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The following letter-form was brought about as a means of teaching my children the Word of God through the mail. And of course, quite naturally so, that’s the reason I begin these letters with "Dear Children" and end them with "Love Dad". So for the rest of you who participate in these weekly messages, please keep their original intended purpose in mind.


19 August, 2007


Dear Children,


It truly grieves me to write this message, but write it I must. Because it’s through this particular sermonet – “Obedience Is Better Than Death!” – that we’re going to officially enter into this next phase of the FMHCCI ministry by becoming “A ‘Last Chance’ Ministry” for Jesus. In fact the reason that the Lord has given us this very dubious title has everything to do with the delegated responsibility that He’s entrusted us with. You see we are called of God to give a bunch of “Christians” one last chance to get it right with Jesus before their rope breaks. And of course the rope I’m speaking of is the rotten rope they’re hanging on to as they dangle (ever so precariously I might add) over the flaming pit of Hell:

And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh…” (Genesis 6:3 KJV)


Now, as we proceed on into today’s message, it is my prayer that the Lord God Almighty will empower me to communicate the following real life story in such a way that you will feel the same horror I felt when this dear Sister’s rope finally went “SNAP!!!” Because you see it was on the 19th of June 2007, that the Lord introduced me to this lady, and He did it through a picture. In fact the following email is what the Lord had me to send to her that very same day:



     Today is the 19th, and it was earlier this morning that Brother Alan was showing me some pictures...and one of them just so happened to be you at Victory Life Fellowship. Now I can put a face to your name. Amen!
     But anyway, it was shortly thereafter that I went to prayer, and the Lord gave me a Word for you as it pertains to the picture of you at VLF:
     "Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty." (2 Corinthians 6:17-18 KJV)
     Now that's a tough Word! But to help you understand the import of "obedience at all cost", please allow me to invite you to read one on the same subject. It's entitled "You've Asked A Hard Thing Lord" and you can read it on line at
     Also, on a side note, this same message has a link on our home page which is a clickable mini button with the "#19" on it. So as God would have it, today is the 19th and the Lord has given you a Word which will most certainly get your response of "You've Asked A Hard Thing Lord!" which is the natural response of the flesh to God's #19 Word. Amen?
     In the Lord Jesus Christ,
Bruce (and Sandy)



So…that was my very first communication with the Sister, and what a powerful communication it was! I mean it truly amazes how “all encompassing” that Word from God actually was – the depth, the width, and the height of it. But, to put it in a very few words, God said that in order for the Sister to be saved she must separate herself from the reprobate, no-good, and degenerate church she’s attending at 13712 Rankin Circle Road West in Houston, Texas (Zip 77073). In fact, while we’re on the subject of Victory Life Fellowship, let me go ahead and just bog it on down by exposing the “hireling” who calls himself the “Pastor” of that same church.


You see his name is Dan Peters, and the Word-Faith junk he teaches/preaches to his VLF congregation is “of the Devil” and damning many souls to Hell. In fact Brother Alan was one of Dan’s loyal members until the time came for him to choose between “God Almighty” and “Dan Almighty”. I mean the Lord was telling Brother Alan to move to El Paso, Texas, but yet Dan was giving him a directive to stay in Houston. So, as it turned out, Brother Alan made the right choice by “disregarding Dan” and “obeying God” at whatever the cost! Thank you Jesus! In fact Brother Alan made the move to El Paso on the 19th of November 2004, and shortly thereafter wrote about his “near-death experience” with VLF and Dan Peters (see “Jesus Died Spiritually, The Word Of Faith, And The Error In Dan Peters” at for more).


OK, so that’s a little bit of what Victory Life Fellowship is all about, which likewise explains why Father God commanded the Sister to “Come out from among them!” And with that introduction in mind, let me now share with you a very small portion of our communication that lasted for thirty-seven (37) days. Because you see on day #37 the Sister’s rope broke…and then there was no more!


So starting off with day #1, the following is a portion of the Sister’s reply to my first email to her:


6/19/07 - My heart and spirit know very well that to obey the Lord in all things is to experience the awesomeness of a Mighty God, all to His magnificent glory! Yes, we know it is never easy but it is SOOOO worth what we have to go through to get there. To walk on the water takes going thru much. To experience His Glory costs us everything..EVERYTHING. We are no longer our own but to submit totally to Him is to receive and BE so much more than we could ever possibly imagine...He's the Ephesians 3:20 God. Jesus suffered much and went through it all b/c He saw through to the other side what it was going to accomplish. And that's what He wanted for all of us -- to be One with the Father as He and the Father are One. He wants to burn out all the dross. He's continually showing me that I'm selfish and self-centered and that needs to die.


Now was that encouraging or what? The Sister’s reply – “to obey the Lord in all things is to experience the awesomeness of a Mighty God, all to His magnificent glory” – seemed to be in response to “God’s command” for her to forsake her church and never go back (Victory Life Fellowship and Dan Peters). I mean it looked as though the convicting Power of the Holy Spirit was really working on the Sister, but it didn’t stop there. I mean what followed that email were many more “true confessions” from the Sister…and here’s just two of them:


6/21/07 - When I chose to look at what was happening inside of my heart and stepped outside my flesh, I saw that God's Hand was indeed upon me and that what was occurring was stirring up the garbage that needed to come out. It's been inside for far too long now. There is SOOOOOOOO much more God has for us than to keep hassling with the past stuff that wants to remain (flesh). All creation groans for the manifestation of the sons of God. But there's "the process". Father, strengthen us in our inner man by Your Holy Spirit that we may stay on the wheel and allow Your will to be done in our lives, that we may submit to Your Lordship with joy. I look forward to what God has and to becoming what we already are in the Spirit because of the supreme sacrifice Jesus has wrought for each of us. We each have our Gethsemane and giving up our will to the Lord Jesus is what is so necessary. We have an enemy who wants to keep us down so we are no threat to his kingdom, but I say "Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy, for when I fall, I SHALL arise; and when I sit in darkness, the Lord is a light unto me!" Micah 7:8 Unfortunately, when we choose to walk in the flesh, the enemy's job is very small for we help him so very much just because of our wills.


6/25/07 - I haven't a CLUE where I'm at these days. I don't know the direction the Lord wants me to take. I know I'm restless, dissatisfied and miserable and that's my fault for not sticking close to the Lord and seeking Him with all that's in me. That needs to become priority.


So those were just two of the Sister’s “true confessions”, and of course the first step in fixing a problem is coming to grips with the fact that you’ve got a problem. And as it pertained to the Sister, well, she was openly adamant about her problem that needed to be fixed! I mean for real! And then came my email to her on 7/21/07 concerning the “wrath of God” for the disobedient “Christian”:



This Tuesday, July 24, is the annual Jewish celebration known as the 9th of Av. Jews begin observance of this day on sundown, July 23. This day is the most solemn event in the yearly calendar for the observant Jew, for it is the day that God destroyed the First and the Second Temple. Listen to the write-up in Wikipedia Encyclopedia:



Now without going into all the details, the “9th of Av” actually started on the very same day that the Jewish people decided not to trust God to give them the victory over the giants (Deut. 1:32). You see God had already delivered His chosen people from Egyptian slavery, and taken them safely through the unmerciful desert wilderness, but yet when it came time for the Jewish people to go on in and take the “Promised Land” they refused to do it. And of course the reason for their disobedience was their fear of “the giants in the land”. So, from that day until now, God has continued to “celebrate” their “day of disobedience” by allowing great disasters to come upon the Jewish people. And with that in mind, this is what the Sister had to say about God’s wrath on the unbeliever:


7/21/07 - Bruce...words fail me right now! It's such a fearful thing to fall into doubt and unbelief! When I fall into that trap, a thought comes that God understands b/c of the past and the distrust that the past brought. BUT that's a lie from the pit of hell!! To fall into that trap and add to it disobedience/rebellion/stubbornness...we are only asking for hell! And that's what we shall get! People don't realize with WHOM they are playing games, including me, Bruce. Fear of the Lord has been lost -- if ever it was "found". Fear of the Lord keeps us in check as it IS the beginning of wisdom. When I read this message about the Jews and all the disasters...the people today are doing the same thing they did and look what the Lord God Almighty did to them...and they were His chosen people!!! My Lord and MY God!! What a horrible, horrible consequence. A question came to mind just now: there are so many traditions the Jewish people follow and they are so in sync with Jesus Christ, the Messiah. My question: Is GOD the One Who continues to blind them??? A verse comes to mind about how the Lord keeps people from revelation knowledge lest they hear and be converted. I never understood why He would do that. I still don't but I know there's much more to that than meets the "eye". After reading what you just sent, it "seems" like the Lord God has blinded their hearts and minds. This is just a thought, though. Or is it still the stubbornness of their hearts that keeps them from "seeing" and accepting???


What a powerful email that one was! I had no idea the “9th Of Av” article would affect the Sister in the way that it did. I mean God told me to send it to her, and I did, and those were the results – she got convicted!!! And, of course, just as God had planned, it was her response that prepared the way for me to respond with the following Spirit-filled letter:



22 July, 2007
     When I read your words my heart leaped with joy. You spoke God’s Truth…however, your time of testing is fast approaching in which you will have the opportunity to walk in that same Truth. So, please prepare yourself Sister “with fear and trembling”. The odds are stacked against you! The probability is extremely high that you will give in to your flesh and not do the Will of the Fatherbut it doesn’t have to be that way.
     In fact when I read your comments the Lord instructed me to give you a real-life story from my own life. You see it was back on the 17th of September 2002 that I had a very pleasant conversation with a man by the name of Frank. At that time I was “homeless for Jesus” – living at the Rescue Mission of El Paso and working as assistant chaplain. In fact I was sitting in the chapel when Frank walked in and asked to talk. Well, for the next two hours I listened to Frank. He not only confessed his love for Jesus but also explained his calling to “bring together the churches in one Spirit”. He told me all about his dedication to the Lord, wanting nothing more than to serve Him with his life. And, by the time our little “session” was over and done with, I was thoroughly convinced that this man “knew Jesus”!
     However, it was only a few days later (the 23rd) that I received an early morning phone call from Frank. He was desperate; he needed to talk with me! It was urgent that I meet him in front of the El Paso Coliseum.
     So, I sought the Lord for His will, and then, after having first received His approval, let Frank know that I would be there shortly. However, when I got in my truck I felt a very heavy spirit come all over me. You see I would normally put my wallet on the seat or dashboard, but this time I felt an overwhelming urge to hide it under the seat. And it was because of this uneasy feeling that I prayed once again for God’s direction in my meeting with Frank.
     Well, once again, the Lord confirmed what He wanted me to do. And it wasn’t but a few miles later that I pulled over in front of the coliseum and let Frank in. However, seeing how the building and parking lot were all fenced in, I just pulled back out into the traffic and continued driving in an eastward direction.
     Now for the next four blocks Frank gave me a few more of the details of his life. He shared with me how he had recently gotten out of prison, and was trying to “get established” with a part-time job and apartment in order to do God’s work in the churches. But, it was right about then that Frank abruptly changed the conversation by asking “Would you drive me to Wal-Mart to buy some toilet paper?”
     Now being perfectly honest with you, that question about the toilet paper caught me completely off guard! I mean, go figure! But seeing how it was my desire to help Frank in any way possible, I told him that I would take him. However, seeing how my truck was running on fumes, I pulled over at the Chevron station to get some gas. I stopped the truck at the pumps, got out and walked around to the gas cap behind the passenger’s door, and proceeded to pump the gas when I noticed Frank. He was no longer sitting upright! His head had fallen forward and enormous drops of sweat were falling from his face.
     I immediately tried to shake him and wake him through the open window, but my efforts were futile. I ran over to the attendant’s station, borrowed his phone, and proceeded to call 911. As the time continued to tick by I suddenly realized that the hospital was only one block away. So I informed the operator of my decision to drive Frank to the hospital, and then quickly proceeded back to my truck.
     When I opened the door on the driver’s side, I found that I couldn’t get in because of Frank. He had fallen over into my seat and was moaning weakly as thick mucus dribbled out from his mouth and nose. Not a pretty sight! I then pushed on his shoulder to sit him upright, only to realize his shirt was soaked with cold sweat. I can still remember exactly how ugly it felt.
     Once in the driver’s seat, I found it necessary to continue pushing on Frank’s shoulder in order to keep him from falling back on me. So with my right hand holding Frank upright, I used my left to steer and shift my five-speed truck to the hospital… burning rubber and begging Frank not to die along the way!
     At the emergency room entrance I jumped out and ran inside to get help. As the Lord would have it, there were two of my backslidden “Christian” Brothers at the door, who just so happened to be at the right place at the right time to witness the very gruesome details of what was about to take place to another backslidden Brother. I returned to the truck with the both of them following, where we prayed for Frank while awaiting the emergency crew. The team finally arrived, but as they were lifting Frank out of the truck and onto the gurney they dropped him! I can still remember the sight of his limp body falling to the ground and shaking. It was all very graphic and ugly to say the least!
     So it was probably about an hour later (as the three of us anxiously awaited an update on Frank) that a nurse came out and gave us the very bad news: He’s dead!!!
     Wow!!! What a trip!!! And all because I obeyed God by meeting with Frank. So right then and there I asked God “WHY???” Why did Frank have to die…and why did I have to be the one to experience his death?
     That was my prayer, and it didn’t take too awful long to get His answer. Because the following paragraph is pretty much what the Lord had to say to me:
     “For the past few weeks I’ve not only been giving you Acts chapter 5 as a reading assignment, but I’ve also been telling you that you will personally see professing ‘Christians’ drop dead like ‘Ananias and Sapphira’…and all because they have lied to the Holy Spirit. Well Frank was only the first of many! Frank was a “con artist” who accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour while in prison, but then went on to use God in his “con game” once he got out. You were Frank’s next victim! And what you’ve just witnessed, with your own two eyes, was Frank’s ‘body’ reacting to his ‘soul and spirit’ dropping on into Hell. The sweat pouring from Frank’s body was the results of him entering the everlasting fires of Hell after being smitten by the Holy Spirit! You must use Frank’s testimony to warn other ‘Christians’ not to play around with God…because He ain’t nothing to play with!”
     So that’s what He told me. And even though there was much more to this story, I’ll cut it short by saying that, after having left the hospital, the Lord had me to share “Frank’s testimony” with yet another Brother in the Lord. And much to my amazement, it was that same Brother who went on to tell me about a similar situation in his life. You see one day, several years earlier and before he became a Christian, he was tripping on hallucinogenic “psilocybin mushrooms”…but it was a bad trip and he was dying. He said it felt as though two invisible hands grabbed him by the wrist and were slowly pulling him into Hell. And as all of this was taking place, his body broke out in a sweat just like Frank’s. However, before he became fully unconscious, he cried out for God to save him. Immediately, he said, the two hands let go and he returned back to “life in this world”. And as an added note to this real-life horror story, he said that for several days after the incident he had bruise marks on his wrist where the two demonic hands had grabbed him.
     That was then, and this is now. Since that time I have seen many “Christians” drop dead, howbeit none so graphic as Frank. Because you see, Sister, God uses me as a “last chance” prophet to deal with “Christians” who have only one more chance to get it right. And the sad facts are that the majority of these “Christians” reject my “help from the Lord” and likewise die a spiritually death in which they will never recover…with some even dying physically.
     And having said that, lets address your question: “A question came to mind just now: there are so many traditions the Jewish people follow and they are so in sync with Jesus Christ, the Messiah. My question: Is GOD the One Who continues to blind them???”
      “But though he had done so many miracles before them, yet they believed not on him: That the saying of Esaias the prophet might be fulfilled, which he spake, Lord, who hath believed our report? and to whom hath the arm of the Lord been revealed? Therefore they could not believe, because that Esaias said again, He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them. These things said Esaias, when he saw his glory, and spake of him. Nevertheless among the chief rulers also many believed on him; but because of the Pharisees they did not confess him, lest they should be put out of the synagogue: For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.” (John 12:37-43 KJV)
     Joh 12:40 - He hath blinded their eyes - The expression in Isaiah is, “Go, make the heart of this people fat, and shut their eyes.” That is, go and proclaim truth to them truth that will result in blinding their eyes. Go and proclaim the law and the will of God, and the effect will be, owing to the hardness of their heart, that their eyes will be blinded and their hearts hardened. As God knew that this would be the result - as it was to be the effect of the message, his commanding Isaiah to go and proclaim it was the same in effect, or in the result, as if he had commanded him to blind their eyes and harden their hearts… (Albert Barnes’ Notes On The Bible)
     So did you understand that Sister? If we claim Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, but yet aren’t willing to let Him be Lord of our life by obeying His Will for our lives (each and every command), we will become increasingly “deaf” to His Voice, through each act of disobedience, until we get to the place of being “spiritually dead” with no hopes of resurrection. And what the Scripture is saying is that it could be the very next command from God to the “rebellious Christian” that could “blind their eyes and harden their hearts” permanently!!!
     God’s talking to you, Sister!
     And now for your next statement or concern:
      “I assume, Bruce, that you keep pretty busy and I don't ever want to keep you from doing what -- well, this is kind of a goofy statement, isn't it? I wouldn't keep you from doing what God has for you to do -- most likely because of two things: you wouldn't allow it to occur and quite possibly you ARE doing what He has you to do by opening my eyes.”
     That, my dear Sister, is an understatement! I have been commissioned by the Almighty to help you turn your life around for Christ – without spot or wrinkle – and I am totally committed to this cause. I will do whatever He requires of me to get you where you need to be in Jesus. But the question remains: “Sister, are you willing to let me?”
     God has brought me into your life to save your life. If you are serious about this great adventure then let’s talk “live” by phone. Thus saith the Lord!
     In Christ,
Bruce (and Sandy)



Now was that a Word from God or was that a Word from God? Well all I knew at the time was that God told me to stop whatever I was doing and write, and write it I did. However, I had no idea just how critical that letter was going to be in the life of the Sister. I mean God’s warning of impending doom was loud and clear in that letter, and the Sister knew it was directed at her. In fact the following was her reply that very same day:


7/22/07 - Please call me, Bruce. This has been going on tooo long and I know I'm skating on thin ice, real thin. I tried to spend time with the Lord this morning before church and just sat there without any emotions or feelings or ...just almost stone cold. I don't want to live this way. It's sheer death in every aspect and I hate it. I want to have HIS passion and HIS love and mercy, grace, HIS touch for others. Mine stinks. It comes and goes...even after being close to Him. PLEASE pray for me that my heart does not turn any colder toward the Lord, Bruce. I don't want to go to hell. But more than that, I want to live the life He has for me. I want to minister to others with and in His love. He KNEW all this was going to occur, Bruce. Was it to bring me to a point of decision to either serve Him or... I don't want Him turning His face against me.


So was the Sister serious about getting her life “right with Jesus”? Well, it sounded like it to me! In fact it was the very next morning that the Sister voiced her determination through yet another email:


7/23/07 - He brought me to this point because He LOVES me. His will is that no man perish. I am His child and He wants me totally IN HIM. The lukewarm He will spew out of His mouth. I don't say any of this b/c God is angry but because He is merciful. So many times He could have smashed me like a bug for my disobedience/rebellion/bullheadedness but He continued to draw me. BUT there comes a time when He has to get my attention and this is it. I have heard so many sermons on repentance lately. I told myself that He was taling t His Body b/c in my own mind, if I was one in a million, it wouldn't be so bad...deception - there's safety in numbers. But He kept speaking to a spoiled brat, I chose to look the other way. And when He kept talking to me, my stance was like a little child with arms folded across my chest and an impudent look on my face saying NO, I WILL NOT! Bruce, I know in my heart that He's talking to me. And I'm so grateful that He is. It's time for me to grow up. And make a commitment to Him completely no matter what…I've lost my joy b/c of focusing on all else but the Lord. I want all of it back...but I don't want to go back to the way I has to be so very different this time. Forgetting what's behind, I press on...


Committed? I sure thought so! And it was only a few hours after having read her email that we made our first phone call…and what a call it was! I mean the Spirit of God was all over us, and the conversation flowed accordingly. In fact the following is what the Lord had me to email her a few minutes later:



     It's truly awesome when God uses this earthen vessel to do His work. The Spirit of God was flowing through me in a powerful way to speak into your life - it was a deluge! But when He turned off the flow it was time to end our conversation. And believe you me, I do feel used, as in spent.
     So you say you're ready. Well the process has started. And as fair warning of the potential disaster lurking in your future, here is a sermonet that the Lord gave me for you this morning in prayer. It's all about another "Kathy" who God gave one last chance but she refused the invitation. She failed God's test and God says it's over. Her worst nightmare will become a reality in the not to distant future. Please read and heed the invitation that Kathy Kowtko refused: "Kathy Kowtko: A Real Test Of God’s Patience!" (
     In the Lord Jesus Christ,
Bruce (and Sandy)



And then came day #2 of our phone conversations – Tuesday July the 24th. Because you see it was shortly after our first phone conversation on day #1 that the Father gave me instructions to talk with the Sister each and every day from there on out, and even if it was only for a few minutes each day. In fact it was during my follow up phone call on the 24th that the Lord gave me a specific time for our next meeting – Wednesday the 24th at 8:00 PM Houston time. However, seeing how I saw where the Lord was headed with this one, I reluctantly shared the news with the Sister. But much to my surprise, the Sister agreed to be obedient to the desires of her Heavenly Father…and even though it meant missing her Wednesday night Bible study at Victory Life Fellowship.


Wow! I was amazed! What dedication! It looked as though the Sister was really and truly serious about her walk with Jesus. But, just to make sure, the Lord had me to send her the following “Important” email that very same day:



Dearest Sister;
I'm looking forward to tomorrow night, we have a lot to talk about in the Lord. Don't miss it: 8:00 pm Houston time. Also, the Lord wanted me to share with you the attached letter to Sharon (see letter to Sharon). It was my last one to her and also her last chance to get it right with Jesus. The day before yesterday the Lord gave me the news that her door of opportunity has closed. She can no longer enter into the Kingdom of God. There's no more opportunity for repentance. It's over! And concerning the 7 Spirits of God, the Lord has instructed me to direct you to “Life Through The Flesh And Blood Of Jesus!” at You might have to read the preceding sermonet to get the full impact - "Thou Shalt Obey The Law…But Not That Law!" - but let it bless you!
We love you in the Lord,
Bruce (and Sandy)



Then it was later on that night that I got the following confirming email from the Sister. She was committed to talk with me as the Almighty had directed:


7/24/07- I'm not going anywhere...will talk with you at 8PM my time. I started to read the sermonet whch incuded the vision and when I read (I didn't yet finish it but will in the morning) the meanings of the five items...especially the judgment of the heart that had no life -- it made me think of the present day Church and that God is judging us b/c our heart has died and no longer has any life in it...not for Him anyway. And if there's no life in our hearts for the Lord, it IS dead. We're committing spiritual suicide and -- I was gong to say "we don't even know it"...but somehow I think some of us DO know it but we've buffaloed ourselves into thinking that God surely won't send us to hell...look at all we've done!!! "Depart from me...I never knew you." Jesus, help us!


Well, it was hard for me to believe, but her words were very convincing. I mean after having seen sooo many “Christians” drop dead as a result of their disobedience, could it be that this Sister would actually make it through her crucial test?


I was greatly encouraged! Because it was only hours away from her test that the Sister wrote me the following email Wednesday:


7/25/07 - Good morning to you, too...the morning has been precious with my Lord. As I was preparing to get up, I went over several things in the past years that the Lord has done and given me. And my eyes were beginning to open. I went back later to read some of them...starting back in September of 2000. As I sat on the floor praying and talking to Him about various things, Sharon came to mind...again and again. Bruce, I'm having a very difficult time with it...grieved. There is such an emergency/urgency thing going on inside me. It's like the Church is on her deathbed but the Church is sitting beside the bed eating popcorn and watching TV. Complacency. It's like that human heart hanging from the palm tree -- still beating but empty as can be. The walking dead...walking straight into the pit of hell....eating popcorn.


After that email I was confident that the Sister was going to make it! Glory!!! And with only a few hours left before our appointed call I got to work putting God’s plan into play. Because you see in order to send the Sister her picture by email before our 8:00 appointment I had to run to Wal-Mart and pickup the CD that contained the digital image. And of course the picture I’m talking about is the one that started out this great adventure for the Lord – the picture of the Sister at Victory Life Fellowship!


You see the Lord had instructed me to send her the picture so that she could be looking at it as I gave her His “mandate”. Because “God said” that if the Sister ever set foot in that church again (Victory Life Fellowship), she would spiritually drop dead like “Ananias and Sapphira” (Acts 5:1-11).


So, as Good Lord would have it, I rushed to Wal-Mart, picked up the picture, and rushed back to the apartment with just enough time to get the picture emailed to the Sister before making my call. However, it was much to my dismay that the Sister didn’t answer – I got her answering service instead!


“No way”, I said. “This just can’t be!”


Well, I placed the call again and left a message…hoping that something beyond the Sister’s control had kept her from obeying God’s Will for her life. Because you see God had made it perfectly clear to me that if she set foot in that church again it was overand that included the Wednesday night service that she promised she wouldn’t attend in order to talk with me.


However, after forty-five (45) minutes of no word from the Sister I tried again and left another message. Then at 10:45 PM I received the following email from her:


7/25/07 - What a day, Bruce!!! God is awesome!! I know I missed the 8PM call and I'm not offering any excuses and you can say what you need to say. I'll hear it. And you never answered my question about Sharon even though I probably know what you are going to say. Once the Lord says it's over, it IS over. Right? Well, didn't He say that about Sodom and Gomorrah but still allowed Lot to contend with Him...I said this same thing in my note to you about this matter. My pastor and his wife have been trying to reach her as well. They know something is drastically wrong. But I don't think they have a clue to the extent. I'm sure they don't. Gosh, Bruce... P.S. the picture -- I wish I could say that wasn't me but it shore is!…Well, I don't know whether to go on with this note or just let it go. Have you wiped me off the slate?


So…the Sister missed God’s appointed meeting, and she didn’t even have an excuse. My Jesus! All of the sudden I felt an overwhelming emptiness in the pit of my stomach, but I emailed her the following question as directed by the Lord: “Would you mind sharing with me the reason that you missed our phone conversation?


And this was her reply: “I went to church.


Which was followed by my next question: “Which one?


And the Sister’s reply:


The one I belong to...Victory Life Fellowship...where Alan used to pastor being the same one Daniel Peters that Alan wrote about and who would not bless his joining you and the same that would hit the roof if they even knew I was talking with you. And we are studying -- if study is the word -- John Bevere (some say he's a heretical teacher) "Under Cover" about obedience to God...and tonight was on the Consequences of Disobedience and he talked about how disobedience opens the door to deception which my housemate tells me I am by listening to you...and do you want to hear more because I'm just getting started.


Now wasn’t that ironic? The Sister disobeys God for the very last time by attending the church that God said “Do not attend!” And it was during that same service that a heretical teacher (John Bevere) taught on the consequences of disobeying God. I mean in so many words, the Devil used his disciple John Bevere to tell the Sister that “he (Satan) now owns her soul!” And as much as I hated to do it, my final email to her was a very simple one liner:


“Tell them not to worry; I won't be bothering you anymore.”


It was all over withdone/through/finishedin a matter of thirty-seven (37) days. I could hardly believe that it happened, but I knew that it happened because of the Sister’s very own words. You see time and time again the Sister had shared with me the warnings that God was giving her through the Scriptures. In fact it was during our second phone conversation (the 24th) that the Sister shared with me a particular Scripture by which the Lord was giving her revelation knowledge through a very special word; “hasten”. And even though I did not understand her explanation of what she received, it was only shortly thereafter that the Lord showed me what it meant and how it applied to her life. And of course this Word that I received on her word [“hasten”] was just one of the many things that I was to share with her that fateful night when she not only missed my call, but, more importantly, she missed God.


So please allow me to expound on God’s “word of hasten” for the Sister, and then let the reality of what this Word meant sink deep into your mind. I mean it might just chill you to your bones. It did me!


Then the LORD put forth his hand, and touched my mouth. And the LORD said unto me, Behold, I have put my words in thy mouth. See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant. Moreover the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Jeremiah, what seest thou? And I said, I see a rod of an almond tree. Then said the LORD unto me, Thou hast well seen: for I will hasten my word to perform it.” (Jeremiah 1:9-12 KJV)


Jer 1:12 - Then said the Lord unto me, thou hast well seen,.... The thing seen is a very proper emblem of what I am about to do, and the quick dispatch that will be made therein: for l will hasten my word to perform it; the words, "shoked ani", "I will hasten", or "I am hastening", are in allusion to, "shoked", the name of the almond tree in Hebrew; which is so called because it is quick and early, and, as it were, hastens to bring forth its flowers, leaves, and fruit; in like manner the Lord says he would hasten to perform what he had said or should say by him concerning the destruction of Jerusalem, and the captivity of the people, and every thing else he should give him in commission to say. Jarchi and Abendana make mention of an ancient Midrash, or exposition, to this sense; that from the time of the almond tree's putting forth, until its fruit is ripe, are one and twenty days, according to the number of days which were between the seventeenth of Tammuz, in which the city was broken up, and the ninth of Ab, in which the temple was burnt; but though the almond tree is the first of trees, and is very early in putting forth, yet there is a greater time than this between its putting forth and its fruit being ripe; for Pliny (s) says, that the almond tree first of all flowers in January, and its fruit is ripe in March. (John Gill’s Exposition Of The Whole Bible)


Jer 1:12 - I will hasten my word - Here is a paronomasia. What dost thou see? I see shaked, “an almond,” the hastening tree: that which first awakes. Thou hast well seen, for (shoked) I will hasten my word. I will awake, or watch over my word for the first opportunity to inflict the judgments which I threaten. The judgment shall come speedily; it shall soon flourish, and come to maturity. (Adam Clark’s Commentary On The Bible)


So did you feel the chill? I mean did you make the connection with the “Word of God” that He “hastened” in the Sister’s life? Well let me help you out with a subtle little reminder:


"Wherefore come out from among them [Victory Life Fellowship and Dan Peters], and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty." (2 Corinthians 6:17-18 KJV)


To say it as simply as I know how, God told the Sister through me, on the 19th of June 2007, that if she did not separate herself from “Victory Life Fellowship and Dan Peters” she would not be (could not be) one of His adopted family members. And then thirty-seven (37) days later God “hastened” His “Word of judgment” to completion when the Sister chose to disobey God’s Will for her life by not skipping Wednesday night service at Victory Life Fellowship and talking with me.


And now that it’s over and done with, let’s revisit an earlier warning that the Lord had me to give to her:


…So did you understand that Sister? If we claim Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, but yet aren’t willing to let Him be Lord of our life by obeying His Will for our lives (each and every command), we will become increasingly “deaf” to His Voice, through each act of disobedience, until we get to the place of being “spiritually dead” with no hopes of resurrection. And what the Scripture is saying is that it could be the very next command from God to the “rebellious Christian” that could “blind their eyes and harden their hearts” permanently!!! God’s talking to you, Sister!…


And, as you should remember, that warning I gave “in the Lord” was the answer to the following question from the Sister:


“A question came to mind just now: there are so many traditions the Jewish people follow and they are so in sync with Jesus Christ, the Messiah. My question: Is GOD the One Who continues to blind them???


And of course the Scripture that she was referring to is found in the book of John:


He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them.” (John 12:40 KJV)


And of course the meaning thereof is as follows:


Go, make the heart of this people fat, and shut their eyes. That is, go and proclaim truth to them, truth that will result in blinding their eyes. Go and proclaim the law and the will of God, and the effect will be, owing to the hardness of their heart, that their eyes will be blinded and their hearts hardened.


And with that in mind, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out that this is exactly what happened to the Sister on that fateful Wednesday night: God hastened the Sister’s spiritual blindness through His directive for our 8:00 phone call that she wasn’t willing to obey – she said “No” to God the very last time!


“If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not unto death, he shall ask, and he shall give him life for them that sin not unto death. There is a sin unto death: I do not say that he shall pray for it.” (1 John 5:16 KJV)


So, the moral of this story is that God doesn’t always give us another opportunity to get it right. We must live our lives as if there are no tomorrows. And with that in mind, “Keep on keeping the faith in Jesus!




Dad (Bruce Hallman)



"Sharon’s Letter"

10 March, 2007


Sharon, Sharon, Sharon;


I’m sorry that I missed your 9:15 call this morning, and I’m sorry that you were on another call when I returned your call a few minutes later, but you’ve just got to hear the “rest of the story”. In fact seeing how these letters preserve the “Word” that God gives me to speak to you, what better way to speak it into your life than a letter! I mean for how ever long you have left, you’ll be able to refresh your memory on what “thus saith the Lord” from me…that is as long as you keep this letter.


But anyway, getting back to the story, I was on the “can” this morning when you called. And not only was I “taking care of business”, but the Lord was bringing back to memory the Leonard Ravenhill message that we listened to last night. In fact as the Good Lord would have it, the discussion He was having with me concerning Brother Ravenhill’s message – “Weeping” – was actually in preparation for your call. It’s what you call “J.I.T.” – Just In Time. Glory!


Now the Text for his message is found in Luke 19:41, but for impact I’ve added verses 42 through 44:


And when he was come near, he beheld the city, and wept over it, Saying, If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes. For the days shall come upon thee, that thine enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round, and keep thee in on every side, And shall lay thee even with the ground, and thy children within thee; and they shall not leave in thee one stone upon another; because thou knewest not the time of thy visitation.” (Luke 19:41-44 KJV)


And to give you just a taste of that “Weeping” message from Brother Ravenhill, it went like this:


"Why? Why should He weep over it? He just had an amazing standing ovation coming through the city. All the city was excited...If the Church of Jesus Christ was alive she'd do the same thing...The biggest tragedy in the world tonight is a sick Church in a dying world. There's no hope for the world unless the Church be revived. She's the channel through which God comes..." (Leonard Ravenhill>)


You see Brother Ravenhill was a prophet in the truest sense of the word. He grieved, just as Jesus did, over the backslidden Church…and he wasn’t even ashamed to speak out against it. In fact you’ll find him in many of his messages calling the names of pastors and evangelists who’ve contributed to the demise of Christ’s Church. But, then again, in "Revival Series III" he didn’t call out names; he just blasted all those “in the pulpit” who don’t speak the mind of God for fear of upsetting the Brethren:


"...Prophets are God’s emergency men for crises hours. God’s emergency men for crises hours. I’ve said before, the trouble with the nation, this is a blanket statement and it’s not true of everybody, but most of our pulpits have puppets in them instead of prophets. And we need God in mercy to send us a generation of prophets in this critical hour in which we are living. Now the prophet isn’t somebody who foretells merely a certain thing is going to happen next year or 1983. The prophet is a man who’s message is adjusted and it bears down on the iniquity, on the situation, as God sees it. He’s bringing God’s mind to a people who are deaf and blind and don’t want to hear." (Leonard Ravenhill)


So just how does this apply to you, Sharon? Are you weeping over a lost and dying Church? Are you – “The Prophet” – speaking out boldly against the corruption you see from day to day in the Christians that surround you?


Back in the beginning of our “time of fellowship” you told of your communications with Brother Ravenhill. You were amazed that he not only answered his own phone but sacrificed his valuable time to talk with you. I mean you even commented that you were sorry you didn’t seize the opportunity to speak with him longer.


So just what was it that you had hoped to gain by speaking with this well-known and very influential “Revival Prophet”? Did you want to learn how to better serve your Lord and Saviour in your prophetic ministry? Did you want to learn how to speak God’s “uncompromising Truth” to a lost and dying Church without the fear of losing your reputation? Did you want to learn how to give up your life in order to save Christ’s Church?


Well, if you answered “Yes” to those three questions then there is still hope for Sharon. It means there’s still some Spiritual Breath left in you. It’s not to late! The patient is still alive!


However, the Holy Spirit in you – the time of “His Visitation” – will not remain much longer unless you make a drastic change in your life. It’s time for you to spend lots of time with Brother Ravenhill so you can be the “Revival Prophet” that you’re called to be. Thus saith the Lord: “Shut down your business (ministry) ‘as usual’ and let the Prophet mentor you in the ways of righteousness.”


This is a very serious matter, and I pray that you take it as such. God has rescued you from the jaws of death and the flames of Hell recently, but the question remains: “Will He do it again?” You can find Brother Ravenhill’s audio and video messages on the Internet at “” by clicking on “New Material – Listen to Sermons online!” If for any reason you are unable to access these on your computer, just let us know and we’ll be glad to send you the CD’s.


Your time is running out Sharon. You will either get your ministry in order or you will lose your soul forever!


I love you enough to tell you the Truth. Will you please take it as such?


In the Lord Jesus Christ,


Bruce (and Sandy)


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