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SA'TAN, n. - [Heb. an adversary.] The grand adversary of man; the devil or prince of darkness; the chief of the fallen angels. (Webster’s 1828 Dictionary)

1 : the angel who in Jewish belief is commanded by God to tempt humans to sin, to accuse the sinners, and to carry out God's punishment
2 : the rebellious angel who in Christian belief is the adversary of God and lord of evil
(Merriam Webster’s Online Dictionary)

SA'TANISM, n. - A very wicked person. [Little used.] (Webster’s 1828 Dictionary)

1: innate wickedness
2: obsession with or affinity for evil; specifically : worship of Satan marked by the travesty of Christian rites
(Merriam Webster’s Online Dictionary)


The following article was written by a young lady for her class on religion. At the time of our first meeting, she was distraught over being given the assignment to write a paper on the religion of Satan. Well, as God would have it, I was able to show her our FMHCCI ministry videos "They Sold Their Souls For Rock And Roll"...and the rest is history. -Dad (Bruce) -



The Truth About Satanic Cults -


There are many religions in this world of ours, one of them is Satanism. Satanists are taught that either a real Satan does not exist or that Hell will not be all that hot. The Scriptures are clear that Hell was created as a place of torment for Satan and his angels (Matthew 25: 40-43). God’s Word declares that Satan will be stripped of his power and rendered of the weakest and most pathetic beings in the universe. Even leaders in the church of Satan who are deceiving their initiates are themselves deceived, believing that they will have some place of power in Hell.


Satan has long been about deception and has successfully deceived many recruits into believing that they are simply worshipping a symbol rather than a reality. Satan merely represents a force in nature and that rather than Satanists sacrificing animals and little children they are animal activists that love children. Satan himself "masquerades" himself as an "angel of light".




The founder of the Church of Satan is Anton La Vey, he deceived a lot of people who joined the Church of Satan. As a Satanist, he does believe in God of the Bible, but he refuses to worship Him and made a conscious decision to worship Satan instead. Anton La Vey and other satanist serve the one who Jesus Christ reputed as "The Father of lies". La Vey was aware that few people were ignorant enough to truly turn their lives over to Satan.


- Anton LaVey – Devil’s Horns -
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The cofounder of the Church of Satan , with Anton LaVey, is Kenneth Anger. Anger teaches that Satan and Lucifer are two different delusions and that Lucifer is really the God of light and not Satan.


Years later, after Kenneth Anger had deceived multitudes of people, Anger confessed that Lucifer, whom he worships, had always been the historical "Satan".


In the 1960s, Alexander Crowley drove the hippie revolution to Satanism (since his death on 12/1/47, his work continues to influence the world). Who is Alexander Crowley? Crowley was a man of many names, he was known as "The Beast", "The Master Therion" (Therion = Wise One). "The Wickest Man on Earth". Crowley was a magician and sorcerer who is largely responsible for bringing the art of "Magick" out of the darkness and into the world. At least that’s how a modern sorcerer might describe him.


Crowley wanted to be used by Satan and accomplish Satan’s purposes in this world. Crowley wanted to reach the youth of the world slowly but surely tear them away from the protection and authority from their own parents and ultimately God and eventually destroy their lives.


As mentioned before, Crowley was known as "the wickest man on earth" and the author of the book "Magick". On the book Crowley admitted to sacrificing hundreds of children for Satan. Crowley also claims that Satan dictated the book to him.


Crowley believed in the "Book of the Law" and a statement from that book was greatly used by Crowley, "I say today: To hell with Christianity … I will built me a new heaven and a new earth ... I want blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution, anything bad..." (quote taken from "The Eyes of the Triangle" by Israel Regardie - 1986 publication, page 287).


Crowley believed that the Devil is our lord and in a phrase from the "Book of the Law" – "Do what thou wilt", which later became, "do your own thing and if it feels good, do it." Crowley knew that if he was going to implement the satanic new age of the anti-Christ, he’d have to go after the youth. Crowley’s doctrine is based on "The Book of the Law" and Crowley wanted to start a drug revolution and later worked on the sex revolution. (See The Book Of The Law, Revelations, And Daniel for more information.)


Ozzy Osborne followed Crowley’s teachings, became a Satanist and wrote a song by the name "Mr. Crowley".




Marilyn Manson - follower of the teachings of Alexander Crowler, fond of the phrase, "do what thou wilt".


Timothy Leary – also a follower of Crowley and carried Crowley’s work.


Susan Atkins – former Charles Manson’s family member who is still in prison after being convicted of eight murders.


Richard Ramirez – known as the night Stalker, was deceived by Anton La Vey’s assertion in the satanic bible that Satanists could reign in hell. Richard believed that his human sacrifices to Satan would earn him a place of leadership in hell next to Jack the Ripper and other serial killers.


It is too late for the multitudes that are now cursing Satan, Anton La Vey, and Kenneth Anger for the place of indescribable and horrific eternal torment. It is not too late for the reader who may have been deceived by the same lie and yet still has a small window time to turn from Satan to Christ and be saved.


REFERENCES (They Sold Their Souls For Rock And Roll)

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