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The following letter-form was brought about as a means of teaching my children the Word of God through the mail. And of course, quite naturally so, that’s the reason I begin these letters with "Dear Children" and end them with "Love Dad". So for the rest of you who participate in these weekly messages, please keep their original intended purpose in mind.


Print/PDF22 July, 2012


Dear Children,


So what did you think about that last sermonet(?): “Donnie Swaggart The Freemason!” Well, it goes without saying that the further I go in my adventures with Jimmy Swaggart and “his” ministries the darker “his” light actually becomes! And I do mean dark!!! And just to think, there’s so much more “darkness” that God Almighty wants uncovered for the whole wide world to see. In fact, that’s exactly what today’s sermonet – “Mike McMullen: The Kojak Of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries!” – is all about. In other words, it’s time for yet another “Jimmy Swaggart Sermonet”!


Now, if you remember, it was in our 3/31/11 sermonet – “Tareva Henderson Speaks Her Mind On The Jimmy Swaggart Ministries!” – that we published a few of the very “dark” things that Tareva Henderson experienced while performing at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. In fact the following is a sample of what she actually saw:


“I went there years ago after the downfall around 2003 only to help my brother because he told me the music department was in a mess and falling apart… They offered me a huge salary to take a full time leadership position over the stage… I just saw too much that broke my heart. Drug deals, suicides, rape, murder, money and insurance scams, that dont quite make the evening news because they pay off the right people. The workers there were everything from drug dealers, alcoholics, accused child molesters, racist, ex-convicts, and basically anyone that needed a job bad enough they would take the money and get on board the ship to play the game… The dooms about divorce was always preached then Donnies "second" marriage is to a girl thats been divorced five times and the married couples working there cheating on one another with other employees.


So those were just a few of the things that the “eye of the camera” at SonLife Broadcasting Network (SBN) doesn’t pick up for the JSM faithful followers to see. What a sham! But, of course, as the Good Lord would have it, we helped them out in one of those concerns by publishing Donnie Swaggart’s marriage certificates (complete with divorce information) in our 4/22/12 sermonet “Is Donnie Swaggart Really Married To Debbie!” It’s what you might want to call “the truth that deals with Donnie’s lies about his divorces!”


But anyway, the worst thing about Donnie Swaggart’s adulterious behavior is that this same “adulterous spirit” now permeates the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries even more so than it did before. I mean, that’s just the way it works! In fact this same “adulterous spirit” of the pastors will not only affect those that sit under their preaching, but it will also influence their hiring of associate pastors.


And with that in mind, it was somewhere around July of 2006 that Jimmy Swaggart, while standing on “stage” at Family Worship Center, gave JSM’s new associate “youth pastor” – Mike McMullen – a formal introduction as “Kojak”. However, it was this “foolish talking” on the part of Jimmy Swaggart that brought about the following equally foolish “Kojak response” from Mike McMullen: “Who loves you baby?


But it didn’t stop there! Because it was a short time later, during JSM’s 2006 “International Youth Conference” (IYC), that the “jesting” continued… and with an unbridaled vengeance:


- Mike Kojak McMullen -
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Jimmy Swaggart: I want Holy Ghost Kojak. Come out here a minute. Come on, come on. Kojak! Come on. I’m gonna get him a sucker. Most of you don’t know – lollipop, thank you. Put it in his mouth, and the only thing he don’t look worth a… but he’s gonna be preaching tonight. And I want this, I want, (applause), I want spirit-filled Kojak to tell you what he’s gonna be preaching.


Mike McMullen: Glory to God! Who loves you baby? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Hey! For quite some time Gabriel and I have been talking about the


Jimmy Swaggart: When a man says to me “Who loves you baby?” I don’t know what to say!


Mike McMullen: You’re suppose to say “Jesus!” Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Glory! We’ve been talking about something about how the young people of this world want the truth, and how that God promised us that in this youth camp that we would see revival. And we have had revival! And tonight I’m going to be preaching on a “Restoration Of Righteousness – a “Restoration Of Righteousness”. And that’s what God has done in this youth camp. He has brought righteousness back to the youth of this nation, and the youth of this world, through the cross of Jesus Christ. And tonight we’re going to study about the “Restoration Of Righteousness” and how God has given us revival in this youth camp.


Jimmy Swaggart: Praise the Lord!


Now, can you believe the preceding actually took place at Family “Worship” Center between two “mature pastors” that claim to be “filled with the Holy Spirit”? I mean, in the house of God, in front of an audience filled with youth, Jimmy Swaggart and Mike McMullen showed their own true colors by dishonoring the Lord God Almighty. In fact it’s through Jimmy Swaggart’s very own commentary, in his Expositor’s Study Bible, that we’re going to see what “color” they really are:


But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becomes Saints; Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient (out of character): but rather giving of thanks. (The Believer’s protection against all these sins is the Cross of Christ, and the Cross alone. Keeping the Cross as the object of one’s Faith guarantees Victory [Gal. 6:14], and for that we are to give thanks to God.)” (Ephesians 5:3-4 JSESB)


So, that’s what Jimmy Swaggart had to say about his and Mike McMullen’s sin. I mean, in Jimmy Swaggart’s very own words he said that “jesting” and “foolish talking” is “out of character” to Saints, and “The Believer’s protection against all these sins is the Cross of Christ”. In fact he goes on to nail it by saying that “Keeping the Cross as the object of one’s Faith guarantees Victory”.


Now were you able to grab hold of that? I mean, were you able to wrap you mind around the fact that Jimmy Swaggart, through his very own words, has condemned himself and Mike McMullen as UN-Believers in the “Cross of Christ” that he so adamantly preaches. Because, according to Jimmy Swaggart’s very own Expositor’s Study Bible commentary, if he and Mike McMullen had kept the Cross as the object of their Faith they would have never engaged in their “jesting” and “foolish talking” that so many were unfortunate enough to have witnessed. (See “Jimmy Swaggart REJECTS The Cross Of Christ!” for more on this subject.)


And now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can procede on with our message on “Kojak Mike”.




However, before we deal with “Kojak #2” we need to first take a look at “Kojak #1”. And the following is a sample of what “Wiki” has to say about Telly Savalas:


     Savalas shaved his head for his role as Pontius Pilate in The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965), and decided to remain shaved for the remainder of his life.
     Savalas' best known role was as the star of the television series Kojak. Lt. Theo Kojak was a bald New York City detective with a fondness for lollipops and whose trademark line was "Who loves ya, baby?" (He also liked to say "Everybody should have a little Greek in them.") Although the lollipop gimmick was added in order to indulge his sweet tooth, Savalas also smoked heavily onscreen—cigarettes, cigarillos and cigars—throughout the first season's episodes.
     "Telly Savalas can make bad slang sound like good slang and good slang sound like lyric poetry. It isn't what he is, so much as the way he talks, that gets you tuning in," wrote the critic Clive James trying to explain some of the great popularity of the show.


So that’s a little about “Kojak #1” and his acting career as the luitenant. However, when it came down to this thing about “Who loves you baby?” it was really no act at all! I mean, Telly Savalas was proud of his Greek heritage and he proved it with all of his “women”. He admitted to having six (6) children through four (4) women… three (3) of which he was married to and one (1) that you might want to call “on the side”. In fact if you really want to get a good visual on “Telly and his women” just check out him singing with his call girls. In the last line of his theme song he answers his “Who loves you baby?” question with an straight-forward and honest answer: “I’m the one!


- Kojak Sings -
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(Download WMV Video)


Without a doubt, “Kojak #1” was a “womanizer”. But what about “Kojak #2”?


Well, it’s been reported that sometime during 2011 Mike McMullen’s wife consulted with Gabriel Swaggart concerning her unfaithful husband. Broken hearted over Mike’s most recent JSM “love affair”, she approached the man that she had hoped would give Mike the godly correction that he needed.


However, instead of the “brotherly warning, rebuke, and admonition” talk that Mike so desperately needed, Gabriel Swaggart chose to do absolutely nothing! I mean, Mike was treated as though the incident never happened! He remained one of Gabe’s “spiritual youth leaders” on the Crossfire stage, and on Gabe’s Saturday morning talk show panel, as well as on stage at Family Worship Center. Nothing changed! “Kojak Mike” remained as one of JSM’s “anointed” pastors.


So, are you starting to see a pattern? I mean, do you remember “Joseph Larson’s Sex Sins And Jimmy Swaggart Ministries”?


But anyway, with all that in mind, Kevin Becks decided to check out the story on Mike McMullen by going directly to the source. Was it really true?


That’s the question! And this is the Facebook conversation that resulted:


Kevin Becks:
have you ever cheated on your wife before?


Michael McMullen:
No. Also, I can tell that you are a woman.
I can tell you are a woman! Bicker, nagg, blah, bore.No. Have you repented for slander of God’s anointed? What do you have against the Message of the Cross?


Mike And Kevin


So, what did you think of Mike’s response? His answer was “No”, but his response was something entirely different. He accused Kevin Becks (a man) of being a woman because he questioned Mike’s faithfulness to his wife. I mean, only a woman would take sides with another woman when it comes to this issue of “cheating husbands”. And it’s for certain that no “real” man would have issues with a little “love making” on the side.


Motorcycle Mike

Motorcycle Mike


But let’s not stop there. Let’s dig a little deeper into Mike’s very descriptive words for “women”:


Bicker - To engage in a petty, bad-tempered quarrel; squabble.


Nagg - To annoy by constant scolding, complaining, or urging.


Blah - Worthless nonsense; drivel.


Bore - Make (someone) feel weary and uninterested by tedious talk or dullness.


So there you have it! Mike’s four words that describe how he feels about women! And do you think that just maybe those four words also describe how he feels about the “woman” he chose to be his “wife”?


As it concerns “women” in general, and his “wife” in particular, I wonder if Mike’s Bible might have a few pages missing?


“Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweetsmelling savour.” (Ephesians 5:1-2 KJV)


Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them.” (Colossians 3:19 KJV)


Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish. So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.” (Ephesians 5:25-28 KJV)


The Lord God Almighty thinks very highly of women. Too bad the JSM associate pastor Mike McMullen doesn’t!


But now let’s deal with Mike’s last two questions to Kevin Becks: “Have you repented for slander of God’s anointed?” and “What do you have against the Message of the Cross?”


You see Kevin Becks is being used of God to warn Believers about the deadly deception taking place at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries… but yet Jimmy Swaggart’s faithful followers don’t like it one bit! I mean, Mike says that Kevin is “slandering God’s anointed”, but yet the Lord God Almighty says he’s “warning the wicked to turn from their sinful ways”! And, of course, “the wicked” applies to all those who are caught up in Jimmy Swaggart’s damnable “Message on the Cross” and don’t feel any guilt as they continue in their sins.


And with that in mind we can get back to our discussion on Jimmy Swaggart and “Kojak #2”. Because it was through their “jesting” and “foolish talking” that we discovered the truth about their UN-belief in the Cross of Christ that would have given them victory over the “adulterous sin” they were committing on stage in the “House of God”. And, of course, Jimmy Swaggart calling Mike McMullen “Kojak” the womanizer, and Mike McMullen confirming it by his “Who loves you baby?” response was only the visible proof of their unregenerate and unrighteous flesh that has yet been nailed to the cross of Christ.


And if that’s not bad enough already, Jimmy Swaggart even went so far as to call Mike McMullen the “Holy Ghost Kojak”. Can you even imagine the Holy Ghost indwelling a womanizing Kojak? Blasphemy! But yet that’s what Jimmy Swaggart teaches in his perverted “Message of the Cross”. And of course it was these same “sinning saints” at JSM that Tareva Henderson personally witnessed while she was there:


the married couples working there cheating on one another with other employees.


So that’s pretty much the story of “Mike McMullen: The Kojak Of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries”… and a pretty disgusting story at that! I mean, THIS IS THE SPIRIT OF THE MAN THAT’S MINISTERING TO THE YOUTH AT CROSSFIRE “IYC”! And he talks about “restoration of righteousness” and revival???


…And that’s what God has done in this youth camp. He has brought righteousness back to the youth of this nation, and the youth of this world, through the cross of Jesus Christ. And tonight we’re going to study about the “Restoration Of Righteousness” and how God has given us revival in this youth camp.


What a sham! “Kojak Mike” has not the foggiest idea of what it takes to “restore righteousness”! He believes in Jimmy Swaggart’s perverted “Message on the Cross”! And “Kojak Mike’s” bragging about “revival in this youth camp” was all a bald-faced lie. As revivalist Jonathan Goforth confirms, revival cannot take place when charlatans are a part of the services:


"So much as one person with a contrary spirit to God is enough to affect all the meetings - that the revival fire did not flow until that person broke and confessed, or the Lord removed him." (Jonathan Goforth)


It’s time to clean house! God demands purity! The womanizing “Kojaks” have got to go!


The Jimmy Swaggart Ministries ain’t what it used to be! Don’t be fooled! “Keep on keeping the faith in Jesus!!!




Dad (Bruce Hallman)




I Die Daily


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