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The following letter-form was brought about as a means of teaching my children the Word of God through the mail. And of course, quite naturally so, that’s the reason I begin these letters with "Dear Children" and end them with "Love Dad". So for the rest of you who participate in these weekly messages, please keep their original intended purpose in mind.


Print/PDF12 November, 2006


Dear Children,


In exactly fifty (50) days (1/1/07) it will have been one (1) year since the writing of our sermonet “Evil Lording Husbands!” Now that’s extremely important! In fact the publication date for our “evil lording” message on Herb Stuckey (1/1/06) was significant in that it had been one (1) year (1/1/05) since his ex-wife Kathy Kowtko (Stuckey) first contacted me by e-mail. And, of course, as God would have it, the underlying reason for the writing of that message was to begin the process of delivering Kathy from the demons of her past. In other words, the Almighty had me to write that particular sermonet in order to sever the “soul tie” connection between Herb and Kathy.


However, seeing how there’s only fifty (50) days remaining until Kathy’s second anniversary, but yet she’s failed to step-out in faith and make her God-directed move from South Carolina to Texas, it’s now time to write a sermonet about Kathy…as in the “stubbornly disobedient wives”. Because you see the all-encompassing reason that Kathy searched the Internet for me in the first place was to escape the demons of her past, receive Jesus as her Lord and Saviour, and thereby make Heaven her everlasting home! And of course the all-encompassing reason that the Almighty compelled Kathy to search for me in the first place was due to the fact that I’m the one who’s been chosen to help Kathy get to the place that she needs to go in her walk with Jesus. In other words, it was a “God thing”! Understand?


Well, probably not. So what do you say we back it up and take this thing real slow. I mean after all, the title of this sermonet is “Kathy Kowtko: A Real Test Of God’s Patience!” In fact a short but precise description of the present-day Kathy Kowtko would be “God’s spoiled brat!” Talk about patience! I mean if Kathy weren’t so very special to God Almighty, her time to get it right with Jesus would have run out a long time ago! But you see Kathy was molested as a child – sexually violated and demonized in her innocence. And of course that’s the reason Father God has been so very patient in dealing with the disobedient and rebellious spirit of Kathy; it’s a by-product of the demons from her past.


So that’s the introduction to this long-awaited sermonet! But where do we go from here? Well how about the 1st of January 2005, back when I began this very difficult journey with Kathy. Because it was on the 2nd of January 2005, the day after Kathy re-established contact with me following her many years of silence, that the Lord God told me she’s a prophet (prophetess). And you see even though Kathy didn’t receive it as “God’s Truth” until one (1) year later, it was only one (1) day later (the 3rd) that she confirmed her prophetic “gifts and calling” by informing me that my oldest adopted son, Felix, is actually my ex-wife Annie’s biological son. I mean talk about a shocker! That one really blew me away!


But anyway, after having prayed about it the Lord confirmed it to be His Truth! And it was that same prophetic Word spoken by Kathy that actually opened up my eyes to her awesome potential “in the Lord”. Because you see thirty-one (31) years ago Father God prophetically involved her in my life. In fact it was one night back in 1975, while “drinking booze, smoking weed, and listening to rock and roll music”, that Herb introduced me to his next-door neighbor Annie…and even though Kathy knew that it was the wrong thing to do. I mean we were all living like the devil, yet God showed Kathy that this “witchie woman” (Annie) would be lots of trouble for me in the future. (See “My Natural Wife Was Annie But My Spiritual Wife Is Sandy! (3/14/04)” for more of the details on Annie.)


But being the bull-headed and rebellious sort of fellow that I was, I married Annie anyway, and went on to adopt a handsome young boy who was suppose to be her Panamanian “nephew”. And even though Kathy didn’t mention it to me at the time, God had shown her from the beginning that Felix was Annie’s natural born son and not her nephew as claimed.


So all of that took place many years ago when I served Satan through my life of sin. But now that I’ve accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, and turned away from the sins of my past, it’s time for me to help Kathy do the same:


And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” (Mark 16:15-18 KJV)


You see God Almighty has chosen me to cast out Kathy’s demons so that she can walk in obedience with the Lord. I’ve been chosen to do a “deliverance” on Kathy, and God’s given me the Power to do it! However, the manner in which I’ve been instructed to do it is completely un-orthodox to say the least. So please believe me when I say that it “just ain’t normal” what God Almighty has instructed me to do in order to set Kathy free. But then again, why should it be? I mean, after all, we – the two of us – are both prophets!


But getting back to our reunion, Kathy and I spent many hours on the phone during those first few days of 2005. I did lots of listening as Kathy poured out her heart. From her early childhood molestation to the ungodly marriage with Herb, I heard Kathy’s tragic life’s story unfold before me. What a mess! I mean it was obvious that Satan had worked overtime in his efforts to take Kathy out, but, then again, the Almighty and His angels had always been there to keep her from certain destruction.


Take for instance her drinking problem. Kathy was a Tequila drinker. I can vividly remember her drinking it straight from a shot glass, one shot at a time. And boy could she drink! In fact it became such a problem that she turned into an alcoholic, totally addicted to the booze. But then came the night when an angel appeared in her bedroom. Instantaneously she was delivered! I mean that’s all it took. An angel sent from God showed up and set her free from the bondage of alcohol. It was a miracle!


And then there was her real-life dream with Jesus. What an unbelievably awesome experience it must have been for her! I mean Kathy dreamt that she was in the Garden of Gethsemane with Jesus during His final moments before His crucifixion:


And he [Jesus] was withdrawn from them about a stone's cast, and kneeled down, and prayed, Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done. And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him. And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly: and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground.” (Luke 22:41-44 KJV)


After she shared her dream with me, the first thing I asked Kathy was “Did you ‘feel’ the agony that Jesus was experiencing at the time?” Because you see the purpose of Kathy’s dream was to help her realize the pain that Jesus endured in order for her to have the opportunity to receive salvation. And the specific pain that Jesus was focusing on in her dream was not His “suffering on the cross” but that “moment in time when He committed Himself to go to the cross”. That’s extremely important! In other words, even though Jesus knew all along that He was to die for the sins of the world, He was very much so tempted to just “not go there” when the time came. In fact it was His agonizing prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane that marked the point of no return in His journey to the cross. Once Jesus committed Himself during those final blood-sweating moments of prayer, His cross became a reality…as in no turning back!


And now that I’ve shared all that with you, let’s go back to day #2 of our reunion (2nd of January 2005) and see what the Lord had me to write Kathy a few hours after our initial phone conversation on day #1:


Dear Kathy,
I thoroughly enjoyed our time the Lord. I'm looking forward to seeing you reach your potential in Christ quickly, as in exponentially fast. Many souls are awaiting you to develop the gifts God has entrusted you with. See how close you can get to Him today, and have a great day in the Lord!


So as you can see, my reunion with Kathy was much different than the “pot-smoking, booze-drinking, rock’n roll music” of our past. God had put us together for a reason, and I was going to do whatever the Father required of me to help Kathy to get to where she needed to go with Jesus. In fact the following was her reply to me only a few hours later:


Dear Bruce,
I also enjoyed our time the Lord. This morning I read all that I wrote down last night. Maybe the most difficult for me is the child like faith, I have never known what it is to be a child. In my earthly family, I've seem to have to be the parent. Now it is time for my heavenly father, to take me in his arms and love me, and learn to love him more.
I thank you for all your encouragement. Please take care of yourself, after all you have the greatest, love and power taking care of you.
Praise the Lord,
P.S.. Great to talk with you..................


Now didn’t that one sound encouraging? I mean at the beginning of our “reunion conversation” I instructed her to “take good notes”…and she did! Because what I shared with Kathy was the basics on how to become an “overcomer” in Christ by hearing the Voice of God and then just doing whatever He tells you through child-like faith.


And to reinforce what we had talked about earlier, it was the very same day that the Lord had me to give Kathy two prophetic Words from the Spirit Of Prophecy Ministry:


Small Straws In A Soft Wind
by Marsha Burns

December 29, 2004: Rise up above the troubles of the past and leave behind those things that have been incapacitating to you. Refuse to allow anything to disable you emotionally. It is time to redirect your energies and re-establish your spiritual goals. I am with you to bring healing to your soul and hope to your spirit, but you must release those things that have crippled you or caused you to falter in your walk with Me, says the Lord. Mount up by faith on wings like eagles, rise above the things of the earth, and catch a fresh vision of My purpose for you.

December 31, 2004: Be silent, all flesh, in the presence of the Living God. Quiet your soul and seek to enter the glory by way of the Cross. You cannot get beyond the Cross into resurrection life without first laying down your life in the flesh. Resurrection only comes after the death and burial. The carnal life must fall like a seed to the earth and die before it can produce a spiritual harvest. Now is the time to seek life in the Spirit and to move beyond life in the flesh.


You see both of those messages were “Tailor” made by God for Kathy. The first one was given by phone, and the second was sent by e-mail, but they were both instructions from God on what Kathy needed to do in order to straighten out the mess in her life. But the question remained; was Kathy willing to receive it as being from God, and then obey God’s “instruction” through those prophetic Words? Well the following was her reply only a few hours after having received them:


Dear friend,
Just the words I needed to hear. Thank you. Rise up above the troubles of the past and leave behind those things that have been incapacitating to you. Amen............................
Kathy......With a smile on her face and hope in her heart.


Now did that one sound positive or what? Well it did…but then again it didn’t. I mean, what about the rest of God’s prophetic Word? Because you see in order for Kathy toRise up above the troubles of the past and leave behind those things that have been incapacitating to hershe must firstlay down her life in the flesh by way of the cross”. In fact this all goes back to Kathy’s dream with Jesus…which had everything to do with Kathy suffering through to the point of becoming totally committed to doing the Will of the Father. And of course this was right about the place that Kathy had a really big “hick-up” in her new found “faith-walk” with Jesus. I mean, after all, crucifying the flesh – “doing what God wants instead of what you want” – hurts really, really, really bad!


In fact it was only a short time later that Father God dropped the bomb on Kathy by letting her know a few of the things that He demanded of her life…and it all started on day #11 with her son. Because you see Christopher was Kathy’s one and only child, and a miracle baby at that. I mean Christopher would have never been born if it hadn’t been for Kathy’s relentless petition to the Father in Heaven for a child. In other words, Kathy prayed until she became pregnant! And seeing how Christopher was grown and attending college at the time of our reunion, Father God wanted Kathy to move on out to Texas and leave him behind in the care of Herb. But the real kicker to God’s plan was that He wanted it done before Christopher’s 2005 Spring break, which was less than three months away. Now that was a tough one! So for a little added encouragement, the Almighty had me to give Kathy the Biblical story of Hannah and her miracle child (Samuel) who she obediently gave back to God a few years after his birth (1 Samuel 1:1-28 and 2:1-11).


And then there was the thing about her health. You see Kathy was in terrible physical condition, and she was spending gobs of money on doctors and medications after losing her medical insurance. However it was God’s desire that Kathy save that money for her upcoming move to Texas by trusting in Him for her healing…and I even told her so! In fact Kathy confirmed it to be God’s plan for her life by confessing her recent problems in getting what she needed from “The Pain Center” and her “family doctor”. It was like God was blocking her way in getting her medication so that she would finally trust in “Him” instead of “them”. And as it concerned the cash that she was to save, well, the Lord had already instructed her to get a fire proof box to store the money.


So those were just two of the “biggies” that God demanded of Kathy. And, as could be expected, the Devil opposed them with a vengeance! In fact Kathy’s resistance to God’s demands (You’ve Asked A Hard Thing Lord!) turned into such utter disbelief (Is God Almighty A Sadist?) that our phone conversations became extremely difficult and strained from that point on. Because you see she was back on the booze, dazed and confused, and getting further from God with each passing day.


But then came the 6th of February 2005 when the Lord instructed me to pray the following prayer with her: “Father God, has everything that I’ve told Kathy been from You?” Because, you see, it was through that short prayer that we sought a simple “Yes” or “No” answer that would clear up the confusion in Kathy’s mind concerning God’s Will for her life. I had spoken what God had given me to speak, but Kathy needed to hear it directly from God that the things I had spoken were from God. And much to my amazement, it was immediately after the prayer that Kathy confessed to having received a “Yes” from the Father. I mean it really blew me away that Kathy heard God speak His confirmation and admitted that she heard it!


What a joy it is to hear from the Lord! Kathy was once again back on track for Jesus. In fact it was only a few days later that Father God instructed me to pray with Kathy for her deliverance and healing. I mean, without a doubt it was Kathy’s disobedience that brought back “demon alcohol”, but then there was the “fibermyalgia” and “trigeminal neuralgia” that continually plagued her life too. In other words, Kathy was a medical nightmare – a “basket case” – but she knew there was hope. Because you see it was the very next day, in all sincerity, that Kathy said to me, “Don’t give up on me Bruce!


So, once again, things seemed to be moving along the path that God had intended for Kathy. And it was only two days later, the 15th of February 2005, that Kathy told me of the beautiful dream she experienced “in the Lord”. Because you see it was in this dream that God Almighty took her and a lady realtor friend on a supernatural journey to El Paso, Texas, to check out the surroundings. And what she saw – the mountains and the deserts and the culture of the people – gave her the peace of mind needed to step out in faith and make her move to Texas. In fact before our conversation had ended that day, Kathy got down on her knees and asked the Lord Jesus to become the Master of her life. And as a result of her commitment to just “do His Will”, God said that Kathy’s healing had begun!


Now did that sound encouraging or what? Well don’t get your hopes up! Because you see even though Kathy had all that supernatural encouragement from the Almighty, and even though she had committed to “trust and obey” Him with her life, she continued to resist what she knew she must do – MOVE TO TEXAS – until her deadline had passed. I mean Father God even provided me the bus fare to South Carolina to help Kathy make her move, but yet she continued to delay it right on through Christopher’s Spring break. Kathy missed her Divine Appointment…and her drinking problem and her health problems returned with a vengeance!!!


But that ain’t even all! Because it was some time during the month of April, shortly after Kathy missed her deadline to move to Texas, that the owner of her apartment gave her an eviction notice. You see he needed to move her out so that he could move in. Go figure! I mean seeing how Kathy wasn’t willing to voluntarily move out of her apartment, the Almighty saw to it that she got forced out. But did she take the hint and finally make her move to Texas? No way, not on your life! Talk about a spoiled brat!!!


But that ain’t even all! Because you see just one of Kathy’s many reasons for not obeying God was that she wouldn't be able to move all her valuable possessions to Texas. However, that wouldn’t have been a problem if Kathy would have done what she was suppose to do by getting rid of her valuable possessions like the Father had planned. In fact just to show you how patient the Almighty has been with Kathy, when she lost her apartment, after having refused to move to Texas, the Lord let her know that she could get a smaller apartment for a short time. But, in order for Kathy to do this, it would have been necessary for her to get rid of some of the stuff that the Father wanted her to get rid of in the first place. And even though it took Kathy a few months to find a big enough apartment to hold all of her “possessing possessions”, she stubbornly persisted until she got what she wanted. Talk about a spoiled brat!!!


But that ain’t even all! Because you see it was on the 16th of November 2005 that the Lord had me to inform Kathy that she’d been given a thirty (30) day extension on her to move to Texas. But, as usual, Kathy disregarded God’s command…and, I might add, with devastating consequences. Because it was during my call to Kathy on the 22nd of December 2005 that I not only found Kathy drunk as a skunk, but I also heard her speak the unbelievable words that she spoke: I’m mad with Christopher and ready for him to move in with Herb. So you see the son that she had been unwilling to give up for God – her miracle child from God – had all of the sudden become a reproach to his mother.


Now even though there have been lots of exciting things to happen on this journey with Kathy, we’ve only covered the necessary basics in order to prove her “persistent stubborn disobedience” (PSD) to the Father’s Will for her life. I mean time and time again Father God in Heaven gave Kathy the opportunity to be delivered from the demons of her past, but she continually refused to take up her cross and follow Jesus. In fact it was on the 1st of March 2005 that the Lord gave me a vision of the two (2) demons attached to Kathy; one on the back of her neck and the other on her left cheek. I initially identified the second demon as being on Kathy’s right cheek, but the mistake was mine in that Kathy was facing me in the vision (the demon on her left was to the right of me). And even though we won’t call these demons by name, we will identify them through the medical afflictions that they produce. Because you see the following is what Kathy suffers, day in and day out, as a direct result of these demonic attachments:


Fibromyalgia is a debilitating chronic syndrome characterized by diffuse pain, often including heightened sensitivity of the skin (Allodynia), tingling of the skin (often needlelike), achiness in the muscle tissues, weakness in the limbs, and nerve pain. Chronic sleep disturbances are also characteristic, and some studies suggest that these sleep disturbances are the result of a sleep disorder called alpha wave interrupted sleep pattern, a condition in which deep sleep is interrupted by burst of brain activity similar to wakefulness. Many patients experience “brain fog”, also known as “fibrofog”, exhibiting abnormally slow brain waves and cognitive deficits. Many experts suspect that “brain fog” is directly related to the sleep disturbance… Although it is common in people with fibromyalgia for pain to be widespread, it may be localized in areas such as shoulders, neck, back, hips, or other areas…(and) at least some of the time, the condition prevents them from performing normal activities such as driving a car or walking upstairs. (Wikipedia)


Trigeminal neuralgia is a neuropathic disorder of the trigeminal nerve that causes episodes of intense pain in the eyes, lips, nose, scalp, forehead, and jaw. Trigeminal neuralgia is considered by many to be among the most painful of conditions and has been labeled the suicide disease, due to the significant numbers of people taking their own lives because they were unable to have their pain controlled with medications or surgery. An estimated one in 15,000 people suffers from trigeminal neuralgia, although numbers may be significantly higher due to frequent misdiagnosis. It usually develops after the age of 40. The trigeminal nerve is the fifth cranial nerve, a mixed cranial nerve responsible for sensory data such as tactition (pressure), thermoception (temperature), and nociception (pain) originating from the face above the jawline; it is also responsible for the motor function of the muscles of mastication, the muscles involved in chewing but not facial expression. Several theories exist to explain the possible causes of this pain syndrome. Among the structural causes, damage to the myelin sheath of this nerve causes the electrical impulses traveling along it to be erratic or excessive, activating pain regions or deactivating pain inhibitory regions in the brain. The damage may be caused by an aneurysm (an outpouching of a blood vessel) or abnormally coursing artery compressing the nerve, most frequently at the area of its cerebellopontine nerve root; the superior cerebellar artery has been an oft-cited culprit. (Wikipedia)


So how would you like to deal with those horrible physical symptoms day in and day out? I mean the debilitating, devastating electrical jolts of the “suicide disease” would be enough already, but add to that the on-going flue-like symptoms that prohibits Kathy’s driving and stair climbing! In fact Kathy’s new apartment has plenty of stairs for her to climb! Talk about torture! And of course we can’t leave out those long and unbearable sleepless nights! It’s insanity! But you see this is what Kathy goes through on a daily basis because of her “spoiled brat” mentality in dealing with the Father in Heaven.


In fact this is as good a place as any to give a few more of the details on Kathy’s “suicide disease” (TN - trigeminal neuralgia). Because you see it was during the 2001 Memorial Day weekend that Kathy very quickly realized she had a problem after getting knocked to the floor by her first “TN” lightening bolt (the one she never saw coming). In fact it was many days later, after trying the assorted prescription drugs to deaden her reoccurring electrocutions, that an operation was performed on her face. The guarantee that the doctors gave her was that there was no guarantee. However, the operation was a success, and it did help, but the doctors warned that within five (5) years the symptoms would return.


And with that in mind let’s return to the details of Kathy’s rebellion against God. Because it was one (1) year after having missed her original deadline to move to Texas that the “TN demon” returned with a vengeance. Kathy had continually resisted God’s directive for her life, and things were getting very, very serious. In fact it was only a few weeks earlier that I gave Kathy a Word from the Lord – “Slipping into darkness” – which described her situation to a “T”. I mean she was losing it in her walk with God, and the Almighty was going to help her out by letting her feel the pain of her ongoing sin.


So the demonically induced pain increased day by day, but then the Almighty gave Kathy an escape route. Because on the 7th of April 2006, I was instructed to call Kathy and tell her that the Lord had instructed me to pray for a “remission in her nerve attacks”…that is if she would only “commit to being submitted to God”. And the response that I got was that we would talk about the “how and when” of her move to Texas a little later, but the time to talk never seemed to come.


And then came the 1st of May. I was able to get Kathy to answer the phone, and even though she was in excruciating pain. She told me that she really didn’t feel like talking, so I obliged her by doing most of the talking. In fact I made sure that Kathy understood the fact that the pain she was experiencing was to bring her to her knees before God. I then went on to tell her that God was going to have me say a few things that would cause her to hate me. But, through it all, she must trust in me to help her get to where she needs to go with Jesus in order to be resurrected into new life and escape the burning fires of Hell. And it was right about this point in our conversation that I asked what the “suffering” Jesus looked like in her dream. Because where we were headed was John 3:16 and the “believeth” word – “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”


You see this “believeth” Word has everything to do with having faith in Jesus to the point of just doing whatever He directs the Believer to do. And as it concerns Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, well, He was “The Great Example” for every Believer when He made the commitment to suffer and die on His Cross. Because it was based on His “Faith” in the “Resurrection Promise” of His Father in Heaven – God’s Word – that Jesus “Believed” it would happen to the point of making it happen. In fact it was during His final blood-sweating moments of prayer that Jesus pressed-through and broke-through Satan’s temptation to “doubt and disbelieve” God’s Word for Him. Jesus proved God’s promised Word to be Truth when He went to His Cross, took on the sin of the world in His Flesh, and defeated it through His suffering. Jesus annihilated, wiped out, and destroyed every trace of sin through His perfectly sinless Body. It was finished!!! He then gave up the Ghost and died, and rose again the third day. Hallelujah!!!


And having said all that, the question still remained: Did Kathy “believe” God’s Word for her? I mean was Kathy willing to step out in faith and make her move to Texas while trusting in God for her deliverance and healing?


Well it didn’t take too awful long to find out. Because you see from that point on, Kathy was unavailable to take my calls. However, on the 15th of June 2006, the Lord instructed me to give her another call and leave the following HOT message on her answering machine: God says you, Kathy, are a “spoiled brat”, and Isaiah 5:25 is for you!


Now just what did it God’s message really mean? Well let’s check out the Scripture first, and then I’ll tell you the rest:


Therefore is the anger of the LORD kindled against his people, and he hath stretched forth his hand against them, and hath smitten them: and the hills did tremble, and their carcases were torn in the midst of the streets. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.” (Isaiah 5:25 KJV)


You see it was through that particular Scripture that Father God made it abundantly clear how He felt about Kathy’s “spoiled brat mentality”. In other words, He had just about had it with Kathy! But just in case there might be some confusion as to the reason for God’s anger, the verse preceding Kathy’s takes care of that:


Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the LORD of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.” (Isaiah 5:24 KJV)


So is that one clear enough for you? I mean the Almighty is saying that His anger is HOT and directed at Kathy because she continually refuses to obey His “Law” by refusing to put her faith in His “Word” – MOVE TO TEXAS!!! And it’s because of this that the Father has applied His Hand to the root of the problem…as in some pretty severe punishment for Kathy. In fact Father God had me to deliver this message to Kathy after 500 days (not including the 30 free days) of having dealt with her “spoiled brat” behavior. And by going back to the Biblical meaning of the number “5” we find it denoting the Five Fingers of God – His Hand – that will either bless those who trust in Him or curse those who don’t. Because, without a doubt, the Mighty Hand of God will either lift you up on high or smack you down to the ground.


In fact taking a closer look at this number “5”, we find that it was “500” days into my journey with Kathy that God Almighty gave His Word of correction to her from Isaiah chapter “5”, verse “25” (5X5). And of even greater import, it had also been “5” years since the first “TN” lightening bolt knocked her to the floor. So what do you think Kathy did to celebrate all these terrible “5’s”? Would you believe me if I told you she got back in God’s face with yet another trigeminal nerve operation? Talk about a spoiled brat!!!


Because you see it was about three weeks after having delivered God’s HOT message to Kathy that I finally received a call from her. And even though I told her that I was pleased to hear her voice, and glad that her “lightening bolts” had ceased, I also let her know how disappointed I was that she had put her trust in “modern medicine” instead of God. I call it “the pig on the cross” – trusting in the flesh instead of Jesus! And having said all that, I then reminded her that she’s destined for Hell if she doesn’t get it right with Jesus by doing the Will of Father…which was followed by her “spoiled brat” reply of “Do I have to move to Texas to be a Christian!”


The days that followed brought about several long and pleasant phone conversations with Kathy. Her facial pain had been relieved by the operation, and, once again, she felt like talking. But even though it was nice to hear her in such good spirits, it was only a few mornings later that the Father woke me with the following Scripture just for her:


Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.” (Matthew 13:45-46 KJV)


So what did it mean? What was the Almighty trying to say to Kathy? Well the fact of the matter was that Kathy felt much better after her operation, but her feelings were nothing more than a fleshly kind of false security. Because it was many months earlier that Kathy knelt on her knees before God Almighty and made Him her Lord and Master. She had finally found that “Pearl of great price” and purchased it with her life. But you see the deal fell through shortly thereafter when Kathy refused to make the agreed upon payment of taking up her cross and following Him. And of course that was the message I left on her answering machine that very same day.


And then I waited. In fact for five (5) days I waited for Kathy’s response until the 20th of July 2006 when the Lord directed me to give her a call. But seeing how she didn’t answer the phone, I left her the message anyway. And this is what God gave me especially for her:


Don’t move to Texas. It won’t do you any good to move out here until you’re sold out to Jesus. And by the way, the lady on the Hell CD looks like you.


Hell CDNow that’s what you call a short and simple message, but yet it got an immediate response from Kathy. Because you see it was the very next day, the 21st of July 2006, that Kathy called and left a very HOT message for me…and it had everything to do with the picture. I mean, in the pure and simple of it, what she said to me about what I said to her was “Don’t call me any more!


Well you can’t say that I didn’t warn her! I mean it was only a few months back that I told her the Lord was going to give me some things to say to her that would cause her to hate me. But just what was it about the picture that caused such hate?


You see it was back in April, right about the time Kathy’s one (1) year anniversary rolled around after not having moved to Texas, that the Lord instructed me to send Kathy two of our FMHCCI ministry CD’s. One was entitled “Revival”, and the other “Hell”, and of course it was between the two that Kathy had to choose for her life.


Now when I mailed her the CD’s, I saw no resemblance whatsoever between the lady on the Hell CD cover and Kathy. It was like all of the sudden, several days after Kathy’s “pig on the cross” operation, that the Lord directed me to the picture and showed me just how close the lady’s face resembled the shape of Kathy’s face.


So, I spoke God’s Word to Kathy – His Truth – and Kathy blew up! And the reason that she did what she did was because God’s Truth hit her straight between the eyes. I mean it was only a few weeks earlier, at the height of Kathy’s suffering with her “TN” demon, that she confessed to me that she knew her Hell would be a never-ending continuation of what she was going through at that moment. God had related this to Kathy, and Kathy knew what she must do in order to escape it, but yet Kathy continued in her sin by trusting in the doctors instead of God.


Now after having said all that, the question is “Will Kathy go to Hell?” I mean has Kathy gone so far down the path of sin that she can’t turn back to God and walk in obedience to His Will for her life?


Well that’s what this message is all about, and the following is why these remaining fifty (50) days until Kathy’s second anniversary are so important. Because this is what the Lord had me to write her on the 21st of June 2006:


Dear Kathy;
     For the past couple of weeks the Lord’s been showing me that I might have to write a sequel to the sermonet on Herb…but this time it will be on you. There was nothing certain about it, just the fact that I might have to do it.
     Then it was only a few days ago that the Lord instructed me to begin the sermonet on “Kathy” and send it to you as a precursor of things to come. I saw it as being just one page (the beginning), but the strange thing about it was that I actually saw the completion/publish date on the sermonet as being 11/12/06. This all took place while I was in the shower. But, as soon as I was able to get to my computer I checked out the calendar to see what day the 12th of November actually fell on. Well, when I saw that it was on a Sunday I flipped. I mean this was positive proof, because all the sermonets are dated on a Sunday.
     But that ain’t all. Because what followed next was that the Lord instructed me to count the days from 11/12/06 to 1/1/07. What I found was fifty (50) days, and the Lord then directed me to Acts chapter 2:

      “And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.” (Acts 2:1-4 KJV)

     The day of Pentecost occurred fifty (50) days after Jesus was resurrected. And of course the date of 1/1/07 is the 2nd anniversary of your divine appointment to contact me, with 1/1/06 being the date of “Evil Lording Husbands!” sermonet.
     So, what does it all mean? Well, would you like to talk about it?
In the Lord Jesus Christ,


So what does it all mean? Well in a very few words it means that in fifty (50) days God Almighty is going to send Kathy the Power from on high – the Holy Ghost/Comforter – to give her the strength to do what she’s been unable to do until now. Because if Kathy is truly serious about escaping the never-ending torments of Hell, and making Heaven her everlasting home, then she must repent of her pasther disobedient waysand commit herself to walk in the Will of the Father through the Power of His Holy Spirit. And having said that, we can now go back to our opening Scripture and take another look at it from a different perspective:


And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.” (Mark 16:15-16 KJV)


Now the question is, does Kathy really want to be saved? I mean, “Do you, Kathy, really want to be saved from the flesh-consuming fires of an everlasting and eternal Hell?” Well I know that your answer is “yes”, because the picture of you in Hell is just too much for you to bear. So you, Kathy, have only one good option; Let Jesus baptize you, Kathy, into salvation:


I [John the Baptist] indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he [Jesus] that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he [Jesus] shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire: Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.” (Matthew 3:11-12 KJV)


So that’s the way it’s done Kathy! But let’s take it real slow, and let me walk you through the process step by step. Because first of all, Kathy, you must be truly sorry for these last two years of your life. Repent! God has sent you to me so that I might help you hear God, and obey God, and make it on into Heaven. But it’s just like I told you back in the beginning of this journey: until you, Kathy, are ready to be rescued, it’s impossible for me to rescue you. Be determined, Kathy, to accomplish all that your Lord and Saviour has set before you, and then repent of every thought that comes in your mind to do otherwise. Bring back to your memory the way that Jesus did it (sweating blood). Remember the agony that He endured for you so that you can do the same for Him. Determine it in your heart to get rid of your “possessing possessions”, and then make your move to Texas! Let nothing stop you from this task! Be “baptized in the water of repentance” as you wash away any and all thoughts that come against the Father’s Word for your life! It’s what the Word of God calls “the washing of water by the word”!


Now that’s what “water baptism” is all about, Kathy! In fact Jesus did it in the Garden of Gethsemane when Satan tempted Him to go against the Father’s Will for His Life. This is what you were allowed to witness, Kathy. Because you see even though Jesus never sinned, He practiced “water baptism” to the point of “bloody sweat” in order to keep Himself from sinning. And having said that, let’s see what the “Holy Ghost and fire baptism” is all about:


I [Jesus] am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled? But I [Jesus] have a baptism to be baptized with; and how am I [Jesus] straitened till it be accomplished!” (Luke 12:49-50 KJV)


So, Kathy, it’s through this Scripture that we’re going to come to an understanding of the “fire baptism” that we must go through in order to be saved…and we’re going to do it through Jesus, our Great Example. In fact the following commentary will help us to understand that Scripture just a little bit better:


Luk 12:50 - But I have a baptism to be baptized with,.... Not water baptism, for he had been baptized with that already; nor the baptism of the Spirit, which he had also received without measure; though the Ethiopic version reads it actively, "with which I shall baptize", referring doubtless to that; but the baptism of his sufferings is meant, which are compared to a baptism, because of the largeness and abundance of them; he was as it were immersed, or plunged into them… as in baptism, performed by immersion, the person is plunged into water, is covered with it, and continues awhile under it, and then is raised out of it, and which being once done, is done no more; so the sufferings of Christ were so many and large, that he was as it were covered with them, and he continued under them for a time… for this purpose he came into this world, and had substituted himself in the room and stead of his people; and it was necessary on their part, for their sins could not be atoned for without sufferings, nor without the sufferings of Christ; moreover, the promises and prophecies of the Old Testament concerning them, made them necessary: (John Gill’s Exposition On The Entire Bible)


You see Kathy, the “baptism of fire” has everything to do with the persecution that will result whenever the “Believer” obeys God’s Word (His Will) for their life. And of course Jesus, our Great Example, was preparing to receive His fire as you witnessed Him in the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus had been totally obedient to the Father’s Will for His Life, and what He was about to experience, the fire in it’s full intensity, from the Garden of Gethsemane to the Cross, would make Him unrecognizable to those who knew Him. He was mocked, spit on, beat on, His beard plucked out by the roots, scourged with a cat of nine tails, and crowned with a wreath of thorns, pressed deep into His scalp, before finally being nailed to His Cross.


So that’s what “baptism by fire” is all about – “persecution for the sake of the Gospel”. And you, Kathy, just like every other Jesus-professing Believer, must expect, and even look forward to, the “fire baptism” that awaits you as you step out in faith in obedience to God’s Word for your life. Your move to Texas will bring about much fire in your life, but through it all – the suffering and pain, the trials and persecutions – you, Kathy, will be made ready for His glorious Kingdom in Heaven.


For I will shew him [her] how great things he [she] must suffer for my name's sake.” (Acts 9:16 KJV)


So what’s it gonna be Kathy?How Do You Want Your Fire…Now Or Later?” The choice is yours. But you know, as well as I know, that the only good choice, which is the right choice, is to give up your stubbornly disobedient wives “kick”, and just make your move to Texas, so that I can fully accomplish my God-called responsibility to husband you in the Lord. Amen!


And having said all that, we’re going to end it right here with a prayer request for Kathy; that she might receive God’s Power from on high and use it for His glory to “Keep on keeping the faith in Jesus!!!




Dad (Bruce Hallman)


Update: After no response from Kathy to this sermonet, the Lord instructed me to give her a call on 5/20/07. The message I left on her answering service was that I would not be bothering her any more; her window of opportunity was coming to a close. And it was later on that night, after having received no further response from her, that the Lord said "It's over!" Kathy Kowtko's Hell is now an unchangeable reality. There's no turning back!


Kathleen Stuckey(1949 - 2010)
     Kathleen Kowtko Stuckey, 60, of 667 Rutherford Road, died Sunday, July 18, 2010. Born in Fair Lawn, NJ, she was the daughter of Bella Lillian Javitz Kowtko of Greenville and the late Andrew Kowtko.
     She is survived by her mother, sister Shirley Johnson, and son Christopher Stuckey of Atlanta, GA. A homemaker and mother, her son Christopher was her pride and joy whom she loved more than anything in her life.
     A memorial service will be held Friday, July 23, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. in the chapel of Thomas McAfee Funeral Home, Downtown with visitation following.
     The family will be at the home of Herb and Donna Stuckey, 1106 Carriage Park Circle, Greer. Memorials may be made in her name to to support those whom share the TN infliction with which she suffered. Condolences should be sent to the family by visiting



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