A Christian's Divorce Time-Line!


So who ever said becoming a Christian was going to be easy? It certainly wasn't Jesus:

"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man's foes [shall be] they of his own household." (Matt. 10-34-36)

In fact when it comes to having your "loved ones" turn against you for being a "follower of Christ", the following is just one more real good example of just how it all works. Because it was my used-to-be wife Annie who carried-out the following divorce in an attempt to destroy my reputation along with the FMHCCI ministry. And what made it so very bad was that she used the children in order to make it all happen!

"It were better for him [her] that a millstone were hanged about his [her] neck, and he [she] cast into the sea, than that he [she] should offend one of these little ones." (Luke 17:2)

And if that wasn't already bad enough, it was a few years after the Final Divorce Decree that my ex-wife Annie signed a warrant for my arrest!

"And when they bring you unto the synagogues, and [unto] magistrates, and powers, take ye no thought how or what thing ye shall answer, or what ye shall say..." (Luke 12:11)

Read all the gory legal details in Annie's Divorce, and Annie's Arrest Warrant, and then read the facts in Bruce's Divorce Time- Line. Read it for yourself and then you be the judge! After all, we're all guilty until proven innocent! - Dad (Bruce) -



Print/PDFBruce's Divorce Time-Line



10/03/75 - Annie and Bruce marry.

12/00/76 - Bruce graduates from Clemson University, Clemson, SC.

01/00/77 - Bruce accepts employment with Union Carbide, Linde Division, Florence, SC.

08/00/83 - Felix (Annie's nephew) arrives in USA after Panamanian adoption becomes final. He was ten (10) years old at the time. Annie remained in Panama with Felix during the very long adoption process, however, her time wasn't all totally dedicated to the family. Because it was during this time away from Bruce that Annie had an affair with "Mike"...and Felix just so happened to be the unfortunate witness. Also, during this very long and drawn out adoption process, Annie makes an unannounced and very mysterious trip from Panama to St. Thomas Island.

05/00/84 - Bruce accepts new employment opportunity with the AVX Corporation, Myrtle Beach, SC.

08/29/84 - Felix's adoption becomes final in the USA.

11/13/85 - Hadassah arrives in USA from Panama. She was five (5) months old at the time she became a part of the Hallman family. God picked her very Jewish name "Hadassah" for her very Jewish purpose in life.

02/09/87 - Hadassah's adoption becomes final in the USA.

06/17/87 - The purchase of the eighty (80) acre farm at 2289 Pleasant Grove Road, Loris, SC, is completed. This dream was made possible through the inheritance made available to Bruce upon his mother's passing. It was because of this "donation" by Bruce's mother that the FMH Children's Club International would later be named in her honor (Frances Mitchell Hallman).

07/26/87 - Jasmine and Yamel arrive in USA from Panama. Jasmine was six (6) years old and Yamel was five (5) years old at the time they became a part of the Hallman family.

02/20/88 - Arthur arrives in USA from Panama. He was two (2) months old at the time he became a part of the Hallman family.

03/28/88 - Jasmine and Yamel's adoption becomes final in the USA (see Jasmine_Yamel_Adoption.pdf).

01/17/90 - Luis and Marta's adoption becomes final. Luis was fourteen (14) and Marta was twelve (12) years old at the time they became a part of the Hallman family.

04/19/91 - The FMH Children's Club International was incorporated in the state of South Carolina with a motto of "All For The Love Of Jesus". Bruce is The Club's president and Annie the vice president.

10/17/91 - The Sun News (Myrtle Beach, SC) runs an article on FMHCCI entitled "Building Families" (see Early Beginnings).

11/04/91 - Marta develops plan to get out from under the Hallman family. Child abuse investigation with Marta at Loris Middle School.

11/21/91 - Marta runs away from home with the outcome being a child abuse case filed against Bruce.

11/26/91 - Ten-Day hearing on Marta's case. Court decides (through Annie's suggestion) that the best plan to resolve Marta's problem would be to return her to Panama.

11/27/91 - Ten-Day court hearing supplement to delete "treatment plan". The new plan agreed upon by the Department of Social Services (DSS) is to just get Marta out of the country and out of their "hair".

11/28/91 - Bruce reluctantly agrees for Annie to take Marta back to Panama. During her time in Panama Annie not only deals with Marta's legal matters but also represents the FMHCCI by developing contacts with Governor DePuy (province of Chiriqui) and President Endara...and only God knows what else.

03/25/92 - Annie makes trip to Panama for the FMHCCI. Trip itinerary not only includes unresolved legal matters with Marta but also presentation by the Governor and his staff for FMHCCI's help with Panama's earthquake victims.

05/12/92 - Annie makes trip to Panama for the FMHCCI. During her stay she not only meets with Children's Social Services of Panama but also visits some of Panama's children homes and universities. Before her return to the USA she personally delivers letters to thirty-nine (39) different embassies asking their support and involvement with the FMHCCI.

07/15/92 - The Tribune (Loris & Tabor City, SC) runs article on FMHCCI entitled "Farm For Kids - Couple Wants Place For World's Kids" (see Early Beginnings).

08/12/92 - Bruce receives letter from Senator Strom Thurmond offering assistance from any federal agency concerning FMHCCI.

12/10/92 - The Twin city News (Batesburg-Leesville, SC) runs article on FMHCCI entitled "Hallman Farm: FMH Children's Club International" (see Early Beginnings).

02/04/93 - The Horry Independent (Conway, SC) runs article on FMHCCI entitled "The Hallman's Hope To Start International Orphanage" (see Early Beginnings).

02/13/93 - Annie makes trip to Panama to deal with ongoing legal issues with Marta.

03/03/93 - Felix leaves the family for the Navy.

03/27/93 - Bruce writes letter to Senator Thomas requesting help on Marta's case with DSS (getting her back and clearing his name).

04/00/93 - Bruce meets with Clemson University extension agent to discuss available farm programs and Clemson University's assistance with the design of The Club's facilities.

05/03/93 - Bruce makes presentation to Loris City Council on FMHCCI's involvement with the community.

05/12/93 - Bruce receives letter from Senator Dick Elliot who offers his assistance with The Club.

06/00/93 - Bruce and Annie meet with Horry Georgetown Technical School to discuss FMHCCI and it's admission of students for English As A Second Language program (EASL).

06/17/93 - The Sun News (Myrtle Beach, SC) runs articles on FMHCCI entitled "Mount Vernon Couple Gives Panamanian Children A Home" (see Early Beginnings).

12/27/93 - Bruce and Luis start the family relocation from Loris, SC, to Fabens, Texas. The decision to relocate was based on what Annie heard from God in prayer: "Move the family to Texas and don't turn back." Annie received it first and then the Lord confirmed it to Bruce. It was suggested by Annie that she and the rest of the children would follow later, after first selling the farm in SC.

01/01/94 - Bruce and Luis arrive in Fabens, Texas, to set up house.

03/00/94 - Annie tells Bruce she's decided not to move to Texas.

03/06/94 - Bruce starts writing weekly letters to the family (Felix in the Navy, Marta in Panama, and Arthur, Hadassah, Yamel, Jasmine, and Annie in SC) in order to continue teaching them God's Word. This letter eventually turns into the ongoing FMHCCI weekly sermonet (see The First Sermonet (3/6/94) ).

03/12/94 - Bruce writes letter to Mr. Shelby (Department of Social Services - DSS) requesting his help in Marta's case.

03/21/94 - Mr. Shelby (DSS) writes back concerning his inability to help.

04/17/94 - Bruce writes Mr. Shelby (DSS) a more urgent letter questioning his department's true intention of helping families.

04/25/94 - Mr. Shelby (DSS) replies to Bruce's previous letter.

05/28/94 - Bruce replies to Mr. Shelby's (DSS) previous letter.

06/00/94 - George Murrell (previously unknown to the family) volunteers to help Annie and children with the farm. He said God sent him (and God did), however, it would be only a matter of time before he turns on Bruce and the children in favor of Annie.

06/13/94 - Attorney Berrocal (Panama, Rep. of Panama) sends Attorney Burroughs (Conway, SC) Marta's testimony admitting her involvement in fabricating the child abuse case against Bruce.

06/28/94 - Bruce receives no answer from Mr. Shelby (DSS) and resends letter.

11/23/94 - FMHCCI receives Certificate of Authority from the state of Texas.

01/05/95 - Annie, along with Mr. George Murrell's financial help, pulls Jasmine and Yamel out from Loris Middle School and sends them back to Panama without Bruce's knowledge or approval.

01/06/95 - Annie sends Hadassah to Texas and Bruce enrolls her in school.

03/20/95 - Annie sends Arthur to Texas and Bruce enrolls him in school.

03/21/95 - Marta writes Bruce a letter from Panama thanking him for his weekly letters and money. She not only talks about her love for the Lord but also goes into details that directly reflect on Annie's true character while in Panama away from Bruce. Annie is not a faithful wife to Bruce by any means. Marta also includes letters to both Hadassah and Luis. (See Marta's Letter.)

06/01/95 - Marta writes Bruce a letter from Panama once again reflecting on the true character of Annie. This letter includes details of Annie's returning Jasmine and Yamel to Panama. She also includes letters to Arthur, Hadassah, and Luis. (See Marta's Letter.)

07/00/95 - Luis leaves the family for the Air Force.

09/00/95 - Bruce brings Jasmine and Yamel to Texas from Panama and enrolls them in school. (See pictures of the Hallman family in Fabens, Texas.)

10/09/95 - Marta writes Bruce a letter from Panama once again mentioning the money she receives from him in her weekly letters. She also includes letters to Arthur, Hadassah, Yamel, and Jasmine. (See Marta's Letter.)

11/24/95 - Bruce writes Mr. Shelby (DSS) asking for his assistance with the American Embassy in Panama in order to bring Marta (and child) back in the USA.

09/09/96 - Bruce accepts employment with James Hardie Irrigation, El Paso, Texas, after being instructed by God to "just trust Him and take the job". Later on (12/00/96) James Hardie is bought out by The Toro Company.

12/00/96 - Annie arrives in Texas (without an invitation) for a short but disruptive stay for the family.

12/14/96 - Bruce writes Mr. Shelby (DSS) asking his assistance with the Immigration and Naturalization Service in order to bring Marta (and child) back to the USA.

12/16/96 - Jasmine was taken into juvenile detention after making terrorist threats to members of the Hallman family. This act of rebellion was brought on through Annie's evil influence.

12/17/96 - Yamel was taken into juvenile detention after assaulting Annie. Once again, this act of rebellion was brought on through Annie's evil influence.

12/20/96 - Jasmine and Yamel withdrawn from school and escorted back to Panama by Annie.

01/12/97 - Arthur and Hadassah withdrawn from school and returned to SC, as directed by God, after first helping Bruce move into his new apartment in El Paso, Texas.

01/12/97 - Annie leaves Texas for Amway convention and then on to SC.

03/26/97 - Mr. Shelby (DSS) provides requested information concerning Marta and the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

07/10/97 - FMHCCI receives Certificate of Authority from the state of North Carolina.

10/00/97 - The Lord tells Bruce to bring the family back together at the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in Baton Rouge, LA. He was instructed to meet Arthur, Hadassah, and Annie at the Easter, July the 4th, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Campmeeting services.

11/27/97 - Arthur, Hadassah, and Annie meet Bruce at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in Baton Rouge, LA, for four days of campmeeting service. Bruce wants very much for this to be that time when he and Annie would once again become husband and wife. He had even made preparations to renew his wedding vows with Annie, however, it wasn't Annie's intentions to become man and wife again. (Reference sermonet dated 12/07/97.)

12/00/97 - Bruce sees Mr. Ken Melrose, CEO of Toro, on The 700 Club and is instructed by the Lord to start sending him the FMHCCI weekly sermonets.

04/08/98 - Arthur, Hadassah, and Annie meet Bruce at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in Baton Rouge, LA, for four days of campmeeting service. At this time Annie informs Bruce that the Lord had told her to put Arthur and Hadassah in the Jimmy Swaggart Academy. Bruce states that he would pray about it (see Arthur's Healing! (4/19/98)).

06/17/98 - Bruce receives the first letter from the CEO of Toro, Mr. Ken Melrose, dated 06/15/98. In the letter he states how he feels Bruce was sent by God to Toro for a special purpose: (see Ken_Melrose_Letter.pdf).

"Dear Bruce: First, let me again say how much I enjoy receiving your thoughtful and thought-provoking sermonets. Somehow, I feel God is working through you for our El Paso family. Secondly, I know the plant has been going through turmoil lately. I was wondering if you could give me some insight as to the problems, the remedies and how the team is progressing towards them. I'd appreciate your perspective if you're willing to share it. Thanks in advance. Regards, Kendrick B. Melrose"

06/18/98 - Bruce mails out reply to Mr. Ken Melrose's letter.

07/01/98 - Bruce plans on Arthur, Hadassah, and Annie meeting him at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in Baton Rouge, LA, for four days of campmeeting service, however, at the last minute Annie decides they won't attend. Bruce gets blessed anyway by receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues (see The Child That Didn't Get Healed! (7/11/98)).

07/30/98 - Bruce receives a second letter from the CEO of Toro (Ken Melrose) which establishes an ongoing communications between the two for many months.

09/03/98 - Arthur and Hadassah (from SC) and Jasmine (from Panama) meet Bruce at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in Baton Rouge, LA, for four days of campmeeting service. Family appears all together in the video of the JSM service. Annie was not able to attend (see My Prodigal Daughter! (9/13/98) ).

09/07/98 - As directed by God, Arthur, Hadassah, and Jasmine were returned to SC to be with Annie after the campmeeting service.

10/00/98 - Annie refused to work with Jasmine and returns her back to Panama.

10/16/98 - FMHCCI receives Certificate of Authority from the state of Louisiana.

10/31/98 - Bruce contacts Attorney Joseph Burroughs in hopes of finalizing Arthur's adoption. However, it was only shortly thereafter that Bruce gives up hopes due to Annie's unwillingness to make it all happen.

11/26/98 - Arthur and Hadassah meet Bruce at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in Baton Rouge, LA, for four days of campmeeting service. Annie at the last minute decides not to attend. Arthur and Hadassah both receive the Lord's Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues during this campmeeting. Family appears all together in video of JSM service.

03/25/99 - Bruce's employment with Toro terminated as a direct results of him being befriended by CEO Ken Melrose. God promises Bruce that He will get his job back at Toro if he will only continue to trust Him and obey Him with his life and ministry (see The Big Snake Make A Strike! (3/28/99)).

04/01/99 - Arthur and Hadassah meet Bruce at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in Baton Rouge, LA, for four days of campmeeting service. Annie once again refuses to attend (see Snake Bit But Still Alive In The Holy Spirit! (4/11/99)).

05/00/99 - God tells bruce to put up the bunk beds for Arthur and Hadassah's yet to be announced arrival in El Paso. Shortly thereafter Annie informs Bruce that she's sending Arthur and Hadassah to El Paso for their summer vacation.

05/20/99 - Arthur and Hadassah arrive in El Paso. Bruce informs Annie that the Lord had finally informed him that Arthur and Hadassah were to attend school at the Jimmy Swaggart Academy.

06/24/99 - Bruce e-mailed Alien Card information to Marta in Panama in order for her to return to USA with her new husband.

06/30/99 - Arthur, Hadassah, and Bruce arrive at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in Baton Rouge, LA, for four days of campmeeting service. Annie refuses to attend, however, she unexpectedly shows up one night and leaves the next morning. Her overnight accommodations were separate from the family's and their total time together as a family was approximately one hour. Before Bruce, Arthur, and Hadassah leave to go back to their accomodations for the night, Annie informs Bruce that the Lord had been telling her to be "submissive" and she likewise wanted to know what it all meant. It was at that time that Bruce once again explained God's plan for the woman in the marriage relationship (see God Warns The Moses Of Toro Three Times! (7/4/99)).

07/16/99 - Arthur, Hadassah, and Bruce start making an audio tape of their daily experiences at his apartment in El Paso, Texas. This tape gives positive proof of God's Spirit interceding with Arthur, Hadassah, and Bruce during their six (6) month adventure (5/20/99-11/14/99).

07/25/99 - Arthur's sermonet on "Dad and the Toro Company" is published. Arthur speaks strong prophetic Words from God concerning Bruce's future employment with Toro in his message. (See sermonet No Job, No Money, But God Will Provide! (7/25/99).)

08/30/99 - Arthur writes letter of correction, as directed by God, to Mr. George Murrell (the man sent by God to take care of the farm and family in SC [06/00/94]). After having read it Bruce makes Arthur rewrite it with a little less "bite". Later on the Lord rebukes Bruce for making Arthur "dilute" God's Word to Mr. George Murrell. (See The Truth About Mr. Geaoge Murrell! (3/7/04).)

09/07/99 - God tells Hadassah that he's instructed Annie to move to Baton Rouge and take care of them (Arthur and Hadassah) while they attend JSM Academy. (Details recorded on audio tape).

09/16/99 - God gives Hadassah vision of a coiled "coral" snake and likewise tells her that because of Annie's actions the snake was representative of her. (Details recorded on audio tape.)

09/17/99 - El Paso police pay a visit to Bruce's apartment due to a report of child neglect from Annie. Arthur, Hadassah, and Bruce are all questioned. Hadassah's vision of the snake becomes real; Annie is the snake. Arthur and Hadassah both hear from God that the trip to Baton Rouge is one week away. (Details recorded on audio tape.)

09/18/99 - God gives Hadassah another vision with two more snakes. (Details recorded on audio tape.)

09/20/99 - Annie, Carolyn (Bruce's sister), and John (Carolyn's husband) show up at Bruce's apartment, all the way from SC/NC, with the El Paso police. Later on in the day a representative from the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services paid Arthur, Hadassah, and Bruce a visit. Hadassah's vision of three snakes had once again come true. The coiled "coral" snake was Annie, the "sidewinder" snake was John Hunt, and the big "fat-headed snake with fangs dripping venom and glowing red eyes" was Carolyn Hunt. (Details recorded on audio tape.)

10/05/99 - Arthur, Hadassah, and Bruce arrive at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, Baton Rouge, LA. They remain at the JSM dormitory while awaiting Annie's help in registering Arthur and Hadassah at JSM Academy. During their stay Annie makes frequent calls to both the JSM staff and Baton Rouge police causing much confusion and problems for all (see Benny Hinn And the Pope (2/20/00) ).

11/02/99 - After hearing from God, Arthur, Hadassah, and Bruce leave JSM for Loris, SC, in order to acquire much needed funds. Hadassah receives the following Word from the Lord: "I'm not going to leave you."

11/03/99 - Arthur, Hadassah, and Bruce arrive in Loris, SC. This was Bruce's first appearance in SC since 12/27/93. Very shortly after their arrival Annie requested assistance from the Horry County Sheriff's department and then tries to have Bruce committed to the Waccamaw Mental Health Center for treatment of schizophrenia. After all the confusion dies down Arthur receives the following Word from the Lord: "You are so faithful. You have passed the test. I will greatly bless you. You've been so loyal." Approximately six (6) hours after having arrived Annie agrees for Mr. Murrell to advance Bruce a loan so that Arthur, Hadassah, and Bruce can return to Baton Rouge for the children's schooling. The three then leave SC for LA.

11/04/99 - Arthur, Hadassah, and Bruce arrive in Baton Rouge, LA. Arthur receives the following Word from the Lord: "Hereafter, if you will continue to hearken unto my voice I will bring things to pass."

11/06/99 - Arthur receives the following Word from the Lord: "You have passed all the test I have given you, and I will greatly, greatly bless you."

11/12/99 - After increasing opposition from Annie to stop the children from attending JSM Academy, Arthur, Hadassah, and Bruce leave Baton Rouge, LA, for Loris, SC. Arthur receives the following Word from the Lord: " This trip was for us (Arthur, Hadassah, and Bruce) to get the family back together and for Mom's salvation. I promise."

11/13/99 - Arthur, Hadassah, and Bruce arrive in SC. After prayer, Mr. Murrell, Annie, and Bruce reach an agreement to generate family income by developing some of the Hallman's frontage property of the farm for a trailer park.

11/14/99 - Bruce leaves Arthur and Hadassah with Annie (as instructed by God) in Loris, SC, and with heavy heart heads out for El Paso, Texas (see Whatever It Takes! (1/2/00) ).

11/16/99 - Bruce arrives in El Paso, Texas.

11/17/99 - After receiving instructions from the Lord, and Annie's approval, Bruce initiates withdrawal of retirement savings.

12/00/99 - Annie refuses to allow development of frontage property for a trailer park.

01/02/00 - CEO of Toro (Ken Melrose) sends Bruce e-mail asking for a copy of his resume and the type of job he's looking for at Toro.

02/28/00 - CEO of Toro (Ken Melrose) sends Bruce another e-mail asking for more specifics on the type of job he's looking for at Toro:

"Bruce: It was good to hear from yo9u. I hope things are going well: I know they are going according to God's plan. I need more info in order to pursue finding an appropriate role for you here at Toro. Location? Function? Level? And so forth. Take care. Ken"

03/03/00 - Jimmy Swaggart Ministries Newsletter includes picture of Arthur, Hadassah, and Bruce at JSM Campmeeting. This is God's promise to Bruce of the upcoming future.

03/26/00 - The Lord gives Bruce Scripture from Matthew 18:6 to give to Annie. This was God's warning to Annie not to use Arthur and Hadassah as bait in her trap": "But whosoever shall offend one of these little ones which believeth in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea."

03/28/00 - Arthur's teacher at North Myrtle Beach Christian School (Mary Beth Rogers) contacts Bruce by e-mail asking for directions to the FMHCCI Website. Her involvement with the family turned out to be negative instead of positive as Bruce had hoped.

06/18/00 - Bruce stops his daily phone calls to the family in Loris, SC. They were no longer allowing the Spirit of God to rule in their lives. The Lord tells Bruce that since they were not willing to obey him as a father then the phone calls were of no value.

08/01/00 - Bruce receives e-mail from Arthur entitled You Fool:

"Mr. Fool, You got 24 hours to get our picture of the Early Beginnings. I never want to see your ugly face again or I'll call the cops. It would be nice for you to send for any of the kidsnear us. Your responsibility as a father has failed in our book. When Mom gets her divorce you better sign it. You.ve made a fool around the world and continue doing it. You'll never learn until it's to late which it is to late. Your going to be off limits of us. And when I grow up I'll never forget what you did to me and my mother. And i'm never going to call you again. You got money for Jimmyu Swaggart but nmot for our clothes. People are already embaraased of how you treated us. We will survive. It's sad that you cant see that the devil is talking to you. When all this is over you will regret every bit of it.And that is all I have to say."

09/00/00 - Bruce's apartment manager receives phone calls from Annie. Manager doesn't go into details but comments that she would never say those type of things about her husband.

10/01/00 - Bruce's retirement savings runs out. No more weekly checks to the family.

10/03/00 - After the Lord's leading, Bruce files for unemployment with the Texas Workforce Commission in El Paso, Texas, and begins job search.

10/19/00 - Bruce receives "divorce packet" from Annie's lawyer which was based on the Affidavit Of Anaith Hallman (In Support Of Ex Parte Order) filed on the 26th of September 2000 (see Annie's Divorce).

10/26/00 - Bruce files notice of appeal to the Texas Workforce Commission in response to their "no payment" determination for filing delay. Bruce's reason for his delayed filing was based on the fact that "he was led to believe in writing, by the CEO of Toro, Mr. Ken Melrose, that he would be rehired by The Toro Company after his termination."

10/27/00 - Bruce faxes Answer to Annie's divorce Complaint.

10/29/00 - Bruce receives e-mail from Luis confirming 12/27/93 departure from Loris, SC, was planned as a "Hallman family move" and not a separation due to "unhappy differences" as Annie's divorce Complaint stated (see Luis' email):

"Dad, I agree with what you are saying. We were eventually supposed to reunite in Texas. I was not aware of any unhappy differences that led to the separation. My understanding was that the rest of the family was to follow once we were established in Texas. My view of the situation at hand is that Annie used and took advantage of her "freedom" to her advantage. Now that she has been alone all this time and really enjoyed it, why not keep it that way. There is no better time to take advantage of the situtation than now, when you are down on your luck. What would you like me to do? I just hope that whatever happens, that the kids don't suffer. After all it isn't their fault."

11/06/00 - Bruce contacts Attorney Anita Floyd in SC concerning her ability to represent him in Annie's divorce.

11/16/00 - Bruce mails out divorce documents, contract, and $4000 retainer fee to Attorney Floyd. Her acceptance of the retainer fee was conditional on her agreeing to and signing the enclosed contract as dictated by God Almighty.

11/21/00 - Atorney Floyd receives documents, contract, and retainer fee, but represents Bruce in court without either agreeing to the conditions of the contract or signing it.

01/04/01 - As directed by God Almighty, Bruce sends a letter to the SC Commission On Lawyer Conduct filing a formal complaint against Attorney Floyd for misrepresenting him in court.

01/16/01 - Attorney Floyd schedules hearing to be relieved as Bruce's counsel. the date of hearing is set for February 20, 2001 at 10:00 a.m. before Judge Abbott.

02/01/01 - Jimmy Swaggart Ministries magazine The Evangelist includes picture of Arthur, Hadassah, and Bruce at JSM Campmeeting. Once again, this is God's promise for the future.

02/01/01 - Bruce sends letter to Judge Abbott of Horry Family Court stating reason for his not signing Attorney Floyd's Order to be relieved as his counsel: Attorney Floyd was never employed by Bruce; she never agreed to or signed the contract.

06/19/01 - Annie's divorce becomes final...that is until God delivers His Promise by overturning it!




04/29/04 – Bruce pulled over and arrested by the El Paso Police while driving in his truck. Passenger witnesses at the time were John, Vanessa, and her younger son. John drives the truck to his apartment after Bruce is handcuffed and carried off to jail. (See sermonet Jesus Was An Otlaw...And So Am I! (9/19/04) for more details.)

05/10/04 – Bruce was loaded on a TransCorp America bus in El Paso, TX - shackled both hands and feet - for his long ride (expedited) to Horry County Detention Center (HCDC) in Conway, SC.

05/21/04 – Bruce arrives at HCDC at approximately 8:00 in the morning. Later on, after having been processed and assigned to the A-2 cell pod, Officer Douglas R. Hyman served him with South Carolina Arrest Warrant #1199512. (See A Christian's Divorce And Arrest! for details.)

05/22/04 – Bruce appeared before the Magistrate Judge at HCDC who set his bond at $50,000.

05/24/04 – Bruce appeared before Judge ______ of the Horry County Family Court and sentenced to six (6) months in jail for $49,202.29 arrearages (child support and alimony) and $1727.61 extradition cost. No credit given for good time or work credit.

05/24/04 – Bruce appeared before the Magistrate Judge at HCDC who set his bond at $25,000. His next Family Court appearance was scheduled for 9/03/04 at 8:30 a.m.

08/03/04 – Bruce appeared before Judge ______ of the Horry County Family Court and was sentenced to an additional six (6) months in jail for contempt of court as a result of him not signing “the paper”. Because at the beginning of the trial Bruce was presented paperwork by Annie’s lawyer (Deborah Dantzler) that upon his signing would have transferred one-half of their 80-acre farm over to Annie. However, due to the fact that “God said” Annie’s divorce case was a sham, and that He didn’t want Bruce signing over the land to Annie, Bruce was found in contempt of court for not obeying the Court’s Order (see prepared statement). And furthermore, the Judge ordered that another trial would be set for a future date before Bruce’s release in which he would be given the opportunity to comply with the Court Order once again. And if during that Court session he continued to refuse an additional sentence of six (6) months would be added to his existing jail time. The Judge further stated that this process of adding six (6) months to Bruce’s jail time would be repeated until he agreed to do as the Court had demanded.

08/07/04 – Bruce receives note from Officer Gerald requesting that he call his “brother” at 756-9187 on the following day at 1:00 p.m. This request was in response to a phone call HCDC had received for Bruce.

08/08/04 – Bruce makes the call to 756-9817 at 1:30 p.m. and finds his son Arthur on the other end of the line. This was the first time they had spoken since Father’s Day 2000. Annie had tried to make sure this would never happen through her restraining order against Bruce on September 27, 2000. (See A Christian's Divorce! for details.)

08/20/04 – Bruce released from HCDC: God supernaturally opened the jail-house doors and told Bruce “Just go!” No paperwork was made available by HCDC as to reason for his release.




9/1/06 - Yamel writes letter to Kim S. Aydlette, State Director South Carolina Department of Social Services, P.O. Box 1520 Columbia, SC 29202-1520. The letter is an urgent request for help but receives no reply. As directed by God Almighty, the letter is posted on the Internet as an "Open Letter To DSS" on 10/17/06.




Marta's Letter #1



Dear Dad

I'm writing to say hello, because you wrote in one of the letters saying that I do write. I don't even know where to start from. I guess from my life and my son, and my husband. Well like I wrote to Luis and Hadassah saying I have changed alot. I know you believe me because I know that you are an adult and when we have children we have to think like an adult not like a kid. One of the reasons is my son, the second because I'm a wife and have to be there with my husband when ever he has a problem just like he is with me when I have a problem too. Dad, I'm happy but at the same time I'm sad, because I miss you, Luis, and Hadassah, and I would like to be over there with you'all. I'm happy because I have my baby and my husband that loves me alot. I have them both because they are a part of me, and they bring me joy. I'm trying to built a house but I don't have any money the things over here are very costi alot. My husband works, but with the money he earns is for the food, and to buy other important things. We must pay a rented house and thats even cost more money. I did receive the money that you sent me. I'm going to save it till I get some more money so I can start builting. You wrote saying that you were going to keep on send me more money by Aura Sanchez. I would like for you to keep sending me the letters or anything at the same address the you have wrote all this time, another thing is if you send me more money I would like for you to put it at his name because the banks won't change it because I'm not 18 years old. My husband can because he is older at his name. PACIFICO CAIDERON FLORES

I do read your letters. I readed one of the letters that was very interesting about your friend and the egg. like you said you can't make anyone do something they don't want to do. Remember when you and Annie usto to make us do things that we didn't want. When you said that you smashed the egg on his head you felt that you had lost a friend. Just imagine how my brothers and sisters felt when we didn't want to. I know that you have changed and gave your heart and soul to Jesus. I understand when Annie told you to spank us or to do something else to us I know you would do it with a pain in your heart. Remember when you wrote a letter asking me to pray for her. I did. I'm glad that you found out what kind of person she is behind everyone back. I forgive her for all the bad things that she did and does behind my back. I know that she hasn't changed because she loves to lie, - "thats a sin." All the lies that tells the girls about me and all the lies that she tells my mom about the girls. I don't see why she even has to talk about me because I'm living my life the best I can, and honest. "that's important" I would like like to see her and ask her what does she win when she lies. It must be a trophy. When she came a few years past when I was going out with my boyfriend witch is my husband. She came and told him alot of lies. and told him to leave me because of what had happened to me when I was little girl. I still remember when she usto Luis & Felix to pick on me about that. I know that if that would have happened to her she wouldn't like that. that's very painful. and it's not very nice. I readed the little book. "The Long Trip" It's very interesting and truth what the little book say's about John, that is truth because the whole world is lost in the Devil's road to destruction Sometimes over the hill one another in front of everyone that really scares me because I have my son. I don't him to grow up seeing them bad things I pray to Jesus to help go the right way. I love him alot and I don't want him to go hell. Well lets talk a little about the girls, they are behaving good. They told me that they want to go back to the USA but to Texas with you not with Annie because they told that she would slap them, tell them cuss word, etc. Would you do that favor for them so they can finish their school, if you can't take them back what you can do is put them in school over here in the Americans school base. It's like if they where over there. All you have to do is call them and talk to them about the girls and that you were in the Air Force. because mom doesn't have money to pay a private, nore a public and you could pay please do that for the girls they have a years of school I don't know why Annie didn't them finish the years the were in, and then bring them to Panama. I know Annie doesn't what to know anymore about us and other kids. I don't know about you. She came to Panama and she didn't even ask about the girls she that she doesn't what to know about me because she didn't tell me to get pregant. My son is first. She thinks that I want her talk then my son no way. Write me and lett know about what you think about the girls. I'm not going to write any more because my hand hurts and you said nomore then 4 pages.

I Love You, Martha

P.S. write


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Marta's Letter #2


June 1, 1995

Dear Dad,

How are you doing. I hope fine. I'm no doing so fine. because I'm so sad because my marriage is breaking up. My husband and I have separated because he wan't to do what he wan'ts and that can't be that way because he wan't to be going out with other woman's. I love him alot and I think I'm not going to be able to get use too without him. I have talked to him and I guess he wan'ts to do with his life what he wan'ts. I want to go over there to get away from all this and him. I would like to go over there and finish my school and so that my little son can have a better opportunity of life. I hope you can do want I'm asking you because you always send in almost all the letters asking me if I want to go over there and now I'm sending you an answer (yes) Know changeing Annie did come to panama and didn't even do anything good. Annie brought the girls over I don't know why. She what to be up and down the street with the girls On day she takes the girls to the nuns and the girls come to moms house. Sometimes I stopp and think the girls were fine over there they could of finish there school and be somebody in this life. They can't even go to school over here because they don't have their papers. Annie doesn't even give mom any meney to buy food for the girls. It's not that moms doesn't want to work it's that she's sick with a pain on her back and the doctor told not to work because you have to do heavy work. I would like for you to take the girls over too. they can't be living the way we are living its not fair that they have to live this way. Where theres not light "no bathroom" to be able to go use the bathroom you have to go to my aunthouse and to be able to have water you have to carry it from far away and the girls are not use to it. They told me that they want to go back to the USA te finish their school. Annie has not gotten the girls passport because the girls to me that she doesn't want the girls to go back over there anymere and that you had sad that you didn't them over there too? She said over here that you didn't have to see what happens to the girls and that you didn't want to know about them. I couldn't believe it when she told us that. I said to myself. this is another trick from satan that gueding her I know that dad couldn't of said that. When she came to over one day in hotel that she was talking to you about that she need some money and I didn't know if you told her yes & no that when she hang up the phone she said, That stupid man makes me sick. Also she has always rented a car when she comes over and never takes the girls anyware. She gives it to her sister so she can use it to go to work and go anywhere. Annie doesn't even use it. It's not Aura. Annie said that she didn't want to go back to USA because she likes to live this kind of life. I feel sorry for her. She also said that she wasn't going to eat bible with you. What she needs is that we pray for her. Dad I did offer my baby to Annie just to see what she would say. I'm not crazy yet to give my only baby that I love so much that that demon. and I'm not crazy like to give my baby so he can live the life that I live with her when I was over there. Will that all the truth about what going on over here. It's the simple truth. Now I don't want you to think that I'm tell you all this to get points with you. "No" it's the simple truth and you can anybody like the girl sake better then them to tell you. I'm going to tell them to write you. please dad what wrote about that I wan't to go over. I'll see you keep in touch

Love, your grandson, Martha


Dear Hadassah,

I was glad to hear from you. don't worry that I don't believe Annie lies. I see that you have change alot because I saw you in a picture and your hair is a little brown not like when you were little that you had it blend. I want you to behave good and keep up the good work in school. I think if I were over there I would be so glad too. Well least I know your praying that dad can take me over there. My baby name is "Eduardo Enrique Calderon Hallman" well I see you there my sister.

Love , your Nephew Eduardo, Martha


Dear Arthur,

How are you doing? I hope fine. Its was glad to hear from you my little brother that you know that I love you alot. It was so cute what you you wrote about. My name is Arthur and so that you can remember me. I have never forgotten my brothers I have always had all of you'll in my heart. You are my best little brother. Annie didn't give any cloth to me. if she told you that she lied. I'm so glad that you are doing good in school. that you made firend in school don't fight with your finend. a finendship is something specil I'm also glad that you know how to read. The only problem is that you don't know how to write. but with the time you are going to learn I'm glad you have a desk take care of it. Well I see you take care of yourself.

Love your nephew Eduardo, Martha


Dear Luis,

How are you doing. I hope fine. I'm glad that you got my letter. I understand why you haven't got money to call because it cost to much. I'm glad for you that you are going in the airforce if that's your wish. I feel proud of my you that your my brother keep up that good work in finish your college. I just hope that you been in the airforce they send you to panama so that you can visit us. Well right now the weather in panama is rainy everyday. and I don't like it because theres mud everywhere. My little baby is well and heathy. I only have to thank God for that. I glad for you and your girlfinend that are together, and just keep the love for one an other. I hope it doesn't happen to you what is happening to me. I have you have a great birthday I always remember your birthday all my brothers. Your little nephew birthday is on 23 of August in the same month of yours I'm going to be waiting for his present. because last time I talked with you you told me that you were going to send me and the baby and never did. Well if you don't have anymoney I understand. Well see until next time. talk to dad about the letter that I wrote him. I'll be waiting for the pictures of you and send some of the family.

Love your nephew Eduardo, Martha

P.S. write me


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Marta's Letter #3



Dear Dad





Dear Jasmine,

I'm writting to say hello. I'm really happy that you are over there with Dad and the family together. Jasmine you are really mean about dad's car. Don't worry I know that if we pray and ask God to help us to go on with our life and some day we are going to have a big house and cars if we study and finish our school. I'm writting to ask you to behave good do everything dad's ask you to do I don't think he asks you or anybody to do things that are imposible You know better that to be able to be somebody in this world you have to have an Education. I'm just ask you to do it for me because I'm older then you and I love you very much and I don't want nothing bad for you.

Love you, Eduardo, Martha

P.S. remember what I'm telling you write back.


Dear Yamel,

I'm writing this letter to say hello. How's everything going. I hope well. That's what I want for you, the best for you is to finish your school and be somebody in the world like I told Jasmine to behave good with dad and do everything that he asks you to do. I don't want nothing bad for you I want all of you to stick together and don't fight. I want for you'll to love one an other like sisters and brothers that what Gods want us to do. I don't want you to let anybody pick on your brothers or sisters. you'll defend one another. keep on praying so we can all be back together again like a family.

Love, Eduardito, Martha

P.S. write


Dear Hadassah,

I'm writing to say hello. Hows everything good. I hope everything is going out good so far. Is it true that you are so fat like Jasmine wrote me in the letter. Well lets change the subject I hope you are behaving good, and don't let the demons get over your life. like I wrote to Jasmine, and Yamel, I going to tell you the same thing try and finish your school. its for your good not for me. I don't want anything bad for you. don't let any boy, man, trick you. If you ever have a problem and don't have anybody to talk too write me and tell me. I will do what I can.

Love you, Eduardito Martha


Dear Arthur,

How are you. I hope fine. I hope dad doesn't have to say nothing about you. I'm glad that you are in school and that you have alot of firend but you can't trust in your firends all the times Your only Firends is Jesus. When you have a problem talk and pray with him. he will help and any problem. Keep on behaving and be a good student in school. I want you to pray so that your little nephew and I can go over there and be together again Well I'll see you letter.

Love, Eduardito, Martha

P.S. Write Back.


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