The Spirit's Word To Prophets!



January 16, 2002


A Word from the Lord......


In Jesus Name, let this word come forth with clarity and understanding! Let it be so, In Jesus Name, Amen.


My prophets are stirred up towards my power. My prophets are stirred up to see signs and wonders and miracles. They are stirred up to see visions and to dream dreams and to give themselves to trances out of which I can speak great mysteries to awe and inspire My People.


But I would speak unto you, My Prophets, and My People who hunger for the manifestation of My Glory and My Power if you are not willing to submit yourselves to the processes whereby I bring these things to birth in the Spirit you will end up with sensationalism marked with charlatanism and self- exaltation and theatricism and endless vaunting ambitions rather than the true demonstration of the Spirit in the Power and Authority of the Name of Jesus marked by the Creative and Supernatural imprint of the true Holy Ghost moving in and through you first to the Body of Christ, and then throughout the Earth.


You declare to Me, and you declare to one another that you want to see My moving and My compassion and My deliverance and My healings in the hearts and lives of the people. But are you truly willing to pay the price to be the vessel through which I can bring these things about so that I receive all the Glory, and so that the fruit truly remains? Or are you just interested in the outcome of what it will do for your ministry and your own personal recognition and advancement. Because if you are willing to be used, and you mean business with Me, then I will mean business with you.


I will get you into that place where you have the true compassion for My people. I will get you into the place where you truly discern those who are hungering and thirsting and crying and groaning and travailing after Me and the manifestation of My Sons (though they don't even know they are doing it, but nevertheless I am the judge and discerner of ALL the hearts of the earth). I will take you into that valley where I work compassion into your soul so that it's NOT about you and your own desires but truly about the pure and undefiled compassion and mercy of God . But the place I must take you is into a valley where you must be willing to take the cup of affliction and sorrow and suffering that you must drink from in order that the true word of Resurrection Life, the words of Eternal LIFE can spring forth out of your innermost being to minister to others.


Do you want My power so badly that you will let Me lay My hand upon you in trouble and sorrow and affliction to teach you how to cry out to Me in desperation until You receive an answer from Me so that your Faith is based in the reality of knowing I am a God that truly hears the heart's cry and truly answers prayer? Compassion will be birthed in the womb of identification. My true prophets who are weilding My true power and My true authority will not only see the needs, but they will feel the feeling because I am going to walk My prophets through the problems, through the valley of tears, through the testings and trials and afflictions, through the fires right out the other side where there is the true manifestation and realization of the Gospel of the Kingdom......a Gospel marked NOT by the sensational, but by the Supernatural, a Gospel of healing, and deliverance and restoration and provision and stabilization.


As far as My prophets are concerned, I am laying the axe to the root of the tree, and the root of purpose is being uncovered, and the source of desire is being discovered, and the very hard word of the Lord to My Servants the Prophets is that it is time to count the cost for those things which you are so earnestly praying and desiring at this time. From prophet to prophet, the cup is being passed and some will be willing to drink, but others will shrink back in fear because they have never been truly called or ordained to the holy calling but only presumptuously took upon themselves the title and roll of prophet. There will be a struggle to hold onto any semblance of anointing and ministry, but where the manifestation of My Kingdom comes in its fullness they will be seen as the clouds without rain and they will simply drift off the scene of what I am doing and where I am placing My heavenly spotlight to draw people to the brightness of MY rising within the lives of those who are sold out and truly committed to My end-time purposes in the earth.


Unto those who are willing to drink of the cup that I am passing to you in order that I might use you in the demonstration and power of My Spirit in this last day, I say unto you that My Grace will be sufficient, and My portion to you will be that you will not just draw prophetically from the storehouse of knowledge I've placed within My prophets, but you will draw out of My very heart the word of the Lord because My promise unto those who will commit themselves to the purposes of birthing My true compassion within the lives and hearts of a truly prophetic ministry and a truly prophetic people is that I will be in an intimate and close communion with You constantly as you seek to know Me in My fullness and in My power in the very midst of your learning to access My true supernatural and delivering power in all its aspects. You will walk in a fellowship and a closeness with Me that your heart has cried and longed for. You will go places in the Spirit that you have longed to go, and you will see things in the Spirit you have longed to see, but mostly the manifestation of My presence in your lives will be such as you have never known because I will not take you into this valley I am asking you to go through except that I send the Comforter with you. The Comforter shall be with you, and He shall sustain you, and He shall be your keeper while I work the deep and foundational work of preparing you to be My vessels of power and demonstration so that the Gospel of the Kingdom can be preached in all the world for a witness.


Oh, my precious ones who are My prophets. If you understand My heart toward you, and that the suffering is for a moment, and a very fleeting thing you will willingly yeild yourself to My processes. But you must make the decision for I will not force My process and My purpose on anyone who is not truly willing to pay the price. I ask you now to look at the life of My Son, Jesus, the Captain of your salvation who was made perfect through Sufferings, and see the end result of His life and His ministry. See how He is now seated at the right hand of majesty and power in the heavenlies truly redeemed out of all His sufferings, and truly the very expression of My power and My glory with a Name highly exalted in all of heaven and all of earth. But He is not without a burden. His burden and desire is to bring Many Sons into glory.


The invitation of the Spirit is that the prophets might step up into the calling and manifestation of Sonship. It is a high calling, and it is a holy calling, but more than that it is a tender calling and if you will feel My heart, and truly hear My voice, you will not deny My request that you take this cup of suffering I am passing to you....even as your elder brother, Jesus, the firstborn among Many brethren took the cup, and drank from it, trusting that as I was faithful to Him, even so shall I be faithful unto You. Thus saith the Lord.





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