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The following letter-form was brought about as a means of teaching my children the Word of God through the mail. And of course, quite naturally so, thatís the reason I begin these letters with "Dear Children" and end them with "Love Dad". So for the rest of you who participate in these weekly messages, please keep their original intended purpose in mind.


30 December, 2001


Dear Children,


Do you remember how we started off our last sermonet? It went something like "Target practice anyone? I mean just why do you figure I feel like Father Godís painting a great big old Ďbullís eyeí on my little old body?" And of course the reason I said what I said was because of the very bold sermonet that was to follow... entitled Perry Stone's Five Tornados! (12-9-01). So just why do you figure Father God chose the FMHCCI to speak His "Word of correction" to Evangelist Perry Stone? Well, I really donít know why we were chosen to do it, but I do know why I had to do it. You see itís day after day that my Heavenly Father continues telling me that "If you love Me you will speak My Word that I give you."


So now do you understand why I had to do it? Well iffin that last sermonet turned me into a "bullís eye", then this oneís "shore nuf" going to finish it on off. What Iím about to do in this sermonet will certify me as nothing less than the NRAís new official target. I mean after all, when it comes to getting shot at, those NRA targets can really take the lead!


Well, without a doubt, this oneís gonna be tough! In fact letting you know just how tough "tough" really is, this sermonet is entitled Jimmy Swaggart And The Accursed! And in order to make sure everybody has a clear understanding of where weíre "headed to" with this message, what better way to start it off than with an overview of "where weíve already been". Because it was about midways 1983 that the world came crashing down on my little old head ó Big Time! ó and my United Methodist Religion didnít even begin to lighten the load. You see the way it all happened was in January of 83 the wife Annie (now ex-wife) and I flew down to the Republic of Panama to adopt our first child Felix. We flew down together but I flew back alone. The paperwork was just too much to complete during my two week vacation, so Annie stayed on in Panama to finish up the process.


However, the days soon turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, and before it was all said and done Annieís "running around in Panama for Felixís adoption" turned into her "running around in Panama with Mike". What a kick in the teeth! I mean here I was trying my best to build a family... while my wife was doing her best to destroy it! What a mess! My back was against the wall, and putting a gun to my head seemed like the most logical thing to do! It was rough!


And thatís right about the time the Jimmy Swaggart telecast paid off. You see for two years I had been "watching", and now it was time to "believe". Because what flowed out of Brother Swaggartís ministry was something Iíd never experienced in my entire "Christian" life. My "deadly cold" United Methodist Religion didnít have the Power of God... and the time was right to make the change! So I made the decision to trade in a religion for a Savior, and thatís when I began my walk for the Lord.


Glory! Ainít it great the way God works? I mean even though I thought I was saved, I was as lost as lost could be until the Lord showed me the way through the Jimmy Swaggart telecast. In fact it was only shortly thereafter that God the Father informed me that my nurturing and grooming ó for Godís Divine Service ó would come through the teaching and preaching of Brother Swaggart. Thatís what happened in 1983, and until this very day Jimmy Swaggart has been my "earthly mentor" in the Lord.


OK, now letís fast forward the story ten (10) years. It was1993, and after seven adoptions (one of which was still in progress), that the Lord instructed me and the wife to move to Texas. Two (2) years earlier, under the leading of the Lord, we had incorporated the FMH Childrenís Club International in the state of South Carolina (see The New Beginnings And Pastor Hector Saucedo! (11/25/01)), however, South Carolina was not where He wanted us to stay. So the wife agreed to the move, and then we moved. Well, kinda sorta anyway. You see it was based on Annieís promise, that she and the rest of the family would follow shortly thereafter, that Luis and I moved on out to Texas by ourselves.


Now you would think that old "Dad" would have learned from his experience ten (10) years earlier... but it just ainít so. Because you see what happened next, just one more time, was that the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, until one fine day Annie said "Iíve decided not to move."


Wow and double wow! I was up against the wall one more time, but this time I had a better option than putting a gun to my head . Because you see through Brother Swaggartís ten (10) years of teaching and preaching I was slowly but surely learning how to hear from the Lord and trust in the Lord by obeying the Lord. And the one very important Word that Annie and I received from the Lord ó concerning our move to Texas ó was "Donít turn back!"


So, seeing how God the Father takes precedence over everybody else, I knew without a doubt what I had to do. And of course in order for me to continue teaching my children the Word of God from such a great distance I started writing these little letters we now call sermonets. Ainít it great the way God works? I mean chew on that one for a while Splitfoot!


Well, come to think of it, thatís exactly what he did! Splitfoot and Annie that is. Because as she continued to resist Godís Will in her life it was these little old sermonets that kept right on getting stronger and stronger in the Lord. In fact the mailing list grew considerably, and quite a few of the precipitants (which even included Annie) hollered and squawked real loud about my continued association with the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. You see it was right about then that his name had become extremely distasteful to the world (mud so to speak), and the time had come for me to take a firm stand. So it was on the 14th of April, 1996, that I wrote the sermonet entitled Committed: I Will Not Turn Back!


In fact it was during that same time period that the Lord gave me a powerful Word concerning my marriage. He told me that I would get a "new wife" through the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, and it was only something like two years later that He instructed me to meet Annie and the children at JSM for each and every Campmeeting.


Well the way I had that one figured-out was not the way it actually turned-out-to-be. I mean wouldnít it have been nice if the preacher Annie hated the most would have been the one responsible for bringing her to the Lord and us back together? What a pretty picture that would have been, and all very much so possible, but Annie refused to submit. Because you see even though I provided the round trip tickets for my South Carolina family, it was only after two Campmeetings (November 97 and April 98) that Annie flat-out refused to make the trip anymore.


So if God the Father promised me a "new wife" through the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, but yet Annie wasnít willing to submit and become my new wife in Christ, then just how in the world was Godís Promise ever going to happen?


Well the answer to that question came about in a very thick letter that I received on the 19th of October, 2000. Because what I found in the envelope was the following: "Enclosed are the clocked copies of the order granting ex-parte restraining order, Family Court cover sheet, order dispensing with mediation, an affidavit of Anaith [Annie] Hallman, summons and complaint, motion for temporary relief, notice of motion hearing, custody jurisdiction affidavit, and notice of lis pendens in the above-named case, which I hereby serve upon you, and a certificate of service by mail." In other words my "faithful" wife of twenty-five (25) years was just all-of-the-sudden divorcing me. And just as the Lord had promised, I found the answer to my question on "how was the Lord going to get me a Ďnew wifeí through the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries" in the Affidavit Of Anaith Hallman (In Support Of Ex Parte Order).


Because what I found in her Affidavit was the following third and fourth reason for her divorce: "In the last several years Bruce has become a devoted follower of the evangelist, Jimmy Swaggart. Bruce moved to Texas several years ago and has continued to become more and more involved with the teachings of Jimmy Swaggart..." and "...He hears voices. I went to the Probate Court to have him committed, but he left the state before the order of detention could be carried out." (See A Christian's Divorce! (6/19/01) for the entire uncut version of Annie's demonically inspired divorce.)


Now the "voices" Annie was talking about me hearing is the Voice of the Lord, and the reason I hear Him so clearly is because of what Iíve been taught through the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. So you see Annieís divorce was just as the Lord had predicted; through the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries I would lose my first wife "who wouldnít submit to the Lord" in order to get my new wife "who loves the Lord"! Donít you just love the way Father God keeps His Promises! (See A Christian Marriage Outside The Law! (12/28/03) for God's promised "new wife".)


And now that Iíve made it unmistakably clear how much of my life has revolved around the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, just why do you figure Iím writing a sermonet entitled Jimmy Swaggart And The Accursed? Well itís like I pointed out in our last message Perry Stone's Five Tornados! (12/9/01), the Good Lord has called me to be a "snake hunter for Christ" and itís Brother Swaggartís organization thatís got a few snakes "in it" that need to be "run out".


Now what Iíve just said should not be taken in a negative sort of way against Brother Swaggartís Ministry. Without a doubt he is "on fire for the Lord", doing all he can to proclaim Godís Truth to a lost and dying world. However, the fact of the matter still remains that these little religious critters (snakes) look and act so much like "on fire Christians" that theyíre often very difficult to spot. And of course thatís exactly why the Lordís "called me in" to "point them out"... which brings up my next Scripture from the Lord.


Because you see for several weeks now the Lordís been rehearsing John chapter 16:1-3 in my little old mind: "These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended. They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me." And... seeing how it was only recently that I was asked "not to show my face again" at the Sun City Christian Center [church] for doing Godís Will by exposing a snake (see sermonet The New Beginnings And Pastor Hector Saucedo! (11/25/01)), wouldnít you think it quite possible that the same thing might happen with me and my beloved Jimmy Swaggart Ministries?


Well the answer to that one is "Yes", but I certainly hope and pray that it wonít. Because you see for all those who sincerely desire to know the truth, then the Good Lord will be more than willing to verify that what Iím saying is His Truth.


So having said all that, itís time to head on into our message on the snakes. And, as directed by God the Father (He told me to do it), the way weíre going to start this thing off is with a Word from God that was spoken through Brother Jimmy Swaggart. Donít you just love the way God works! I mean Father God gave Brother Swaggart a "special message" so that we could use it in our message... and here it is! (Emphases added as directed by the Holy Spirit.)


Jimmy Swaggart

(Family Worship Center - Baton Rouge, LA)


The following was given by Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart, during the morning service at Family Worship Center, and recorded as the 3rd Sunday ó December 2001 ó JSM Home Church Video. The actual date of the service is unknown. The Holy Spirit moved in such a strong way during the service that Brother Swaggart replaced his original sermon with a very short but powerful message:


Iím, Iím not going to try to preach this morning. I ah, Iíve learned that, ah, you donít try to top the Holy Spirit. When He says something ó and Heís said today to "Praise the Lord" ó praise Him, that is the Word that He has given, that we are to praise Him. Weíre going to receive the tithe and the offerings and then Iím going to have "B J" to sing. And ah, if the Lord is through with you, after that somewhere, weíll let you go home. I said if the Lord is through with you. Could you go back to your seats please? Praise God, hallelujah, thank you Jesus. Donít we thank the Lord for what Heís done? Yes we do! I, I told Frances yesterday that, ah, Iíve been feeling it in my spirit for the last two or three months, especially since the last Campmeeting, that the Lord is going to take us to another level. (Applause.) Go ahead, go ahead. I believe that. I want to urge you, everyone of you, whether this is your - you are a member or not, it really doesnít matter about that, to be faithful to every service that you possibly can, and to keep yourself in a mode of praise to the Lord and worship to Him. I really sense it, and God hears me and you hear me, this is not hype, that the Lord is about to take us to a new level. Oh hallelujah, praise God.


("B J" sings.)


I want to talk to you about three or four minutes. I wonít try to preach, I just will tell you something that can change your life; if youíll let it. Turn to Romans if you will, please. Romans chapter 8, verses 1 and 2. Romans chapter 8, verses 1 and 2. "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death."


I want to speak to you just a minute. This is not the message I had prepared, itís really not a message, but I wonít hold you but about 10 minutes. What it means to walk after the flesh, and what it means to walk after the Spirit. This is critical! There is nothing more critical than this as it regards the child of God. If you walk after the flesh, of the flesh you are going to ultimately reap corruption. If you walk after the Spirit, walking after the Spirit will bring Life. Every time it will bring Life, which means victory in every capacity.


There are some of you, and I say that, and I donít really know, I donít have anyone in mind and donít know anyone in this regard, but, more than likely there are some here today who are struggling with something in your life. You are a Christian, you love the Lord, but youíre struggling with something, and youíre struggling with it because youíre walking after the flesh.


Now letís look at what that is for just a moment. First of all what is the flesh? What is Paul talking about when he uses the term flesh? He explains it really in two different ways, but the way that he speaks of it the majority of the time is in the realm of your own self strength; your ability within yourself, your strength within yourself.


Now none of thatís wrong, but it becomes wrong when you try to live for God in that method. Thatís the flesh. That means you are trying to do what only Christ can do; only the Holy Spirit can do. Youíre trying to do it yourself, and the things that you do may be good things. They may be good things, and because theyíre good they fool you and make you think "Well that is walking after the Spirit", or whatever the case; itís not.


The flesh, Iíll say it again, is the Christian trying to do what only Christ can do. And it means, "Well I will live for God, I will walk this walk, I will live this life, and by doing certain things it will make me a good Christian." And what are those things?


If you put your faith in anything other than the Cross, that is walking after the flesh. Now listen carefully to what I just said. If your faith is anchored in anything, I donít care what it is, how good it may be in itís own right. And this is a big problem for Christians, because most Christians think they are close to God, or right, or whatever terminology they want to use, by the things they do. Itís not! Youíre close to God or not close to Him by what you believe.


And in teaching this, almost every Christian would say "Oh yes I believe that", and turn right around and depend on your activity in the church, your activity in your living this life. Am I making sense? Thatís where almost all of the church is. "Iím all right, Iím close to God, Iím this or that or the other", or whatever terminology they want to use, "because I do this or that or that or this." And see then whenever we teach this a lot of Christians will go off and say "Well youíre teaching against being faithful to church, against a prayer life, against this or that or the other." No, when you get what Iím talking about youíll do that even greater than youíve ever done it. But if your faith and confidence and your trust is in these things that you do, God labels it as flesh because you have bypassed the Cross. In effect saying "I can do it", whenever you canít do it. In fact to business, that coin wonít spend in Godís Heaven. Itís not convertible currency. He wonít honor it.


All right. So what does it mean now to walk after the Spirit. Walk after the flesh is what Iíve said, now letís look at for a few moments walking after the Spirit. And hereís where Christians get mixed up on this, they think that doing Spiritual things means Iím walking after the Spirit. It doesnít! Now once again, are we saying donít do spiritual things? No, weíre talking about the object of your faith. Letís say all of this again. Most of Christendom, no matter what they say, if you dig in a little bit, their faith is in the doing of Spiritual things which they think is walking after the Spirit. The word walking, incidentally means how you order your life; how you order your behavior. Itís, itís not the doing of spiritual things.


Walking after the Spirit, which means of course the Holy Spirit, refers to you putting your faith 100% in Christ and what Christ did at the Cross for you; trusting, trusting in that exclusively, and not trusting in anything else but that. Thatís where the Spirit always leads the saint of God, to the Cross, because it was there that Jesus paid the price. And whenever you do that then the Holy Spirit is going to start working in your life, because youíre walking after the Spirit now; your faith is in Jesus, and what Jesus did at the Cross. And youíll find now that that problem that youíve been struggling with, that it may be a problem to you but itís no problem to the Holy Spirit. It may be impossible for you, and friend it is, but with the Holy Spirit, He is God and nothing is impossible.


He doesnít require much of you, but He requires this of you, that, that you put your faith in what Jesus has done. Thatís why Paul said, "Christ sent me not to baptize." He wasnít knocking water baptism, he was merely saying "Thatís not the preeminence, but to preach the Gospel and not with enticing words, lest the Cross of Christ be made of none effect." Thatís why he said "The preaching of the Cross is to them which perish foolishness, but to we who are saved it is the power of God."


Was he meaning that-that a cross, an old wooden beam, carries power? No! Was he meaning that Jesus dying on that thing had power? No! He was meaning when Jesus paid the price, that gave access to the Holy Spirit to come into your heart and your life and the Holy Ghost can do anything! Thatís the Power of God! Youíre walking after the Spirit.


Now let me close with this. You can teach this much easier to new converts than you can to old set-in-their-ways Christians who love Ishmael and donít want to give him up. (Brother Swaggart laughs.) I meant we have put a lot into Ishmael, and we like him; boy, heís got wavy hair, he can strut his stuff and heís the product of the flesh. And yet, now when weíve got him up to where heís really handsome the Lord sayís get rid of him. (Brother Swaggart laughs.) The Lord told Abraham and Sarah, told Sarah first, and she told Abraham and Abraham said "Now wait a minute", and the Lord said "Sarahís right, he must go. Ishmael and the bond woman must go. Isaac shall be the seed and not Ishmael, because Isaac is a product of the Spirit and Ishmael is a product of the flesh."


I donít care how pretty he is God will not accept Ishmael. (Brother Swaggart laughs.) But see young converts, they donít have any Ishmaels. They hadnít been in it long enough to follow you. (Brother Swaggart laughs.) They just got saved, and theyíre thrilled and happy, but lot of Christians been living for the Lord awhile, theyíve got their Ishmaels. Church is full of them, our lives are full of them, and God the Holy Spirit says "They got to go" to where youíre depending on nothing but what Jesus did at the Cross.


Let me explain that to you. You see the Lord, Iíve got another two minutes, you see the Lord, through Isaac, this seed would come who would hang on a Cross and redeem lost humanity. That was the whole story. That was what it was all about. It wasnít that Isaac was-was anything special it was through him and his seed, down about 1500 years later, well longer than that, nearly 2000 years later, that, no about 1500 years, 1700, that Christ would could come, and would suffer, and pay the price on the Cross of Calvary. Thatís why it was important. And Isaac had to come about as a result of God performing the task 100% and not man.


So God had to get I..., Is..., had to get Abraham to the place and Sarah to the place that they couldnít bear children; they were too old. And then He could perform a miracle, which he did, and Isaac was born. Which meant that it wasnít a product of Abraham and Sarah but entirely of God. And through this one the Redeemer is coming Who will redeem humanity on the Cross. The other one was a work of Abrahamís flesh; Ishmael. And whenever you drive up to your Shell station, or Amoco, or Esso, or whatever they call these things, and you buy your gasoline today youíll pay about 35 cents more a gallon than you ought to. Thank Ishmael for it.


Iím serious, Iím not joking. That, that when you turn on your TV set, and theyíre fighting over there in-in-in Israel, itís Ishmael and Isaac are still at it, still at it. Because (Brother Swaggart laughs) itís hard to get rid of the flesh. (Brother Swaggart laughs.) Itís hard! But if you will put your eyes on what Jesus has done, and keep your faith there, and anchor it there, not let it be moved, then youíre going to have half of the church persecute you, and a lot of your relatives are going to tell you "Youíre crazy!" Iím serious, but, youíll have a joy and a freedom in your soul like youíve never had it before in your life.




Now, before we get started with our part of the message Iíd like to first proclaim a very hearty "Amen to that Brother Swaggart!" for his part of the message. Because as the Lord has designed it, itís his Word from God, thatís going to set the stage for our Word from God, so that a few of the JSM staff can have their flesh (snakes) exposed and get back on track in their "spiritual walk" for the Lord.


And even though Iíd like to go into a full-blown dissertation on this "flesh and Spirit" thing, Iíll only briefly cover whatís already been said in our long running series of How Do You Want Your Fire... Now Or Later?(6/25/00) as it concerns "the human body and sin". Because you see the way God designed the human body is very similar to His design of the universe... itís very, very complicated. In fact itís so very complicated that once Satan managed to get his sin into it, through Adam, God had to actually put on a human body Himself in order to get rid of it. So "God the Word" became "Jesus the Flesh" in order to take on the sin of the world and defeat it through his human body.


And just how did Jesus do that? Well, He was Born in the Flesh without sin, He lived His entire Life in the Flesh without sin, and then He took on the sin of the world in His Flesh and defeated it through His Perfect Blood on the Cross. You see He did what we couldnít do because His Human Body was without sin from the Start. Jesus was Born without sin, in order for Him to live His entire Life on earth in complete obedience to the Will of His Father (without sin), and therefore be Perfectly Prepared to take on our sins (the sin of the world) at the Cross. Because it was Jesusí lifelong Perfect "Walk in the Spirit" that enabled Him to defeat each and every sin at the Cross through His Perfect Blood.


Jesusí Body was prepared ahead of time, through the Holy Spirit and His lifelong obedience to the Will of His Father, so that His Flesh could finally receive the sin of the world and overcome it through His suffering on the Cross. And now that this has been completed, all who accept Jesusí Divine Sacrifice for their sins can be considered "sinless" by the Father in order for the Holy Spirit to do the same in them. In fact the Lord told me that this process ó of having our sin-filled flesh cleaned-up though our very own "custom designed walk in the Spirit" ó is very similar to the process of photosynthesis in plants (see sermonet Photosynthesis: The Key To Both This Life And The Next! (9/9/01)). Because itís through our "walk of obedience" to Father Godís each and every command to us ó His Divine Light shinning in us ó that our sin-filled flesh will be slowly but surely replaced by His Spirit.


Itís what you might call Naturally Dead Until Spiritually Alive! (10/1/00). And having said all that we can go back to Brother Swaggartís comments of "...there are some here today who are struggling with something in your life. You are a Christian, you love the Lord, but youíre struggling with something, and youíre struggling with it because youíre walking after the flesh." Because it was those exact Words of God, as spoken by Brother Swaggart, that weíre going to specifically apply to a few people on his staff. And just why do you figure Father God wants to call these people by name?


Well it all goes back to what Brother Swaggart said about the Lord being ready to take the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries to a new level... and he also said "but lot of Christians been living for the Lord awhile, theyíve got their Ishmaels. Church is full of them, our lives are full of them, and God the Holy Spirit says ĎThey got to goí to where youíre depending on nothing but what Jesus did at the Cross." And you see itís right about here that what the Lordís given me comes into the picture.


Loren Larson


Loren LarsonBecause it was on the 18th of May that I sent the following e-mail to one of the JSM staff members by the name of Loren Larson:


Subj: JSM May Newsletter
Date: 5/18/01 1:07:06 PM Mountain Daylight Time

Dear Brother Larson,

After reading Brother Swaggart's May Newsletter, concerning the financial situation with JSM, the Lord impressed on my heart the story of Israel's defeat at Ai. In fact the key verse that He pointed out to me was "Therefore the children of Israel could not stand before their enemies, but turned their backs before their enemies, because they were accursed: neither will I be with you any more, except ye destroy the accursed from among you." (Joshua 7:12)

This was what He gave me on the 16th, and after much prayer I'm relaying it on to you. Now I will not go into details just yet, but for the last year or so the Lord has been exposing me to some of the "accursed" within JSM. In fact their was a Prophetic Word given by a pastor here in El Paso last Saturday concerning this very same matter.

The Lord has asked me to both give you this information and inquire of you what avenues you feel I should take. Please pray about it.

In the Lord,

Bruce Hallman


Now, if you havenít read our sermonet Pastor Stephens And The Rejected Word From God! (5/27/01) you really need to do so. Because it was Pastor Stephens who gave a powerful prophetic Word about the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, and he did it without even knowing who it concerned. You see heís one of those ministers who consider Brother Swaggart to be "the plague", so the Good Lord spoke through him in code just so he wouldnít know what he was speaking.


But anyway, the Word that was given concerned the powerful move of God thatís about to take place in the Jimmy Swaggart Ministry. It will happen very shortly, and it will be very, very powerful! However, on the most part ó due to the fierce opposition (hatred) against the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries by the religious world ó the unbelievable miracles that will take place within JSM will be attributed to the powers of Satan. Itís what you might call a modern day "witch hunt"... with "the religious world" being the hunters and JSM the hunted.


And, having said that, we can get back to the story of Joshua and Israelís defeat at Ai. Because you see the way it all happened was that once God finally allowed Israel to enter the "Promised Land", He gave them the impossible victory over mighty Jerico, but very shortly thereafter allowed them to get beat-up by whimpy old Ai. It was kinda like God had just all-of-the-sudden deserted His chosen people! What in Heaven could have gone wrong?


Well Iím glad you asked, because what happened to the mighty nation of Israel ó the reason they got beat-up really, really bad at Ai ó was that one of the Israelites by the name of Achan decided to "walk in the flesh" instead of "walk the spirit". Can you even imagine that? I mean out of all the millions who were obeying the Spirit, it only took one little old man "in the flesh" to cause Godís hand of protection to be removed during their battle with the enemy Ai.


Itís what you call "a little leaven from Achan leaveneth the whole bunch"... or "rot and corruption spewing forth from Achanís living dead body". Either way you look at it, itís all the same. In fact as Brother Swaggart so nicely put it, "If you walk after the flesh, of the flesh you are going to ultimately reap corruption." And the seemingly insignificant "walk of the flesh" that Achan committed was when he decided to keep a few souvenirs from the battle of Jerico after Almighty God had already commanded that everything be destroyed. So, because of Achanís disobedience to God the Father the nation of Israel suffered greatly.


Now getting back to my e-mail to Loren Larson, president of World Evangelism Bible College (Jimmy Swaggartís Bible College). The Lord first gave me a Word concerning JSM and the accursed, and He then told me to send Brother Loren the e-mail that youíve just read. That was what the Lord told me to do, and the following is what Loren Larson did:


Date: 6/12/01 8:43:23 AM Mountain Daylight Time
From: (webc)

Dear Brother Hallman,

Greetings in the name of the Lord!

Thank you for your e-mail of May 18th. I apologize it's been some time since we have received it. I have been unable to catch up with correspondence. I am some what at odds with what you feel the Lord has told you about JSM. I suppose that if a man was operating his own ministry that the Lord would show him what was wrong with it. But I know that Brother Swaggart as well as the other Staff members here are in constant prayer to the Lord. Asking him that if anything is off base or displeasing to him that He would show it and reveal it to us.

If you'd like to give us the information the you feel the Lord has given you, I see no problem with you e-mailing me back with that information. However, again I do feel that the Lord is going to reveal things to those who are involved in ministry. Not just to those that are outside of it, and have no particular interest or knowledge of the day to day on-goings of that particular ministry.

You can see my thought process as I pray I leave what you do now up to you and the Lord.

Love in Christ,

Brother Loren Larson


So... after having prayed about Brother Larsonís request for two weeks, and likewise after having received instruction from the Lord, I fired off my next and final e-mail back to him:


Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2001 12:06 PM
Subject: Re: JSM May Newsletter

Dear Brother Larson,

I've prayed about your request and I'm afraid that it's not the way God wants it handled. However, He has asked me to invite you to our Web Site ( to read the Sermonet Of The Week entitled The Word Of Faith Error And Copeland, Meyer, Price, Crouch, And Hinn! You'll find in that message why Jesus did die many deaths even though none of them we're of His Spirit while in Hell.

In the Lord,

Bruce Hallman


Now, just why do you suppose Brother Larson couldnít understand the importance of getting Godís Word to Brother Swaggart? I mean didnít he at least take the time to seek the Lord in prayer? Well, to tell you the truth, I didnít even have a clue... so I just turned it over to the Lord and left it at that.


In fact while weíre on the subject of Divine Knowledge, the reason I threw in the comment to Brother Larson ó Jesus did die many deaths even though none of them we're of His Spirit while in Hell ó was because he tried to speak on Scripture without first having the Divine Knowledge to do so. In fact it was during his 8:00 "Jesus Died Spiritually" teaching session ó 2001 Easter Campmeeting ó that he used Isaiah 53:9 to disprove the "Word of Faith" doctrine that "Jesus Died Spiritually". You see they say the word "deaths" in the Scripture "And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death(s)..." meant that Jesus died both physically and spiritually for the sin of the world. They say Jesus was tormented on the Cross (His first death) and then in Hell (His second death). And it was Brother Lorenís argument that the correct translation of the Scripture should have been the word "death" instead of "deaths".


- The Sign Of The Prophet Jonah! -
(Jesus Died Spiritually Exposed)
(Download MP3)


Well, Brother Larson is wrong! Because what the Lord has given me, through His Divine Knowledge, is that Jesus did die many deaths, however none of them were in Hell. Jesus actually died a physical death for each and every sin of the world while He was on the Cross. In fact you can find a more complete discussion on this subject in our sermonet The Word Of Faith Error And Copeland, Meyer, Price, Crouch, And Hinn! (6/10/01).


Then it was a few months later ó the 17th of October to be exact ó that the Lord encouraged me to check with JSMís World Evangelism Fellowship to see if Pastor Tim was still preaching in upstate New York. Because you see it was early on that morning, as I watched an old JSM Home Church Video, that Brother Swaggart introduced Pastor Tim from somewhere around Buffalo, New York. And seeing how Iíve got a very close friend living in that area, the Lord kinda like nudged me to try and link the two up.


So, anyway, I made the call and was very surprised to hear the voice of Pastor Dave Smith on the WEF answering service. I did as he requested by leaving my phone number, and what followed shortly thereafter was a chain of events thatís better known as "phone tag". We played tag until the 23rd of October when we were finally able to speak in person. And it was then, per my request, that Pastor Dave looked up Pastor Tim in his records for the WEF pastors. However, he wasnít able to find anyone in upstate New York, so I asked him to pray before we hung up. I asked him to pray that the Lord would direct our paths concerning the "JSM May Newsletter and His Word to me", and he did exactly that... also including a prayer for my friend in Buffalo.


Well I never heard anymore back from Pastor Dave, and then it was during my very long drive back from a very short JSM Thanksgiving Campmeeting (more on that later) that the Lord told me to write this sermonet. He told me to write one on Perry Stone first, then follow it up with one on the "unsafe conditions at JSM", and do it all before the end of the year. So out of obedience to Father God we wrote the sermonet Perry Stone's Five Tornados! (12/9/01). And in that message, as directed by the Holy Spirit, we kinda like continued on with the topic from The New Beginnings And Pastor Hector Saucedo! (11/25/01) which focused on what happens to us humans when we donít first hear from God and then obey God. Itís what you call "rot and corruption spewing forth from our living dead bodies"... which brings us back to the subject at hand of Jimmy Swaggart And The Accursed!


Because you see itís just as Iíve said so many times before, "In this job of snake hunting, I do not actually see the snakes until Father God points them out to me." I mean the Lord introduces me to the people first, and then He shows me the snakes in their lives so that I can help them see the snakes too. And now that Iíve said all that, we can go back in time to the beginning of our "snake hunting journey" with Brother Larson. Because it was during the 1998 Easter Campmeeting that the Lord spoke a Word through Brother Larson ó Jesusí resurrected body contained "no Blood" ó that kinda like kicked this whole "snake hunting adventure" off. It all happened during his early morning teaching session, and the Word that he gave was exactly what I needed in order to finish up our series on Vampires In The Church! (3/15/98). The end results of that special Word from Brother Larson was our final sermonet of Flesh And Blood Cannot Inherit the Kingdom Of God! (5/10/98).


But, getting back to that early morning teaching service and Brother Larson, it was after the meeting had ended that I went up to thank him for his "special Word" on Jesusí Blood. And, as we were talking, I also mentioned the fact that the Campmeetings were just about the only time I attended church... because that was what the Lord had instructed me to do. I told him that the Lord had commanded me to attend all the JSM Campmeeting services with the family ó starting with Thanksgiving 1997 ó and other than that I was to write the FMHCCI weekly sermonets.


I mean I felt pretty good about being able to "walk" in obedience to the Holy Spirit... that is until Brother Larson replied back to me with his famous quote from the Holy Bible: "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching." (Hebrews 10:25)


Well after hearing that from such a great man of God I began to question whether I was actually walking "in the Spirit" or "after the Devil". I was very, very confused at that point in time. So I sought the Lord in earnest only to discover that what I was doing with my life was exactly what He had directed me to do. And with that in mind, I kinda like dismissed Brother Larsonís little glitch and continued right on along with my life.


And then it was on the 24th of November, 2000, that the Lord instructed me to send the following e-mail to him:


Sent: Friday, November 24, 2000 5:10 PM
Subject: The Renewing Of Your Mind!

Dear Brother Loren,

I've been waiting a long time to share some very important information with you, and it was only after hearing your Camp Meeting message The Renewing Of Your Mind that the Lord said this is now the time to do it. Because you see even though you've done one more great job of explaining God's "mind renewing process" in general terms it can be explained more thoroughly through God's design of the human body.

Now if you'll think back a few months ago (probably the month of June) you should remember talking with some "nut" who was somehow connected to you while looking for directions on how to find Brother Swaggart's very own "fiery trail testimony" in the commentaries. Well I was that nut, and even though you weren't able to help me I was able to throw out the comment before hanging up of just how envious I was of your enormous "teaching gift" from the Lord. I would love to be able to teach like you.

But anyway, the reason I was looking for Brother Swaggart's testimony was so that I could include it in a sermonet series that the Lord had given me to write. You see for the longest time I'd wondered how sin actually works inside the human body (how it gets in and how you get it out), and I guess that's the reason He gave me the writing assignment to compare the New Testament "water and fire baptism" with the Old Testament "animal sacrifices" (the sin offering, the trespass offering, and the burnt offering). And even though you weren't able to help me find what I was looking for, it was after digging into the commentaries on what would later become my introductory text (Matthew 3:1-12) that I was miraculously able to find it. In fact Brother Swaggart's comments not only included "religion" and "the Catholic Church" but also "Pat Robertson's involvement" in the whole flaming mess.

So that's exactly how the sermonet series How Do You Want Your Fire... Now Or Later? all got started. And even though we're not even close to being through with the series yet, what the Lord's already shown me about the "human body and sin" is down right soul shaking. You see God's Word is chock full of very detailed information on how sin takes control of the body and how God gets it back out. In fact one important part of the body that's used in God's Salvation Process can be found in the description of the "sin offering". The only part of the animal that gets offered up for sin on the "flaming altar" is the "innerd fat". And when you get into the anatomy of the human body you'll find this fat to be none other than "lipid" which is better known for the role it plays in providing "energy" during life or death situations (it's called "fight or flight"). That's the "sin offering", and then going on into the "trespass offering" you'll find that not only the "innerd fat" gets offered up on the "flaming altar" but also the "kidneys" too. And of course it's the job of the kidneys to purify the body's "water" (plasma) by taking out all the "undesirables" in the blood.

Now what I've just shared with you is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the human body and sin. In fact just to give you one more good example of what the Lord has shown me, the "yoke of Satan" in the human body takes place exactly where you'd expect to find it... at the base of the skull and the nap of the neck. It's called the "brain stem". Because you see this very important part of the human body has the amazing ability to take control of body functions, through it's electrical and chemical signals, and just flat out ignore whatever the "brain" might think.

So in a nutshell, the Lord is giving me a revelation on the "human body and sin" which the world needs to hear. I've got it but I can't take it where it needs to go. And I guess the question is are you the messenger God's chosen for the job? Please pray about it.

In the Lord,

Bruce Hallman
FMH Children's Club International
Phone # 915.751.6789


God was in the process of giving us one more powerful revelation on His Word ó one that could result in the salvation of many lost and dying souls ó and He wanted Brother Loren to take it and run with it. However... seeing how Brother Loren did not take the time to pray about it, the following was his very timely but short response back to me:


Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2000 3:26 PM
Subject: Re: The Renewing Of Your Mind!

Dear Bruce,

Thank you for your recent e-mail. I would be interested in reading your work when it is completed.

Love, in Christ,

Brother Loren Larson


So, moving right on along, the Lord continued "opening up" more of the "hidden things" in Brother Larsonís life through our next e-mail:


Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2001 3:41 PM
Subject: Grace

Dear Loren,

I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your Sunday night message. In fact your message is so important in the revelation that the Lord is giving me on the "human body and sin" that He brought it to mind Monday morning with His very own subtitle of "Grace Is Made For Fighting." Thanks for the inspiration.

And before I end this one, please help me understand Brother Swaggart's statement concerning the "if" that should have been a "since". This one has bugged me for some time and I just can't seem to see the light. What I find in my search is that the Greek word "If" was translated from in Luke chapter 4 verse 3 ("If thou be the Son of God") was Strong's #1487, which in turn means "a prim. particle of conditionality; if, whether, that, etc.: -forasmuch as, that, ([al-]) though, whether." So if this was the word written in the original manuscripts (which means conditionality) how can Brother Swaggart say that it should have been translated "since"? It seems to me that a good example of the word "since" (if "Since thou be the Son of God" is correct) can be found in II Cor. 13:3, "Since ye seek a proof of Christ". However, this word "since" is translated from the Strong's #1893, which in turn means "thereupon, i.e. since (of time or cause):-because, else, for that (then, -asmuch as), otherwise, seeing that, since, when. Where am I missing the connection?

Thanks for the help.

In the Lord,

Bruce Hallman
FMH Children's Club International


That was my question to him (as directed by the Lord), and the following is his snake infested answer back to me:


Subj: Re: Grace
Date: 3/28/01 11:01:18 AM Mountain Standard Time

Dear Bruce,

Thank you for your e-mail. I appreciate the words of encouragement concerning my message.

In regard to your question about the word translated "if" from the Greek, one must understand the nature of conditional sentences in the Greek language. There are four classes of conditions in the Greek. The first two assume the statement as being reality and the other two as possibility. The first class condition assumes the statement to be true. Therefore, when the Greek word "ei" is used as a first class condition, it can be translated "since." Any time the word "ei" is used in the indicative mood, it assumes the reality of the statement. In the particular passage to which you refer, "ei" is in the indicative and is better understood as "since" instead of "if." I realize this is a concise explanation, however, I hope it helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Love in Christ,

Bro. Loren


Now the great thing about "walking in the Spirit" is that any "old dummy" can do it. I mean I for one ainít no Greek scholar, but the Holy Spirit in me continued right on telling me that the "if" should have remained "if" and not be changed to "since". In fact when I received the following information from my friend, the Lord confirmed it ó loud and clear! ó that this was exactly what the Word of God meant:


Subj: Re: Grace
Date: 4/4/01 3:22:09 PM Mountain Daylight Time

Dear Brother Loren,

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my question on "if or since". I've received input from another Brother in the Lord that pretty much falls in line with the information that you gave me. Please let me know if you disagree with his comments:

I received information back from my source. Here's his explanation, remembering of course that he reads Greek fluently. The Greek word used is ei, which is simply pronounced like the i in Tina.

It is a word of condition, but it can be translated in various ways. "If" is a perfectly acceptable translation. "Since" or "although" are also possible, but in a written translation, rather than oral, it is best to avoid such translation, because proper understanding of those words would require hearing the intonation used. What I mean is this:

Suppose the devil said to Jesus "Yeah, right! OK, You're the Son of God! Let's see you do a miracle." If we read just the words, they technically admit that He is who He said He is. But the tone of voice is ridiculing, mocking, etc., implying disbelief. But seeing this in writing, rather than hearing it, there is some potential for misunderstanding.

So if we translate ei as "since" or "although," we need to understand that the concession of the fact is conditional. It is meant to convey doubt. Depending on the context, it could convey the doubt of the speaker, or, it could be intended to plant doubt in the mind of the hearer. In the case of Jesus vs. the devil, the devil knew exactly who Jesus was. (Later in the NT, we hear devils more than once acknowledge who Jesus is.) But Satan also knew that, in human flesh, Jesus was susceptible to human weaknesses, including, but certainly not limited to, doubt. So he played on Jesus' humanity, attempting to plant doubt in the mind of Jesus. This is why "if" really works best here. "Since" could work, but we'd almost need to hear the sneer in the devil's voice as he said it. Lacking that ability, we should stick with the translation of "if."

In the Lord,



So you see the way the Lordís explained it to me is that He gave Loren Larson a very important position in the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries just so he could help Brother Swaggart stay on track with the True Word of God. That is his calling, and God has equipped him for his calling, but for some unknown reason heís kinda decided to do a little finagling with Godís Word along the way. Because it was his e-mail response back to me concerning the Truth ó "if" should not be "since" ó that went something like this:


Date: 5/4/01 7:36:15 AM Mountain Daylight Time

Dear Bruce,

I apologize for the delay in responding to your last e-mail.

The context determines the proper meaning of ei.

Jesus' real temptation was to either depend on Himself or to listen to and obey God. Just the same as "us" today.

In Christ,

Bro. Larson


Now seeing how the Lord considered this issue of "if or since" so very important, what do you say we just go all the way back to itís early beginnings. Because you see it was quite a few months earlier that we actually started our quest for the Truth through the following e-mail to Sister Swaggart:


Sent: Monday, December 13, 1999 12:26 PM
Subject: A Comment And A Question

Dear Sister Swaggart,

I have tried sending several E-mails through your "Contact Us" form but have never received a reply. So I thought I'd try both methods today and see which one gets the results.

First of all I would like to say that I enjoy Sunlife Radio and your program over the Internet. And on today's broadcast you read from the Living Bible. Now I don't know whether you realize it or not but this version of the Bible was translated from a different Greek text than the KJV. A very good example of the subtle but very important differences between the two can be found in I John 4:3. The KJV reads "And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist." That's what the KJV reads but my New Living Bible leaves out the critical information: "...Christ is come in the flesh..." There's a very good book out on the market (New Age Bible Versions) that points out these differences in the translations. It can be seen and purchased on the Internet at "".

Before I close I would like to thank Brother Swaggart for the JSM Commentaries. I depend on them greatly during my study of the Holy Bible. However there is one statement that Brother Swaggart made concerning Luke 4:3 that has me completely baffled. He said that "...If you are the Son of God..." should have been translated "...Since you are the Son of God..." Can you please help me understand how and where he got this?

Thank you for your ministry, and may the Lord continue to bless it.

Bruce Hallman


You see the reason the Lord wanted us to include this "if or since" e-mail to Sister Swaggart was so that we could bring to light another very important issue... the one about which Bible version represents the True Word of God. But before we go there letís read her response to our God-directed concern:


Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 1999 3:59 PM

Dear Bruce,

Thank you for your kind e-mail. We appreciate your taking the time to write.

I'm sure you have noticed that we are back to using the King James Version. I like it much better.

In answer to your question concerning Luke 4:3, the reason for the change in wording is that Satan knew Jesus was the Son of God. His purpose in temptation was not to make Him prove He was the Messiah, but to make Him step out of God's ordained will for Christ's life and ministry. Actually, there were two specific reasons for the temptation:

1. To get the Lord to gratify the flesh.
2. To get Christ to use His power outside the Will of God.

I trust this has answered your questions. Once again, thank you and may you have a blessed holiday.

In Christ,

Frances Swaggart


Now itís right about here that Brother Larsonís calling to "help keep the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries on track for God" should have really kicked in itís after-burners. I mean saying it just one more time, I am a mental midget when it comes to the gray matter. I just donít have it, but I do know the One Who has it All. And when it comes to this matter of "corrupted Bible versions", the Lord has shown me, without a doubt, that the seed they came from (Greek translation) is corrupted, and therefore the word they produce is also corrupted. These New Age Bible Versions are not Godís Pure Word (Seven Times Pure). In fact please allow me to invite you to read what the Lordís given us on this same subject in our sermonet ...And Benny Hinn Says The Catholics Are Saved? (5/7/00).


So, seeing how Brother Larson did not "walk in the Spirit" by performing his God-called duty, we now see these New Age Bible Versions being promoted at JSM instead of demoted. Because it was only two (2) years after our e-mail to Sister Swaggart that Brother Donnie Swaggart openly proclaimed his approval of these corrupted versions during the 2001 Thanksgiving Campmeeting (Thursday night service), just as Brother Larsonís WEBC was about to teach a mini course on the very same subject. I mean rattlesnakes do serve their purpose for mankind, but the fact still remains that their bite will kill!


Well what do you say we just move right on along to another one of the JSMís "accursed"? I mean after all, weíve been pretty thorough with Brother Larson... or have we? Come to think of it there is just one more example of his "Ishmael" that we need to uncover. Because it was during Easter Campmeeting 2001 that the Lord instructed me to attend his class on Romans chapter 7, which I did. And it was after the first dayís class that the Lord had me ask him a question concerning what he had just taught.


You see Brother Larson had just finished drilling it into our heads that "The law is good and appears as such, but it will not get out the sin within us" when he made the statement "Itís guaranteed that nobody should be visiting a strip joint!" Now the minute I heard that one little old statement a whole bunch of bells went off in my head. I mean thatís when my mind raced back to the time he tried to turn Hebrews 10:25 into a law just for little old me ("Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together...").


So, after class, and through the leading of the Holy Spirit, I approached Brother Larson with the question of "What if the Lord gave you a mission to visit a strip joint?" You know... one of those "walk of the Spirit" missions, as designed by God, in order to overcome some of the "flesh". Well the answer I got back from him was a stumbling stuttering "I would have to ask my wife first" type of replies. And that was right about the place in time that I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that there was definitely a snake in Brother Larsonís woodpile!


And as the Lord was preparing me to write this message, it was on the 9th of December that he gave me II Timothy 3:5 as Scripture pertaining to Brother Larson. It was kinda like His stamp of approval in confirming what I had already experienced: "Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away."


Philip And Tabitha Pimlott


Philip and TabithaPastor "P" and his wife Tabitha are without a doubt two very talented people. Not only do they spearhead the JSM Crossfire Youth Ministries, but Tabitha brings a Holy Ghost anointing to the Family Worship Center services through her singing. However, there is a problem with this lovely couple thatís earned them the "right" to be on Godís list of Jimmy Swaggartís accursed.


Because it was in my first e-mail to Pastor "P" that the Lord instructed me to say what I said without me even knowing what I was actually saying, and hereís what I said:


To: Pastor "P"
Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 5:35 PM
Subject: YouthTalk

Dear Pastor "P",

I've just received the May issue of the Evangelist, and after having read Youth Talk I felt the need to share the following letter with you. What I'm about to say concerns your statement "The youth today are carrying around heavier burdens than most adults. The sad thing is, most of the time it's their parents who are the ones applying these burdens."

You see I was raised in a United Methodist Church, and felt very positive about my church membership getting me into Heaven. I had no (zero) relationship with Him other than the nagging thoughts about turning my life around. In my senior year at college I met, lived in sin for several months with, and then married a very confused individual who had already been married four times previously. She was originally from Panama (Republic Of Panama), and it didn't take me long to find out that my "non Spirit-filled religion" had not prepared me to deal with the "spirit-filled world" from her country.

And even though we got off to a very bad start, we continued right on along by adopting children from Panama (seven in all). But it was during our first adoption (1978) when things got so completely out of control that I was introduced to Jimmy Swaggart. This was the beginning of my walk as I slowly but surely turned over my life over to Jesus.

So as the family grew I continued not only learning from Brother Swaggart, but also studying the Scriptures and teaching the children. In fact we would faithfully watch Jimmy Swaggart as a part of our worship service, and we did it even though the wife hated him (verbally and disruptively so) with a passion.

Now it was in 1991, after having come a long way on my walk towards Christ, that we felt led by the Lord to help other less fortunate children by establishing the FMH Children's Club International. By that time we had acquired an 80 acre farm, and it was our hearts desire to share it with others less fortunate children.

But it was only one year later that we felt led by the Lord to relocate with my work to El Paso, Texas. We prayed about it, received both Scripture and a Word concerning it, and finally did it. And the one thing we both heard loud and clear from the Lord about this move was "Don't Turn Back!"

So the plan (my wife's plan) was that the next to the oldest son and myself would make the move first, find a suitable ranch for the Children's Club, and then she would follow with the rest of the family. Well that's exactly what happened until it was time for them to make the move... and then the wife said "I've changed my mind, we're not coming."

A tough situation made tougher by God's warning of "Don't Turn Back!" So what was I going to do? Well the Lord let me know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I was to continue on as planned and not turn back.

Well as you can imagine, what followed were a lot of very unpleasant moments for the family. In fact my love for the family almost convinced me to ignore God's voice and turn back to South Carolina. One of my strongest desires was to be with the children so that I could continue teaching them the Word of God. So how was I going to do that with all the miles in between? Well what the Lord instructed me to do was to teach the Word of God to my children by mail.

So from that point on I wrote out a weekly sermonet, which has now grown into a ministry. What started out as 8 letters has now blossomed into a mailing list of 175, with an unlimited number by the Internet Web Site.

That ministry, along with God's continuing development of my trust in Him, is the result of seven long years of struggle. It's been tough! However even though the Lord did forbid my returning back to SC, He encouraged me to meet the family at JSM Campmeeting. So for the last two years we have been meeting as often as possible in church. And as the Lord had showed me in a vision, it was to be at Campmeeting that my wife would be delivered of the demonic powers controlling her life.

In fact it was during one of the services at Easter Campmeeting 98 that you and Sister Ira came back to pray for our son Arthur's healing. If you care to read the details, which were actually broadcasted over SonLife Radio, you can find the sermonet at under Classic Sermonets: Arthur's Healing. And even though great things did happen during that Campmeeting, that was the one and only time my wife ever attended. You see she spent most of the time in the bathroom throwing-up. Do you think this could have been the results of her demons? Only God knows, but the fact is that she didn't receive her healing.

So from that point on I continued furnishing the family with plane tickets to meet me in Campmeeting, but the wife just never seemed to make it back. She would always say that she was going to make it, but things would always seem to change her mind at the last minute. Sometimes she would let the children come and at other times she wouldn't.

And then it was May of last year that I lost my job after delivering several messages from the Lord to the CEO of my company. You would have to read them to even come close to believing that this was of the Lord (Classic Sermonets: The Snakes In The Toro Company). But after losing my job the Lord told me to trust in Him to get it back.

Nw it was right about that time when the Lord instructed my wife, and then me, to put our youngest children in the JSM Academy. The Lord saw to it that the kids came to stay with me in June, and His presence was so real among the three of us that it's hard to describe. The Scriptures and directions that He gave us were truly awesome. And then came the time to try and get them in school... just in time for my wife to once again change her mind. But we made the trip to Baton Rouge anyway, just as the Lord had instructed.

Well what happened next is enough to write a book on. But to put it into plan and simple language, it was by the end of October that JSM didn't really care to see anymore of us (me and the two kids). My wife made everyone's life impossible until we had to give up on schooling at JSM.

Now the point that I'm trying to make is that obeying God is not pleasing to the flesh. And even though I can take all the blame for marrying in sin, I've since become dedicated to following Jesus. I've been born-again, baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, and I owe it all to the teaching/preaching ministry of Jimmy Swaggart. But even though the kids and I are determined to follow His leading, our lives have been turned into one more flesh peeling experience.

In fact it really struck home the other night as I was sitting here, all alone, having a pity party. Here I am without the children, without a job, labeled as a schitzo by most, quickly running out of money, and all because of the fact that I've continued to follow the leading of the Lord. How crazy can one be?

But it was just as I was really getting into myself that Crosstalk came on TV, with one of the representatives from the Voice Of Martyrs. And it was through all the gory details of what's happening in Sudan that my outlook on life kinda like made an abrupt change. Because what I learned was that all too often the Christian fathers of that country had to watch as their wives were raped and killed, and their children were carried off into slaver, in order for them to maintain their faith in Jesus. And of course all those terrible things happen most often right before the fathers are killed themselves.

So just how bad do we have it? I mean my kids have suffered greatly, but then again they do know Jesus... and they are not slaves... and they are still alive.

Please keep it in mind Pastor Phillip, that Satan will attack those who are walking in the light of Jesus. Persecution is something that we had all better be ready to receive. Obeying God will mean pain.

And I know that I've already pointed out enough sermonets for you to read, but if you can please take the time to read the Classic Sermonet: Whatever It Takes. This was written after our trip to Baton Rouge, and after being discarded, hungry, and even sleeping at rest stops. This is what me and my two children did... and we did it out of complete obedience to the Lord.

Keep up the great work with the kids.

In the Lord,

Bruce Hallman
FMH Children's Club International


Whew! Do you see what I mean? Now that was one more fired up e-mail. However, reading it over again, after having constructed a twenty-five (25) year time-line for my wifeís divorce case, I must admit that I must not have prayed long and hard enough about the statement concerning her Campmeeting attendance: "...that was the one and only time my wife ever attended." Because the truth of the matter is that she also attended the 1997 Thanksgiving Campmeeting with Arthur, Hadassah, and myself.


But anyway, it was only a few days later that I received the following very nice reply back from Pastor "P":


Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2000 2:53 PM
Subject: RE:Youth Talk

Dear Bruce Hallman,

Thank you for your e-mail you sent me. I can remember the time that Ms. Ira and myself came and prayed for your son during Easter "98. It's great to hear that God touched him and healed his body.

Many times in life we go through hard times, but the sad fact is most times we bring it upon ourselves. Even through hardships and trials God still remains faithful, Praise God!

Even after reading your letter, I cannot picture you and your two children that came here last year, I even talked to Ira and she explained you to me, but still to no avail. Even still however, that doesn't matter. As most importantly God knows who you are.

We will will be praying for you and pray that the Lord will restore and bless your family.

God Bless,

Pastor "P"


...Which was followed very shortly thereafter by my very friendly e-mail back to him:


Sent: Friday, April 28, 2000 3:47 PM
Subject: Re: RE:Youth Talk

Dear Pastor "P",

Thanks for taking the time to write. If you care to see the entire adopted Panamanian family in 1992 then go to The more recent picture with Arthur, Hadassah, and myself at JSM Campmeeting can be seen in the attachment.

By the way, the battle must be getting hotter now that Benny Hinn has publicly confessed that Catholics are saved. Just think of the implications of that one! Well if you have the time you can find his earthshaking quote on page 2 of our Sermonet Of The Week: Benny Hinn And The Catholic Church at

In the Lord,

Bruce Hallman


...And Pastor "Pís" back to me:


Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2000 3:01 PM
Subject: Re: Youth Talk

Dear Bruce,

Thank you for the picture. I remember you all now. Take care

God Bless,

Pastor P


However... that my friends is where the pleasantries seemed to have ended. Because it was something like three (3) months later that the Lord gave me a very unexpected and unnerving mission to conduct with Pastor "P" through the following e-mail.


To: Pastor "P"
Sent: Friday, September 01, 2000 9:25 AM
Subject: Why Me Lord?

Dear Pastor "P",

I dare say it's been several months since our last correspondence, but during that time the Lord has focused my attention on you. Now I have no earthly idea why I've been chosen to deliver this message, but I have and I must.

You see it all started with my daily prayers for JSM and it's staff. And it's through those prayers that the Lord impressed on my heart that you are not where He wants you. In fact He's even gone so far as to discouraged me from including you on my JSM prayer list. So have you got even the slightest clue as to the meaning of all this?

Well I've got just one more piece of information that might be helpful in your understanding this mystery. It was last night in prayer, as I verified this letter was what God the Father would have me to do, that He gave me the following "one liner" in reference to you: "I've got his number."

In the Lord,

Bruce Hallman



Now without going into a lot of details, since the time I sent that "bomb" of an e-mail to Pastor "P" the Lordís sent me on quite a few missions with the same basic purpose. And what Iíve seen through experience is that there are quite a few Christians who have been "called by the Spirit" but refuse to "walk in the Spirit"... because the path Godís chosen for them is not the one they prefer. And of course iffin we donít "walk in the Spirit" then we are most certainly "walking in the flesh". In other words itís the spiritual path that the Almighty lays out for each of us that is designed to "kill-off" some of our "dead rotting flesh". Itís called "pick up your cross and follow me"... and we must do it without complaining! And seeing how the dying part just ainít all that comfortable for most, far too many decide to just keep right on "walking in the flesh"... which brings up the subject of "their" final e-mail back to me :


Sent: Friday, September 08, 2000 3:28 PM
Subject: pray again

Bruce Hallman,

I really can't say I understand where you are coming from..Concerning your email to my husband. You must understand God would never tell someone to stop praying for someone else..God is a God of mercy and love and yes he is a just God, But to tell you not to pray. I think it is ridiculous. It is in prayer we find hope and no matter what a person is doing, God is listening. I think you need to be sure something is from God and let him tell you everything. Becuz this does not make sense and my husband loves him and I personally believe that he has more a heart after God than anyone, and if he did have problems god would ask you to pray for him even more.. I know the lord and I truly know him and I have to say I question your prayer time and wonder who you are listening to.. THIS IS where God has us and your message is so vague and I know God that if God was to speak to you and give you a word it would be complete. A word from the Lord to us from you, should be what already God has confirmed to us and I must say that YES god has his number because we talk all the time to Him. On that note, our prayers are with you and I must say I am confused and my God is not the author of confusion and I felt an evil spirit when reading this email and I reject it because it does not set in my spirit as being from God and it has nothing to do with being unable to recieve it. If we felt this was from the Lord we would, but I feel like it wasn't God you heard from because I know my God is praying for us and he says he will never leave or forsake us and as you said you have the slightest clue as to the meaning of this, no wonder it makes no sense. .Please don' t waste my husbands time with seeds of doubt and ridiculous statements. Maybe God did tell you to stop praying for him because your prayers were hindering him, who knows, I just know God knows and I pray he sorts all this out. He would never ask you to stop praying. If you really knew how wonderful my husband was you would have asked for another confirmation of this and ask for more details before you took the time to write stuff down. May you examine your intentions to this ministry.

Pray again,

Tabitha Pimlott


Whew! Talk about a hot e-mail! Well that one kinda like knocked me to the floor, so I just rolled over on my face and took it to the Lord in prayer. And the following very unnerving reply is what He had me give "them":


To: Pastor "P" ; CROSSFIRE1
Sent: Wednesday, September 13, 2000 6:58 PM
Subject: Re: pray again

Dear Pastor "P" and Tabitha,

I'm sorry to hear that my e-mail has caused so much turmoil in your life, but once again I was only doing what I was told. In fact immediately after getting Tabitha's e-mail I sought God in prayer as to whether I might have been wrong. I have continued to pray about this until now, and the following is what He's asked me to give to you.

I was "saved" (started on my long journey for the Lord) through the JSM telecast in 1981. It was also during the same time frame that my boss witnessed to me about Jesus. Since then the two of us have always stayed in touch and been the best of Christian brothers... that is until a heart attack took him on home to be with the Lord on March 5, 1998. His death was totally unexpected.

Now when the Lord asked me to relate this story to you I went back in my e-mail to confirm the dates. Because it was on September 17, 1997, that Ray informed me of the fact that he'd finally given up all hopes of becoming a missionary. He felt very strongly that the Lord was calling him for the job, but his wife just couldn't agree to being a part of it.

The Lord wants me to tell you that Ray's life was cut short because the plans God had for his life could no longer be fulfilled.

This is all that He's asked me to tell you. Please prayer about it.

In the Lord,



So, the bottom line reason behind the Almighty labeling Pastor "P" and his wife as "accursed" is because theyíve been called to walk out of JSM and go wherever the Spirit leads them, but theyíve just flat-out refused to do it!


Ira Gautier


IraAnd now for Sister Ira. Out of all the JSM "accursed", this oneís got to be the toughest one for me to report on. I mean Sister Ira was very close to my family. You see it all started somewhere around the early part of 1996 (I believe). Iíve been a member of the JSM Home Church since itís conception, receiving four (4) to five (5) church service videos a month, that is until 1996 when they just all of the sudden stopped coming. So in order to find out the reason why, I made a call to the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. And would you care to guess who picked up the phone?


Her name is Ira Gautier, she works in the JSM administration department, and she very quickly became known as "Sister" Ira to my family. You see God saw to it that our Home Church Videos were temporarily halted just so His plan could come into play with Sister Ira. And what a plan it was! I mean this plan was so very big, itís like where do I even begin? Oh yea, weíve already started. OK, so how about "where do we go next?"


Well, I guess itís probably best just to say that from the time of our first phone call until the 1997 Thanksgiving Campmeeting I contacted her frequently over the phone through the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. And then came the 1997 Thanksgiving Campmeeting when Annie, Arthur, Hadassah, and myself all had a chance to finally meet her. That was the familyís first Campmeeting trip, as directed by Father God, in order to put the family back together.


Then came the 1998 Easter Campmeeting when we were all together once again; Arthur, Hadassah, Annie, myself, and Sister Ira. In fact it was during this particular Campmeeting that two very important things happened. First of all, Arthur received his healing. Secondly, Annie told me that the Lord had told her that Arthur and Hadassah were to live with Sister Ira while attending the Jimmy Swaggart Academy. Well, we celebrated Arthurís healing with the meal of his choosing, but Iím afraid Annieís announcement wasnít received quite so well. In fact it was really totally unexpected, and the best I could muster was a response of "Weíll talk about it when the Lord gives it to me."


Three months later was the 4th of July Campmeeting, and the only one who made it was me. Annie rebelled against the Lord, so I ended up at Campmeeting without a family. However, the Lord saw to it that I got blessed anyway... because He baptized me in the Holy Spirit with "tongue talking" evidence. And then it was somewhere towards the end of the week that Sister Ira came by my room with a special request. She said that she needed financial help, and the Lord had instructed her to ask me to help her.


Well, even though it didnít seem appropriate to me, I promised her Iíd pray about it... and thatís exactly what I did. In fact it was under the leading of the Holy Spirit that I sent her the first $100 check on 7/19/98, followed by ones on 8/19/98, 8/26/98, 10/9/98, 4/27/99, and 5/3/99. Because from that time on, as we continued with our frequent phone conversations, she continued to impress on me the fact that her JSM salary was insufficient to meet her needs. She needed help, the Lord told me to help her, and thatís the way it was until sometime around July of 99... because thatís when I sent her my last cash donation of approximately $100.


But anyway, getting back to Godís Word to Annie concerning the kids, it wasnít too long after the 4th of July Campmeeting that the Lord told me the same thing. It was the Truth! Father God wanted Arthur and Hadassah to live with Sister Ira in Baton Rouge and attend the Jimmy Swaggart Academy! Without a doubt, Sister Ira was a very special person who was called of God for a very special purpose with the FMHCCI Ministry. In fact that was right about the time the Lord instructed me to incorporate the FMHCCI in the state of Louisiana and make her the official Louisiana representative. So on the 16th of October, 1998, thatís exactly what we did.


Then on the 19th of May, 1999, the Lord gave me Jeremiah 14 as a special Scripture for Sister Ira. Now even though I knew the Scripture had something to do with Sister Ira and our family, I still couldnít figure out what it all meant. What was the Lord trying to tell me?


Well it was only one day later, on the 20th of May, that Arthur and Hadassah flew out from South Carolina to be with me in Texas for their summer vacation.... and thatís right about the time the Lord gave His final Word to put them in the JSM Academy for the upcoming school year. So things were really starting to roll! I mean the plans were actually being made for the kids to move in with Sister Ira! Everybody was all excited! In fact when the three of us drove down for the 4th of July Campmeeting we took Sister Ira a handheld computer for her FMHCCI correspondence.


However, before we leave the 4th of July Campmeeting, I need to mention the fact that Annie mysteriously showed up one night for a very brief visit. She never showed her face at church but managed to spend a few hours with Sister Ira. In fact Ira took her back to the airport the very next day. And then it was after Campmeeting, as we were leaving Sister Iraís apartment and headed back for El Paso, that she asked if I could help her get a car. Once again, I felt something was a little strange but I told her I would pray about it. I mean after all, at this stage of the game I had already been without a job for something like three whole months.


So, we got back to Texas and began the long tough battle with Annie. Because you see it was during her ride back to the airport with Sister Ira that she discovered a few of Iraís "skeletons from the past". And it was due to the fact that she had spent time in prison that Annie kinda like all-of-the-sudden decided against the children moving in with her. Annie came unglued so to speak, but I continued right on along with Godís perfect plans. If He wanted the kids to stay with Sister Ira then thatís the way it was going to be.


And thatís right about the time the Lord told me exactly how Arthur and Hadassahís living conditions had to be in Baton Rouge. He had a plan! In fact just to make sure that I was hearing what "thus saith the Lord" I asked Arthur and Hadassah to pray about it too. So without having told them what I had heard, they heard the same identical thing too. And thatís right about the time our great adventure came to a screeching stop. Because what He told us was that Sister Ira had to move out of her apartment and into the Jimmy Swaggart dormitories in order to look after the two of them. That was the Almightyís Plan, and thatís the way it had to be, but Sister Ira just wouldnít submit to God.


You see this was Godís plan that would allow Sister Ira to "walk in the Spirit" and die to a good bit of her "flesh"... but the pathway He had laid out was just too much for her to handle. She could not move into the dormitories, and it was just not going to be. And itís right about here that Jeremiah 14 came into the picture. Because reading a few verses we find: "Thus saith the LORD unto this people, Thus have they loved to wander, they have not refrained their feet, therefore the LORD doth not accept them; he will now remember their iniquity, and visit their sins. Then saith the Lord unto me [Jeremiah], Pray not for this people for their good. When they fast, I will not hear their cry; and when they offer burnt offering and an oblation, I will not accept them: but I will consume them by the sword, and by the famine, and by the pestilence. Then said I [Jeremiah], Ah, Lord God! behold, the prophets say unto them, Ye shall not see the sword, neither shall ye have famine; but I will give you assured peace in this place. Then the LORD said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and a deceit of their heart."


Now this is right about the place where Sister Iraís "flesh", that didnít get "killed off" because she didnít "walk in the Spirit", sorta like went into full bloom. Once again, itís what you call "rot and corruption spewing forth from a living dead body". Because it was only shortly thereafter that the Lord told Arthur, Hadassah, and myself that Sister Ira was "Evil" in the eyes of God, and that we should consider her the same. And this is where our "friend of the past" joined hands with my "ex-wife of the future" in order to stop Godís Divine Plan for me and my children.


However, it was after a few very rough months of spiritual warfare ó after the wife had filed for her divorce ó that the Lord had me try just one more time with Sister Ira. Our God doesnít want any to perish, and of course thatís the reason for the following letter:


16 November, 2000


Dear Sister Ira,


It was yesterday in prayer that the Lord asked me to send you the following packet of information. You are in my prayers both day and night. Please seriously pray about taking the time to review all these documents. I think the audio tape (with the childrenís voices) will open up your heart to many truths that have been kept from you for the last year. And then thereís the video which is very short, but it too, through the Lordís Spirit, should reemphasize Godís divine plan for my children.


In the Lord,




Well itís very sad to say but my "Word from the Lord" to Sister Ira did not penetrate her hardened heart. The "flesh" had taken control of her and she continued siding with the enemy until the 18th of June. At that time Annie was granted both her divorce and her legal rights to keep me (the Jimmy Swaggart cult member) away from the children. However, the Lord says it ainít over till itís over... and very soon the kids will once again be mine.


And then it was shortly after my return from the 2001 4th of July Campmeeting that the Lord had me write the following very powerful letter to Sister Ira. In fact, even though I didnít know it at the time, He was actually preparing me for the writing of this sermonet:


28 July, 2001


Dear Ira,


Youíll probably never know how many times Iíve prayed that youíd be convicted of your sin against my family, ask those youíve offended for forgiveness, and likewise have it put under the Blood of Jesus forever. I mean for the life of me I have a very hard time understanding just how you could become so confused by the enemy as to take sides with a child of Satan (Annie) and fight against a child of God (me).


Well the enemyís strategy did not work, and all those whoíve loyally served him are about to get their reward... which brings up the reason for this letter. Because it was on the 16th of May, 2001, that the Lord gave me Joshua 7:12 as the reason JSM is having such financial difficulties. I mean the Lord wants Brother Swaggartís ministry to prosper but you see the "accursed" are kinda like getting in his way. And to keep you from having to look up the Scripture, here it is: "Therefore the children of Israel could not stand before their enemies, but turned their backs before their enemies, because they were accursed: neither will I be with you any more except ye destroy the accursed from among you."


Thatís what Lord gave me back in May, and it was only a few nights ago that He started preparing me to write you this letter. Because you see as much as I hate to be the one to give you the news, you, Ira, are one of those "accursed"!


So the Lord wants me to inform you that you can either leave JSM on your own, or you can wait around and be exposed for all the things that have earned you Godís chosen title of "accursed". The choice is yours. Save face and leave now or stick around and have your dirty deeds smeared in your face for all to see. I realize these are harsh words, but thatís the very good reason you need to pray long and hard about your final decision.


In love and the Lord Jesus Christ,




And then came Thanksgiving Campmeeting 2001. The Lord instructed me to get everything ready in time to leave on the 17th, and thatís what I did, but Saturday came and went with no Word from the Father to leave. What was going on? Well I didnít have a clue, so I continued in prayer until I got His Answer that "it wasnít safe for me to go alone".


What did it all mean? How in the world could my attending a Jimmy Swaggart Campmeeting be unsafe?


Well I continued in prayer until the 21st when the Lord told me to head on out for Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was finally being given the "all clear" signal to attend Campmeeting. So I drove through the night and arrived just in time to pick up a half-gallon of milk at the Texaco Convenience Store, unload the truck, and then head on over for the Thursday night service.


Now I included the part about the milk because itís somehow very important in Godís Plan with this sermonet and the JSM accursed. You see it was Thanksgiving night and there really wasnít many folk driving around. And it was Leon, the sales clerk at the Texaco Convenience Store, who I not only met but also discovered that he had attended the Jimmy Swaggart Academy. He was one of us, so to speak. Well I gave him my card, invited him to the Web Site, and then invited him to read this sermonet a few weeks later after having been first instructed by the Lord to do so. Godís up to something, itís called His Divine Will, and I just pray that Leon will take it and "walk in it"!


But anyway, I made it to the 7:00 service, and it was right about midways through it that the most unusual thing happened. All of the sudden the Lord told me to "walk". I heard Him loud and clear but I couldnít figure out exactly what He meant. So as I continued to question the Father for more detail, I finally asked if He wanted me to take my Bible with me as I "walked"... and His answer was "Yes"... and before it was all said and done I was walking out of the service and right back to my room.


Upon my arrival at the dormitory I immediately went to prayer, but, without a doubt, I was completely unprepared for the Word that I would receive. Because what the Father told me was that due to Sister Iraís condition it was no longer safe for me to stay. My demonically controlled ex-wife was still trying to have me committed... so I had to leave, but I must get some rest first. So it was somewhere around 10:00 PM that I hit the bed, only to be awaken at 2:00 in the morning. Because it was bright and early (who am I kidding) that the Lord said get up, get packed, and head on out ASAP.


Wow! What a trip! I mean I really started to feel like I was in enemy territory! But without letting it go to my head I did exactly as I had been told. And even though Iíd love to tell you the rest of that very exciting journey, Iím afraid that Iíll have to save it for another time... that is "if the Lordís willing and the creek donít rise". Because itís now time to discuss the accursed #4.


Deacon Jimmy (Jim Ryan)


Frances and JimmyDeacon Jimmy (Jim Ryan) is one of the friendliest people youíll ever meet. I call him "Brother Jimmy from Texas", and I do it because heís one of those transplanted Texans. He loves the Lord, always got a smile on his face, and of course those are all good reasons why he makes such a good deacon for the Jimmy Swagart Ministries. So after having said that, why do you figure heís been classified as an accursed?


Well you see the Good Lord transplanted him, just a few years back, for a very special reason. God put a calling on his life for the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, which was a mighty calling indeed, but in order for it to be accomplished he had to be willing to "walk in the Spirit" and "die to his flesh"... and do it without compromise. Because it was during the 2001 Easter Campmeeting that the Lord kinda like brought me into the picture by tuning me into what was going on.


It all started on the 13th of April, right about the time the Lord gave me the following Scripture to give to him: "Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live?" (Hebrews 12:9)


Now at the time Father God gave it to me I didnít have the foggiest idea how it applied to Brother Jimmyís life. I was in the dark, so to speak, only knowing that I was suppose to give him the Scripture with the message of "Do whatever the Lord ask, regardless of the cost." However, due to unforeseen circumstances, I was delayed in getting to the service that night and likewise missed my opportunity.


Well the next day soon came. I attended the 8:00 morning service and then just waited in my seat for the 10:00 one to start. While I was waiting the Lord gave me two more Scriptures to give Brother Jimmy, with an additional message to add to the one He gave me the day before: "The Lord had called him for a very special job with the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, but it wasnít going to earn him any brownie points."


So what did it all mean? Well I didnít have too long to think about it before Brother Jimmy walked over to say hello. And after a few brief moments of friendly chit-chat I got down to the business of giving him Godís message... which was followed by the first Scripture and then the remaining two: "But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him." (Hebrews 11:6) and "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple." (Luke 14:26-27)


Well, after I had finished giving him the news, I could tell that he was just a tad bit overwhelmed. In fact he started telling me about a JSM prayer meeting that he attended some time earlier, when a Brother in the Lord just flat-out told him that the Lord had called him to JSM for a very special reason. And that was right about the time the Lord gave me some more of His message to give to him. Because it was Brother Jimmyís called-out job at JSM to expose some of the corruption (snakes) inside of it!


Talk about a bomb shell! Well, after I said what the Lord gave me to say, Brother Jimmy was a definitely shook! I mean it doesnít take a rocket scientist to figure out how hard it would be for Brother Jimmy to obey Godís calling. Because if he obeyed God he could very well lose his family, his friends, and his cherished position with the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.


So did Brother Jimmy "walk in the Spirití and "die to his flesh" by picking up his cross and following Jesus? No! Which brings us to the fifth and final accursed.


Carol Pikini


Carol PikiniWhat an evangelist! I mean this dear sweet lady has one more anointing from the Lord. She can not only preach the Gospel, but her prophetic gift blesses the socks off of me every time Iím around her. I love to attend her services! And even though sheís not a part of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries she is a regular guest speaker at the Campmeetings. So with that brief introduction, hereís my first letter to her:


14 May, 1999


Dear Sister Pikini,


Praise God!!!... and where do I start? Well itís a very long story but as you can see Iíve sent you a few pieces of information to help you understand. I also know that you are very busy person, but Iím doing what Iím doing through the leading of the Lord. In fact as you might remember it was my two youngest children who gave you my Childrenís Club card with the note on the back. And just as the Lord had instructed me to do, I waited until I heard from you before making any further correspondence.


And here we are. But to bring you up to speed, letís put it in reverse and take it on back to the 98 Thanksgiving Campmeeting. That was a very special week because God had performed many great and mighty miracles in order to make it all happen. You see Jasmine, the oldest daughter in the Campmeeting picture, had been in rebellion for several years (separated from the family in Panama), but had repented and received Jesus as her Savior. And as a result of this the Lord had told me to bring her back home.


So with Jasmine having flown directly into Baton Rouge, it was her presence that made this homecoming event a reality. God had worked many miracles to make it all happen (Immigration included) and being together in Campmeeting were the end results. But even though the Lord had told me to bring her back, and even though He had paved the way to make it all happen, He had likewise given me some very specific Scripture to lay on her heart. And of course the message that He focused on was for her not to turn back once she started on her walk of faith for Jesus.


And then it was during that one particular 10:00 service, as the four of us came forward for prayer, that you made a beeline directly for Jasmine. And laying hands on her you spoke prophetic words that just flowed all over me. In fact the power of God was so strong on Jasmine that it rolled off on me. What a jolt. God was giving her everything that she needed to win her upcoming battle with the demons of darkness.


Now I wish that I could tell you the entire story, but seeing how I donít have the time weíll just have to do the best we can. But in a nutshell, the current update on the story is that she lost the battle and has since returned back to Panama. She lost the battle but she still hasnít lost the war!


So thatís just one story out of many. But in order to help you tie a few of the loose ends together, it was in April of 1991 that we incorporated the FMH Childrenís Club International... and very shortly thereafter all Hell broke loose in my family. We became split up and disjointed with the resulting Childrenís Club sermonet my attempt to continue teaching my children the Word of God through the mail. So Satanís attempt to destroy has resulted in the Lordís blessing... because the mailing list has now grown to approximately 200 people. And whatís even better is that Father God continues to encourage me with the fact that the Childrenís Club Ministry Letter is the tool that Heís going to use to bring together the rest of His great and glorious plan.


And since weíre on the subject of the plan, why not just go ahead and talk about the project. You see one part of the project deals with the 80 acres of land we own in South Carolina. This was the property that we bought about 10 years ago with every good intention of developing for the Childrenís Club Farm. But, it was only a few years later that Father God showed me what His intended purpose was for the property... and these plans for the condominiums just so happen to be it.


Because the money that will be brought in from the South Carolina project will be used to provide the continuous cash flow needed to fund the project in Texas. And itís this part of the project that not only includes the approximately 20,000 acre ranch in Texas/ New Mexico, but also the buildings to care for the 100 children. And per His instructions, these buildings for the ranch will be designed around the Grecian monastery Hosios Lukas. And if you ever have the time Iíd love to tell you the rest of the story about how He showed me where to get this preliminary building design.


Oh how I love to tell the stories of what Father God has done in my life. Heís been so good to me. In fact two months ago I was terminated from work for preaching "what thus saith the Lord." And believe you me thatís another story on itís own. But if you have the time to listen to the enclosed audio tape, youíll get a few of the details (3 complete sermonets) and likewise be able to see what the Lord is doing with me during this free vacation time.


But in closing, Iíve done what the Lord has encouraged me to do. Iíve shared with you in this letter what the Lord is doing with our ministry, and all I ask is that you pray and seek Godís leading.


Thanks for the news letter and please keep them coming. May God continue to use you in great and mighty ways for His Kingdom.


In the Lord,


Bruce Hallman


That was our first letter to her, and then there was an extended "dry" period before He had us write the second


18 April, 2001


Dear Sister Pikini,


My last letter to you was written on 14 May, 1999, and it was concerning the great work that Almighty God had performed through you for my family during the 1999 JSM Easter Campmeeting. Itís been two whole years since that very important service, and I was anxiously looking forward to being able to sit under your ministry once again. Your presence was missed. There was a void in the service that no other minister of the Gospel could fill. You are special. Looking to the future and the next time. God bless you and yours.


In the Lord,


Bruce Hallman


Now please believe me when I say that I had no heavenly idea that the Lord was about to expose a snake in the life of Sister Pikini. All I knew was that I had attended Campmeeting, expecting to sit under Sister Pikiniís anointed preaching, but she canceled-out at the last minute. Then it was later on (4/18/01) that the Lord instructed me write the letter telling her how much she was missed. So, at that point in time, I was perfectly and completely innocent... that is until the Lord gave me this next letter to write. And looking back in retrospect, it was on my way to mail this next letter that the Lord started me out on my next mission with Pastor Hector (see The New Beginnings And Pastor Hector Saucedo! (11/25/01)):


9 May, 2001


Dear Sister Pikini,


When the Lord instructed me to write you my last letter (see enclosed) I had no earthly idea that there would be a follow-up. Everything was done in complete innocence, without the foreknowledge of this one. However, it was only yesterday, after having received and read your May issue of Building Blocks, that the Lord instructed me to get on my face in prayer. And after seeking His will for my life I was given the contents of this letter especially for you.


Now, first of all, let me explain to you that the Lord has called me to be a genuine full-blooded "fool for Christ". Without a doubt, the things that He has me do donít make me a lot of friends, not in the short term anyway, and this letter to you is just one more fine example of it. Because you see, in the natural, what Iím about to say is really none of my business... but seeing how the Holy Spirit has given me the directive to do it I really have no other choice.


Because what He wants me to relate to you concerns the believerís responsibility to seek God first in all of lifeís decisions. In fact during the past few years Father God has taken me to the place where Iíve had to give up family and friends (including my children) in order to please Him. During the most painful part of the process He made sure that I viewed a program which graphically detailed the commitment many fathers are having to make in order to maintain their relationship with Christ. I mean having to choose between either denouncing Christ or allowing your children to be hauled off into Moslem slavery has got to be one more painful decision to make!


So the question that the Lord wanted me to ask you is "Was your decision not to go to JSM Campmeeting what Father God wanted?" and the following is His Scripture that goes along with His question: "He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it." (Matthew 10:37-39)


In the Lord,


Bruce Hallman


Well a few weeks went by before I received Sister Pikiniís reply, however it certainly wasnít the type of reply that I was hoping for:


Carol Pikini Ministries
P.O. Box 16603
Tampa, FL 33687-6603
Phone: 813-907-1018
Fax: 813-907-7458


June 8, 2001


Dear Bruce:


Thank you for your recent letters. I appreciate your concern and was glad to learn I was missed.


Yes, I believe it was the right decision to stay home with my little girl. Sheís only eight-years-old, and she needed me. "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" (Matthew 16:26).


I am planning to speak at the July 4th Campmeeting. I hope to see you there! God bless you. Please, come up afterwards.


In His Service,


Carol Pikini


So, even though my Word from God wasnít accepted by her, Sister Pikini was still led by the Lord to invite me to meet her face to face at Campmeeting. And seeing how that was really His Divine Will all along, thatís exactly what I was able to do... with the following letter resulting from our very unusual meeting:


14 July, 2001


Dear Sister Pikini,


Well here I am as promised. So how did you like the rock? It wasnít my idea. In fact let me say it just one more time that what I gave you in my last letter (5/9/01), concerning the JSM Easter Campmeeting and Matthew 10:37-39, was from God. After much prayer I hold fast to that belief.


Now let me explain, very quickly, what the rock is all about. In 1993, two years after we incorporated the FMH Childrenís Club International, the Lord told my wife, and then me, that we were to move to El Paso, Texas... and not to turn back. So on the 27th of December, 1993, me and my son Luis headed out for Texas with Annie promising that she and the kids would follow shortly after we got settled. And it was in my dresser drawer that I later found the "promise rock" from Annie with the reminder of her love for me and the children.


Well it was only a few short months after that Annie announced she would not be moving to Texas... however, God Almighty also reminded me loud and clear that I must not turn back. And what ensued from that point on was Satanís battle for my soul, which even included the very unfair practice of him using my children as bait in his very evil trap. The Lord told me outright that He would take care of the children but I must not give in and return to South Carolina.


Youíll never know the hours I cried over the unfair situation my children were in. In fact the Lord even took Annie on a "journey" to Heaven and Hell in an effort to turn her life back around. But seven years later Annie files for her divorce. And as I hope you can see from the attachments, my wife has used some pretty good lies of the world in order to build her case against me... which even included my commitment to stand in support of Brother Swaggart.


Iíve been there and done that Sister Pikini, but the Lord has promised me that the only thing Annie is going to get out of her divorce is a divorce. I will get the children, I will get our valuable property in South Carolina, and I will get the job back that I lost while doing His Divine Will (The Snakes In The Toro Company).


If youíve got the time you can read all about our white knuckle adventure in the sermonets on our Web Site ( These were the weekly letters I started writing back in 1994 in order to teach the children the Word of God during our separation... and then God turned them into a ministry.


And while weíre on the subject of sermonets, may I encourage you to read Pastor Stephens And The Rejected Word From God! (5/27/01). The calling that the Lord has put on me is very unusual, but also very exciting... I only pray that you can believe itís from God.


On a final note, Iíd like to thank you once again for being used by God in our lives. During the September, 1998, JSM Campmeeting you not only anointed Jasmine my daughter for her upcoming battle with the enemy but also Arthur and Hadassah too. Then on the 3rd of July, 1999, at JSM Campmeeting, the Lord gave me a very strong Word through you; "El Shaddai". Youíll never know how much strength Iíve pulled from that prophetic Word since.




In the Lord Jesus Christ,


Bruce Hallman


And just what did you think about that one? Well, in order for you the see things a little bit clearer, what do you say I give you a few more details? Because it was shortly before leaving for that particular 4th of July Campmeeting that the Lord instructed me to take Annieís "promise rock" and prepare it as a gift for Sister Pikini. I mean please believe me when I say that I prayed long and hard about what the Father had asked me to do. Because His instructions were for me to make a cardboard "sales tag", complete with the little string for attachment, and write on it "...and they stoned the prophets". This I was to attach to Annieís "broken promise" rock ó the one she tried to stone me with ó and then gift wrap for Sister Pikini.


Well thatís exactly what I did. And then, just as instructed, I presented it to her immediately following her preaching at the 10:00 service.


OK, so after writing that letter the Lord had me write another... in which I apologized for not being bold enough "in the Lord" in the previous letter:


27 July, 2001


Dear Sister Pikini,


Iím sorry to bother you again but I must apologize to you and Father God for my error. Two weeks I wrote you the following:


"Well here I am as promised. So how did you like the rock? It wasnít my idea. In fact let me say it just one more time that what I gave you in my last letter (5/9/01), concerning the JSM Easter Campmeeting and Matthew 10:37-39, was from God. After much prayer I hold fast to that belief."


Thatís what I wrote and ever since the Lord has burned it into my heart that I allowed doubt to enter into the very important Word that I was asked to deliver to you. You see what I should have said was "After much prayer I know without a doubt that what I gave you was The Word from God Almighty."


Please forgive me.


In the Lord Jesus Christ,


Bruce Hallman


And it was only a few short weeks after that the Lord had me write just one more letter:


17 September, 2001


Dear Sister Pikini,


It was yesterday at 12:25 PM MST, while I was in prayer, that the Lord gave me a directive to pray for you. And the prayer He had me pray was that you would be obedient to God in all things.


Then it was this morning while in prayer that He told me to let you know that it happened.


In the Lord Jesus Christ,


Bruce Hallman


And after having received no response from her, the Lord gave me instructions for our final letter... and of course "just in time" for this "yet to be known" sermonet:


12 October, 2001


Dear Sister Pikini,


Well it looks as though this letter writing is very quickly becoming a regular thing. In fact it was the minute I read your October Building Blocks that the Lord started preparing me for what I was to say in this one. So please pray that the Lord will open your eyes and your heart to receive whatever Heís intended for you.


Now the reason Father God had me gift wrap my rock for you a few months ago was so that you would have something to throw at me; "and they stoned the prophets." Because you see Iíve been given a prophetic calling to speak the Word of God to very important people like you. And of course the reason Iím needed to communicate Godís "Special Word" is because the recipients have somehow become "spiritually hard of hearing" to that same Special Word. After all, that is the most important function of the prophet.


But anyway, when I read your October Building Blocks I immediately recognized Godís hand in it as it concerns my mission with you. Take for instance the Scripture you used in your Questions And Answers (II Timothy 8-9). On the 22nd of July the Lord gave me the Scripture of II Timothy 1-9 to use as His Special Word for Mike Mason in the writing of our sermonet Ungodly: Andrea Yates And Mike Mason (CEO Of Weather-Matic). You see in his role as CEO, Mr. Mike Mason has taken the liberty to boast that his company is all about "Integrity, Humility, and Godly Character". However, the Lord was not at all pleased with his very obvious misrepresentation of Godís Holy Name and likewise saw to it that I (Moses) had the opportunity to confront both Mr. Mason and his VP of Manufacturing (Jannes and Jambres) on the issue. In the plain and simple of it, my mission with Weather-Matic was not only to call their hand but also deliver the warning "Donít Play With God Cause He Ainít Nothing To Play With!"


And in your main message of the October Building Blocks you first elaborated on the great prophet Jeremiah and then ended with the following statement: "We must listen to the men and women of God Whom the Lord God will raise up and who may declare things we do not want to hear."


It never ceases to amaze me the way our God works. Please donít take this is a coincidence... because itís not! Father God is trying to give you a Special Word but youíve got to be willing to receive it. Along with this letter of today, the Lord has instructed me to send you a copy of our last sermonet entitled Pastor Tom Brownís Fear! Per His instructions, I will mail it out to you on Tuesday of next week.


So, as I end this letter, please allow me to offer one final suggestion: Donít throw the rock just yet! Why not follow the Words of God, as spoken (written) by yourself, by getting prayed-up to receive His Special Word next week.


In the Lord Jesus Christ,


Bruce Hallman


So what more can I say? I think the Lordís made it very clear that thereís a problem in Sister Pikiniís life which, of course, will cause a serious problem in her ministry. The Pure Word of God cannot be preached by anyone whoís not "walking in the Spirit"... it just ainít a gonna happen!


And, keeping all of whatís been said in mind, that takes us back to the Godís Divine purpose for this sermonet on Jimmy Swaggart And The Accursed! Because as I hope youíve noticed by now, Father God did a pretty fair job of covering all the bases when it comes to exposing the Ishmaels (little fleshly snakes) in Brother Swaggartís Ministry. I mean He started at the top (Loren Larson - president of WEBC, teacher, preacher, and singer), then dropped down a level or two (Pastor "P" and Tabitha Pimlott - Crossfire leaders, and Tabithaís lead singing), which was followed by the administration department (Ira Gautier), then on to the church deacons (Brother Jimmy), and finally completing His list with a visiting evangelist (Carol Pikini).


God has spoken it loud and clear: "The battle is coming but the accursed must go!"


Which brings us to our final comment in this message, as directed by God the Father and as spoken through Brother Jimmy Swaggart:.


Jimmy Swaggart

(Family Worship Center - Baton Rouge, LA)


The following was given by Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart, during the Friday night 2001 Easter Campmeeting service at Family Worship Center, as a part of his message and as recorded in the 1st Sunday ó December 2001 ó JSM Home Church Video:


...That was the Holy spirit coming. Coming in a dimension that ó He had not yet come ó made possible by The Cross.


In a dream I heard that Mighty Wind. Nineteen fifty-three, thatís a long time ago. And I wonít go through the whole thing, but, I found myself facing a power of darkness that was so absolutely mind-boggling that it beggared description in my dream. I dreamed I was in a house of which I was not acquainted or with which I was not acquainted. And I saw the door open and this thing walked in to that door through the door.


He had the body of a bear and the face of a man. He must have stood eight, nine feet tall. Like a hulking form, Iíve never seen such evil as he started toward me, and the fear gripped me to such an extent, in the dream, that I collapsed. I fell on the floor. Iíve never seen such evil as I saw in that face. It was like his eyes were epitomized by all the evil that there ever was. His countenance, like I said, the face of a man the body of a bear. And as he began to come toward me, with that hulk, I remember reaching and reaching over the floor trying to find something to defend myself. But there was nothing!


But the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Hallelujah! The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God!


I screamed, and even though I exerted all the strength that I had my voice was a little bit above a whisper. And I screamed at that thing, "In the Name of Jesus!" I was on the floor, flat on my back, my voice was gone, my strength was gone, but the Name of Jesus had such a power. The Name of Jesus did not depend on my strength! The Name of Jesus did not depend on my strength! The Name of Jesus doesnít depend on your strength! The Name of Jesus is not dependent upon your talent or your ability! That Name carries itís own Power; it carries itís own Weight!


He said, "In my Name youíll cast out devils. In my Name youíll lay hands on the sick and they shall recover."


That thing screamed. It grabbed itís head and began to scream and it was like I had hit it in the head with a baseball bat. And it began to stagger around over the floor screaming and holding itís head. And now I began to get up. And I said it the second time. And my voice had three times the strength now. And when I said it the second time ó In the Name of Jesus ó that thing fell. Still clutching itís head it fell on the floor and began to writhe like a snake.


When I was a little boy, up in north east Louisiana, we would kill water moccasins... and I hit that thing in the head and it would writhe on the ground. And thatís exactly the way that thing was writhing. And now instead of it towering over me in my dream Iím towering over it. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Glory to God!


And I said it the second time, or the third time rather, "In the Name of Jesus!" And when I said it the third time I didnít shout. I exerted no strength, but it was like my voice had a hundred amplifiers attached to it. It reverberated, reverberated over the walls and off the walls "In the Name of Jesus!"


And when I said it that third time, in my dream I heard the sound of that Mighty Rushing Wind. I heard it! I heard it as it swept through that place. And it hit that thing, and that thing went out the door and fluttered in the air like a piece of paper. Because the Holy Spirit, He that is within us is greater than he that is within the world.




Fire And BrimstoneGod has a Great Plan for the Jimmy Swaggart Ministry, but in order for it to happen "as planned" the Ministry must remain Pure. The "monster" in Brother Swaggartís dream has already made his first attack, with the second one shortly on the way. In order for the Victory to be won ó as predicted in his dream ó his Ministry, in total, must be "walking in the Spirit" without compromise.


Brother Swaggart must both search out the accursed, and remove the accursed, or his battle with "Ai" will end in defeat.


(See sermonets The Journey Of Fear! (3/10/02), Jimmy Swaggart And The "Since" That Should Have Remained "If"! (3/24/02), Jimmy Swaggart And His Spiritual Adultery! (4/21/02), Is Jimmy Swaggart's Wife Frances Really Uncovered?, Jimmy Swaggart Repents! (9/25/04), The Monster Within Jimmy Swaggart Threatens To Kill Gays! (9/26/04), Jimmy Swaggart Trashes Knee Worshiping Frances! (8/14/05), and Jimmy Swaggart Thinks He Has Arrived...But God's Got An Eraser! (10/23/05) for updated information on this subject.)




Dad (Bruce Hallman)


Jimmy Swaggart Sermonets



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