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Hard TimesUnlike the trio on the right, we, the FMH Children’s Club International (FMHCCI), are not begging you to “put your money in our cup”. No way! We’re just asking that you seek the Lord for what He would have you to do (if anything) in helping us do what we’ve been called to do. Above all, please pray for us as we continue to do the Will of the Father.


Now just in case you might not be familiar with the “early beginnings” of the FMHCCI, the following is a brief summary of how we got our start:


On the 16th of March 1984 I finally gave my life to Jesus after having selfishly hoarded it for thirty-five (35) years.

Seven (7) years later – 19th of April 1991 – we incorporated the FMHCCI as a non-profit ministry in the state of South Carolina as directed by the Father (see “South Carolina Charter”).

Three (3) years later – 19th September 1993 – the Lord directed us to “Move to Texas and don’t turn back!” This we did in obedience to the Father, and shortly thereafter incorporated the ministry in the state of Texas (see “Texas Charter”).

Five (5) years later – 25th of March 1999 – I was fired from my position as engineering manager with The Toro Company for speaking God’s Word to the CEO, “Kendrick Melrose”.

Two years later – 19th of June 2001 – my wife of twenty-five (25) years divorced me for my dedication to Jesus (see “The Devil And Annie”).

One year later – 20th of May 2002 – I became “homeless for Jesus”.

Two years later – 29th April 2004 – I became a “prisoner for Christ.


Now that’s just a few of the many things the Lord has required me to “suffer” in obedience to Him in order to be prepared for this upcoming ministry work that He has called us (FMHCCI) to do… and the 20,000-acre “ranch” is a very large part of it.


It’s been more than 11 years (1999) since the Lord instructed us to put the FMHCCI Ministry on the Web, and we’ve done it solely by the Grace of God without the aid of a “donate” button. But God says it’s now time to make a change, and that’s what this “donation page” is all about. Whatever you give please give from the heart, because your gift will not be tax deductible.


For mail-in contributions, please make out check or money order payable to "Bruce Hallman" and send to the following address:


FMH Children’s Club International
P.O. Box 640109
El Paso, TX 79904


For on-line contributions (debit card, credit card, or PayPal) please go to “” and type in "" to access the FMH Children’s Club International PayPal account... or simply click on the “donate” button below:



We truly appreciate your help... whatever the amount you might give.


Dollar Donation


Please call us at 915-751-6789 (land line) or 915-613-1494 (Skype) concerning any questions or prayer needs, or email me at


In Christ,


Bruce Hallman (Dad)





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