. Apostolic restoration is not occurring because someone decides to label himself an "apostle". Apostolic anointing is coming forth because it's being birthed at the level where it is called to most powerfully function, which is at the FOUNDATIONAL LEVEL of prayer and intercession and spiritual authority and power realized in a miracle dimension that present prophetic ministry has only been able to give lip service to and behold "afar off". But God is raising up a prophetic ministry that will yield to the Lord so that He can deliver unto the church a true apostolic anointing.


The prophets can speak the word of the Lord with all inspiration, motivation, and true authority in the Holy Ghost.. But the apostolic ministry is being birth to call those things which the prophets are speaking DONE, EXECUTED, FULFILLED, AND EVEN CREATED IN THE ALL POWERFUL NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!! Your prophecies will COME TO PASS when TRUE APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY is realized in the Church of Jesus Christ!! Ezekiel 12:23...... the days are at hand, and the "effect of every vision" shall be the present truth reality in the presence of true apostolic mnistry!!


The apostles are the "brethren" of Hebrews 2:12 to which Jesus has truly declared His Name with all it's power, and authority and impregnated glory and "all the fullness of the Godhead richly dwelling within" so that out of that revelation comes the fulfillment of all that the Holy Prophets have spoken.


The apostles of the Lamb are the AGENTS OF RESTORATION, and that which the holy prophets have spoken, the APOSTLES WILL restore and fulfill!!! But because the manifestation of true apostolic ministry is an end-time event occurring in conjunction with the exaltation of Jesus Christ there is a marked dealing of the Lord with His servants at this time to be willing to go to that unseen foundational level of prayer and intercession which is the "birthing room of the Spirit". Apostolic ministry is for those who want Jesus glorified and exalted more than they want to be seen themselves!!


Something supernatural is going to happen in that place of communion with the Lord whereby a 'changing of the guard' is going to literally take place. The apostolic mandate to "set in order" is going to happen that will cause such a revolutionary change in the church of Jesus Christ so that His headship and Lordship and exaltation is recognized from the pulpit to the pew and right out the back door and into the streets and high ways and byways!! But it's being builded on the lives of prophets willing first to be "set in order" by God themselves, even the very order to be willing to become a foundation stone WITHIN the holy mountain rather than just a voice ringing out from the TOP of the holy mountain.


"Prophets in transition" are those prophets who are willing to obey the voice of the Lord to go into that valley of intercession where God can add a dimension of apostolic authority and anointing, and out from those obedient servants, the Lord will even give a new garment of ministry, even the apostolic call. There is no other way. Adding numbers to the church, and ministry outreaches and more printed material going out and bigger crowds at conferences and conventions and even great understanding of apostolic ministry is not advancing anyone now on the scene into that place or position. Only by the Spirit!! Only by the Spirit!!! Only by the Spirit!!! And only through the travail of His soul, His intercessory work in the lives of His servants shall apostolic anointing and authority come forth.


Be willing to hear the call, and be obedient to the call, and your life will be a witness and a testimony unto a historical and pivotal event in the life and advancement of the Church of Jesus Christ in the earth that shall even be a forerunner ushering in the kingdom of God. Thus saith the Lord!!!


Respectfully Submitted to the Body of Christ,





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