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The following letter-form was brought about as a means of teaching my children the Word of God through the mail. And of course, quite naturally so, that’s the reason I begin these letters with "Dear Children" and end them with "Love Dad". So for the rest of you who participate in these weekly messages, please keep their original intended purpose in mind.


Print/PDF2 September, 2012


Dear Children,


Now I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but today’s sermonet is going to be directed, once again, at Jimmy Swaggart and his ministry… but with Frances in mind. In fact as you’re about to see, this message for today – “Frances Swaggart, ‘Brother’ Daniel Nalliah, And Their New World Order!” – will actually be a continuation of our 7/15/12 sermonet entitled “Donnie Swaggart The Freemason!” Because as I’m sure you must remember, in that particular sermonet we exposed Donnie Swaggart and a few of his Illuminati ‘Brothers’ who’re looking forward to the arrival of their Masonic Antichrist and his New World Order. In fact they’re not only looking forward to it, they’ve even been preparing the “Christian” Church to receive him with open arms!


But let’s not get ahead of the story. Because it was on the 19th of April 1991, that we (the FMHCCI) were incorporated in the state of South Carolina as a “not for prophet” (eleemosynary) organization. And it was only shortly thereafter that we filed a request with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to obtain a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, because it was what “everybody” told us we needed to do. But of course “everybody” is not God, and God saw to it that we (the FMHCCI) did not get our 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the IRS… and He did it for a very good reason.


Because you see it was a few years later –the 7th of March 2006 – that President George W. Bush signed into law his Executive Order #13397 that instantaneously REMOVED the “separation of church and state” by making all 501(c)(3) tax-exempt churches an integral part of the United States Government. With a stroke of the pen, President George W. Bush magically converted all “faith based” entities into GOVERNMENT AGENCIES. In fact when you take it on down to the nitty gritty of it, George W. Bush’s Executive Order #13397 actually “yoked” all 501(c)(3) “faith based” entities with the Office of Homeland Security that will be directly responsible for incarcerating and punishing all true patriots of this country who oppose the New World Order of the Antichrist.


So, that’s just one of the horrific atrocities that “Christian” George W. Bush did for our country during his term as president. I mean George W. Bush claimed to be a born-again Believer when he ran for president, but the question remains: “Was he, is he, really a follower of Jesus Christ?”


Well, the following two-part interview will help us come to grips with the reality of George W. Bush’s “Christianity”. Because in his own words, this is what he had to say about his personal “Christian” beliefs:


- Bush Confession -
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First Interview

“Do we all worship the same God, Christian and Muslim?”

George W. Bush:
“I think we do. We have different routes of getting to the Almighty.”

“Do Christians and non Christians and Muslims go to heaven, in your mind?”

George W. Bush:
“Yes they do.”


Second Interview

“Is it literally true, the Bible?”

George W. Bush:
“Ah, probably not. But I think you can learn a lot from it.”

“So can you read the Bible and not take it literally? I mean, it’s not inconsistent to love the Bible and also believe in evolution, say?”

George W. Bush:
“Well, I think you can have both.”


So that in brief is what George W. Bush, the so-called “Christian”, actually believes in when it comes to “salvation” (everlasting life in Heaven) and the “Holy Bible” (God’s Infallible Written Word).


Now, it doesn’t take too awful many Scriptures to debunk George W. Bush’s belief that there are “different routes” of getting to the Almighty and ending up in Heaven… and here they are:


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.” (John 1:1, 14 KJV)


“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16 KJV)


Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6 KJV)


You see the Words “only begotten” mean exactly what they say. There was only One Who was God that became Flesh in order to redeem mankind from sin… and His Name was Jesus! There is no other way to the Almighty (and eternal life in Heaven) but through Jesus!


And now it’s time to debunk George W. Bush’s belief that the Holy Bible is not “factually/actually/literally true”:


The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.” (Psalms 12:6-7 KJV)


Now that’s what the Word of God says about the Words of God that are printed on the pages of the King James Holy Bible. In fact from Genesis to Malachi there are over three hundred (300) prophecies by which God predicted the coming of His “only begotten Son” that would take away the sin of the world. And this is a very small sample of them:


Love The Jewish People


So those were only a few of the many predictions (promises) that God made in the Old Testament of His Holy Bible concerning His “only begotten Son” that would take away the sin of the world. And now let’s take a look at a few of the New Testament Scriptures that documented God’s Old Testament predictions (promises) as they became reality:


Who Is He?


Now, just in case you didn’t know it, the definition of “zillion” is an extremely large but unspecified number that’s too ridiculous to even consider. And as it concerns the probability that one Man (Jesus – the “only begotten Son of God”) could fulfill the thirty (30) prophetic promises of God listed above, this “zillion to one” realistically represents the impossibility that it could actually ever happen… but yet it did! And, of course, if you multiply that by a factor of ten (10) or more, it shouldn’t be too awful hard to come to the understanding that only God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth, could predict such future events with the 100% accuracy that He did (see “Got Faith? for more staggering statistics on the subject):


“Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.” (2 Peter 1:20-21 KJV)


God’s Word – the Holy Bible – is “factually/actually/literally true”! And, of course, this only reinforces the fact that George W. Bush is not a Christian. So just what is he???


False Christian


Now with the preceding information in mind, have you figured out yet what “god” George W. Bush actually serves?


Well, please allow me help you out. Because you see, Pope Benedict XVI was elected to his position of “Vicar Of Christ” on the 19th of April 2005. And it was almost three (3) years later that President George W. Bush publicly proclaimed having seen “God” when he looked into the eyes of Pope Benedict XVI. And the following is the reason President George W. Bush said what he said about the Pope:


     The Apostle John styles the leader of Apostate Christianity, 'the Antichrist.'
     The Papal title is the key which unlocks to us the true mystery and character of the Papacy.
     'Antichrist' is a Greek word. 'Vicar' is an English word. The words are synonymous. They have exactly the same meaning. 'Antichrist' translated into the English is 'Vice Christ' or 'Vicar of Christ.' 'Vicar of Christ, rendered into the Greek is 'Antichristos' = 'Antichrist.' The ordinary use of the word in the Greek is decisive on this point. So every time the Pope claims to be, 'The Vicar of Christ,' he is pleading at the bar of the world's opinion that he indeed is THE ANTICHRIST.
     The Vicar of Christ, the Vice-Christ, the Antichrist, comes in the room and in the stead of the true Christ and must therefore be characterised by deception, dissimulation and counterfeit.
     Antichrist poses as the true representative of Christ, not Christ's enemy, hence deception and lying are his stock-in-trade. (See “Pope Is The Antichrist!” for more on this subject.)


So, are you starting to get a better picture of the “true spirit” of George W. Bush?


Bush Truth


- Secret Societies Killed Jesus -
(Download MP3)


You see this “true spirit of George W. Bush” has everything to do with the Antichrist and his “New World Order” that will bring about his “One World Government” and “One World Religion” on the people of this earth. In fact it’s this same “true spirit of George W. Bush” that we discussed in our sermonet “Donnie Swaggart The Freemason!”:


The Roman Catholic Church is the “Woman” that claims a faithful marriage relationship with “Jesus the Christ”, but yet continually commits fornication with the “spirit” of the soon coming Antichrist – “Nimrod”! The Roman Catholic Church is that religious “Whore” – the “Mother Of Harlots” – in Revelation 17. She is the one responsible for creating many more religious “whores” by enticing “Christ’s Church” to commit spiritual fornication with the spirit of “Nimrod” through the Roman Catholic “Jesuit Order” and it’s “Illuminati” understudies… which even includes the “33rd Degree Freemasons”.


Now without a doubt, George W. Bush is a part of the Roman Catholic “Jesuit Order” and it’s “Illuminati” understudies through his membership in the “Skull And Bones” secret society. George W. Bush is just another pawn in the hands of the “Black Pope” (Jesuit General) as he works his magic to infiltrate and overthrow the Protestant Movement in Christ’s Church. In fact the first man elected to this occult position of “Protestant Exterminator” (Black Pope – Jesuit General) was Ignatius of Loyola… and his election took place on the 19th of April 1541 which was exactly four hundred and sixty-four (464) years before Pope Benedict XVI was elected to his position of “White Pope” on the 19th of April 2005.


So with all that in mind, the 19th of April is one of the most important dates on the Satanic Calendar of High Holy Days. It begins a 13-day period of blood sacrifice to “The Beast”. But yet this is the man that “Christian” George W. Bush reveres as “God”!


“And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.” (Revelation 19:20 KJV)


The Roman Catholic Church is the religious system of the Antichrist. In fact another one of their pawns (much like “Christian” George W. Bush) was Mother Teresa. She worked tirelessly throughout her life to bring about the “One World Religion” of her Roman Catholic Church by speaking the lie that all religions are one:


“If in coming face to face with God we accept Him in our lives, then we... become a better Hindu, a better Muslim, a better Catholic, a better whatever we are... What God is in your mind you must accept.” – Mother Teresa


And now that we’ve laid the groundwork, let’s proceed with today’s message. Because it was on the 10th of August 2012, that Frances Swaggart had Daniel Nalliah as her special guest on her “Frances And Friends” talk show. And the following portion of what “Daniel Nalliah” had to say will help us to see the reality of “Frances’ Friend” that she so adamantly calls “Brother Daniel”:


- Daniel Nalliah’s Lord Buddha -
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     Well I must make this, I, this is what I really believe the Lord has spoken to my heart. That the next move of God is not going to be top down, it’s going to be bottom up. It’s not going to be necessarily from the pulpit to the pew, it’s going to be from the pew to the pulpit. Because a revolution starts, and has to confront the old, the new. I lived through two bloody revolutions. They were full of blood. So many people were slaughtered and killed. These, those revolutions were demonically motivated. We call it a revolution of love in Australia for a national reformation of a nation. And I believe when we unite together in the name of Jesus we can see the nation and the nations come back to the Lord.
     Let me touch on Saudi Arabia and share this testimony because I’m sure many of you might like to hear this. I used to be working in Saudi Arabia and this is where I thank the Lord for taking me and giving me 2 years in Saudi Arabia underground with the Church just to feel and know the other side of Christians how they worship.
      Now I’m from Sri Lanka and I’ve been persecuted in Sri Lanka also quite a bit for preaching Jesus. Almost beheaded in 1989. But thank God that attacks have reduced on Christians, however, there still many attacks on Christians. But I must emphasize this. Buddha, also known as Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, never taught violence. He actually taught peace. He told the people, “Follow this way of life, it will be good for you.” However, he said, “There will be a person 500 years after me who will come – he will give you the strength to follow what I’m telling you to follow.”
     Lord BuddhaAnd it’s interesting that Lord Buddha came 2500 years ago, and Jesus exactly 500 years ago came on the scene. And He said, “I’ m the way, the life, I’m the way, the truth, and the life, no man shall come to the Father unless through me.” And Jesus gave us the strength to live the life.
     Now, if you look at Jesus, He said, “Turn the other cheek.” But if you look at Islam, Muhammad said, according to Allah, what he’s told him, that all infidels, should convert to Islam – not convert, actually revert to Islam because everyone is suppose to have been born a Muslim and walked away from their faith so they need to revert to Islam – and that if not then they deserve death.
     So this is a religion which should not be tolerated, as much as the people need to be loved into the Kingdom of God. And so which is very important. So here I was in Saudi Arabia, and I didn’t have much of an understandings of Islam. So when a Buddhist attacks Christians in Sri Lanka, they are not practicing the teachings of Lord Buddha. But when a Muslim does attack a Christian, they are practicing the teachings of Mohammad which is, which is really sad.



So what did you think of “Brother” Daniel’s little speech? Well, the first part about the “bloody revolutions needed to change the old to the new” is something we’ll take a look at a little bit later. But right now let’s focus on the unusual attention “Brother” Daniel paid to “Lord Buddha”.


In paragraph three (3) of “Brother” Daniel’s discourse, he makes the following introduction to Buddha: “Buddha, also known as Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism”. Those were his exact words, howbeit very strange indeed. I mean, after all, most red-blooded, dyed in the wool Believers in Christ Jesus would call the founder of the Buddhist religion “Buddha”… not “Lord Buddha”. But that’s not all. It just keeps getting a whole lot stranger!


Because you see as “Brother” Daniel continues with his discourse on “Lord Buddha”, he presents a very disturbing belief system that’s down right blasphemous. I mean in “Brother” Daniel’s little play on words he says that it’s “Lord Buddha” who taught “the way of life” five hundred (500) years before Jesus came. And then he goes on to say that Jesus gave the Buddhist people the strength to live “the way of life” that “Lord Buddha” taught. In other words, “Brother” Daniel’s focus is on “Lord Buddha”… not Jesus. “Brother” Daniel’s “Lord Buddha” gets the glory for teaching “the way of life”… not Jesus.


Now, you tell me: doesn’t that sound an awful lot like the “One World Religion” that George W. Bush and Mother Teresa were pushing for their Roman Catholic “god”?


So just what were “Frances” and her “Friends” up to? Does Frances Swaggart actually believe all her listeners take everything they say as the Gospel Truth?


Well, there was at least one who didn’t. Her name was Majnuna, and this is what she had to say during the call-in portion of that “Frances And Friends” show:


- Daniel Nalliah’s Lord Buddha Rebuke -
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Yes, um, I want to make sure that I heard, is it Daniel?

Yes, Brother Daniel.

Brother Daniel. I wanted to make sure that I heard you correctly. Did you a little while ago refer to Buddha as “Lord Buddha”?

Um, I said…

Did you say that?

Well, yes, as I mentioned, I said, “They say Lord Buddha.” I don’t say Lord Buddha.

Do you refer to him as “Lord Buddha”?


Do you refer to him as “Lord Buddha”?

No! No! He said “they” refer, “they” refer to him.

“They” say, refer to him.

Buddhist refer to him!

But didn’t he also?

No, I don’t, I don’t refer to him as “Lord Buddha”! I have only one Lord.

You said that he, you said that he prophesied the coming of Jesus as the Messiah. Is that correct?

He did not prophesy. But he, in his teachings, had mentioned that there is a man coming who would give – I don’t know if it’s a prophecy, I can’t tell you if it’s a prophecy or not. All I can tell you is what was in his teachings, and in his teachings he said, “There’s a man coming five hundred (500) years after me – follow him!”

And you think that’s Jesus?

It’s five hundred (500) years after, it was Jesus who came. So I…

Well, Jesus wasn’t the only one who came after Buddha, right?

Who else?

Mohammed came after Buddha, right?

That was eleven hundred (1100) years later.

Yea, and how many years later was Jesus?

Five hundred (500) later.

But they both came after, right?

But, but Lord Buddha said, “Five hundred (500) years after me…”

See, again you just referred to him as “Lord Buddha”! You referred to him as “Lord Buddha”!



He was repeating what somebody said. That’s what he was doing. Let’s don’t make an issue over that. Do you have another question?



I think we get it.

You do what?

I think we get it.

I hope you got it. Because I think you are just simply trying to make an issue out of no issue, really. And what I’m saying is I worship only one Jesus, and His Name is Lord and King and Saviour. He’s the Saviour of the World. Buddhist need Jesus and I reach many, many Buddhist people for the Lord. I lived in a Buddhist country and I worked among Buddhist. Ah, so I love the Buddhist and want to see them come to Jesus. They call him “Lord Buddha”. I call him “Buddha”. Buddhism. Thank you. God bless you.



Now, don’t you just love this modern video technology that allows us to prove these liars to be the liars that they really are? I mean, in “no uncertain terms” did “Brother” Daniel say what he, Frances, and Donnie said that he said. “Brother” Daniel called the founder of Buddhism “Lord Buddha” two times, and he did it for a reason.




You see on the 28th of January 2011, Donnie Swaggart was guest speaker at the “National Australia Day United Prayer” that was hosted by “Brother” Daniel Nalliah, President of Catch the Fire Ministries (Australia). In fact Donnie ministered a “compromising word” to the supporters and representatives of this ecumenical prayer gathering when he challenged them to “unite, rise up, and transform the nations for Jesus”. And the following are a few of those to whom he was speaking:


Anglicans, African Churches, AOG, Apostolic, Arabic, Baptist, Catholic, CCC, Chinese, Church of Christ, COC, Orthodox, CRC, FGA, Filipino, Independent Churches, Indian, Indigenous, Indonesian, Lutheran, Messianic Believers, Methodists, Presbyterian, Reformed, Salvation Army, Samoan, Sri Lankan, Uniting & Many Ethnic Churches, Culture Watch, National Alliance of Christian Leaders, Salt Shakers, Australian Marketplace Connections, Victoria Parliament, Transforming Melbourne, Rise Up Australia and Options Plus Care.


Now, when it comes to religious beliefs, the preceding list of those that Donnie Swaggart and “Brother” Daniel Nalliah were trying to unite at their ecumenical (One World Religion) prayer gathering is quite a hodge-podge to say the least. So in order to keep this discussion as simple as possible, let’s narrow this list down to only one: “Catholic!!!


So what’s wrong with this picture? Why were the “Catholics” (the Church of Antichrist) included in this so-called united “Christian” prayer gathering?


Well, “Brother” Daniel and his “Lord Buddha” thing should now make a little more sense. In fact this ecumenical (One World Religion) prayer gathering that “Brother” Daniel and Donnie hosted, is of the spirit of Antichrist. Because the Word of God is clear on the subject of fellowshipping with unbelievers:


Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?” (2 Corinthians 6:14 KJV)


Now the answer to our question of “why were the Catholics included” should become even more obvious as we return to the 10th of August 2012 “Frances And Friends” show. Because the following is what Frances’ special guest “Brother” Daniel Nalliah had to say:


- Daniel Nalliah And The Bush Presidents -
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Now I must take this opportunity to thank President Bush, because under the junior and senior Bush regimes, diplomatic cargo which is normally not checked, God opened the door for millions of Bibles to be shipped into the Middle East. On the contrary, under President Obama, 2 twenty foot load of containers, Bibles in containers which were sent to Afghanistan, when it was informed to the White House that some soldiers had shipped 2 twenty foot container loads of Bibles, president of your country now ordered both containers to be burned.


Isn’t that nice? “Brother” Daniel gave a plug for the two “Christian” Bush presidents. You know, the father and son team who did so much to prepare the world for the soon coming Antichrist! I mean, after all, it was President George Bush Sr. who gave the prophetic 9/11/91 “New World Order Speech” that was fulfilled ten (10) years later when his “Skull And Bones” son – President George W. Bush – helped orchestrate the “Illuminati Terrorist Attack” of 9/11/01


- George Bush New World Order -
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(Download WMV Video)


You see when it comes to this “father and son” team of the two “Christian” Bush presidents, there is a whole lots more to it than most can ever imagine. I mean, have you ever heard the expression “evil begets evil”?


Barbara Crowley Bush


Well, the truth of this thing about “evil begetting evil” is that Papa Bush married the daughter of “the wickedest man in the world” – Aleister Crowley – who did everything “physically and spiritually” possibly to become “The Great Beast 666”. In fact it was in 1924 that Aleister Crowley performed the ultimate act of “sex magick” – the “supreme ordeal” (Eroto-Comotose Lucidity) – in his pursuit of attaining greater occult powers through the Grade of Ipsissimus. And it was during this demonically inspired sex act that his partner, Pauline Pierce, became pregnant with Barbara Pierce who would later marry George Bush and give birth to their son George W. Bush. (See “George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, and Aleister Crowley” for more on this subject.)


Barbara Crowley Bush


Wickedest Man


Evil begot evil, and George W. Bush was elected our second “Christian” Bush president who aided (and is still aiding) the Roman Catholic Church in bringing about their “New World Order” of the Antichrist (The Beast – “666”).


So with all that in mind, let’s get back to that 10th of August 2012 “Frances And Friends” show where “Brother” Daniel Nalliah made his comment concerning the “bloody revolutions needed to change the old to the new”. Because the following information from “Wiki” will help us see the “New World Order” in this “bloody revolution” of which “Brother” Daniel is speaking:


     Joel's Army is a spiritual warfare movement based on a passage from the book of Joel, chapter 2. It is linked to Dominionist movements and to the now-disgraced Florida megapastor Todd Bentley. They believe that Roe v. Wade constituted a new Passover.
     The origins of the movement are sketchy, but trace back to at least two influences, the Latter Rain movement and Dominionism.
     The Latter Rain movement gained traction in the 1950s as a movement holding Pentecostal beliefs but largely outside the existing Pentecostal denominations, teaching the imminent rise of a victorious church that trenscended denominational organizations and endowed with supernatural power through miraculous working of the Holy Spirit. The early Latter Rain movement is sometimes linked to William Branham, although most reject Branham's Jesus-only baptism beliefs, and may have also had some influence on parts of the Jesus Movement and on the Discipling and Shepherding movement. Among the Latter Rain movement's teachings were that the rise of a victorious church of "overcomers" endowed with supernatural power to wage spiritual warfare and perform miracles would usher in the second coming of Christ. The terms "Manifest Sons of God" and "Joel's Army" referred to these "overcomers".
     Dominionism is a movement that began in the 1970s with Calvinist roots, teaching that the Biblical admonition for Christians to "take dominion" over all the earth includes taking dominion over civil government and law, and that civil law should be based on Biblical teachings.
     A combination of Latter Rain and Dominionism began to take form in recent years, especially within non-denominational megachurches, and at revival meetings where engaging in "spiritual warfare" and performing miracles such as faith healing has often taken place side by side with sermons encouraging Christians to be active in the political realm "taking back" civil government. Believers see themselves as part of an End times army of overcomers, supernaturally empowered, with a mission to take control of the earth for God in preparation for the second coming of Christ, see millennialism.
     Closely related movements exist not using the Joel's Army name, but with identical beliefs in an end-time army engaged in spiritual warfare to take dominion over the earth. One such movement calling itself the New Apostolic Reformation has been linked to Rick Perry's 2012 U.S. presidential campaign. (See “Kingdom Theology” for an in-depth study on this subject.)


Joel’s Army


Joel’s Army – what a bust!


Now there’s much to be said about the preceding “Wiki” article on “Joel’s Army”, but let’s start with Todd Bently’s mentor – “Rick Joyner” – who heads up his “MorningStar Ministries” and “MorningStar Fellowship Church” based in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Because to put it bluntly, Rick Joyner’s ministries are nothing but the Devil… and he even brags about it!


“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!” (Isaiah 14:12 KJV)


You see in Isaiah 14:12, the Hebrew word “hay-lale” was translated into the name “Lucifer”… and it actually means “morning star”. In other words, if Rick Joyner would be straightforward about it, he would call his organizations “Lucifer Ministries” and “Lucifer Fellowship Church”. Because Rick Joyner, the “Illuminati”, is a part of the Black Pope’s Jesuit Order through his membership in the “Knights of Malta”:


The primary organization, called the Knights of Malta, has its headquarters in the Vatican of Rome and is clearly controlled and operated by the Catholic Church. Their official website gives their name as the “Sovereign Military Order Of Malta”. They state of themselves that this is “a lay religious order of the Catholic Church”. It was founded in Jerusalem in 1099 and it was approved formally as an order by the Pope in 1113. They also say of themselves, “The Order of Malta was admitted to the United Nations as a permanent observer on August 24, 1994.” They also claim “official diplomatic relations with over eighty states and international organizations”. The Order of Malta is clearly a Catholic order, controlled by the Pope and totally committed to the Pope, the Virgin Mary, and service to Roman Catholic ideas and causes. It is a powerful and massive organization.


Without a doubt, Rick Joyner is a powerful influence in the spiritual warfare movement of Joel’s Army that’s preparing to bring in the “New World Order” of the Antichrist through whatever means necessary… which even includes the “bloody revolutions” of Frances Swaggart’s “Brother” Daniel Nalliah.


- Rick Joyner False Prophet -
(Download MP3)


In fact to better illustrate the reality of what’s taking place in this “spiritual warfare movement”, please allow me to introduce Becky Fischer – a children’s pastor who trained under and taught Sunday School for Rick Joyner.


Becky Fischer (born 1951) is a Pentecostal children's pastor best known for her role in the 2006 documentary “Jesus Camp”. She is a third-generation Pentecostal on her father's side and a fourth-generation Pentecostal on her mother's side. Her grandfather was an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God for 75 years. After serving as a children's pastor for Rick Joyner's MorningStar Ministries in Wilkesboro, she returned to North Dakota to begin her own ministry, Kids in Ministry International. Fischer's ministry is part of an “apostolic network” of charismatic churches and ministries known as Harvest International Ministries. The Kids in Ministry website includes teachings from prominent ministers, including Cindy Jacobs, Lou Engle, Patricia King, Stacey Campbell, Kim Clement, Bill Hamon and Rick Joyner. (See “Becky Fischer’s ‘Kids In Ministry’: Is Jesus In The Camp?” for more on the subject.)


Now that’s Becky Fischer! And it was during one of her “Kids on Fire” summer camps at Devils Lake, North Dakota, that filming was completed for a portion of the “Jesus Camp” documentary. In fact it was during this particular segment of the film that the following three (3) distinguishing elements of “Joel’s Army” are clearly shown to be a part of Becky Fischer’s teachings for the youth:


* Take the prophecies of the Bible and make war with them.

* Take “Christian” dominion over civil government and law (George W. Bush).

* Roe vs. Wade constituted a new Passover.


Jesus Camp


- Becky Fischer – Joel's Army -
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(Download WMV Video)


Jesus Camp


So, from a kids perspective, that’s kinda like an overview of what was being promoted on the 10th of August 2012 when Frances Swaggart had “Brother” Daniel Nalliah as her special guest on “Frances And Friends”.


But that ain’t even all! I mean, just in case you need a little more proof on Frances Swaggart and her “New World Order – Dominionism – Illuminati” connection, it was only five (5) days after “Brother” Daniel Nalliah’s appearance on her “Frances And Friends” show that he appeared on Pat Robertson’s “700 Club” (8/15/12). And of course Pat Robertson is not at all shy about his “New World Order – Dominionism – Illuminati” connection:


Fellow Craft


Now, ain’t that a bust! Not only have we shown Pat Robertson’s “New World Order – Dominionism – Illuminati” connection through his public display of the Masonic “Devil’s claw” or “lion’s paw”, but we’ve also identified another participant in Antichrist’s scheme. Because you see Jimmy Swaggart’s left-hand “Devil’s claw” is also acceptable when making this Masonic sign. And of course this all ties back in with our sermonet on “Donnie Swaggart The Freemason!


Illuminati Christianity


And speaking of Donnie Swaggart and his “New World Order – Dominionism – Illuminati” connection, it was on the 25th and 26th of August 2012 that he spoke at Built on the Rock International Ministries (BOTR) in London, UK, which was founded by the “Oneness Pentecostal” Apostle (Bishop) Harold Carl McFarlane. And seeing how Oneness Pentecostalism rejects the biblical doctrine of the trinity, and baptizes in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ only, we now know that Harold Carl McFarlane has a “New World Order – Dominionism – Illuminati” connection too… which takes us right back to one of the early founders of the Latter Rain movement – William Branham – who also maintained the Jesus-only baptism beliefs.


Isn’t it amazing how these “New World Order – Dominionism – Illuminati” all network together? In fact with “fellowship of the Brethren” in mind, here are a few pictures of Apostle Harold Carl McFarlane with his “Christian” associates: “Sister” Joyce Meyer, “Brother” Paul Crouch, and “Brother” Rick Warren:




Now with all that in mind, it was in the September 2012 issue of Jimmy Swaggart’s magazine “The Evangelist”, that Frances Swaggart said the following in her article “Separation: The Strength Of The Redeemed”:


Biblical separation is separation from Satan and from the antichrist system he is presently establishing. – The modern church is preaching unity rather than separation! – Sadly, these are just the type of alliances that are going on in the modern church. Pastors like Rick Warren are teaming-up with globalist/communist leaders to work toward common goals, but all this is really a guise for the Antichrist to bring about his one-world order. – This country has stood on the principle of separation of church and state for a reason!


Separation, she says? I think it’s pretty obvious they’re all part of the same rotten bunch!


So what’s wrong with this picture? I mean, can you remember how this sermonet started off back on page one (1)? In the beginning was “Christian” President George W. Bush and his Executive Order #13397 that instantaneously REMOVED the “separation of church and state” by making all 501(c)(3) tax-exempt churches an integral part of the United States Government. And of course it was this same Executive Order #13397 that actually “yoked” all 501(c)(3) “faith based” entities with the Office of Homeland Security that will be directly responsible for incarcerating and punishing all true patriots of this country who oppose the New World Order of the Antichrist.


That is the picture! And guess what! The Jimmy Swaggart Ministries is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt church… and they allowed FEMA and BLACKWATER to use their facility during Hurricane Katrina… and some of Homeland Security are still there!


Well, there you have it: “Jimmy Swaggart, Frances Swaggart, and Donnie Swaggart” and the “New World Order”! The “Big Three” who are constantly changing their belief system!


Shapeshifting occurs when a being (usually human) either (1) has the ability to change its shape into that of another person, creature, or other entity or (2) finds its shape involuntarily changed by someone else. If the shape change is voluntary, its cause may be an act of will, a magic word or magic words, a potion, or a magic object. If the change is involuntary, its cause may be a curse or spell, a wizard's or magician's or fairy's help, a deity's will, a temporal change such as a full moon or nightfall, love, or death.


So that’s one way of looking at this abomination called the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and their SonLife Broadcasting Network… but here’s another:


But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.” (2 Peter 2:1 KJV)


Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” (Matthew 7:15 KJV)


In closing, please allow me to give out a little political advice to anyone who might have believed in what “Frances And Friends” has been preaching on this upcoming election. Because it was in the early part of 1990 that the Good Lord told me it was no longer any use to vote. The political system has been completely corrupted, and there’s no way to fix it. Don’t get involved with politics! Warn the people! The Rapture is on the horizon, and the wrath of God will fall on all those left behind. (See “Vote??? Why Bother!!!” for more on this subject.)


“JSM” and “SBN”. What a royal mess!!! In fact the best thing for you to do is to treat all these 501(c)(3) tax-exempt churches like the plague… and “keep on keeping the faith in Jesus!!!




Dad (Bruce Hallman)




Satan's Pyramid
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I Die Daily


Jimmy Swaggart Sermonets



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