Howdy! Demon Eyes

Welcome to Hell.

My name is Beelzebub.

Iím one of those unbelievably hideous looking things called a demon.

And seeing how itís a little on the dark side down here, the best way to describe my handsome self is a man who looks like a goat, with the added features of fully functional bat wings, a long snake-like tail, and a set of glowing-red piercing eyes.

Weird combination huh? Demon Eyes

Well as weird as I might sound, Iím still one more gorgeous hunk when compared to the rest of us demons.

But anyway, in order to help you understand what Hell is all about, Iíve sorta like been randomly selected as your official tour guide.

Ainít it great?Demon Eyes

Iím going to take you on a tour of Godís everlasting alternative housing project.

And of course the reason why I say "alternative" is because this ainít the way God originally planned it.

Way back in the beginning of time the Almighty God started construction on His undeniably grand and glorious "Project Heaven"... only to be interrupted by a bunch of angels gone bad.

It seems as though His #1 angel (Lucifer) let his most prestigious position go to his head.

Lucifer started believing he was god! Demon Eyes

And even though youíd think our Awesome God would atomize such troublemakers in a flash, He didnít.

In fact God allowed him to remain in existence, renamed him Satan, and then very quickly put this alternative housing project called Hell into high gear.

You see God designed Heaven to be a place where everyone will love and worship Him as God forever and ever.

And of course for all those not completely happy with this type of arrangement, our Heavenly Father has so graciously provided them with the luxurious accommodations called Hell.

Now just so you wonít get lost, grab hold of my tail and weíll continue on with the rest of the tour.

Demon Tail