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The following letter-form was brought about as a means of teaching my children the Word of God through the mail. And of course, quite naturally so, that’s the reason I begin these letters with "Dear Children" and end them with "Love Dad". So for the rest of you who participate in these weekly messages, please keep their original intended purpose in mind.


Print/PDF18 March, 2007


Dear Children,


It wasn’t too many days ago that Bob Allen, my long time friend, sent me a very touching “Christian” article by email. Many years ago the two of us played together as youth, but now Bob pastors a United Methodist Church in the state of South Carolina [Pinewood Methodist Church]. In fact Pastor Bob is actually a distant relative – one of my “kin”.


But anyway, it was after having read his article that the Lord instructed me to put it in a nice Word document for other’s to read. I entitled it ‘The Little Old Man – Mr. Longlocks’ by Beth Moore and sent it out to family and friends. However, as touching as the article might have been, there was just something about the way in which Beth described her relationship with the Holy Spirit that left me feeling very unsettled.


So I prayed about it! And as instructed by the Almighty, I started a little investigation into this person by the name of Beth Moore whom I knew almost nothing about. However, what I soon discovered about this nice “Christian” lady was not at all what I had expected to find. Because you see my first impression of Beth was that of a normal everyday person who’s madly in love with Jesus…as in no compromise – totally sold out to do the Will of the Father! That’s what I perceived through my reading of “Mr. Longlocks”. But, as you will see, my “unsettled concerns” – inspired by the Holy Spirit – were very well founded.


Beth MooreNow as the Good Lord would have it, we’re going to lead into this sermonet – “Beth Moore And Mr. Longlocks” – with the following prophetic “Word” that was spoken by Stanley Frodsham back in 1965. And even though we’ll only be using a small part of his text in the writing of this message, you can read the entire prophecy at So, as it pertains to Beth Moore and her Living Proof Ministry, this is God’s warning to His Church about her present-day apostasy:


Watch for seducers. Do you think a seducer will brandish a new heresy and flaunt it before the people? He will speak the words of Righteousness and Truth, and will appear as a Minister of light declaring the Word. The people's hearts shall be won. Then, when the hearts are won, they will bring out their doctrines, and the people shall be deceived. The people shall say, did he speak thus and thus? And did we examine it from the Word? Therefore, he is a Minister of Righteousness. This that he has spoken we do not see in the Word, but it must be right, for the other things he spoke were true. Be not deceived. For the deceiver will first work to gain the hearts of many, and then shall bring forth his insidious doctrines. You cannot discern those who are of Me and those who are not of Me when they start to preach. But seek Me constantly, and then when these doctrines are brought out you shall have a witness in your heart that these are not of Me. Fear not, for I have warned you. Many will be deceived. But if you walk in holiness and uprightness before the Lord, your eyes shall be opened and the Lord will protect you.” (Stanley Frodsham – 1965)


Now I’m sure you must have noticed that the wording of this prophecy was directed at the male gender…as in “he”! And, of course, I would doubt that anyone who knows of Beth Moore would argue the point that she is a female. But you see this is just one more indication of how grossly the Church has apostatized since 1965. In fact it was in my search for the Truth on Beth Moore that I came across the Fundamental Baptist Information Service ( and their article Beth Moore’s Ecumenical Philosophy. And you see these fundamentalist Bible-believing Baptist folks made the following point abundantly clear in their article on Beth:


Beth Moore is in willful disobedience to the Word of God found in I Timothy 2:12 – “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” – by teaching a co-ed Sunday School class at First Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.


So did you catch that? The fundamentalist Bible-believing Baptist folks say that women in the churches are forbidden to usurp authority over men, which even includes teaching men the Word of God. And of course the very logical understanding of this very tough rule can be found in the next two verses of Paul’s letter to Timothy:


For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.” (1 Timothy 2:13-14 KJV)


And just to drive the point on home, here’s what Paul had to say on “the woman” to the Corinthians:


But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.” (2 Corinthians 11:3 KJV)


Now it’s through this simple little message that I’m going to show you the “living proof” of that Scripture taking place in Beth Moore. I mean, after all, since the beginning of time, Satan has been pulling the wool over the eyes of the woman…and Beth Moore is no exception. Beth Moore is just another good example of a woman who has believed Satan’s lies, and likewise multiplied them, many times over, by teaching them to a bunch of unsuspecting Christians. In other words, Beth Moore is doing lots of dirty work for the Devil!


In fact the Fundamental Baptist Information Service went on to say that Beth Moore is one of the most popular female Christian speakers and authors of this day and time. She’s even sold more than 4.5 million copies of her Bible-study books. And if that’s not bad enough already, her Living Proof Live conferences, hosted by LifeWay (Southern Baptist), continue to draw thousands of attendees. I mean this lady is so very popular that Christian Reader magazine labeled her “America’s Bible Teacher.”


But that ain’t all! Because you see in order for Beth to keep up the growth in her ministry (bigger crowds mean more $$$), she has decided to dull the sword of God’s Word ever so slightly. I mean, after all, it was Charisma magazine that blabbed the ungodly news back in June 2003: Moore’s meetings are attended by people from “every denomination,” because she “doesn’t get caught up in divisive doctrinal issues” and “steers clear of topics that could widen existing rifts between different streams in the body of Christ”.


Preach the word [Beth]; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” (2 Timothy 4:2-4 KJV)


Let’s get real! Stanley Frodsham might have prophesied the coming apostasy, but Beth Moore, through her popular but unscriptural “positive-only” ecumenical philosophy, is helping make it all come to pass. In fact the Fundamental Baptist Information Service said it best: “It is not time to ‘permeate’ denominational walls; it is time to raise up walls of separation as a godly protection from error and worldliness.”


Now just in case you might not be privy to it, the word “ecumenical” means nothing less than the “one world religion” in which the Antichrist will proclaim himself to be God. Talk about apostasy! And seeing how the Antichrist is actually the Black Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, and the False Prophet (his right-hand man) is the White Pope of that same ungodly religious system, it really shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who’s side Beth Moore is on. Because you see the following article from Apprising Ministry ( uses Beth’s own words to lay it all out in “black and white”:


(Note: see sermonet “The Roman Catholic Curse In The Passion Of Christ!” at for additional information on the Antichrist.)



Attacking The Protestant Reformation Within The Southern Baptist Convention:
On The Way To Rome


In the section Cloud of Witnesses: Contemplative Figures Throughout History of the Be Still...And Know That I Am God DVD Beth Moore gives us some very revealing information concerning this growing apostasy. Her misguided words reveal it really is as I have been warning here at Apprising Ministries, there is a growing apostasy absolutely rampant within the Ecumenical Church of Deceit (EcoD) of the new evangelicalism.


The idols among the smooth stones of the ravines are your portion; they, they are your lot. Yes, to them you have poured out drink offerings and offered grain offerings. In the light of these things, should I relent? You have made your bed on a high and lofty hill; there you went up to offer your sacrifices. Behind your doors and your doorposts you have put your pagan symbols. Forsaking me, you uncovered your bed, you climbed into it and opened it wide; you made a pact with those whose beds you love, and you looked on their nakedness. (Isaiah 57:6-8)


Climbing In Bed With Spiritual Harlots
In Be Still Beth Moore says:


You know, one of the things that time gives us is that it erases the lines in between people so many different sections of the people of God. Because many years later it doesn’t matter any longer that this person was of this practice in the Christian faith and this person of another. Time somehow blurs those lines and we are profoundly moved by the historical narratives of all their lives, of so great a cloud of witnesses; that we can look back on and see what kept them running the race, what kept them running toward the face of Christ at the end of that finish line. (channel 1, 00:18-00:50)


So what do you suppose renowned SBC “Bible teacher” Beth Moore is talking about in this section dedicated to the praise of so-called “Christian” mystics who were members of the apostate Church of Rome when she says that time “erases the lines.” She’s referring to the Reformation during which many of Christ’s beloved children were brutally murdered at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church. O, but “time” has somehow erased all of this. No it hasn’t. Rather, it is the work of gutless professing Christians who are themselves now covered in the blood of these martyrs who are doing so through the pagan idolatry contemplative mysticism.




Now is that heresy or what? It’s called “Beth Moore’s ecumenism”! But it only gets worst from here! Because you see on the Be Still...And Know That I Am God DVD, Beth Moore also talked about something called “contemplative prayer”. And by turning to the Internet Encyclopedia – Wikipedia – we can get a better understanding of just what it’s all about (



Centering Prayer (Contemplative Prayer)


Centering prayer is a popular method of meditative prayer, placing a strong emphasis on interior quite and the experience of God’s presence.


Though most authors trace its roots to the contemplative prayer of the Desert Fathers of early Christian monasticism, to the Lectio Divina tradition of Benedictine monasticism, and to works like The Cloud of Unknowing and the writings of St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross, its origins as part of the "Centering Prayer" movement in modern Catholicism and Christianity can be traced to several books published by three Trappist monks of St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts in the 1970s: Fr. William Meninger, Fr. M. Basil Pennington and Abbot Thomas Keating.[1]


The actual practice of centering prayer is not entirely alien, at least to Catholics, who are advised to meditate in some form daily — usually on the rosary or on the more structured practice of lectio divina. It is essentially identical to the practice of hesychasm as understood in the Eastern Orthodox Church.


Centering prayer bears a great deal of similarity to the meditation techniques of some forms of Buddhism, particularly zazen in Zen and samatha in Theravada (it is, however, understood as totally distinct by its Christian practitioners, because it's role is to focus the mind on God's grace).


Basil Pennington, one of the best known proponents of the centering prayer technique, has delineated the guidelines for centering prayer:[2]


1. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed, relax, and quiet yourself. Be in love and faith to God.
2. Choose a sacred word that best supports your sincere intention to be in the Lord's presence and open to His divine action within you (i.e. "Jesus," "Lord," "God," "Savior," "Abba," "Divine," "Shalom," "Spirit," "Love," etc.).
3. Let that word be gently present as your symbol of your sincere intention to be in the Lord's presence and open to His divine action within you.
4. Whenever you become aware of anything (thoughts, feelings, perceptions, images, associations, etc.), simply return to your sacred word, your anchor.


Ideally, the prayer will reach the point where the person praying can direct such conscious attention toward nothing at all, retaining only a highly concentrated and undisturbed awareness. This is the "unknowing" referenced in the 14th century book. Through this unknowing, God is said to arise (again in intuitive or otherwise nonrational manner) in the mind of the person praying. This is identified with the state of Beatitude and is considered a state of extreme bliss.


1. ^ Centering Prayer Overview. Contemplative Outreach Ltd.. Retrieved on 16 November 2006.
2. ^ M. Basil Pennington (1986), "Centering Prayer: Refining the Rules," "Review for Religious," 46:3, 386-93.




So did that little bit of information make your skin crawl? How about the hair on the back of your neck…is it standing on end yet?


Well, letting the Truth be known, this technique of focussing in on “the god within” is nothing less than the worship of “Lucifer” the fallen angel – Satan the “Angel of Light” – the “I will” god of “self”:


How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.” (Isaiah 14:12-15 KJV)


So now do you get the picture?


“But just how much damage could this little demonic DVD on ‘Contemplative Prayer’ actually do to Christ’s Church?”, you might ask.


Well, just check out the following news-brief from Lighthouse Trails Research and judge for yourself (



Be Still DVD Is Being Widely Promoted


…In the meantime, the Be Still DVD is being widely promoted and can be found even in your local video rental stores. Couple this DVD with the fast growing CCN (Church Communication Network) and we can safely say that contemplative prayer is quickly becoming "normal" in Christendom. But before we are too swift to think "oh well, maybe it isn't that bad," listen to these words by mystic Richard Kirby:


"The meditation of advanced occultists is identical with the prayer of advanced mystics."


That statement is taken from Ray Yungen's book, A Time of Departing. Ray saw this coming back in 1994 when he sat and listened to Richard Foster and soon realized Foster was promoting the teachings of mystic Thomas Merton. Ironically enough this was about the same time the Emerging Church was being formed by the Leadership Network (See article 5).




So would you agree with me that these things – mysticism, the occult, and contemplative prayer – are very dangerous for the Believer? Do you think that Beth Moore is innocent in her “teaching” that these practices are healthy for the Christian?


Well taking this discussion back to Be Still...And Know That I Am God, the DVD was released in April of 2006. And as we’re about to see in the following article excerpts from Lighthouse Trails Research (, Beth’s dark and deadly teachings on “mystical contemplative” has not been done in innocence…and it’s not something new…because it goes all the way back to 2002:



Beth Moore Gives Thumbs Up To Be Still DVD


Beth Moore and Contemplative Prayer
You may be asking yourself, where does Beth Moore really stand with regard to contemplative. The answer to that may at least partially be found in a book she wrote in 2002 called “When Godly People Do Ungodly Things”. In a section about "Unceasing Prayer" Moore states: "I have picked up on the terminology of Brother Lawrence, who called praying unceasingly practicing God's presence. In fact, practicing God's presence has been my number one goal for the last year" (p. 109).


Moore builds her case for contemplative in her frequent references to Brennan Manning in her book, suggesting that his contribution to "our generation of believers may be a gift without parallel" (p. 72). This is indeed a troubling statement made by a Christian leader who so many young women look to for direction and instruction in their spiritual lives. Many of those young women, in reading Moore's comments about Manning and her quoting of him in the book may turn to the writings of Manning for further insights. When they do, they will find that Manning is a devout admirer of Beatrice Bruteau, of The School for Contemplation. Bruteau, who believes that God lives in all creation, says:


We have realized ourselves as the Self that says only I AM, with no predicate following, not "I am a this" or "I have that quality." Only unlimited, absolute I AM.


And yet in Abba's Child, Manning says that Bruteau is a "trustworthy guide to contemplative consciousness." Manning, whose view of the Cross is very similar to that of Brian McLaren, promotes contemplative and states:


[T]he first step in faith is to stop thinking about God at the time of prayer.

Choose a single, sacred word or phrase that captures something of the flavor of your intimate relationship with God. A word such as Jesus, Abba, Peace, God or a phrase such as "Abba, I belong to you." ... Without moving your lips, repeat the sacred word inwardly, slowly, and often.

When distractions come, ... simply return to listening to your sacred word.... [G]ently return [your mind] to your sacred word. (Running Against the Wind, p. 161, quoting Manning)


Beth Moore quotes Manning from his book Ragamuffin Gospel calling the book "one of the most remarkable books" (p. 290) she has ever read. But it is this very book that reveals Manning's true affinity with contemplative spirituality. In the back of the book, Manning makes reference to Basil Pennington saying that Pennington’s methods will provide us with "a way of praying that leads to a deep living relationship with God." However, Pennington's methods of prayer draw from Eastern religions. In his book, Finding Grace at the Center, Pennington says:


We should not hesitate to take the fruit of the age-old wisdom of the East and "capture" it for Christ. Indeed, those of us who are in ministry should make the necessary effort to acquaint ourselves with as many of these Eastern techniques as possible. Many Christians who take their prayer life seriously have been greatly helped by Yoga, Zen, TM and similar practices. (from A Time of Departing, 2nd ed., p.64)


Manning also cites Carl Jung in Ragamuffin Gospel as well as interspiritualists and contemplatives, Anthony De Mello, Marcus Borg, Morton Kelsey, Gerald May, Henri Nouwen, Annie Dillard, Alan Jones, Eugene Peterson, and Sue Monk Kidd.


For Moore to call Manning's book "remarkable" and to say his contribution to this generation of believers is "a gift without parallel" leads one to conclude that Beth Moore has absorbed Brennan Manning's spirituality.


In light of all these findings, it also becomes apparent that Moore does belong on the Be Still DVD after all, due to her advocacy of contemplative spirituality. And from the recent statement from her ministry, it appears she would agree with that.




So, is that a bust or what? I mean if it would not have been for the Holy Spirit in me, Beth Moore’s cute little religious story on “The Little Old Man – Mr. Longlocks” could have taken me under her spell. What an excellent example of Stanley Frodsham’s warning to “Watch for seducers”.


And with all that in mind, why don’t you take a look at Beth’s “cute little religious story”. Read it, but please read it for what it is; a trap in which to catch a few Christians.


In closing, please keep it in mind that the days in which we are now living are darker than they’ve ever been before…and there is only one way that any of us will make it through:

Keep on keeping the faith in Jesus!!!




Dad (Bruce Hallman)


The Little Old Man – Mr. Longlocks!!!
by Beth Moore


April 20, 2005 - At the airport in Knoxville - Waiting to board the plane:

I had the Bible on my lap and was very intent upon what I was doing. I'd had a marvelous morning with the Lord. I say that because I want to tell you it is a scary thing to have the Spirit of God really working in you. You could end up doing some things you never would have done otherwise. Life in the Spirit can be dangerous for a thousands reasons, not the least of which is your ego.

I tried to keep from staring, but he was such a strange sight. Humped over in a wheelchair, he was skin and bones, dressed in clothes that obviously fit when he was at least twenty pounds heavier. His knees protruded from his trousers and his shoulders looked like the coat hanger was still in his shirt. His hands looked like tangled masses of veins and bones. The strangest part of him was his hair and nails. Stringy gray hair hung well over his shoulders and down part of his back. His fingernails were long. Clean, but strangely out of place on an old man.

I looked down at my Bible as fast as I could, discomfort burning my face. As I tried to imagine what his story might have been, I found myself wondering if I'd just had a Howard Hughes sighting. Then, I remembered that he was dead. So this man in the airport, an impersonator maybe? Was a camera on us somewhere?

There I sat trying to concentrate on the Word to keep from being concerned about a thin slice of humanity served on a wheelchair only a few seats from me. All the while my heart was growing more and more overwhelmed with a feeling for him. Let's admit it. Curiosity is a heap more comfortable than true concern, and suddenly I was awash with aching emotion for this bizarre-looking old man.

I had walked with God long enough to see the handwriting on the wall. I've learned that when I begin to feel what God feels, something so contrary to my natural feelings, something dramatic is bound to happen. And it may be embarrassing. I immediately began to resist because I could feel God working on my spirit and I started arguing with God in my mind.

"Oh no, God please no." I looked up at the ceiling as if I could stare straight through it into heaven and said, "Don't make me witness to this man. Not right here and now. Please. I'll do anything. Put me on the same plane, but don't make me get up here and witness to this man in front of this gawking audience. Please, Lord!"

There I sat in the blue vinyl chair begging His Highness, "Please don't make me witness to this man. Not now. I'll do it on the plane."

Then I heard it. "I don't want you to witness to him. I want you to brush his hair."

The words were so clear, my heart leapt into my throat, and my thoughts spun like a top. Do I witness to the man or brush his hair? No brainer. I looked straight back up at the ceiling and said, "God, as I live and breathe, I want you to know I am ready to witness to this man. I'm on this Lord. I'm your girl! You've never seen a woman witness to a man faster in your life. What difference does it make if his hair is a mess if he is not redeemed? I am on him. I am going to witness to this man."

Again as clearly as I've ever heard an audible word, God seemed to write this statement across the wall of my mind. "That is not what I said, Beth. I don't want you to witness to him. I want you to go brush his hair."

I looked up at God and quipped, "I don't have a hairbrush. It's in my suitcase on the plane. How am I supposed to brush his hair without a hairbrush?"

God was so insistent that I almost involuntarily began to walk toward him as these thoughts came to me from God's Word: "I will thoroughly furnish you unto all good works." (2 Timothy 3:17)

I stumbled over to the wheelchair thinking I could use one myself. Even as I retell this story, my pulse quickens and I feel those same butterflies. I knelt down in front of the man and asked as demurely as possible, "Sir, may I have the pleasure of brushing your hair?"

He looked back at me and said, "What did you say?"

"May I have the pleasure of brushing your hair?" To which he responded in volume ten, "Little lady, if you expect me to hear you, you're going to have to talk louder than that."

At this point, I took a deep breath and blurted out, "SIR, MAY I HAVE THE PLEASURE OF BRUSHING YOUR HAIR?" At which point every eye in the place darted right at me. I was the only thing in the room looking more peculiar than old Mr. Longlocks. Face crimson and forehead breaking out in a sweat, I watched him look up at me with absolute shock on his face and say, "If you really want to."

Are you kidding? Of course I didn't want to. But God didn't seem interested in my personal preference right about then. He pressed on my heart until I could utter the words, "Yes, sir, I would be pleased. But I have one little problem. I don't have hairbrush." "I have one in my bag," he responded.

I went around to the back of that wheelchair and got on my hands and knees and unzipped the stranger's old carry-on, hardly believing what I was doing. I stood up and started brushing the old man's hair. It was perfectly clean, but it was tangled and matted. I don't do many things well, but I must admit I've had notable experience untangling knotted hair mothering two little girls. Like I'd done with either Amanda or Melissa in such a condition, I began brushing at the very bottom of the strands, remembering to take my time not to pull. A miraculous thing happened to me as I started brushing that old man's hair. Everybody else in the room disappeared. There was no one alive for those moments except that old man and me. I brushed and I brushed and I brushed until every tangle was out of that hair.

I know this sounds so strange, but I've never felt that kind of love for another soul in my entire life. I believe with all my heart, that - for that few minutes – I felt a portion of the very love of God. That He had overtaken my heart for a little while like someone renting a room and making Himself at home for a short while. The emotions were so strong and so pure that I knew they had to be God's.

His hair was finally as soft as an infant's. I slipped the brush back in the bag, went around the chair to face him. I got back down on my knees, put my hands on his knees, and said, "Sir, do you know my Jesus?" He said, "Yes, I do." Well, that figures, I thought. He explained, "I've known Him since I married my bride. She wouldn't marry me until I got to know the Savior." He said, "You see, the problem is, I haven't seen my bride in months. I've had open-heart surgery and she's been too ill to come see me. I was sitting here thinking to myself, what a mess I must be for my bride."

Only God knows how often He allows us to be part of a divine moment when we're completely unaware of the significance. This, on the other hand, was one of those rare encounters when I knew God had intervened in details only He could have known. It was a God moment and I'll never forget it. Our time came to board and we were not on the same plane. I was deeply ashamed of how I'd acted earlier and would have been so proud to have accompanied him on that aircraft.

I still had a few minutes and as I gathered my things to board, the airline hostess returned from the corridor, tears streaming down her cheeks. She said, "That old man's sitting on the plane, sobbing. Why did you do that? What made you do that?"

I said, "Do you know Jesus? He can be the bossiest thing!" And we got to share.

I learned something about God that day. He knows if you're exhausted because you're hungry, you're serving in the wrong place or it is time to move on, but you feel too responsible to budge. He knows if you're hurting or feeling rejected. He knows if you're sick or drowning under a wave of temptation. Or He knows if you just need your hair brushed. He sees you as an individual. Tell Him your need!

I got on my own flight, sobs choking my throat, wondering how many opportunities just like that one I had missed along the way, all because I didn't want people to think I was strange. God didn't send me to that old man, He sent that old man to me.

John 1:14, "The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth."



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