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What could be better than the true confessions of a former Roman Catholic? Well, Sue Ellen Smith just so happens to be one of those who've escaped the burning flames of Hell by renouncing her "membership" in the Roman Catholic Church. In fact she has become so vehemently opposed to the deceptions within the Roman Catholic Church that she's actually made a check list of the things in which she needed to repent. Check it out for yourself! See the Truth as Sue Ellen Smith sees that she's been saved by grace and delivered from the Roman Catholic Whore!



Print/PDFI Sue Ellen Smith repent and renounce:

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the power of His blood, I renounce the sacrament of the baptism of children and the belief that it is one of the seven channels of grace through which I can hope to be saved.

I repent and renounce the exorcism of evil spirits by the priest through the anointing of oil and the placing of salt in my mouth that would offer protection against evil spirits.

I repent and renounce the belief that though baptism I have been cleansed of all my original sins and that in so doing I have become a child of God and so have received eternal life.

I renounce the belief that I have become born again through the fact of infant baptism. I also renounce my membership to the Roman Catholic Institution and my loyalty to the law of the Roman Catholic Church.

I renounce the sacrament of confession to the priest/father and all acts committed in obedience to instructions that he gave to me in order to earn my forgiveness.

I cut myself loose from the roots of this practice namely the worship of Baal, the Sun God in Babylon.

I renounce the unbiblical church structure of Roman Catholicism: The Pope, monks, nuns, as well as every statue, candle, holy water and religious garb that is used, Cardinals and any other office of man in the Catholic Church.

I renounce the use of the communion that is known as the "Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist".

I renounce the faith that the wafer becomes the Body, Blood, and Divinity of Christ and that I am to worship it as God Himself.

I renounce the roots of this practice rooted in Baal worship in Babylon. (Later the Sun God, Osiris in Egypt, is also worshipped in this manner. Round cakes made of unleavened bread were blessed by the priest, and then they supernaturally changed into the flesh of their god).

I renounce every mass that I attended/I renounce the belief that the priest has much power that he has the ability to remove Jesus from heaven and crucify Him again during the Mass (Hebrews 10:10, 12, and 14). I admit worshipping a false Jesus and ask for forgiveness of this sin.

I renounce the inscription on the wafer - I.H.S. In Egypt - 3 gods, namely Isis, Horus, and Seb.

I renounce bowing in front of and worshipping the wafer as if it was God.

I renounce the law that was established by the Council of Trent that met in 1545 stating that a death penalty is upon those who do not believe that the communion wafer is God incarnate. I cut myself loose from this curse in the Name of Jesus. I confess that this communion element (the bread) is only symbolic.

I renounce the belief that during communion I was consuming the Creator of the Universe. I renounce that false teaching that in this way I received Jesus [salvation].

I renounce the belief in the continual sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross during communion and confess that He was only sacrificed once (Hebrews 10:10) and for all as a perfect and complete sacrifice.

I confess that in so doing I made Jesus a liar and ask for forgiveness.

I renounce the sacrament of confirmation that teaches hereby that I have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

I renounce my membership to this church and break any other oaths of loyalty.

I renounce the policy of the Council of Trent that stated "Cursed is everyone who confesses to have assurance of salvation."

I break that curse in the Name of Jesus.

I renounce the belief in the existence of a place called purgatory where the soul is kept in suffering before it returns to heaven (Hebrews 9:26). I confess that I believed in the lie that I could pay money to redeem the person from purgatory. I ask forgiveness in Jesus' name. I confess praying for the dead as a sin and acknowledge that God's word says that one is not allowed to contact the dead. (Deuteronomy 18:10-12).

I renounce the faith in Mary (she was originally called Semiramis and later Isis and Venus). I renounce every prayer that I addressed to her. (Note: This is not Mary of the Bible).

I confess as sin all dishonoring of the Blood of Jesus.

I confess as sin the repetitive use of words, prayers said with the Rosary, prayers to Holy Saints, kneeling in front of statues, the lighting of candles, the sprinkling of holy water, etc.

I renounce the Holy Saint that was appointed over me as my guardian. I cut myself loose from him in the Name of Jesus.

I confess that there is only one mediator [between God and man, the man Christ Jesus] and His name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I confess that He is the ONLY WAY to the Father (John 14:6).

I renounce my belief in the Pope as the head of God's kingdom on earth.

I renounce my belief in the lie that Peter is the rock on which the Church is built. I confess Jesus Christ is the Rock.

I renounce the two pillars on which the church rests, that the APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION (starting with Peter) and TEMPORAL POWER (that the Pope has authority over the kings of the earth - Pope greets with two fingers held up).

I renounce the worship of women (Semiramis - "Mary") that wants to establish Satan's order on earth (Babylon pattern).

I cut myself loose from the whole system of the Roman Catholic Church including: Control of the world economy, the Jesuits, the Illuminati, the Mafia, the Club of Rome, the Freemasons, the international Bankers, the False Christ and the Anti-Christ. I ask for forgiveness for my involvement in Jesus Name.

I renounce the partaking in the Stations of the Cross.

I renounce every prayer prayed in the name of the rosary.

I renounce specifically the Station of the Cross referred to as "Carrying the Cross" and reject all false burdens I might have received through identifying myself with this station.

I reject all ungodly burdens/yokes placed upon me not by God, but by Satan.

I renounce the Stage of the Cross referred to as the "Assumption of mother Mary into heaven." I renounce all worship or honor that she received through this Stage of the Cross.

I reject all worship of mother Mary and her identification with the Godhead.

I reject the Stage of the Cross referred to as "The coronation of mother Mary known as the Queen of Heaven."

I declare that this is unscriptural and renounce any loyalty or ties that I have with the Queen of Heaven. I recognize only the authority and position of the Holy Trinity namely:
- God the Father
- God the Son
- God the Holy Spirit

I confess that through my faith in Jesus Christ I have full assurance of salvation (1 John 5:11-13).

I confess that the elements of communion are only symbolic of the body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

Thank You Lord that You now set me free.

Thank You that the Blood of Jesus cleanses me now.

Thank You that the Sword of the Spirit now cuts me free from the Roman Catholic Church.

Praise Your Name for the truth that sets me free.

Common Fears ex-Catholics experience (need to confess, repent and renounce the fears, ask and receive forgiveness):
- Fear of God
- Fear of earthly Dad
- Fear of the nuns
- Fear of dying with a "mortal sin" on my soul (missing mass on Sunday morning constituted a mortal sin).
- Fear if being in the presence of someone who was dying and "having to baptize them" - if not done properly, they would go to hell
- Fear of not being holy enough
- Fear of not having prayed enough

[Break every curse as a result of involvement]



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