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The following letter-form was brought about as a means of teaching my children the Word of God through the mail. And of course, quite naturally so, that’s the reason I begin these letters with "Dear Children" and end them with "Love Dad". So for the rest of you who participate in these weekly messages, please keep their original intended purpose in mind.


Print/PDF31 March, 2011


Dear Children,


What a week this has been! First it was the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries claiming copyright violations on some of our YouTube videos (“Jimmy Swaggart's SonLifeTV Subscribes To FMHCCI YouTube Channel!”), and then it was only hours ago that I get a bomb of an email from someone who really cares about exposing the abominable conditions at JSM.


In fact today’s message is not really a sermonet but a testimony from that same “someone” who has personally experienced the evil reality of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries… and she’s even willing to tell about it. Her name is Tareva Henderson, and I truly mean it when I say that I am sorry she ever got mixed up with Jimmy Swaggart in his present-day backslidden condition. However, I am grateful that she has been willing to step forward and share her JSM experience for the whole wide world to read.



Tareva Henderson At JSM
- I've Cried My Last Tear Yesterday -


[The above YouTube video has been pulled from viewing due to a copyright claim by Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. However, you can watch as a Windows Media Video or listen to the MP3 audio below.]
- Posted for illustrative/instructive purposes only. -


- Tareva Henderson At JSM – I’ve Cried My Last Tear Yesterday -
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(Download WMV Video)


Tareva Henderson At JSM
- I've Cried My Last Tear Yesterday -
(Download MP3)


And with that in mind, it will become abundantly obvious why we entitled this one “Tareva Henderson Speaks Her Mind On The Jimmy Swaggart Ministries!” Because this is what Tareva Henderson had to say:


Click to enlargeDate: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 14:54:34 -0700 [05:54:34 PM EDT]
From: tareva henderson
Subject: Fw: your site

Yes sadly you are right...the highly paid employees there will not associate with the average "worldy sinner" who doesnt fall into the brainwashing that exist there. They get paid too much money to "fellowship" with anyone who will not keep the secrets.

I went there years ago after the downfall around 2003 only to help my brother because he told me the music department was in a mess and falling apart. I had plans to move to Florida so I offered to sub part time and do some tunes to help because I never get to see my brother. They offered me a huge salary to take a full time leadership position over the stage. I declined because my Florida plans were in place and the longer I hung around to sub I just saw too much that broke my heart. Drug deals, suicides, rape, murder, money and insurance scams, that dont quite make the evening news because they pay off the right people. The workers there were everything from drug dealers, alcoholics, accused child molesters, racist, ex-convicts, and basically anyone that needed a job bad enough they would take the money and get on board the ship to play the game.

The place was empty and sad and a spirit of oppression ran across the buliding because no one trusted each another or anyone else. Workers were miserable and were constantly aksing me "how do you get out of here"?? It blew me away at first because they made it sound like a prison. As time went by I saw it was............i.e. peoples jobs and families were threatened if they didnt go along with all the games. Children were escorted off the school property because their parents wouldnt get in line with "their way of thinking" or wasnt tithing enough. Workers fired for talking to anyone on the "outside". Taking advantage of senior citizens on a fixed income, warping of minds of kids, the Swaggart family hopping on a plane to Vegas to get Frances a new two thousand dollar purse while people where asking for help.

Once I tried to help a girl with a newborn that was stranded in BR because she came in from out of town to a campmeeting and her car broke down. I took her over to the dorms and they said "send her to the salvation army we run this like a business not a ministry". I ended up paying for her a room that night. I looked everywhere in the place to find something that felt "Christ Like" but it was no where. They would even "demand" you surrender any spiritual book in your home that wasnt written by them or else!! It was like being in some weird movie. People were fighting all the time, crying, storming off the stage during rehersals.

The dooms about divorce was always preached then Donnies "second" marraige is to a girl thats been divorced five times and the married couples working there cheating on one another with other employees. Families turning against one another like enemies of war over money and who is right. Anytime something got too crazy they just gave everyone a raise to calm them down.

They hated people who had "worldly knowledge" or a "wordly spirit" or listened to "worldly music". One time I got ready to sing a song and some of the other singers walked off of the stage and said they could not worship with a worldly spirit as mine on the stage. It was a mind boggling eye opening experience to say the least.

People often ask me "why dont you work there"? They play me often on their radio and tv shows to raise big money. At the time I was there I didnt even know I was being recorded then later talked to other singers who encountered the same experience. I'm a God loving Christain and have worked and sang all over this great country of ours from smokey bars to #1 rated tv shows and have never witnessed such a cult.

I am grateful for the experience of singing all kinds of music. I've made a living and made friends around the usa singing country music, R&B and rock music. I am semi retired and here in Florida we play and sing for nursing homes and hospitals using our gifts for no charge to touch to weak and lift their spirits. I'm helping my son open his first business and singing with some groups that do weddings, festivals and private events. I dont believe in selling salvation then or now or ever.

How does one get this type of message through to people?? I dont wish anyone there any harm but would not want anyone to think I condone the place and what they do. I encourage everyone to seek there spiritual walk as they please. Jimmy was always a nice kind man but is controlled by the army Frances has created around there and she runs the place. If he wants to see his family he'll do what he is told by her and the other puppets on a string and on a big payroll.

Authur I hope one day you find something better to do with your time other than damage someones musical choice or spiritual walk. God Bless



Frances Worship


[The above YouTube video has been pulled from viewing due to a copyright claim by Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. However, you can watch as a Windows Media Video or listen to the MP3 audio below.]
- Posted for illustrative/instructive purposes only. -


- What Frances Wants, Frances Gets -
[Windows Media Player]
(Download WMV Video)


- What Frances Wants, Frances Gets -
(Download MP3)


So there you have it: the truth on the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries as spoken by the “someone” who got caught in the crossfire. Thank you Tareva Henderson for being so outspoken!


- Susan Puzio On JSM -
(Download MP3)
(Susan Puzio’s Full Interview)


What more can I say but “keep on keeping the faith in Jesus!”


(See “Why Was Tareva Henderson At Jimmy Swaggart Ministries?”, “Jimmy Swaggart And His Unholy Worship Team!”, and “Is Jimmy Swaggart's Wife 'Frances' Really Uncovered!”for more on the subject.)




Dad (Bruce Hallman)




I Die Daily


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